Sunday 28 June 2009


I have so much respect for OM Records. Five short years ago (was it really??) I bought their 10 year anniversary compilation, OM: 10, and really got stuck into the beautiful and wide ranging music the label offered. Over the years it's offered releases from some amazing artists like DJ Sneak, Andy Caldwell, Kaskade, Greenskeepers and, my personal favourite, Mark Farina - including his legendary Mushroom Jazz mix series. I think of the label as a more soulful, higher quality and generally more honest and folksy alternative to Defected. It's clear they love music.

To celebrate the big 1-5, OM are doing another birthday compilation imaginatively titled OM: 15. I've got a copy of the album as well as a tasty limited edition 18x24 print (take a look) to dish out to someone who wants it. Just email me anything that will make me laugh! Keeping in mind I have a pretty juvenile sense of humour, as you may have gathered from reading this tripe-filled blog.

Here are a couple of tunes to get the juices flowing. The Frankie Flowerz is from the new comp and demonstrates the soul-ish twist on nice deep kinda house the label goes for. Pleasant pleasant warm grooves. The Mark Farina tune is a classic capture of his underground jackin sound which popped its head onto OM: 10. My god he's magnificent.

Frankie Flowerz - Groove On 98

Mark Farina - Radio (Phil Weeks Main Mix) [buy]

You have one week, aaaand..... GO.

Friday 26 June 2009


Some yummy records arrived on my doorstep the other day which I'm all excited about. Among them was a copy of this killer Was (Not Was) tune which I first encountered on James & Pat's Fabriclive. Don't need to say anything more, it's a fucking killer fun track!

Was (Not Was) - Tell Me That I'm Dreaming (Traditional Remixed Version)

I've been feverishly hunting the track Woman by John Forde to no avail and there is no fucking way that buying the record is a financial possibility for me. Bummer... Don't suppose anybody's got even a hint of what it sounds like, do they? I'm so curious about John Forde and why he made (or released) such a small amount of music. His songs are gorgeous melodic spacey pop disco which send me soaring to a spacey land of lollipops and unicorns and colourful twinkling stars. How delightfully camp. And the lead synth he uses makes me crumble every time, fuck it sounds magnificent. This one is a touch more down to earth but still nice and dreamy.

John Forde - Don't You Know Who Did It

Discovered Sci-Fi Pogo through author Michele's mix for Disco Outcasts. Such an awesome blog! The posts are few and far between but it's all solid gold and there's a lot of stuff I wouldn't expect to find anywhere else. These are a couple of my faves. Somehow I missed this Escort remix when it came out last year and doubly missed the excellent Pete Herbert edit. Great tune. The Andrew Allsgood edit is classic soulful strutty funk. Check out Michele's mix and blog!

Walter Meego - Forever (Escort Remix - Pete Herbert Edit)

Slave - You Can Slide With Me 'Til Morning (Andrew Allsgood Edit)

These Leo Zero re-edits are really interesting and cool. This one in particular caught my attention - HUGE sound. Like, gigantic. Epic. Monstrous tumbling drums and deep 80s synths exploding in an almost stupidly dramatic fashion. This is POWER MUSIC.

Leo Zero - Strange Re-Arrange [buy]

Monday 22 June 2009

Magic Dragons

Believe me when I say Logo are going places. They're a relatively new duo, of which one half is Raoul7000 - the man responsible for one of the coolest disco edits I've heard to date and excellent blog-of-few-words. They've got the whole dark French thing going on, however it's expressed in a far more tasteful way than you might usually hear. They've only done half a dozen or so songs so far but I have big expectations of a broad range of inspired and quality music. Trust me!

Logo - La Vie Moderne

This Fitzcarraldo Variations track features on the mixtape below but I wanted to post it seperately because of its outstanding coolness. Found out about History Clock the other week; am floored. Fantasticly original edits (oxymoron?) which have plenty of quirk and plenty of flair. Really, try and get your hands on some of their releases and rock out. Such fun!

The Fitzcarraldo Variations - Gamma Model [buy]

Rather than go crazy with posting 3 million more tunes, I thought I might just do a little mixtape of some things that share a common mentality, however faint the connections might be. Allow me to present the Disco Delicious Choof Choof Disco Rock Boogie Jam Session Mixtape, hereafter abbreviated to Disco Rock Delight for the sake of character saving. Just a bunch of lovely psychedelic jams which don't really have much to do with disco aside from the editing artists involved (including the likes of Prins Thomas, Pilooski, Lexx and Joakim) but will perhaps appeal to the enlightened disco-going public. Gooood times.

