Wednesday 15 December 2010


Super brief one here, I've been slaving away on my best of 2010 post.

JAM ALERT. Check out this lovely track leached from The Cutler's new album 'The Best Things In Life Aren't Things'. It's a really beautiful record that fuses a whole range of different sounds into a mellow quasi-electronic journey through hip IDM, raw funk, brooding electronica and jazzy guitar grooves. This particular cut is a straight up laid-back disco instrumental that works its ass off in the deep. These guys are a real breath of fresh air, highly recommend checking them out!

The Cutler - Sync Estate

I've finally got a good rip of my favourite Daniel Wang track, The Twirl, off Aphroasiatechnubian which is also my favourite record of his. I think a lot of people find this tune to be pretty underwhelming but for me it balances everything just perfectly. Let me know what you think.

Daniel Wang - The Twirl

It's a staple from way back but it's still great, I don't need to say much more about this:

Gino Soccio - Try It Out (Vocal Long Version)


Tuesday 7 December 2010


IT'S A PARTIE, YESSS! Very proud to be able to spam you internet peoples with buy links to our first 12" release by the megatronically hyperawesome Midnight Savari! We're completely stoked with the release and how everything turned out, and hopefully the disco-grooving public will feel the same. If you haven't heard anything from the EP yet it's up to stream on SoundCloud - clickity click the widget gadget below:

Midnight Savari - Pinisi (DSR002) by deathstrobe

Here's a bit of mp3 action which you can take with you anywhere! To the store, on the bus, walking the dog... The sky's the limit!

Midnight Savari - Rimshots

Then go and exercise your capitalist right to spend spend spend!!
[Juno] [Piccadilly] [Phonica]
Big love to you.

It's also time for another Delishcast. This one turned out nothing like I had in mind but I like it. Lots of psychedelic rock stuff, some African funk/disco stuff, it's a bit all over the place. The Bugge Wesseltoft track has been one of my all time favourite pieces of recorded music since I was 15, I really hope you guys dig that one. Hopefully will get to doing a proper mix in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Delishcast 002 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. The Mighty Imperials - Thunder Chicken [buy]
2. Bugge Wesseltoft - Live In Amiens [buy]
3. Small Pyramids - I Want Blood
4. 360 - Money
5. Alejandro Jodorowsky - Psychedelic Weapons
6. Led Zeppelin - We're Gonna Groove [buy]
7. Joni Haastrup - Greetings [buy]
8. Dillinger - LSD
9. The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)
10. Sofrito Specials feat. L Barrabas - Tabou For The People
11. Mock & Toof - Digit 2
12. Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic [buy]
13. Candido - Thousand Finger Man [buy]

Direct link to mp3

By the way, Harvey & Garth touch down in Aus later this week. I. Am. Frothing.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Summer Abandoned

Eyyyy Melbourne chumps, we'll be playing at New Guernica tomorrow & Friday night so come say g'day and have a beer! Really looking forward to getting out of town.

As far as first days of summer go, this probably rates about a 9000 on the bullshit scale. As such I'm lacking motivation and you'll just have to trust me on these selections. Gala Drop's recent EP released on Golf Channel is so lovely. Don't know quite how to classify it overall but it deserves far better weather than this. Essential for summer when it's proper.

Gala Drop - Overcoat Heat [buy]

Here's another one from Light Sounds Dark's most recent comp Return Of The Sherm. It's so fucking good, and so is this track.

Weyman Corp - Kumbayero [itunes]

Smoooooooth jams here from Nicholas. Palm tree deepness, makes me want to drink things out of a pineapple.

Nicholas - Slick Groove [buy]

Hey by the way, test pressings for DELISH01 (edits imprint I'm doing) by Joystick Jay are sounding hawt, the finished product isn't far off. Here's a nice exotic West African jam that was in contention for the B2 spot on the record. Something a bit different.

Group Bombino - Tenere (Joystick Jay Edit)

Will be back with another Delishcast next week! In the mean time, go buy our latest Death Strobe release: Midnight Savari - Pinisi :))))) xx

Tuesday 23 November 2010


Lots of exciting things happening very very soon! For starters we're doing a party at the Civic this Saturday with Adult Disco/Future Classic - just Ash and I spinning jams for 8 hours straight. Super pumped for this one, would be so fantastic if some of you lovely internet people could make it down for a boogie. Also it's kinda our launch party for the Midnight Savari record so it's double cool. Clickity-click the flyer for more deets.

Speaking of which, DSR002 is 100% complete and in our hands ready for a worldwide 12" release on December 1st. More on that next week. And as if there wasn't enough happening at once, test pressings for DELISH01 are finito and sound great. In case you missed the news, I'm doing a little edits imprint on the side just for fun. The first is edits by the marvelous Joystick Jay which will be a really special release. Super stoked about releasing both of these records!

So that's the news. Now onto the music - I've got less words to share here. Check out this wonderful bootleg of Walk On The Wild Side by Holtoug. One of my all time favourite songs and I've always had a bit of a craving for somebody to gently re-sculpt it into something that can be DJ'd. Not saying it's a club version, it's far too mellow for that, but would be a gorgeous tune to play on a Sunday in a bar. Big kudos to Holtoug for being a tasteful fella.

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side (Holtoug Bootleg)

Another tasteful producer here, Small Pyramids, who sent over a real nice EP. First impressions were very Eddie C and his stated influences confirm that's the case. Super smooth, soulful deepness that doesn't get too bogged down. Really looking forward to hearing more from him - this will be making many appearances on my car stereo this summer!

Small Pyramids - Another Way To Feel

This old Linkwood Family edit/re-work/re-warp is absolutely amazing in my mind/ear/state of psychosis. Thanks to DJ Heidi for putting me onto this beauty. I was listening to the original the other day but totally blanking on what it is right now, can anybody refresh my mem? As dumb as I think 10inch records are this is one I desperately want beneath my fingers. Sublime.

Linkwood Family - Piece Of Mind

While we're going old edits and I'm not putting much effort into finding new music, here's the first C.O.M.B.i. edit for those of you who don't have it. A savagely pumping Debbie Jacobs tune that's stretched out and tailored for people jockeying discs - and for people dancing to people jockeying discs. I've seen people's heads explode when the crazy lead synth comes in. If you're in Sydney for NYE you MUST hit up the Picnic warehouse party with Eric Duncan and Lovefingers. Bit ridiculous really.

C.O.M.B.i. - I Found Morning

If you're in Sydney: hope to see you on Saturday night! If you're somewhere else in the world: hopefully see you in the record stores soon!!

