Friday 30 April 2010


This is getting silly, I'm waiting on 16 records at the moment from all different places... Have been trying to hold out so I've got some beasts to post but it seems futile. Please accept my humble offering of a couple of classics to see the weekend through. An old In Flagranti edit from Sounds Superb Vol. 2; a 1981 Kano staple as featured in this awesome episode of The Scene; the unspeakably funky albeit cheesy B-side of Instant Funk's I Got My Mind Made Up; and an epic Dan Hartman disco gift from Raketa4000 reissued on East End - thanks Alexander!

Fab Tack - House Of Funk [buy]

Kano - I'm Ready [buy]

Instant Funk - Bodyshine [buy]

Dan Hartman - Vertigo / Relight My Fire [buy]

Fingers crossed that next week is a 12" bonanza. Have a raaaad weekend!

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Honk Honk

Waiting impatiently for a bunch of incredible records to arrive - thanks to Monsieur Volcano for the delay. In the meantime check out this amazing new Sidwho? track edited by Jamie Paton (of Cage & Aviary) with a runtime of approximately 1 week. Naturally you can expect some astonishingly funky Swiss bassline action and a more clubby approach to the construction of the track than you'd hear from the band. There's a lovely long Azari & III remix on this 12" too, which I think is out in a couple of weeks on Future Classic. Can't wait to get a proper copy of this burner!

Sidwho? - Pay For Love (Jamie Paton Edit)

Another strange release from this overly complicated web of make-believe labels somehow tied to Jordan Fields and Loft Records. I still can't work out what the deal is with everything (take a look at Jordan's Junodownload chart for a snippet) and I'm still not sure if these are all just DJ tools. I'm really confusing myself here... Anyway I've done lots of rummaging and finally come up with another track I did. Way heavy on the looping as usual, but this edit by Jacques Bonhomme is really bright and groovy and totally danceable. Big summer disco jam!

Avec Plaisir - Oasis Dub (Jacques Bonhomme Re-Edit) [buy]

Time to dig into the reserves. The B-side to my favourite edit of 2009 by the Super Value crew: this edit of Hit and Run by Loleatta Holloway is a real beauty. Nice light disco with plenty of soulful wailing and beautiful warm vibraphone. And despite bongos being done to death in just about every disco song ever, they really stand out here and make me sit at my screen clapping like an idiot. Super Value Classics is easily one of my most cherished, well-loved records.

Super Value - Untitled [buy]

We're having a Death Strobe partie this ANZAC Sunday at Bondi Social - come come come!

Thursday 15 April 2010


Sozzz for being slack this month, so much shit has been going on which is exciting but exhausting. Huge thanks to everyone who came down to the Death Strobe launch!!

Let's just get some music happening. The latest C.O.M.B.i. record finally arrived for the second time after the first delivery was snapped in half :( so it's late but worth the wait. I really loved this track from How We Do In NYC, super stoked that it's out on its own for everyone's dancing pleasure. Huge peak-time disco mania. Eric is WAYYYY too good.

C.O.M.B.i. - Kill [buy]

Also nothing new but I'm really mesmerised by this rad Leftside Wobble edit of Tomorrow Never Knows, one of my favourite tracks from my favourite Beatles album. Sooo psychedelic. I suppose half of what impresses me about this is the selection of the song itself as something to dancify. Yeah this is cool shit.

The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble Edit)

Have had a great couple of weeks going through all my old jazz fusion / funk / soul CDs from way back, and realised this Herbie Hancock track was probably the very first time I was obsessed with a 'disco' song. Yes I'm using the term loosely but as far as Herbie's catalogue goes this was getting pretty close to his disco dabbling. Still a contender for all time favourite artist, I'm not really sure why I've never posted any Herbie before. If you're not at least familiar with his Head Hunters era stuff, that's about as essential as music gets. Also here's a cool Beatconductor mix of a track from 1980 which is around when he was really hitting the disco vibe.

Herbie Hancock - The Traitor [buy]

Herbie Hancock - Saturday Night (Beatconductor Special Disco Rework)

Shit how ancient can we get... I know I'm just about the last to board the Tiger & Woods train. Although I got their first record when it came out it sort of slipped into the shadows and I never really picked up on the Caddy Shag EP until the Jacques Renault mix I posted last month. Anyway, rock solid thumping funk house reworking of Jimmy Ross' First True Love Affair. Loves it.

Tiger & Woods - Deflowered [buy]

Picnic this Saturday at Gilligan's with MAURICE FULTON woahhhh spoooooooge, followed by Picnic (AGAIN) at 202 Broadway on Sunday with a 5 hour set from Derrick May. Sosososososososo ridiculous.

Wednesday 7 April 2010


Fuck me sideways it's been a hectic week. GoodGod is closed and we're still a bit confused as to why so we've had to find a new venue for our launch at the last minute. SOOOOO all you Sydney kidz, the partie will be at Iguana Bar in Kings Cross. Come witness the bubble machine cop some serious abuse!

To de-stress here are some hot hot hot records that have been spinning in my room all week. The new Hotbath (Crazy P edits) record finally emerged and it's even better than the first! Absolutely zero shame on these tracks, 100% fun times. This is a pretty straight forward dancefloor jam until about half way when a DURTY DURTY BASSLINE comes out of nowhere and begins an all out party bitch slap. I can't help grinning ear to ear knowing what's coming, it's pure brilliance. Detonate this late at night and it'll have brutal effects. LUV U CRAZY P.

Hotbath - You Wanna Do [buy]

Fab reissue of this Bill Withers track which many will recognise from Harvey's Black Cock series. Stupidly funky. Oh how I adore this song..

Bill Withers - You Got The Stuff [buy]

This Charanga 76 12" (just reissued on a nicely pressed white label) is so lovely. Latin disco at its finest. The covers of Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now and Good Times are super classic, but for me it's all about the original of the bunch, Music Trance. Disco vocals don't get much catchier! Will be playing this non stop for a long time to come.

Charanga 76 - Trance De La Musica [buy]

I'd continue but there's tooooo much shit to do and too little time. A few amazing records are due on my doorstep any day which I'm very excited about sharing so keep an ear out. Much heart 2 u!