Monday 27 July 2009


At last... Finally got my hands on Erol's tasty Disco 3000 edits 12" from back in March. I've been wishing that the In Flagranti edit of this would materialise after being teased with it on A Decade of Hero Worship, but this is probably just as good - I guess it does sound pretty much the same anyway. Epic disco on both sides of this record. Seriously hooj stuff. Is there anything the great Sir Alkan can't do?

Dusty Springfield - That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You (Disco 3000 Edit) [buy]

I'm sorry about this, I usually try to avoid the super hypey stuff, but this is just ridiculous. A promo release of the highly anticipated Happy House remixes has dropped in the last week or two and I am utterly blown away by Will Saul and Mike Monday's contribution. Rather than doing a whole new take on the tune, they've taken all the best elements and juiced it up to an obscenely clubbable degree. Double the power, double the thickness, none of the potentially boring vamping, this is truly a work of dancefloor beauty. The rest of the package is just as tantalising; this could well be one of the best releases of the year, however overplayed it may become. Magnificent! Definitely get your hands on this when it's unleashed in August.

The Juan Maclean - Happy House (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix) [buy]

Been revisiting this Leo Zero edits record and it's simply wonderful. He always has such a great approach to such a wide variety of music, it's incredibly refreshing. This gorgeous 80s Africana megagroove is uplifting to the point of silliness; a joyful jungle jam. Listen to anything that he's touched and you'll be feeling good, guaranteed.

Leo Zero - Hey Hey [buy]

I can't decide if In Flagranti are under- or over-represented on DD. Probably under. I try to control myself most of the time, but then again, I can't neglect the fact that they have absolutely dominated my stereo for god knows how long. I think this edit of Chilly's 'For Your Love' may well be my most played song of this year so far. It seems completely impossible that something could be so horrendously overplayed, sometimes 4 or 5 times in a row, without becoming the slightest bit tiresome. Truly this is as good as disco edits get.

In Flagranti - Louvre For Yo [buy]

If anyone's interested, I did a mix a little while ago for Disco Outcasts - a fantastic blog with a fantastic mix series. Check out the others in the collection: fab mixes from The Revenge, Horse Meat Disco, Greg Wilson, Andrew Allsgood etc. Heapsss groovy.

Tuesday 21 July 2009


The latest Mindless Boogie release contains 3 edits done by Rove Dogs, who I'm excited to say is brand new to me. This first track is a bit more dance floor-ish than I'd expect to hear from something on MB, which is also a welcome surprise. A few sequencers fluttering around, some muted guitar and some deep, throaty (hehehe) bass really give this tune a big rhythmic boost and turn it into a bit of a party jam. Bonus points for vocals by Sting. You really can't expect anything less than total quality from Mindless Boogie and they've certainly delivered here. The rest of the record is more downtempo rocky, and equally good.

Rove Dogs - Why Don't You Dub [buy]

This isn't completely new but I only found out about it a week or two ago and nearly pissed my pants. How long is Mylo going to tease his anxious fans before another album drops? Much longer than I want to wait, I expect. This is just delightfully uplifting music, albeit too short. Tick tock, tick tock...

Mylo - Macrobiotic

Lindstrom has just released a two track 12", Leftovers EP, which is as solid as anything else he's done in my opinion. The Magnificent is more dancey and firey than usual - it's great to hear a different side of his production, with four to the floor beats and repetitive grooves being paired with his regular melodic style and bright sound. Would love to see how this one performs in the club!

Lindstrom - The Magnificent [buy]

Found these two tracks on a really nice compilation called Computer Incarnations for World Peace Vol. 2. It's mostly all very calming warm electronic music which, predictably, insues a feeling of peace and tranquility. Some of it is a bit cheesy, but all up it's a nice little album experience. This Maurice Fulton remix sticks out a bit from the rest as a chunky piece of funk bass exhibition which breaks out into a great cosmic intermission of dreamy synths. I'll admit the main reason I was drawn to the Al Usher track is through discovering that DJ Harvey plays it, but the more I try and get into it the more it opens up and becomes more beautiful. In a word, this song is remarkably pleasant.