Tuesday 16 November 2010


Hay folks - so I'm going to give this podcast business a go for a bit. The format is going to be super loose... For this one I just picked up records sitting on the floor that seemed like nice things to listen to. Sometimes it'll be proper DJ mixes, maybe sometimes I'll get some guests to do my work for me. When I find a microphone I'll add some jabbering about the music in case anybody is listening. Anyway subscribe in iTunes or whatever other crazy podcast thingy you use and we'll see if it's a good idea after all!

Delishcast 001 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. The Doobie Brothers - Livin' on the Fault Line
2. Psychemagik - Tokyo Takedown
3. Deodato - Skyscrapers
4. Moxie - Moon Made [buy]
5. Doc Severinsen - You Put the Shine on Me (DJ Harvey Edit) [buy]
6. Mandrill - Mandrill
7. Metro Area - Evidence
8. Kerrier District - Sho U Right [buy]
9. A+O - What's A Name [buy]
10. Floating Points - Shangrila
11. Daniel Wang - Get Up, Get Up
12. Rinder & Lewis - Lust
13. Diana Ross - No One Gets The Prize (Jimmy Simpson Remix / Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
14. Blondie - Rapture

Direct link to mp3

A couple of groovy old things in there from the 70s there which I hope some of you haven't heard as well as some favourite edits and electronic bits. Feedback on the idea would be much appreciated! New tunes coming later in the week :)

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Sticky Fingers

Sorry for the recent laziness. This post will be lazy because I'm lazy. Firstly - I chucked this awesome instrumental Escape From New York edit by DJs In The Sky in that latest mix of mine and it got a stack of interest. So here you go. Take my gem, I don't care. Would definitely recommend hitting up the other Disco Exotique records if you can find them, a real record bag staple.

Escape From New York - Save Our Love (D.I.T.S. Dub) [buy]

Who remembers this killer Ashley Beedle tune from a few years back? Man I loved this track. Just rediscovered it the other day as the sun was roasting my loins. I really hope this summer is HOT!

Ashley Beedle - The Balloon Room [buy]

The latest in the Popular People's Front Limited Series is a real corker. Seriously frothing on the bass in this tune. Slightly squelchy, very chubby. Stupid vocoder. Real party styling! Another great record, that's no surprise.

The Popular People's Front - Party Over Here [buy]

Humid nights mean plenty of Eddie C playing on the stereo. Another great cut off his 2009 Jiscomusic release, You're Welcome, which was a massive fave of mine last year. If you missed this a couple of summers ago don't worry, it's still super fresh!

Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free [buy]

So I'm thinking of starting up this podcast business this week, although I just realised I don't seem to have any kind of microphone anywhere so it may be sans commentary for now. Can anyone recommend a really good and easy way of doing it? Keeping in mind I've got plenty of server space. Might just put it on SoundCloud to gauge a response before I bother setting too much up.

Oh also, we got our Midnight Savari test pressings yesterday (they sound HOT!) so not long now until DSR002 will hit the shelves! Woop!

Tuesday 26 October 2010


This old Valery Allington tune has started my week off real nicely. Great early 80s synth-discovery disco, plenty of rich layers and catchy vocals driving it along - and not too Italo for my liking. Hawt.

Valery Allington - Stop

Hey Convict! (or at least Tamas from HC!) was fucking brilliant on Friday night. I can't stop listening to their mixes! Also been enjoying these edits CDs compiled by their Melbourne pals The Late Show. Particularly digging Lovefingers' contribution to the second one; punchy plodding bassline, unconvincing horn-like synth and squelchy filtered guitar which is occasionally interrupted by a strange sort of tacky Chinese restaurant flavoured bridge. I love how this song feels quite unaware of itself, like some oblivious guy picking his nose in front of everybody on the train. It's tasteless but kind of adorable.

Lovefingers - Dandy Uh [DL CD]

This latest release on Optimo Music is a real winner. Like our good pal Midnight Savari, Space System is also from Jakarta making synthical wonders. King Of Town delivers a restrained remix of this dark track that almost feels a little bit tribal with thick pounding drums. I guess if you dig the Optimo vibe you should certainly be into this. Moog alert!

Space System - Sorrow Show (King Of Town Remix) [buy]

Been wondering what happened to awesome UK label Light Sounds Dark until I discovered just the other day a new compilation slipped under my radar in September. Shock horror! Thank god Piccadilly still have some 12" copies left. Like the first Sherm Sticks comp, Return of the Sherm is full of hard to find gems of the psychedelic/disco/funk/weird variety. After listening to it for a couple of days I know I'm going to be wearing these records out in no time, I highly recommend tracking down a copy while they're still available.

Oro - Stop The War [buy]

Hopefully lots more goodies arriving this week!

Thursday 21 October 2010


Soooo yeah come along to GoodGod tomorrow night for this blog party thang we're doing with Danimals, Ted & Francis and Matt from Van She. It'll be fuun! Or of Saturday's more your thing, also come to GoodGod for Picnic with Hey Convict! who I've only just recently realised are quite spectacular. I'm way late to the game here but their Time To Noodle mix from 2006 is truly something to behold. After checking out a few of their mixes I'm getting a bit of a Lovefingers meets The Avalanches kinda vibe. Plenty of psychedelic goodies. Seriously can't endorse this enough!

Hey Convict! - Time To Noodle

Ooh boy this latest Max Essa record on Is It Balearic? is a stunner. The 20-minute long A side 'Panorama Suite' is just sublime, a really beautiful lush journey that could easily run for another 20 minutes if it would fit on the 12". The flip side is lovely too, a gently funky jam 'Uptown Vibration' that's coupled with a shit hot remix by Mark Seven. If you can still find a copy of this in stores I highly recommend picking one up for springtime listening bliss.

Max Essa - Uptown Vibration [buy]

Ermm and I really dig these tracks too. One from the first Cookhouse record and a cheeky obscure cut from an Albion record on Ambassador's Reception.

The Piemen - Meat & Potato

Albion - Milky Way


Thursday 14 October 2010

Same Same

Really feeling this remix Social Disco Club did for Trujillo. Musically it's quite basic but it's super erotic, I really love the way the vocal has been used. Subtlety is what makes this song great, on the surface it seems pretty stock-standard but it grooves hard and deep for reasons that are hard to spot. Can't wait to get this happening in the club, I've got very high hopes! SDC have had a great year.

Trujillo - Baby You're Still The Same (Social Disco Club Sexual Flashback Mix) [buy]

I reluctantly bought my first Killer Funk Disco Allstars record purely because it's got A Brag Mount, one of my favourite In Flagranti edits. The tracks are good but the pressing is lousy, straight out of the sleeve it sounds like it's been rubbed in dirt for the sake of 'authenticity' and it's so concave I might as well just use it as a bowl. Luckily A Brag Mount is on the usable side so I'll still get some use out of it, and the A2 is cool too - I'm racking my brain but I can't remember who the original is by, can someone help me out? Anyway.. Good tracks, lazy execution. Buy it but don't leave a tip.

