Friday 29 June 2007

Plenty To See Here!

Got some great tunes to share today! First up, Pirate Robot Midget - 3 talented musicians/producers from Italy, The Netherlands and France - were kind enough to send along some goodies, including their remix of 'B-Attack' by Jumi which was love at first sight. Expect more great in-your-face dirty dance tunes on their debut album due in a few months time.

Jumi - B-Attack (Pirate Robot Midget Remix)

Mathematikal - BLKMGK (Pirate Robot Midget Remix)

Now perhaps I've just finally snapped, but after years of feeling nothing but disappointment and hatred for Daft Punk's extremely... similar remix of 'Take Me Out', I've done a complete 180 and quite often see it jumping onto my record player. Something about the way that funky syncopated strutting guitar seems to stick out and drive the song a bit more and the (deafeningly obvious yet somehow subtle?) build from that trademark Daft Punk 'noise' just draws me in. Is the nuthouse the next step for me? Either way, I've always felt passionate about the song, whether negatively or positively, so at very least it should evoke some kind of emotion for you. Bashings welcome.

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix)

The long awaited EP from The Toxic Avenger looks like it should be coming out shortly, which is very exciting news. His sour apple flavoured crunchy electro synths are a treat on the dance floor, and the new tunes definitely still fit that vibe. He'll hit Australian shores in September for two Sydney shows which should be insane! Have a listen to the new tracks on his MySpace, but he has sent a special little present - some sexy remixes and another new track I've not seen elsewhere. Thanks Toxie!

The Toxic Avenger - Stage Diving

Dragonette - Take It Like A Man (The Toxic Avenger Remix)

And finally, The Freelance Hellraiser from the UK has been pumping out some very hot music, and sent by some to sample which I'm sure you'll enjoy. I'm a total sucker for cut up vocals, so his remix of 'Vista Countdown' gets an instant thumbs up, whilst 'Can't Hide' is an electro funk jam that makes for a great soundtrack to a mean strut down the main street in the city, hair brushed back doing a Fonzie style point at the impressed-looking foxes.

Dolby Anol - Vista Countdown (The Freelance Hellraiser Remix)

The Freelance Hellraiser - Can't Hide (feat. Jan Hammer)

Have a great weekend!

Nothing To See Here...

This post is just to have all my old tunes listed on the Hype Machine - yes, it's a weak move to get some more traffic. But who can blame me for wanting to spread the love far and wide? Perpahs you can, but I don't want to hear it. Who knows, maybe you'll spot something you've been looking for? Anyway, instead of writing anything about these tracks, I'll just link to their original posts.
Note: I've removed the direct links from this post, so you'll have to wade through words about the artists if you want to grab their songs in their original posts. That's only fair, right?