Rollmottle - Take A Break (Maurice Fulton Remix) [buy]

Al Usher - Lullaby for Robert [buy]

Have been busy doing all sorts of cool things but I'll try to update a tiny bit more often than I have been.

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Not Sure

Back to it. Only discovered the C.O.M.B.i. edits series the other day thanks to oki-ni, a fantastic online store with some real musical gems. They're small batch Japanese releases of crazy good disco edits created by Eric Duncan of Rub-N-Tug and Still Going. These super rare mini-labels are both a frustration and an excitement - if you're not quick you'll be looking at paying silly sums of money to catch up on what you missed, but if you're on the ball you can fill your record box with lethal weapons that nobody else has. This massive 'powerful soul woman who will crush your balls with a stiletto heel' track is just a portion of what these awesome records have to offer. Try and track them down!

C.O.M.B.i. - No Give Up [buy]

Another tune gratefully leeched from Sci-Fi Pogo - killer edit of The Who by Italians The Love Supreme. This really builds up steam and glows red hot over a simple and irresistible groove. There's not a whole lot to commentate here.. It just fucking rules.

The Who - Eminence Front (The Love Supreme Edit)

This was in the Disco Rock Delight mixtape a few posts ago but deserves a mention on its own for being supa cool. Was so excited to come across this after being on the hunt for a while (Rub-N-Tug played it during their most recent Beats In Space visit, instantly began the search.) Quite simply, it's a funky disco version of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. And, also quite simply, it rocks. Bravo, Champ's Boy Orchestra, whoever you were. The record on which I found it, Disco Supreme Volume One, is also pretty toasty.

Champ's Boy Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix) [buy]

Last and perhaps least is this classic chunky disco number which, in my humble opinion, wouldn't be hurt if some of the overbearing vocals went missing. An instrumental of this bad boy would be so fierce. Anywho, take it or leave it.

Don Armado's 2nd Ave. Rhumba Band feat. Fonda Rae - Deputy of Love


Thursday 9 July 2009

Gone In 4 Seconds

Gotta be quick, too busy having a good time nup north. The Les Edits Du Golem records have some pretty snazzy material on them. Some big misses, but some even bigger hits. This is one of my faves, slow classic boofy locomotive disco. Totally worth getting your hands on the records, there are some real gems in here.

Les Edits Du Golem - Chico [buy]

Runaway and Mugwump packaged in a song - I like it. A lot. Deep grooving dark house, this one is a heavy mover.

Mugwump - Tellakian Circles (Runaway Remix) [buy]

Thanks to my friend Rolfski for turning me onto this one. Incredibly cool twisted nu disco, it grooves ridiculously hard. Obscenely. Impossibly. Every time I listen to this it multiplies in awesomeness, it's so good getting wrapped up tightly in its beautiful sounds and funky rhythms. Absolute winner, Luke Vibert.

Luke Vibert - Disco Nasty [buy]

Great tunes from an old Harvey Sarcastic Disco mix which I've been thrashing for a month or so. Not sure why but I feel quite certain I've known these tracks for a long time. Wouldn't have a clue where though. They've got 'classic' written alllll over them. Vast difference in tempo but both dreamy and chilling in their own ways.

Double - Woman of the World (Long Instrumental Version)

Claudja Barry - Love For the Sake of Love (Extended Version)


Saturday 4 July 2009


Yikes it's been a big week for big releases. Bear Funk released both Bottin's new album and their latest compilation Hibernation Vol 1. I've been really looking forward to Bottin's LP and sadly haven't been able to give it a full listen yet, but there are some stunners on there. He's got a great mellow sound, nothing that's hard on the ears or the head. The comp nicely embodies Bear Funk's easy going attutude and approach to the same sort of laid-back music. This SDC & Maia track was also just released on a 12" sampler of Hibernation. Great Sunday listening. NB: haven't been able to find a physical release of Bottin's album yet, so will just link to Beatport for now.

Bottin - Theme From St. Mark 30124 [buy]

Social Disco Club & Maia - The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version) [buy]

I didn't realise this had happened a while ago but I'm A Cliche also unleashed their first comp, Moments Of A Crisis, which has been pretty highly anticipated. You can't get a more solid lineup for a label with releases Simian Mobile Disco, Runaway, Yuksek, the ringleader himself Cosmo Vitelli and his duo Bot'Ox, and NOW... Canyons?? I know this track has been posted around a bit but, like all of their productions, it's fantastic and I don't think I can hold out much longer. Are they really getting on board as well or was this just a one-off for the comp? As if Modular and DFA wasn't enough :) anyway, check out the Cliche CD!

