Tuesday 27 October 2009

Big Dick(y)

For the first time in quite a while I'm really enjoying my nights out in Sydney! This Friday the 30th is going to be amazing - Picnic are taking over La Campana/GOODGOD to host Dicky Trisco, the marvelous man behind Disco Deviance, resident at Autodisco, and co-runner of Maxi Discs with Pete Herbert. Here are the deets. So excited for this!! I've got a few double passes to dish out, so if you're keen to come along just email a response to one of these brain benders:

1. Using 1000 words or less please give a comprehensive explanation of the theory of imaginary time, popularised by Stephen Hawking, without using the letters 'e' or 's'.

2. I don't care, just give me your name and you will probably win.

OK COOL. Got some stunners to post now, I highly recommend grabbing all these records if you can! Eric Duncan's C.O.M.B.I. edits series have all been sensational and this latest one is no exception. This one is ultra proper powerful dancing disco - can anyone help me with the original? Would love to know what it is. Lots of quality stomping to be done to this record.

C.O.M.B.I. - Tangled [buy]

Picked up this incredible Bim Marx & Master Khan white label as well: 4 tracks of superb edits, I really can't recommend getting this record enough! This one is groovy spring disco, soulful and full of motivational messages to help remind you on the dancefloor that 'you gotta be strong' and everything will be ok. Very reassuring, thank you anonymous disco artist.

Bim Marx & Master Khan - Untitled [buy]

This classic song totally rules. This version recently got released on East End Music. Patrick Adams is a god. This remix appears to have made very few changes to the original. That is all.

Phreek - Weekend (Victor Rosado Remix) [buy]

I only bought this Beatconductor 12 for his edit of Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 but ended up enjoying the B-sides even more. The vocals in this song are just so totally irresistible, I doubt I've ever heard better bop shoowup-ing in my life. I guess without them the song would be quite tedious but I seriously can't stop tapping my feet the whole way through this tune. The Floyd edit is great too, this single is a definite winner.

Beatconductor - Funky Boogie [buy]

Friiiiiiiday YEAH.

Friday 23 October 2009


Mmmmmm I'm in the best mood. It's been nice and sunny, really looking forward to this weekend, and a bunch of incredible records just landed on my doorstep - will be posting some time later. So let's do some fun music! I'm pretty late on posting this but Sidwho has been copping some play by so many cool people lately. Such a great spacey funky jam. Hooootttttt rolling bass, hiiippppppp disco drums. Golly I love this song. Ahhh this weather is amazing, it's so fucking hot in my room I think I might melt!

Sidwho? - Vote Bowie For President [buy]

Finally got around to getting this Parallel Dance Ensemble record with a couple of delightful Yam Who reworkings. Sooo much fun! Silly vocals going on about some party nonsense, cheeky unoriginal synth bassline, lots of simple sequencers filling in the gaps - usually it's a pretty dangerous recipe but Yam Who pull it off with (hidden) style. Grins all round.

Parallel Dance Ensemble - Turtle Pizza Cadillac (Yam Who Rework) [buy]

Really enjoying what The Glimmers have done with 15 to 20 - kind of a bent indie vibe, a bit sleazy, a bit lazy disco. Maybe something you'd play at 10am when you're limp and exhausted on your mate's couch punching a cone and trying to justify staying up and 'partying' just that little bit longer. Or maybe it's more fun than that. I dunno, I like how they've sort of corrupted that innocence which makes the original so charming and endearing. See what you think. The Prins remix of You'll Disappear on the flip makes this a stunning little package.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20 (The Glimmers Remix) [buy]

Tru Thoughts have released a tidy chilled out compilation for their 10th anniversary which includes this beauty. I've been a Quantic fan for ages so this is a real golden nugget for me. As lazy as you like, this is gorgeous music for a sunny sunday afternoon hang out at the villa with a straw hat and some Perrier to sip on. Extra special when the drums get taken up a notch in the last quarter. Prins Thomas is on fire at the moment! Or, always is, I guess.

Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Prins Thomas Edit) [buy]

Sydney folks, come to GOODGOD tonight for good tunes! I've got a ridiculous amount of amazing music to post in the next couple of weeks so heads up.

Saturday 17 October 2009

Inside Scoop: Cute Girl Wears Sunglasses

Heyyyyyyyy friends. Hope you're all having a swell weekend. Very excited for ze Popular People's Front tonight at La Campana! About to leave to go start getting drunk so here are some quick partie tunes to fire things up. Rad synth/legit italo disco hybrid song by 70s jivers Easy Going, tightened and beefed up by Eli Escobar. Big floor mover. No time for elaboration.

Easy Going - Baby I Love You (Eli Escobar Edit)

Been thrashing this crazy discoedits.com gem for weeks - thanks as usual Afro Jackson! Straight away the tempo slips right down igniting a bit of a sleazy erotic vibe which burns away for a while. Cue bass drum and rapid acceleration, suddenly it's a hard and fast groove to shock any dancefloor into an instant sweatbox. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I think it's coooooooool.

