Wednesday 15 August 2007

A Light Snack

Man it's been a busy few weeks. Splendour was fantastic, Dystopia is magnificent, winter ending is wonderful and my first DJ gig on Friday was fucking sensational! Sorry to those who emailed me that I haven't replied to, but I've listened to everything I've been sent, and THANKS! Things don't look like letting up any time soon either, so I'll be hard pressed to find the time to post - but rest assured, the very best shit I hear will still be stockpiled and shared to all. For now, I'll at least post a few things to prove I still love you precious readers.

Simian Mobile Disco... They used to leave me a bit confused with their remix work, but I've revisited a bunch in recent weeks as well as heard a couple in a club atmosphere and once again my mind has changed. In particular, I've done a big 180 on their Presets (does anyone else think this song would be perfect on a pirate ship?) and Muse mixes. I've come to the conclusion that with just about every SMD remix, one rule applies: the louder, the better. Hearing both at my average 'chill at the computer, sip a beer, enjoy some tunes' volume, they struck me as being pretty bland and empty. Then, hearing both at clubs a couple of weekends ago at your average 'eyes, lungs, stomach and heart are mere fractions of a decibel away from melting' volume, they turned me into a complete maniac on the dance floor. Take it from me - crank these at illegally loud levels and you will be rewarded!

Muse - Knights of Cydonia (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

The Presets - Are You The One? (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

OK, it's been a while (I think/hope) since I've posted something completely blog-cliche: one of those 'any idiot can post that' kind of tunes.. But I'm quite partial to Justice's mix of 'Lower State' by ZZT aka Tiga & Zombie Nation. Perhaps because it sounds like they just got SebastiAn to do it instead, but just like the SMD mixes it works its ass off in a club! If you don't have it already, quietly download it and pretend you had it weeks ago if anybody asks.

ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix)

And monthly Starfuckers residents Sunday School have finished up a tasty 45ish minute mix with some really cool selections. Again more material to persuade you to come get loose at Club 77 if you're a Sydneysider, or to make the move to Sydney if you're living anywhere else in the world. Check out the track listing here, and make sure you come along to one of their hot hot gigs.

Sunday School - The Gospel According to Sunday School

More to follow once 7 or 8 perfect tunes magically fall in my lap*

*may not happen according to plan

Friday 3 August 2007

All Aussie Adventures!

Yay! I've got an all Aussie post to flaunt some homegrown talent and brag about how cool our country is. First up, Sydney electro machine Whitenoise is secretly taking over the world with music so crunchy it sounds like a symphony of apples being eaten. Check out his ridiculously good remix of Bag Raiders' 'Fun Punch' which adds some delicious beef to the already fantastic roast vegetables of the original song. What the fuck are these metaphors? I'm hungry.. Anyway, play it in a club and you will be a true hero. Also, enjoy his own banger 'It's What We Do', which will end up on his record coming out on Bang Gang 12 Inches later this year. Exxxxxcellent!

Bag Raiders - Fun Punch (Whitenoise Remix) [removed]

Whitenoise - It's What We Do

Next up, Candy's Apartment regular chums Hey Now have been darling enough to hook me up with their remix of The Paper Scissors' track 'We Don't Walk'. Disco Delicious certified good-times-for-all tune! It's well worth swinging by whenever they hit the decks to see the strangely attractive boys bring down the walls with hot beats.

Paper Scissors - We Don't Walk (Hey Now Remix)

I'll take a step back from the club realm for a moment for something a bit more laid back. Another fine Damn Arms remix has swooped into my inbox, this time by Cut Copy/Riot in Belgium. To me it sounds like a nice blend of Cut Copy and Alan Braxe with those gentle warming synths. While I'm at it, it can't hurt to post another old Juggers' remix of the band, so here's their take on 'The Cormorant' which has the classic super punchy bass drum and driving feel that I really love about their sound. And if that can't hurt, then this won't hurt either: the lovely Presets mix of 'Devil Within' from the Juggernauts' debut EP, 'Secrets of the Universe' which is definitely worth having. A great dark mix which has always made me wish the Presets would do more remix work.

Damn Arms - Test Pattern (Cut Copy/Riot in Belgium Remix)

Damn Arms - The Cormorant (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

Midnight Juggernauts - Devil Within (The Presets Remix)

Finally - how could I post an Aussie showcase without throwing some GhettoRuckus in? Have a jive to their latest mix installment, 'Battered in Baltimore' with steamy tracks by Herve, Goose, Sinden and other cheeky characters. Track listing is here.

GhettoRuckus DJ's - Battered in Baltimore

Oh, and if you haven't already, make very sure you check out Hookie's mix in the previous post. It's been permanently on in my car for the last week, and doesn't look like losing that privilege any time soon.

And now I'm off to Splendour for the weekend. I can taste your jealousy! Be good, kids.