Killer Funk Disco Allstars - Mishaps With Chocolate (Sticky Fingers Edit) [buy]

Been listening to this cool Kings Of Disco compilation by Dimitri and Joey Negro from 2004 a fair bit. This John Gibbs & The Jam Band track in particular, which was in Jacques Renault's Ones & Twos mix, is a real gem. A little quirky, some overly drawn out percussion breaks, and some fucking rad, albeit brief, electric guitar. Everything about this track really teases me and I have to keep listening to it for those short moments of gratification. Overall great selections and edits on these two CDs, well worth tracking down!

John Gibbs & The Jam Band - Get Down With The Jam Band (Joey Negro Re-Edit)

Sydneysiders - a bunch of us Sydney blogs are getting together to do a party next Friday the 22nd at GoodGod with Matt Van Schie, Ted & Francis and Danimals steering the DJ booth. Come down and have a boogie - Facebook event page is here.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Seven Saturdays Running

Ohhhhh boy, let's kick off with this stunning Apiento & Co. record on Leng. Although the original is a beauty, the Pete Herbert remix is easily one of my favourite things he's done in recent times. Really smashing out that piano jam, this is a seriously feel-good club tune. Pete's usual array of synths chatting to one another in stabs and a really solid structure that lifts the dance floor. Highly highly recommend picking up a copy of this, both sides are essential. Bravo!

Apiento & Co. - She Walks (Pete Herbert Remix) [buy]

I know I've taken ages to get around to posting this, but the Loin Brothers' second 12" is super fine. All the right people have been taking notice, particularly TBD on their latest Beats In Space invasion. Each track on the record is fantastic in its own right - the mellow original that touches on psychedelic disco; the more clubbable acid re-rub with big late-night anthem piano chords; Tornado Wallace's deep funky groove that gets things really warm; and Woolfy/Projections' gentle Sunday odyssey that massages your tender head and rubs your aching back with wispy vocals and soft pads. Having the four tracks together on the one record makes this one of 2010's most crucial releases.

Loin Brothers - Garden of Vargulf [buy]

Was anybody else massively disappointed by Eric Duncan's 2nd volume of Keep It Cheap? Lazy rubbish if you ask me, something I don't think I've ever said about old mate Dunks before. The most recent C.O.M.B.i. is fab though so I'm not worried. The B (or N) side really does the trick for me, some serious funk disco action for the club. Would love to know the OG if anybody can spot it?

C.O.M.B.i. - Flaming Hot [buy]

For those of you in Sydney, Mark Seven is playing at a People Must Jam warehouse party this Saturday which is causing severe pant-bulge right here. His 3hr Horse Meat Disco set is truly legendary, if this weekend is even 10% of that I'll be a quivering mess on the floor. Not only does the man have an obscene record collection, but his mixing is better than I've ever heard - for original disco tracks that is. Here are a couple of things I'd love to hear him revisit. Buy a ticket, fassst!!

Revanche - Music Man

Debbie Jacobs - High On Your Love

DSR002, Midnight Savari, is sitting at the pressing plant waiting to be squished into some wax, hopefully should have it ready and in stores by the end of the month! FROTHHHH!

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Dripping With So Much Dance

Danny Krivit's new edits comp is out on Strut and, although it's pretty great, I still reckon Edits By Mr. K Vol. 1 reigns supreme! From the first track, this hottttt edit of Jimmy Simpson's Diana Ross remix, it's club gold. Initially bought it because it had the sensational edit of Lenny Williams' 'Running' that was on James + Pat's Fabriclive. Truly an excellent purchase. Ramblings aside, the second volume is well worth checking out but the first is crucial to own. The end. Oh and while I'm posting Diana Ross, check out this funky beach house remix by Drop Out Orchestra. The kind of thing you'd find on one of the really good Chillout Sessions CDs from back in the day.

Diana Ross - No One Gets The Prize (Jimmy Simpson Remix, Re-edited by Danny Krivit)

Diana Ross - My World Is Empty Without You (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

Although I love deep house, I'm not often one to buy many deep records. Hopefully that'll change over the summer... I can see this one being full of deeeeep blissful grooves. This amazing tune by Trickski, off his latest Suol 12, is a lot slower than it seems all the way down at 100bpm. It works around one little sliver of Phil Collins' 'I'm Not Moving' and keeps plodding along towards a miniature climax. So solid.

Trickski - Pill Collins [buy]

The latest in RVNG's crazy psychedelic weirdo 'FRKWYS' series is definitely my fave so far. Particularly, the Juan Atkins remix on the A is really beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Pilooski's contribution to the NRDS series, AAA - a lengthy journey into twisted sounds and a bit of a spooky vibe. The two songs sound nothing alike but I really feel a connection there. Keep this one in the back room, or be sure there are lots of weird people around... Psychic Ills aren't for everyone but if you dig this you should reeeally dig it.

Psychic Ills - Mantis (Juan Atkins remix) [buy]

I've been really lazy lately so here are a few extras as a kind of 'sorry I'm useless' offering. A killer 80s burner by Connie Case which made its way onto the first Rusty's Dusty Disco record, and a really wonderful mix by DJ Heidi (incidentally Harvey's manager) which ranges from Trus'me to Shit Robot to Fleetwood Mac to top shelf techno. Perfect for the change of seasons and still freshhhh!

Connie Case - Get Down

DJ Heidi - Xmas Mix 2007

Heaps of shiny new records should be falling on my head any day now so expect some gold.

Thursday 16 September 2010

Lazier Than Usual

Ahoy pals! This week I've just done a new mix, my first in about 9 months, which is enough work for me I think. So instead of an exciting blog post, please accept this lazy gesture. Since I kept it pretty quiet on the decks over winter I figured I'd better get something warm and clubby done before summer comes around and I really couldn't care less about mixing two songs together. Hope you enjoy :)

I Dream of Beanie by discodelicious

Just so you don't feel too ripped off, this old track by Computer is so rad.

Computer - Nobody Loves A Computer Because A Computer Does Not Dance

Have an awesome weekend!! Come along to our record launch tomorrow night at Spectrum if you're in town.

Thursday 9 September 2010

Supremo Bonero

Spring has sprung! This incredible Bananamania record has got me in the sunshine mood big time. I missed out on their first release and I'm kicking myself - this is such an awesome little package. Cheeky psych-rock-disco vibes, like a house party version of History Clock. The Velvet Underground-esque banana sleeve and the name of the record 'Better Than Italians' gives a pretty good indication of where Los Massieras is coming from. Insanely fun.