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (D.I.M Remix) [post]
Neon Plastix - On Fire [post]
Neon Plastix - Dream [post]
Speaker Junk - Foxxy (Switch Remix) [post]
Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Switch Remix) [post]
Bugge Wesseltoft - Oh Ye [post]
Bugge Wesseltoft - Live in Amiens [post]
The Black Ghosts - Face [post]
The Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose To Give It (Fake Blood Remix) [post]
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Yadnus [post]
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Sweet Life [post]
Goose - Bring It On [post]
Goose - 3T4 [post]
The Presets - Cookie [post]
Bag Raiders - EP Medley [post]
The Teenagers - Homecoming (Guns'N'Bombs Remix) [post]
Punks Jump Up - Dance To Our Disco (Baseball Furies Remix) [post]
Digitalism - Magnets [post]
Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Plus Move Pirate Remix) [post]
Kavinsky - Wayfarer (Plus Move Remix) [post]
MBG & SDS - New Jack (Steve Angello Remix) [post]
SebastiAn - Walkman (Insane Edit) [post]
Mika - Love Today (Switch Remix) [post]
Shesus - Debbie's Shoes (SebastiAn Remix) [post]
SebastiAn - Head/Off (Faex Rework) [post]
Daft Punk - Burnin' (Ian Pooley Cut Up Mix) [post]
Justice feat. Uffie - The Party [post]
Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) [post]
Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery (Miami Horror Remix) [post]
The Presets - Down Down Down (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) [post]
Sexual Earthquake In Kobe - Dance Music (The Toxic Avenger Remix) [post]
The Toxic Avenger - Superheroes [post]
Justice - Stress [post]
Simian Mobile Disco - Love [post]
Simian Mobile Disco - Wooden [post]
The Rapture - WAYUH (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) [post]
DJ Mehdi - Signature (ZZZ Remix) [post]
Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Kavinsky Remix) [post]
Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Guns'N'Bombs Freakout Remix) [post]
The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (feat. Ali Love) [post]
The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (feat. Fatlip) [post]
Fields - If You Fail We All Fail (SebastiAn Remix) [post]
Mika - Love Today (Spoon Remix) [post]
Justice - Waters of Nazareth (The Underwater Adventures of Ghettoruckus Rerub) [post]
Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix) [post]
Cassius - Rock No. 1 (K I M Remix) [post]
SOx - Can I Speak To (Plus Move Remix) [post]
Ghettoruckus DJ's - Alphabet [post]
Headland - Dogging Sisters (Blamma! Blamma! Remix) [post]
Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix) [post]
New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (Herve Goes Bananas Remix) [post]
Goose - Bring It On (MSTRKRFT JFK Remix) [post]
Goose - Bring It On (Acid Jacks Remix) [post]
Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy [post]
Benjamin Theves - Texas (SebastiAn Remix) [post]
Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen - Oh My God (Chris Lake Remix) [post]

Hate mail is welcome. Damn haters..

Monday 25 June 2007

The Best Of What You May Have Missed

A trip down short term memory lane here as I repost some tracks from way back when (a month or two?) in case they were missed. On display we have an addictive mash-up of Madonna's 'Hung Up' and The Presets' 'Down Down Down' that was released on a limited Modular 3"CD free with t-shirts; another cool mash by The Avalanches of Digitalism and Wham!; a sensational Blamma! Blamma! remix of Maximo Park featuring some violent vocal editing; sterling reworking of a Daft Punk classic by Casino Inc.; and the filthy Justice remix of their own 'Waters of Nazareth'.

The Presets/Madonna - Hung Down

The Avalanches - Ray of Zdarlight

Maximo Park - Our Velocity (Blamma! Blamma! Terminal Velocity Remix)

Daft Punk - Da Funk (Casino Inc. Amazing Disco Remix)

Justice - Waters of Nazareth (Justice Remix)

Boy that certainly was a poorly formatted paragraph.. but after all the apologies in the last post you're not getting shit from me. Now while we're on the topic of not-so-new stuff, how about a mega classic Switch mix that's still swirling around my iTunes regularly. Why oh why won't this come out on vinyl already?

Jacknife Lee - Making Me Money (Switch Remix)

"Something new" I hear you cry? Well, Does It Offend You, Yeah? have done a lovely remix for Muse, which is a refreshing change since I've not been that impressed with most of the attempts made on their songs. Although there's a bit of vocal wankery, the pumping mid-section makes up for it.

Muse - Map Of The Proplematique (Does It Offend You, Yeah? Remix)

And finally, if you're a Sydneysider, Ghettoruckus DJ's will be tearing up Ruby Rabbit on Friday night so make sure you come along and support! Here's a short teaser to wet your whistle.

Ghettoruckus DJ's - Minimix (Demo)

Party on, dudes!

Saturday 23 June 2007

Daft Bonanza!

