Wednesday, 27 March 2013

No Country For Cold Men

Sydney is killing it at the moment! Nearly a full month through autumn and we're still cracking the 30 degree days. Makes me a happy fella.

The latest Stripped & Chewed 12 has this really awesome cut by Simba. A Chicago locomotive that rolls along in dusty sepia, it's a bumping jazzy collage made up of keyboard trills, a mish-mash of hazy percussion snips, various guitar twangs, a tight bass loop and some cut up soulful man-vocals. All four tunes on the record are worth checking out, but this is the highlight for sure.

Simba - Three Kays [buy]

Geography Records fucking rule the shit out of house, even if their release rate is about rapid as ours is with Death Strobe. This latest Shakarchi & Straneus record is just stunning. Simple and fun and lovely - the A1 is just straight up feel good synthy house that nobody can argue with, and this song, the A2, is a beautiful paddy dream capsule which somehow feels really melodic despite having the most bare of piano melodies lightly tinkering away, almost lost in a sea of reverb. Real Cool - U Know, U Know was one of my favourite records of last year, and Geography have really hit the mark again early on in 2013.

Shakarchi & Straneus - Tammerfors [buy]

Christoph El Truento is still a bloody dreamboat. He released this fantastic free album back in Feb, which apparently was finished years earlier, and it's been the soundtrack to many a recline-on-my-bed-with-breeze-blowing-through-the-window-sometimes-drinking-a-coconut moment. He keeps hassling people on his FB about voting for him in a Kiwi competition that will make him lots of money or something, just go here and click vote and make that dude rich.

Christoph El Truento - G a l a x y

A stone cold classic from 10 or 15 years back by DJ Nature under the name DJ Spearchucker. Can't actually remember where I first heard this edit but I've always been extremely fond of it. It's really gentle and warm, just grooving away over the same understated, perfect loop with emotional vocals and strings weaving in and out. There's no real origin or destination, just a beautiful limbo that keeps chugging away. Not an easy record to find, so if anyone sees it pop up on Discogs' marketplace, fuck off and just let me buy it k? Ta.

DJ Spearchucker - Hooked

Shit, hey if anybody knows of any small and awesome Sydney venues that are under the radar, would love to know about em. Struggling to lock in a date for this DD party at the moment. Booooooooooo.

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