Los Massieras - Alrighty! [buy]

This one comes courtesy of (stolen from) Alain Finkielkrautock - thanks guys! El maestro Todd Terje balearicises (like that one?) an already mellow guitar groove. The backing track sounds like one of the demo songs from a cheesy old Casio with everything on top performed in the living room by some Sting enthusiast. Don't go stroking beards; approach with a sense of humour and prepare to be rewarded. Chris Rea... What a heartthrob. Also check out this killer TT set on RBMA Radio, perfect for seeing in the warmer months. In case you're not aware, The Todd is playing Adult Disco next Saturday the 18th at the Civic. Highly bonerific.

Chris Rea - On The Beach (Todd Terje Balearic Remix)

Todd Terje - Live from London - Secretsundaze - Pt 1

Expecting to be smashing some seasonal deep house in the coming months. This beautiful deep yet light rework of George Duke's fluttery 'I Want You For Myself' locks hard into a groove and carefully constructs itself around the bare bones of the original. I'm toootally loving all this Keep Schtum stuff. Check out Michael's SoundCloud for loads of freshness to either populate your upcoming summer playlist or, if you're one of the unlucky northerners, stockpile some sunny goodness for nostalgia's sake during bitter winter hibernation.

Keep Schtum - I Want You For Myself [buy]

Go lap up some rays!

Tuesday 31 August 2010

Chirp Chirp

Today is the last day of OUR winter so start expecting a bit more brightness around these parts! Every year at the end of August I'm a bit surprised I actually survived the miserable months and this year is no exception. Bye-bye beanie, hello BBQ!

I don't know anything about this little 7" on new imprint Fresh Up Records except that it's from the UK and is supposedly by a group of big time session musos. In one sense it's real tongue-in-cheek fun, like a super vibing parody of Space. But that's not to say it isn't top-shelf music - It's a shit hot jam with masterful Mooging splattered all over the shop! The B is down at a far less ferocious tempo, it's really warm and dubby and again quite Spacey but with more of an Italo flavour. Who's going to own up to this?

BBII - Tropical Laser Fantasy [buy]

Here's a track I'm going to be spinning all summer to bump up the grin factor. This Baris K record is a real joyous gem - great 'Eurasian' edits and an amazing sleeve. So this tune appears to be by Turkish actress, Şenay, which has me pretty confused. The vocals have me less confused and more amused - excuse my ignorance but it sounds like total silly gibberish. I love it! Hope there's more where this came from.

Baris K - Honki Ponki [buy]

I have to say I was pretty unimpressed with Sounds Superb Vol. 8 which was all too jumpy and repetitive and frankly pretty annoying. This In Flagranti remix is just the opposite though, very restrained and groove-focused which is just want I wanna hear. Yay! The whole Maasa (Matthew Bandy) release is real lovely too, well worth checking out.

Maasa - Walking on the Moon (In Flagranti Remix) [buy]

This is the real spring pick of the bunch, a beaut D-Pulse remix on the latest Gomma release by The KDMS. A nice toasty Hot Toddy-esque sun drenched dub with blossoming pads and gentle muted guitars. Deck chairs, board shorts, sand and shore are a must. I haven't really kept up with what D-Pulse have been up to lately but had no idea it was anything like this! Really stunning.

The KDMS - Highwire (D-Pulse Instrumental Remix) [buy]

See you at the beach!!

Thursday 19 August 2010


Wooohoooooooooo our GoodGod party is tomorrow!! If you're in Sydney you MUST MUST MUST come down and dance. Some special Siberian friends will be joining us to spin some tunes ;) as well as our darlings Slow Blow. $5 before 11pm and $5 all night if you have a Juggers ticket. Best night ever? There's a good chance.

Trus'me - Good God [buy]


Maybe we'll start the night with some super smooth funk like this track from the latest Small World Disco Edits record, courtesy of the groovy edit guru LTJ. Should be a divine way of getting things moving.

One Man Edit - Waiting [buy]

Maybe we'll play some pure classic disco like this dazzling Tom Moulton mix of First Choice's Doctor Love. That's if things get cheesy which they very well might.

First Choice - Doctor Love (Original Tom Moulton 12" Mix) [buy]

Maybe we'll play this stunning Justus Kohncke remix of Space's Deliverance which further explores JK's disco/techno hybrid vibe which blends beautiful piano and vox with deep dark synths. By maybe I mean it's very likely.

Space - Deliverance (Justus Kohncke's 'Wild Pitch' Mix) [buy]

Maybe everybody will completely lose their shit at around 3:30am and someone will unleash some psych-tech-acid-prog-wonk-journey stuff like this chaotic DiskJokke & Strangefruit record which will probably kill 1 in 6 listeners. Fucking crazy stuff.

DiskJokke & Strangefruit present The Shookt - Ghost In The Machine [buy]

The first 50 peeps through the door get a CD we've put together which has an exclusive choon off our next release by Midnight Savari which is supremo bonero. If you're not in Sydney you've got about 30 hours to get here! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Friday 13 August 2010


So we released a record today!! To save your eyes from bleeding I'll keep quiet on the promo front and just say you can listen to and buy the CD on our Bandcamp - it's certainly not disco but it's a very special EP indeed. Also check out our freshly launched Death Strobe website. It seems rather bizarre actually having a finished product out there after so many months of toiling and tooling around! Here's a little slice to sample - Rio Lobotomy's remix which had a bit of a Discodeine vibe going on and superbly rounds off the package. Their drum programming completely smooshes my head in, it's always fucking unreal. If you dig the release I'd be mega appreciative of anyone who picks up a copy!! MUCH LOVESIES

Domeyko/Gonzalez - Eschatol (Rio Lobotomy Remix) [BUY BUY BUY!]

And now to butter you up with some serious treats. Eric Duncan's Dolly Parton edit caused some serious murmur after monsieur Harvey debuted it on Beats in Space a few months back. Yes I'm the world's biggest sucker for anything Harvey related, but that's got nothing to do with me being in complete agreement when he so boldly proclaimed that Eric D is "pretty much the best editor on the planet right now." This is defs one of his more gently edited tunes but it's super sweet. The flip of this record is quite the opposite, a heavily chopped uplifting vocal house pumper that never resolves. One of those records that's gone in a flash, I know I'm posting it pretty late but get onto it as a matter of urgency.

Dr. Dunks - No P's [buy]

This Pablo Mandelbrot record intrigues me so much! I've listened to it so many times, not because I absolutely love it but because I find it really fascinating for some reason. Both sides are understated grooves that seem to hang back in the darkness a bit, shrouded in a bit of mystery and, I feel, harbouring sinister motives. This track is a slightly muffled funky vamp which gets interrupted by mildly uncomfortable dissonance every so often. Would really love to get some opinions on this track.