Sorry guys, rather than reupload this stack of files every time a hosting company decides they don't like me, i'll just link you to Kiyoshi's more comprehensive collection of DP live sets. I know when i'm beat :p

Check it out here

The following text is now a lovely waste of space:

And now, for your listening pleasure, I present (almost) every Daft Punk live/radio set I could find between 1996 and 2002. It includes two appearances on Radio 1, an early live set from March '96 (which is very poor quality I'm sorry, but it's a great insight into pre-Homework DP) and a fantastic set with DJ Sneak in Ibiza, 2000. I'll take this time to apologise if any of the info or dates of the sets are incorrect, as it was quite tough to get a hold of any details, so please feel free to correct me on anything. Also, I didn't add in the Alive 1997 album or Live @ The Rex Club '97, since they're both relatively easy to find. In fact, if you don't already own a copy of Alive 1997, then get it here before your life gets any lonelier! Here they are in chronological order:

Daft Punk - Live @ Even Further, 1996
Daft Punk - Radio 1 Essential Mix, 1997 - Part 1
Daft Punk - Radio 1 Essential Mix, 1997 - Part 2
Daft Punk - Fun Radio, 1997
Daft Punk - Live @ Twilo, 1998
Daft Punk - Live @ Cameo Theatre Miami, 1999
Daft Punk - Radio 1 Essential Selection, NYE 1999
Daft Punk & DJ Sneak - Live @ El Divinio Ibiza, 2000
Daft Punk - Live @ Radio Siglo 21, 2002

Phew! Nearly 9 hours of Frenchy goodness. Go get 'em, tiger!

And... sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry and a million sorries for posting a MySpace rip, but I find this song ridiculously irresistable and MUST share it, whatever the quality! Just surfacing in the last couple of days is Mr. Oizo's remix of 'Merrymaking At My House' by Calvin Harris and as far as I'm concerned it is the shit! It's certainly one of Oizo's grooviest works. See for yourself!

Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place (Mr. Oizo Remix) [MySpace Rip]

Again... sorry for the rip :\

Thursday 21 June 2007

Don't Be Alarmed

Just checking out some new hosting, and seeing if the Hype Machine is happy to talk to it. Besides, it's a great track, so I'm not wasting anybody's time :)

Para One - Club Hoppin (Small Saul Re-Edit)

Oh, and shit, this tune makes me want to dance!! It's a bit cheesy, but I feel the proper application of cheese can be tres cool - great work by Chris Lake.

Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen - Oh My God (Chris Lake Remix)

Keep your e-eyes peeled for a Daft Punk live set frenzy, covering 1996 to 2002, which should be happening some time in the next few days once I get everything uploaded.

Wednesday 20 June 2007

Sexy After All

I don't mean to be a thief, but how could I not post this? Daft Punk's Bercy set has arrived on the internet, which is big big news. All you need is a 10,000 Watt PA system, a light show so bright it blinds people in neighbouring countries, a couple of well dressed illuminated robots, thousands of gawking kids and a million tonnes of crazy hyped up atmosphere and you may be able to put together a semi-accurate representation of the show. Or just take some acid or something.. Either way, this comes courtesy of blog friends Kidz By Colette who you must bookmark - thank you!

Daft Punk - Alive 2007, Bercy

Give it 6 months and us Aussies will have tasted the fruit.

Monday 11 June 2007

Loosey Goosey

This just in! Two Goose remixes so fresh your head just might pop. From the latest release single 'Bring It On' (which you can pick up here) here are the MSTRKRFT and Acid Jacks' remixes. Both don't do anything overly major to change the original track, but they do a great job of adding a different flavour to the mix. JFK's mix features some syncopated disco drums giving the song a nice upbeat fun feel that begs for some fancy footwork on the d-floor. The Acid Jacks mix is a bit darker and dirtier, with some nice cut up vocals and synths with added booming bass. Also check out the Boris Dluglosh and Teenage Badgirl remixes of this track. Good stuff!

Goose - Bring It On (MSTRKRFT JFK Remix) [alt link]

Goose - Bring It On (Acid Jacks Remix) [alt link]

Counting the days until their appearance at Parklife.

Post-Mega-Weekend Mega-Post!