Disco Delicious - Disco Rock Delight

Tracklisting in ze comments.

Wednesday 17 June 2009


Have been sick as a dog for the past week and am finally getting better so letz celebr8 with sum cool traxx k? Have sifted through a bunch of excellent music and have come up with what is a bit of a mega post compared to recent Disco Delish bloggings. Lots of very interesting and lovely music here.

DJ Harvey's Black Cock edits from the 90s - the pioneer of the disco edit craze - are still some of the hippest records out. Some are pretty topsy turvy and whacked out, which is cool, but my fave is definitely still the first, No Way Back. It grooves and burns and rolls like a flaming disco cylinder on a steep hill. All of the Black Cock records were reissued this year so you can get them on fresh wax at tasty prices. Don't miss the opportunity!

Black Cock - No Way Back [buy]

Also amongst the disco edits greatness is Betty Botox, who until only a week ago I had no idea was JD Twitch from Optimo. AND I had no idea half of Naum Gabo was Johnnie Wilkes from Optimo! I didn't even know it was two guys. Fucks sake they're busy bees. The Betty Botox edits are instant classics and I realised recently there are more than I had first thought. This is one of my faves, because I'm a sucker for that housey piano sound.

Betty Botox - Back to the Piano Magic [buy]

Discovered these H-Track edits a few days ago and golly I'm stoked! Excellent disco cuts on both records released by the awesome online radio station. There's a beautiful selection of different kinds of mixes and stuff including guest mixes from Prins Thomas, Greg Wilson, Todd Terje, Soft Rocks and Pete Herbert! I'm waiting on edits 'disk 1' to arrive to see if they're responsible for the edit of Punkin' Machine's 'I Need You Tonight' which James Murphy/Pat Mahoney used on their Fabriclive mix. HOPE SO.

H-Track - Can't Fake the Feeling [buy]

The Delicate Genius' newish self titled 12" on Aussie label Hole In The Sky has a lot to offer in just 4 tracks. Dunno why but this tune keeps making me think it's going to bust into Work For Love by Ministry. Expertly produced and drenched in original flair, each song seems to have a really clear vision of what it wants to be and is executed perfectly. Check it out for a nice change of scenery!

The Delicate Genius - Pocket Soccer [buy]

I haven't known of Vegard Wolf Dyvik by his new (but real) name or his former moniker Lil'Wolf until his first release on Rong which came out a few weeks ago. I'm clueless but he's alllll the rage in his home country Norway and has made a pretty substantial impact in the techno realm. This track is the dreamier of the three, rising slowly from some tribes in the electronic rainforest up to fluffy cloud city. Pretty.

Vegard Wolf Dyvik - One Of Us Don't Get It [buy]

Georges Vert has a really great refreshing sound. His first EP, Freak D'Espace is another of these pretty little records brimming with lovely sound. And the packaging is all shiny and fancy and cool so bonus points there. This tune is nice lush deep nu disco to get you sinking deep into your lounge. I don't quite get why both the A side tracks are remixes by other people but they're quality. Track it down.

Georges Vert - Garden of Lies [buy]

Been trying to get my hands on a digital copy of 40 Thieves' Beats In Space EP to no avail, so this space is left blank. Anybody know if it's available or if it'll happen? I'm spending more than i can afford on records, need to control myself.


Last but not least, The Popular People's Front produce a hot hot hot version of a tune I heard for the first time recently on Dirty Space Disco. This one is way upbeat and jammin, and just gets funkier as it goes on. Lurve when the gee-tar rocks on in and rogue synths start busting out all over the shop. PARTIE YO.

The Popular People's Front - Showtime

Something for everyone! Except people who don't like music. You get nothing. Please leave this site.

Sunday 14 June 2009

It's Sunday.

Bit of a post for the sake of posting here.. Need to try and get the post rate up, but don't want to compromise by sharing stuff that isn't A-grade. Anyway, this remix of Crazy P's latest single (is that correct?) by band member Hot Toddy would be A-grade if I could ignore the vocals. I guess they don't bother me that much but pop just generally irritates me. Aside from that, it's the usual funky summer sound you'd expect from both Crazy P. Perhaps this will be refreshing for you, perhaps it will be too stock standard. I reckon it's solid though.