Pablo Mandelbrot - Hot Swap [buy]

Oh boy, this Kasper Bjorke remixes record is gorgeous! Prins Thomas, Muzzle Flash and Nicolas Jaar is a pretty bonerific lineup. The only surprise here is that Muzzle Flash trumps PT and NJ with a magical deep lounge groover. The dreamy vocals and sharp super-hip keys are just divine. If you're after a spectacular Sunday 12" this package is about as good as it gets.

Kasper Bjorke - Heaven (Muzzle Flash) [buy]

Still mourning over the loss of Moxie, easily one of the best edits labels of the past decade. This is off an absolutely classic release from 2008, Willie On Mars. Moon Made quite literally has got it all: a crazy-hot chunky bassline with matching bongos THEN weirdo deep space moog noises THEN epic soaring disco strings THEN a ripping, noodling jazz guitar solo with spicy backing band to top it off. Dunno what the original is but it must be something pretty special. Moxie, you will be missed!

Moxie - Moon Made [buy]

And to cap things off a short-and-deliciously-sweet numero. Remember that edit of Hang Together from the C.O.M.B.i. live CD that I was raving about? It's from a record by Keep Schtum, an obviously accomplished but anonymous Irish dude making truly sublime edits. Probably one of the best records I've picked up this year - this is the 3rd track, a brief percussive jazzy jam that funks hard. Buy on sight!

Keep Schtum - Roots [buy]

HAPPY DAYS!! Midnight Savari is up next as DSR002, get excited!

Tuesday 10 August 2010


So much happening! Our first Death Strobe release is out this Friday so shit's getting real. I've got so many amazing new records stacking up that I need to unleash, so here are a few quickies.

My fave off the second Public Release record by Jacques Renault is this cosmic pumper. Whilst it's a fantastic release and I recommend everyone get a copy if you want to crush some dancefloors, I have to take a moment to whine about picture discs. Fuck I hate them so much. It's unbelievable how noisy most of them are! The 'silence' inbetween tracks sounds more like a choir of chainsaws. There's nothing wrong with plain black! OK OK they're fun and all, yes I'm a cynic, but siffff press a record if it's not going to sound incredible. Still, the edits on this 12" are all rock solid. And in particular, Come On Y'all is a real mint boogie.

Jacques Renault - Come On Y'all [buy]

For the past few months every time I listen to this Stilove4music release my feelings for it change - there's been love, hate, indifference and everything inbetween. Justus Kohncke transforms three Chic tunes into dubbed out robot disco that sometimes hits the spot and other times leaves me dissatisfied or hungry for more development. I won't deny his disco-dub-acid-tech-blend style is a really beautiful thing. And I'll admit that although this record and I have had our rough patches, a strong bond has grown between us for better or for worse. On the right night this is absolute bliss on the floor.

Justus Kohncke - The Clock Keeps Turning [buy]

Anyone know what the deal is with these Demo-Disc records? Who's behind them? It seems like there are 3 new ones each week, the turnover is insane! Anyway I'm particularly fond of this Yam Who? one which includes a nice gently extended version of Starlight by Risqué. The thing that will probably excite a lot of people, though, is the edit of Anthony & The Camp's 'What I Like' which Tensnake constructed Coma Cat upon. Festive, Jolly 80s party fun! These records are at very least worth keeping track of in case more crackers like this one pop up.

Yam Who? - You Can Do It [buy]

And a couple of mixes from a couple of my favourite couples, Softwar and Slow Blow. (The SB mix is just by G-ORGY but that would ruin my coupling). Softwar's mix nicely represents their deep loungey approach to the disco vibe, populating the hour with smooth grooves that escalate in energy without becoming any more abrasive. George's recording is a sterling exploration of a wide range of sounds, from house to techno to funk, which remains beautifully cohesive throughout. SO PROUD OF U BOYS~

Softwar - Live In July

G-ORGY - The Cybernetic Love Vinyl Mix

Don't forget about our GoodGod party next Friday!! Flyer + Facebook link is over to the right. I just spent 70 pounds on the first C.O.M.B.i. record so I need you all to help me make the money back! eep what have I done..

Friday 30 July 2010


Yeahhh I've been after this Cookhouse record for aeons since hearing it in Harvey's essential mix - finally, after a couple of dodgy Discogs transactions, it's in my lap and it is indeed a beauty. It's a big club house beefing up of D Train's 'Music' which still smells super fresh. Only problem is it seems the mystery men behind the label tried taking the pump a little too far, and the last section of the tune is clip central. There's a good chance this is the loudest record I've ever encountered.. So unfortunately the sound isn't quite up to scratch. Still, it's one of those situations where the quality of the content outweighs the flaws of the package. Definitely a weapon worth getting your hands on!

The Pudmen - Pud Music

This track has me super excited for the debut release of Luke Million (keys extraordinaire of The Swiss) on Future Classic in September. A bubbly, cheeky, poppy synth disco playsong featuring a vintage Arnie aerobics sample. The synth sounds are to die for, particularly the main bass lick - I expect producers will be foaming. You can grab a 320 by signing up to the FC mailing list at their website. Happy stuff!

Luke Million - Arnold

And a fucking hot old Popular People's Front jam off the Love EP which I just rediscovered this week. Burrrrrrrrrrrn!

The Popular People's Front - Keen Doin' Your Dance

If you're in Sydney, hit up our Bondi party on Sunday afternoon/evening!

Tuesday 27 July 2010


Oh golly, after an excruciating wait I had a tonne of records plopped on my head by the postman last week which I'll drizzle out over the next fortnight. Sorry for being lazy - however our DSR001 CDs have arrived and there has been much to do! More news on that soon. Been wanting to get my mitts on this Freddie Mas record for yonks and I'm happie to say it's really something fab. It certainly doesn't have that savage edge that I'm used to with Freddie's stuff - but it's got plenty of Codek druggy sleaze and tongue-in-cheek quirk. The B-side is fucking hot too, you can pick up a copy of this bad boy pretty cheap on Discogs so get on it!

Freddie Mas - What I Remember About You [buy]

The latest Space Ranger record is just lovely. Although it's got remixes from Rayko and Ajello, the two original tracks are the hotties for me. Beefy cosmic house beats with some pretty slick sound effects. Sadly missed out on the last 12" so this is a nice consolation. Great for when the club begins to get a bit hot and heavy!

Space Ranger - Superstring [buy]

A couple of other things here - a wonderfully funky edit from MagneticSoul which is beautifully cut up, and a really spectacular albeit simple Rio Lobotomy op on Nick Cave's Red Right Hand. A DJ's dream. I'm thrilled at how tastefully it's been done, using very calculated restraint to allow the rolling bassline to retain control of the groove. Really loving both of these. I'll post the Rio remix from our label's first release in a week or so, keep an ear out!

MagneticSoul - Together

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand (Rio Lobotomy Op)

If you're not heading to Splendour this weekend, drop by our Bondi party on Sunday! Flyer is chilling in the sidebar.