Sorry for taking so long to post, it's been a very busy week and mammoth weekend, including seeing Groove Terminator (GT) bust out some bangers. I've got some super fresh tracks though so the wait should be worth it :)

Firstly, a new remix by those 'i could have sworn they were french' americans, Plus Move. It's for a French group, SOx, and has a great bitey electro surging bass line and dancing synths. Well suited to clubs!

SOx - Can I Speak To (Plus Move Remix) [alt link]

Next, Woodie from Sydney buddies the Ghettoruckus DJ's was kind enough to send along their latest work, an original track 'Alphabet'. Crunchy filthy distortion blanketing everything sounds so refreshing to my munt-ruined ears. Also, sampling from 'Sandwiches', a past favourite of mine, and some Waters' beats in there are very smile worthy. While you're at it, head over to their blog and check out the 'Tortured In Vietnam' mix. Hotty hot hot!

Ghettoruckus DJ's - Alphabet [alt link]

Now just quickly, the Justice BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is out!@&$%@ Wowsers. Millions of thanks to discobelle for this one! You can see the tracklisting there. FUUUUUUUUCK GET IT NOW

Justice - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

How about a bit more Blamma! Blamma! to fire up the discooo? This mix of Headland's 'Dogging Sisters' is an intense affair of ascending synth lines and tight muffled drums. Fun fun stuff!

Headland - Dogging Sisters (Blamma! Blamma! Remix) [alt link]

Now, it also occurred to me that maybe not many people had heard Justice's remix of 'Blood On Our Hands' by one of my favourite bands, the late Death From Above 1979. This would be a crying shame indeed, so I thought I should up this classic mix for you people. Everyone loves that old signature Justice bassline!

Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands (Justice Remix) [alt link]

Even though it's been posted everywhere, I can't help but share the Herve Goes Bananas remix of NYPC's 'Ice Cream', which has that Crookers/Switch kind of roller-coaster-ride deep bass groove going on that I'm so incredibly attracted to. It's the most irresistably groovy thing! Tell me you agree. By the way, Herve is from Speaker Junk who are also well worth listening to. A Switch mix of their track Foxxy Lady is here on DD.

New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (Herve Goes Bananas Remix) [alt link]

In other news: mark my words, Daft Punk will be coming to Australia in December. I've been saying it since December last year and still say it, and now it's publicly on display to either humiliate me or confirm my legendary status :) haha

Also, there are a bunch of seriously killer tracks on their way to keep checking up for the massive choonz.

Friday 1 June 2007

Vegetables Aren't That Bad, Dude..

Enjoy the best tunes i've found in the last week. They're dripping with sexy!

First up, a killer new reworking of 'Waters' by the Ghettoruckus DJ's, who I'll need to look out for on the Sydney scene. It's always nice to hear a fresh approach on a classic song. Plus, sneaky Oizo samples always make me smile.

Justice - Waters of Nazareth (The Underwater Adventures of Ghettoruckus ReRub) [alt link]

DJ Drastik has put together a stunning 45-minute MSTRKRFT Mini Mix, featuring 15 tracks of MSTRKRFT remixes and original tunes. Nothing particularly new, but who doesn't love their sounds? The mix comes courtesy of Discobelle - thanks!

DJ Drastik - MSTRKRFT Mini Mix

Now, some new Fake Blood stuff which I don't even need to hear to know i love it. But hearing it anyway confirmed this. Since hearing their remix of Black Ghosts' tune 'Any Way You Choose To Give It' (hiding somewhere on this blog) they won my heart with his super cool vocal editing and dirty bouncy bass lines. Here's his take on the Armand Van Helden track 'I Want Your Soul'. Oh that vocal is irresistable.

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix) [alt link]

And I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago but never put the track up.. So here is K I M's lovely mix of Cassius' 'Rock No. 1' which picks the pace up a bit.

Cassius - Rock No. 1 (K I M Remix) [alt link]