Unknown - Chase This Donna (AJ's Slippery Pitch Edit)

Wow so Nelue's been doing very well lately, so it seems. The Spaniard has a track on Eskimo's latest Cosmic Balearic Beats compilation which deserves many congratulations! I heard a bunch of these edits ages ago and somehow just forgot about them... FOR SHAME. His selections are half of the beauty here, they're all very clever and certainly not obvious picks. I really love this dreamy edit of Keep Talking, aside from the flamming drums at the start. And this edit of That's All is a brilliant idea, although it's a bit quick for the vocals to really get let out properly. I think it's all part of the charm though. Awesome.

Pink Floyd - Keep Talking (Nelue Re-Edit)

Genesis - That's All (Nelue Re-Edit)

Uh what else. Really liking this Franc Spangler remix of Alpha Child's latest. Beautiful deep, atmospheric, slightly spacey nudisco-ish groove. Quite sublime. It's sounding really nice at the moment while I'm putting my pants on and looking for my keys.

Alpha Child - Gamma Ray (Franc Spangler Mix) [buy]

Probably the most rushed post ever. OK HAVE FUN BYE. Y74ZYY4UW2U8

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Under Cover

I'd like to say it's been a slow music week but that's not at all true - some ridiculous(ly good) looking releases have popped up, I just haven't got around to listening to anything. Been a bit crook, been a bit lazy etc. and still feeling a bit drained. Anyway I'll just post a few things that I've been thinking about sharing for a while. Such as this magnificent Leo Zero production on The Popular People's Front's LOVE EP. Super funky and soulful with a few little Leo quirks. A total feel-good gospel party jam. I have no idea who actually represents The PPF in the live field, but catch him/her/them/it/who? this Saturday at La Campana in Sydney. More deets. WOOP.

The Popular People's Front - Church Love

Yaa, can't go wrong with another classic Levan remix. Bow bow biw bidow. Bidow-dow-dow dadow. Dabadab-daya dabadab-daya *clap clap*. Sing it now!

Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Mix)

This is more on the new side. I really love what old mate Prins Thomas has done with this Jacob Korn track which is originally, although playful, a bit aggressive. He's turned whatever darkness was lurking about into warm summer light with his trademark loose-and-legit drumming, some lovely cheerful guitars and jolly whistling synths. Not to say the original is at all bad - no, it's great! - but this really does an all out mood transformation. Nothing particularly exciting or bold happens at any stage in the 13 minute cruise, save for a classic Prins amateur (and cute) drum solo for the last few minutes, but it's just beautiful banana lounge music to soak up some rays to. Ultra pleasant!

Jacob Korn - I Like The Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) [buy]

I've been meaning to post this for quite a while but can never decide what I want to say about it. Is it a fantastic nostalgic gem? Or perhaps it's been a bit overhyped and it's more bland than people are letting on. Anyway it's the first in the Tribute series of special edit records by some unnamed producers *cough Autodisco DJs*. After all this time I'm not sure I feel like having an opinion on it. My record is really warped so it's unlikely to get played anyway.

Happy Mondays - We Love Mondays [buy]

Bring more sun plz. And less wind. See you Saturday, friends!

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Return to Reality

Sorry about the absence, it's been a long crazy week. Will be in recovery mode for a while yet! Just going to whiz through this.

I'm quite mortified to discover our deathstrobe email has mysteriously died in the ass, sincere apologies to those who sent stuff that bounced back. Pretty please resend label submissions to into(at)deathstrobe.com and we'll do some listening. Sorry sorry sorry!

Just got this new Messengers Re-Edits record last week, it's dynamite! The A is a furnace-like funky jam, complete with dangerously obese bass and bitch slapping brass synths. And probably some long haired crazy dude who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'restraint' wildly banging his head and rocking out hard on those bongos. Totally solid music. The flip side is a beautiful edit of Pastime Paradise as sung by the silky smooth Ray Barretto in tasty salsa Latino style. Top record here.

Messengers - First Left [buy]

I seriosuly can't believe I've never heard of The Swiss before. I guess I get way too caught up in what's happening abroad that I fail to realise there's some amazing stuff happening right in my own back yard. The three 'Movement' tracks, now a few years old, beautifully demonstrate the band's musical versatility, maturity, and straight up songwriting talent. Apparently signed up with Modular's booking agency and produced by Donnie Sloan, the right people certainly seem to have confidence in them. Super keen to see these guys live. The digital EP is really cheap!

The Swiss - Movement I [buy]

YES YES YES the latest Phoreski's latest Bear Fist record has been unleashed and it's an absolute belter. The A side is an absolute monster. It takes off as a sinister steam train ride which suddenly bursts into a funky locomotive disco beast. Not much else to say - this is brilliant. Get it.

Phoreski - Untitled [buy]

Will be back with more this week once my head has settled. Erol totally blew it off my body on Sunday!