Canyons - Blue Snakes [buy]

Horse Meat Disco have another 12" offering with some tasty edits, and play in Sydney this Sunday (tomorrow) at freshly opened 202 Broadway. And I'm going to miss it... Just like I missed Jacques Renault, Pilooski, Dimitri From Paris and anybody else I've really wanted to see. Life is CRUEL. Although I think the first edits record was much better, this one is by no means bad. Their first mix CD is being released in about a month on Strut, keep an eye out for it! And grab tickets for 202 this Sunday on Resident Adviser!!

Horse Meat Disco - Silly Bones [buy]

Joakim's latest single is pretty cool. I'm a bit more intrigued by the B side, Nebula Laughter, which to me sounds like a soundtrack designed for a rocket taking off. It's very cosmic, there's plenty of building up and tension, the whole thing is really a bit of a voyage. Not Joakim's best but it's an interesting listen - you don't often hear music like this with a narrative embedded.

Joakim - Nebula Laughter [buy]

Thanks a lot to everyone who sent stuff in for the OM comp, had some great chuckles. Sorry I didn't have time to reply to everybody individually. Big love!

Woop I'm going up the coast for a week :) be good without me.

Wednesday 1 July 2009

Currently Surging

Been having a bit of a Serge Santiago week which is always a good thing. Managed to dig up a couple of tracks I hadn't heard before, including this Roxy Music edit. Complete and utter uncompromising extravagance. Nothing happens in a rush here, this edit is 15 minutes of Santiago destruction. There are parts where it dawdles a tad, as you'd have to expect, but it's really just excellent. Also just picked up his edit of Tenebre which has this killer Hypnosis tune on the flip - A grade stuff! Lurve you Serge.

Serge Santiago - Angel Eyes (Epic Edit) [buy]

Hypnosis - Pulstar (Serge Santiago Edit) [buy]

I impulsively bought this Rosebud record with covers of Have A Cigar and Money, which are pretty B-grade but earn bonus points for the novelty factor. This iss definitely not an amazing song but I'm a huge Floyd fan and 70s disco covers are always a good laff. From what I can gather Rosebud were a bunch of renowned French(?) session musos who came together for this project - unfortunately the tribute LP they came up with kinda stinks. Am I selling this one well? Meh give it a go, it probably won't ruin your life.

Rosebud - Money (Pink Floyd Cover) [buy]

Woolfy's new album If You Know What's Good For Ya!! is out now on DFA/Rong. Sadly I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I've been enjoying the remixes bundled with the LP. Was a struggle to decide which to post - the burning percussive Lee Douglas remix of The Warehouse or the soothing dreamy Carlos Hernandez remix of Two Far Gone. I've got a bit of a soft spot for Lee so that seals the deal. I'm always curious about Woolfy's music, some of his stuff is really on the money for me whilst other times I could give it a miss. Either way, really looking forward to hearing this album.

Woolfy - The Warehouse (Lee Douglas Remix) [buy]

As predicted, Keep Me In My Plane is the new WhoMadeWho single which has already copped a bunch of remixes. It was probably far too optimistic to expect the same consistent quality of all of The Plot's remixes, but there are a couple of winners in the bunch. This deep and slightly techy DJ Koze dub is a beauty. It's.... really deep. Yeah. Nice.

WhoMadeWho - Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River Dub) [buy]

This just in: Clap Rules' new track is spectacular. I can confidently say that they're my favourite artists of 2009 so far. Fabrizio Mammarella and his two partners in crime seriously know how to work a sequencer and wakka-wakka a guitar. Whilst this track isn't quite as excitingly original as the tunes on Old Sequencer, it's still a top shelf quality groove. I would kill to see these guys live... Could someone please bring them to Australia RIGHT NOW? Thanks. This is only a 128 taste - buy this record quick, the label says it's limited to 200 copies. Don't wait for a repress :)

Clap Rules - Buio Omega [buy]