Tuesday 13 July 2010


Taken a couple of weeks sick leave to cough up all my organs but back in action now! Just a quickie to ease back into things.. There are plenty of amazing new records on the way, I promise! But for now here are a few excellent oldies. Like this killer 1979 space disco staple by Bamboo. Or an equally awesome intergalactic boogie by The Z.A.C.K. with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I heard Mind The Cosmic Rocker in an incredible Vidal Benjamin set from Lovefingers' site. Seriously must-hear shit! Hit it up here.

Bamboo - Spaceship Crashing [buy]

The Z.A.C.K. - Mind The Cosmic Rocker [buy]

Speaking of Lovefingers, I totally fell in love with this Andwella track that opens his Xmas mix I posted many months ago. Maelstrom's edit on Mindless Boogie really doesn't do it for me, the hairy early 70s rock vocals are crucial to the groove. After finally getting a copy of the album I have to say it's truly excellent, a summary of everything I love about one of my favourite eras of music. Some funky rockers like this one, a few beautiful psychedelic ballads, some brilliantly composed symphonic flashes. If you dig 70s rock it's a real gem.

Andwella - Hold On To Your Mind [buy]

An awesome edit of a Carrie Lucas track that is immediately recognisable to anybody ever as being sampled in Armand Van Helden's 'You Don't Know Me'. Super awesome tune! And until this very moment I had been misreading the label as saying Phenomenal Handclap Band. Close but no cigar - this is apparently Joey Negro's handiwork. Some excellent edits and an excellent moniker to boot.

Phenominal Handicap Band - Carry On Carrie [buy]

And just for fun here's my favourite track from one of my favourite mixes by Eric Duncan in Tokyo: the C.O.M.B.i. live CD/DVD. This spectacular edit of Hang Together by Odyssey (thanks Sofie!) is so stupidly supremely superb. I pray that this gets some sort of proper release although I'm sure it won't. If you can find a copy of this package somewhere it's pure gold.

C.O.M.B.i. - We Gotta High Together [buy]

I'll be back in the saddle from now on I promise! Things are getting busy with our label, DSR001 is due to be released on August 13th which is super exciting! We'll be doing the launch in Sydney at GOODGOD on August 20th, FUCK YEAH!

Saturday 26 June 2010

Beach Partie

If you're free in Sydney tomorrow come to our party at Bondi Social with Slow Blow, Softwar, Charlie Chux (of Discopunx) and Ash & I playing groovy Sunday tunes on the beachfront all evening :) the last couple have been stacks of fun! A fantastic opportunity for all of us to wank over our latest 12" finds and compete over whose record bag (penis) is bigger. Happy hour is 4 - 9pm. Check it out!

Got some seriously amazing new records to share. Seems I've been a bit late picking up on these Sleazy Beats records.. This latest one by Melbourne producer Tornado Wallace aka Lewie Day is my new favourite record, easy. Three impossibly groovy slow burning deepish house tracks that all get me twitching uncontrollably - this is supremely good producing. His release for Delusions of Grandure is also a gem, it comes highly recommended as well. Fucking brilliant.

Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies [buy]

Still can't stop playing the Space Rangers' D-Train edit, and now I can't stop playing the B-side either. Cool laid back funk track with all the same winning elements direct from 1982. The two tracks together make this record the kinda thing you could use in a stack of different situations and emerge a hero. So worth owning!

Space Rangers - Love Don't Come Easy [buy]

I was worried about this Martians record being a really hit-or-miss affair with me, but turns out it's hit big. The Royal Dub of Theme Tune is the real winner for me, taking things down a notch from the original speedy party bash to a more comfortable nu-disco zone. I really like the sci-fi sorta vibe of the whole record! On the flip, the Acid Easy version of Clockwork is a full on acid banger which is especially tasteful. It's a seriously electronic record with an excellent range of feels - another all-purpose affair. I love it more with every listen!

Martians - Theme Tune (Royal Dub) [buy]

Lastly is the latest Past Due release with an amazing remix lineup including James Curd, Nick Chacona and My Cousin Roy. Despite the big names, the original cut by Greyship Daviz is the real standout for me. Big fruity disco funk sound! Aside from that though, James Curd's thick dubby remix is the highlight. The only problem with this record is it sounds a bit gluggy for some reason, i dunno what the deal is there. But a solid piece of wax this is.

Greyship Daviz - This Groove Is On The Loose [buy]

See you tomorrow folks!

Monday 21 June 2010

The Jacques Perspective

Was so great to finally see the man Jacques Renault play some tunes at The Civic the other week after a couple of missed opportunities over the last two years. I'd be tediously repeating myself by noting he's responsible for a stack of beastly edits, he's one half of Runaway, he runs a young label called On The Prowl and he's up with the very best in the disco arena. Clearly I'm no journalist but Jacques, being the sympathetic gentleman that he is, kindly answered a few quick Q's about current happenings.


DD: I hear you started out as a D&B DJ - after being a viola whiz, no less. Was that the first kind of 'dance' music you got into? Where did that initial interest come from?

JR: Growing up I went through quite a few phases. It wasn't until I was 18 and went to this party called Cold Rice -that's where I first heard Soul, Dancehall and Drum & Bass all at the same party and was so excited about it. I started collecting more electronic records and got myself some turntables when I moved to Chicago for school.

DD: Were you into buying records as a kid? What kind of stuff did you dig growing up?

JR: I started buying punk records when I first got into records. I was pretty obsessed with the early DC hardcore stuff and then the early 90s post punk sound. I feel pretty lucky where I grew up and what kind of music was going on at the time.

DD: Hit me with 3 of your most cherished records.

JR: Here are the first 3 that come to mind:
Grauzone - Eisbaer
Loose Joints - Tell You Today
Fred Wesley - House Party

DD: How about all time favourite DJs?

JR: I like to listen to old Ron Hardy Mixes online. Some of them are really amazing, I wish I got to experience that...

DD: Getting down to business: some people I've spoken to feel that, with the current trend of edits and the like, disco is too backward thinking. Do you think it's leading somewhere or are a lot of people really just stuck in the past?

JR: The reality is as long as there has been DJs there have been edits. I'd agree that there a lot of people putting out edit 12"s and like anything some are better than others, but at least people are trying new things. As long as there are creative people trying something new with other people's music, the music will sound new. If they just mimic what others have done then it's no fun. There are great producers making something new out of songs we love. If it's for their own DJ sets or for limited vinyl, I'm happy that it's still alive and we're all still buying records.

DD: I know I'm flogging a dead horse here but I always like to hear what people have to say about vinyl vs digital. Personally, aside from sound quality, I have a real romantic connection with holding a song in my hand. What's your reason for sticking with records?