Crazy P - Stop Space Return (Hot Toddy Mix)

12-odd minute disco epic here from Rahaan. No idea when this track was actually made but it came out on a white label some time recently. Big retro disco sound which always works wonders! That's it really... Just a quality tune. This version seems to end a tiny bit early - my apologies - but you get the gist.

Rahaan - Hit & Run

Here's where we get down to business. Recently picked up this obscenely good promo mix done by In Flagranti in 2004. It's hovering around my top 3 mixes of all time, I can't be any more precise than that. Packed with the usual overwhelming array of ill-defined and unlikely genres, their patented razor edge slap-in-the-face mixing, and the overall twisted humour you'd expect from Alex & Sasha. There are a few edits I'd violently shake a baby for, and some which have since been released on their '09 Sounds Superb edits album and RVNG 12". It's only in 128, but I don't think I'd be able to find a better copy no matter how hard I looked. Prepare yourself!

In Flagranti - A Decade of Hero Worship


Monday 8 June 2009


Have been listening to some great compilations this past week which are bobbing my yacht big time. At last got my hands on some of the old Dirty cds which I've been after for ages and they're magnificent. Dirty Space Disco especially, and the first track Atlantis is a good indication of why. The track is utterly sublime, like an underwater disco in space. If such a place exists. Larry Levan's remix off the first Dirty Diamonds album is saturated in hip jumpy energy - it's heaps of fun! If you can find a copy of either of these fab compact discs definitely snatch them up.

John Forde - Atlantis

Grace Jones - Pull Up The Bumper (Larry Levan Garage Mix)

Morgan Geist's collection of "obscure electronic funk and disco", Unclassics, is a pretty solid piece of plastic as well. This track by Discotheque is one of the more conventional sounding tracks - I could have posted something more interesting but I'm a sucker for the disco claps. All the music is from 1978 - 85 so none of it is really in what you might call a 'safe zone', but that's half the fun. Yeah, check this one out too.

Discotheque - Disco Special

After Dark, a comp put out by Italians Do It Better, is another I've been getting into which is more on the laid back airy side. This Glass Candy track especially works for me.. The glammy dramatic strings, the irritating whiny girl vocals, the funky rolling bassline.

Glass Candy - Miss Broadway

I was going to post something from the upcoming Full Pupp greatest hits album but in the end couldn't really justify it with any of the tracks. I find the label is really hit and miss, and most of the good stuff is from Prins Thomas anyway. His other artists really aren't making particularly groundbreaking music... So for the sake of filling this gap, cop this gem instead. Beautiful epic disco by French band Martin Circus.

Martin Circus - Disco Circus

The end.

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Love Has Come Around

Sorry all, have had a pretty lazy week. Have found so many amazing tunes though! Feels so good to hit the jackpot every once in a while. I'm so glad I've found this music to share to you wonderful internet surfing people/robots. Still feeling lazy so wording will be kept to a minimum.

Moxie put out amazing records. They are amazing. Some of them are particularly amazing. This is one of them. Bassline bassline bassline. Really old school groove, lots of bass, hot percussion, wakka wakka guitar, super compressed girly vocal crooning her 'baby'. All the necessary elements for quality funky disco.

Moxie - Karnemelk

Picked up the latest Future Classic release the other day. I looove it when the B2 track ends up being my favourite! Azul Blue is so awesome.. A light jazzy vamp gets bitch slapped about by a thick throaty acid line. Also, djhistory's Tele Music Remixed compilation only came to my attention the other day after about a year of sneaking under my radar. Unbelievably quality release. This Toby Tobias mix is pretty galactic, fairly funky and a tad glammy. Groovy stuff.

Toby Tobias - Azul Blue

Tele Music - Phantom Rock (Toby Tobias Mix)

Also on that release are these two gems. Thank god Meteor One got edited into a playable song - have been waiting yonks for that. Beautifully done by Bonar Bradberry! And naturally the Prins Thomas edit is pure Norwegian gold. Go grab this release if you can, it's seriously packed with beautiful music.

Arpadys - Meteor One (Bonar Bradberry Edit)

Tele Music - Black Cars (Prins Thomas Edit)

I don't understand myself.. I don't understand why I never bothered to listen to the original of this song. I don't know why I assumed that the Special Disco Version edit had to be 10 times better and it wouldn't be worth my time hearing this. Late is marginally better than never though. Thank god I came to my senses because this is so so so much better.

Donald Byrd & 125th St, NYC - Love Has Come Around

So much more music to come! Excited!