JR: I still enjoy going to the record store and discovering new music but taking a stack of things that look familiar or not and listening to stuff. I used to joke that I listen to more bad music but you always find something you like. I still go to the record shops and I buy online. It's just what we all have to do these days. The digital quality is a ok when you travel and the turntables don't work. There will always be a plus and minus for any medium.

DD: Blogs - another overcooked topic but I have to ask. In your experience as a DJ, producer and now small label manager, have they been handy or harmful? Is free music the future?

JR: It's true it's hard to make money on music these days, but having your own label isn't to make money in our minds. It's about having an idea and following through with it. Marcos & I are releasing a few original artists other than ourselves and it's exciting to have On The Prowl out there. I know a few blogs but I'll be honest I don't really look at too many. I know who some people are and I think it's great to hear their stories and success... the reality is people learn about music this way and that's fine by me. It's nice to see our music online on the blogs and in the shops.

DD: Going back to that question about disco progressing; which producers and labels do you think are really carrying things forward and breaking new ground?

JR: Lots of great stuff happening. I'm a big fan of what The Revenge, Azari & III, TBD, Holy Ghost, Cosmo Vitelli, Andy Ash, Tensnake, are name a few. Labels like Rong, DFA, Golf Channel, Instruments of Rapture, Running Back are a few favs. This is always tough, I feel like I'm forgetting something..

DD: Any chance you like Twin Peaks?

JR: ha yeah I've seen the movie. I like the reference...

DD: Finally, what's on the cards for you in the next 12 months?

JR: More traveling and production of original work and remixes. Plus Marcos & I are working on our Runaway Live set. 2010 is going really well.


For further proof of Jacques' talents, gobble up these tracks. One of the edits from his RVNG of the NRDS which started this snowball rolling; a deep Runaway contribution to the I'm A Cliche catalogue; and some large-but-smooth house from the second OTP record. Big winners.

Jacques Reanult - Tuxedo Dance

Runaway - Your League [buy]

Jacques Renault - Love & Happiness [buy]

Also check out Video 1, Video 2 and Video 3 of a great in-depth interview with Jacques by pals Future Classic. They're heaps better than me. And they're hosting Prince Language this Saturday! Check it out.

Know what else is good? This old Greg Wilson remix of Gary Davis. That's what.

Gary Davis - The Professor's Here (Greg Wilson Remix) [buy]

Could the formatting of this post get any worse? I should stop asking rhetorical questions. Is it irritating? Don't answer that.


Thursday 17 June 2010

In The Flesh

This historics box set especially assembled for RVNG is blowing my mind. I'll just do an extremely brief summary since I would wank on about this for aeons. 10 tracks over 3 records remixed by the likes of Jackpot, Leo Zero, Allez-Allez, Andrew Allsgood, Low Motion Disco, SirBilly, Pink Stallone and MORE. Housed in a beautiful cardboard enclosure with each 12" being wrapped individually in mammoth 32" x 24" posters. The amount of love that has gone into this release is staggering. Read the full story on the RVNG website and snatch up one of the 50 in existence! Musically the package is a lot darker than I'd expected from seeing these names, and there have been a few really pleasant surprises. This is the holy grail for lovers of physical media.

historics - City to City (Pink Stallone High By Foot Remix) [buy]

Another beautiful package is this first release on Pacific Beach Recording Company with a couple of amazing Harvey edits of Doc Severinsen tracks. Heavyweight vinyl, amazingly well engineered, lovely packaging and groovy-as-fuck music. This track has strut written all over it. Can't wait to hear what's next on this label!

Doc Severinsen - Be With You (DJ Harvey Edit) [buy]

I've had this Meco Star Wars record for ages which has been a prized posession ever since seeing Stacey Hedger bust out a blistering trumpet solo over the top of the A-side. For some reason though I only listened to the other side for the first time last week. It's pretty cool! If you can get past the tedious marching drum breaks that interrupt every couple of minutes it's a pretty hot jam. Who wants to do the edit?

Meco - Other Galactic Funk

Parties parties parties. Next Sunday we're doing another Death Strobe weekend-end at Bondi Social which will be super fab - details to come. This Saturday hit up Adult Disco at The Civic (as usual) and have a goooood time.

Thursday 10 June 2010


More trademark laziness tonight, i'll "let the songs speak for themselves" because I have a sore throat. Beautiful Marcus Marr release here that I should have posted weeks ago. This one's a little bit dubby and chugs away in the darkness. Very groovy stuff. I think there were only 300 of these records pressed and the flip side is a beauty too so hop to it!

Marcus Marr - Pleasure Moon (feat. Helena Ward) [buy]

Quality Ajello edit on the first Italo Deviance record which ties together a bunch of different vibes. Bit jazzy, bit rocky, bit italo, bit disco. A solid stocking filler, you really can't lose.

Ladies Choice - Stars & Muscles (Ajello Re-Edit) [buy]

Far from the iconically irritating chorus of Horny - this is a classic smooth soulful Sunday sound from Mousse T. A proper couchbound jam.

Mousse T. - Brother On the Run [buy]

Yeah yeah, The Revenge/6th Borough Project/OOFT records are like Pokemon, anyone into the current disco happenings has gotta catch 'em all. Nothing new here, however felt I should chuck something up to accompany a bit of a plug for his appearance, along with DJ Spun, at The Civic this Saturday. Another spectacular Picnic party ticked off.

6th Borough Project - Planets (The Revenge Lost Groove) [buy]

Actually this weekend is going to be a monster. Slow Blow are hosting DJ Kaos this Sunday afternoon at The Flinders, followed by Gay Bash's 4th birthday at The Oxford. Prepare for extreme head bendage.

Thursday 3 June 2010

On The Mend

Still recovering from the last two brutal weeks, I'll do my best to pick my tattered self up off the floor and post more music. Thanks to those who came to our Death Strobe party! There are probably one or two of you in the universe who didn't manage to make it down and grab one of the CDs we were handing out and I really want to share this amazing Trus'me tune - big thanks to Willy for sending it to me! Domestic aggression has never sounded so good. This was originally on a Stilove4music release but later put out independently - seems Trus'me was another victim of SL4M's non-paying ways. Dodgy.

Trus'me - Tony Does What Tony Wants [buy]

This gorgeous balearic number was sent in by a lad from Indonesia producing as Midnight Savari. Light and spacey but very very groovy with more depth than it lets on. Check out a broad spectrum of tunes on his SoundCloud, although they're from a different project. Can't wait to hear more!!

Midnight Savari - Pinisi

For the record, Jacques Renault's set on Saturday was a blinder. As is his latest Mystery Meat release with Lee Douglas which I've been holding out on posting. Alas, I can hold on no longer. The A-side, Pump, is featured in his Ones & Twos mix: huge party disco with commanding vocals and some added-synth beefiness. But for me their edit of Love Exchange's 'Got To Find A Disco' is the centrepiece. Granted it needs to be heard LOUD LOUD LOUD but it funks so fucking hard. It's really raw and thumping, totally unrelenting in its grooviness. Definitely one of the best records in the last couple of months.

Jacques Renault & Lee Douglas - Got To Find A Disco [buy]

And for good measure, a classic by Slick which everyone remembers from Erol's original Disco 3000 set. Or that Jeff Mills classics comp. Or from 1979 if you're really legit.

Slick - Space Bass


Friday 21 May 2010


Alright Sydney folk, listen good. We're doing a combined Death Strobe / Disco Delicious 3rd birthday party next Friday the 28th at Gilligans (Sydney) which will be super duper spectacular!! We'll be joined by a few special friends, but expect a minimum 4 hour set from Ash and I slopping out the discoest disco imaginable. I'm woeful at promoting so any help with spreading the word to wonderful dancing people would be greatly appreciated! First 50 people in get a CD of some disco faves of ours, including some tricky-to-find gems. Clickity click the flyer for deets.

Okies, now that's out of the way we can get down to business. Sounds Superb Vol. 7 was released digitally this week. No further explanation needed. As usual, In Flagranti deliver a finely balanced edits package. Vet is a classic soulful disco-funk groover, nice and simple, a great early dancefloor jam. Ahem is a dirty retro thumper saturated in Codek quirk and featuring a quick snake charmer break or two. I Sing sits more in the strange department - African chanting and warped hand drums that could make a great DJ tool if you're clever. Too easy!

Lemonade - Vet [buy]

I'd love if somebody could confirm for me if this is actually a legitimate Todd Terje edit of Chic's My Forbidden Lover. It's released on the same kind of white label with only the catalogue number on a sticker as many of his others have been, but I'm just not convinced by the editing style. It's still a really fun edit but all the effects and jagged cuts seem a bit un-Toddlike to me. Whatever, this is one of those tunes you really can't go wrong with.

Chic - My Forbidden Lover (Tangoterje Re-Edit)

Real fab acidic remix from Liv Spencer and DJ Spun of this track by James Chance & The Contortions. Picnic are hosting Spun on June 12th at The Civic - it's a collaboration with Adult Disco and should be a fucking killer party. And yeah, this tune is great.

James Chance & The Contortions - Incorrigible (Liv Spencer & DJ Spun Mix) [buy]

Lastly, this is the edit of D Train's 'Keep On' that was featured in Jacques Renault's Ones & Twos mix that I was wailing about a few weeks ago. This is ridiculously good stuff by Space Ranger! Would still love to know what the instrumental half of it is though, I heard somebody playing the original track recently but didn't catch the name. Spot away, spotters!

Space Ranger - Keep On Movin' [buy]

Have a great weekend, hope to see you kids next Friday!! xx

Monday 17 May 2010

Laying Low

Heaps of great music to share this week! And some really exciting stuff coming up too. Next Friday the 28th we're having another Death Strobe party at Gilligans which will be soooo fun and soooooo disco. If you're in Sydney please come down and have a drink and a dance! Also this Sunday the 23rd I'll be spinning tunes at Future Classic's Apres Sunday at The Tilbury which should be blissful. This smooth Lexx edit should be a good indicator of what's to come :)

Lexx - Jungle City [buy]

There's actually too much great new stuff to choose from, I'm really struggling here. Keeping with the Sunday vibes, this record by Begin (James Holroyd) is just beautiful. Stretching over two parts over the A and B, this tune drifts through meditative balearic moods and uplifting deep grooves resulting on a big grin on my face every time. It's a very special record, I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy!

Begin - Optical Holiday (Part 2) [buy]

More of the deep and divine to share here - this latest Endless Flight release by Johnwaynes is really entrancing. I'm absolutely hooked on the haunting bathroom vocals and slightly twisted air of the track. High, the other song on the record, is a whole new level of deep with distant instruments swirling around in the background whilst a big full bass groove nails down the foundations. Fab stuff.

Johnwaynes - Get Up (Just John Mix) [buy]

DJ Groove Merchant aka Kozmik Rutz was kind enough to share this excellent tune of his on the DD Facebook page. Luvv social teknologie! Definitely some big jazz fusion influences here, I smell some Hancock for sure. It's a really groovy nudisco jam with a rhythm section that digs its heels in hard and a bunch of different snazzy synths dishing out jazz-funk goodness. Check out his Soundcloud, some real gems there. And make sure you get amongst it on our Facebook page, some lovely submissions popping up.

Kozmik Rutz - Kamtjaka (Kaviar Mix)

Expect a bundle of upbeat stuff later in the week - and there's plenty of it!

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Joyeux Anniversaire!

At long last the postman has been kind and the new wax is flowing again. This little blog turned 3 years old a couple of weeks ago and I think these tunes are worthy of a bit of a celebration post. So far these Black Cow 45s have scored a big 2 out of 2. So vintage yet so fresh. The A-side on the second release, O.P. Connection, is a dense party-funk jam with noodling bass and an over-excited horns section. These will continue to sell out seriously quickly so be alert like the grasshopper.

Black Cow - O.P. Connection [buy]

Long awaited edit on Golf Channel, as first heard on Justin Vandervolgen's incredible Try To Find Me Vol. 2 mix CD. TBD (Justin and Lee Douglas) are for me one of the most exciting duos going around at the moment. This track in particular drives me crazy, especially the second half where the electronics take hold and the dancing gets serious. Although the latest DJ Nature 12s honestly haven't really appealed to me, Golf Channel is still around the top of my list for labels that make me froth and this is a perfect example of why. DJs: this is a must have weapon.

Note: As requested I've replaced this with a Youtube link. Listen listen listen then BUY BUY BUY. Way too fucking good.

Try To Find Me - Get To My Baby (TBD Extension) [buy]

I LOVE YOU DANNY WANG, FO REAL. This new bootleg of an unearthed symphonic disco classic is just exceptional. Despite a bit of looping/extending towards the end, this is supposedly pretty much the original tune. If anybody could ID the original artist I'd be thrilled! Straight up this is one of my favourite records of the year so far. The B-side is a slow ballroom disco number which apparently comes from a 70s German TV show? To me it has a really cheesy Chinese string ballad vibe to it. An ID on that would be great too! This is so so so essential!

Danny the Dancer presents Oto Gelb - Love Tragedy In Verona [buy]

Really digging the direction Jacques Renault is taking at the moment - this latest edits record of his for On The Prowl is full of classic pumping house tunage. This track, which happens to be my favourite on the record, really isn't at all a good indicator of what else is on here... In The Middle Of The Night is a lovely, semi-mellow, soulful number that is certainly a few notches lower on the pump scale than the other three songs. This too will sell out in a flash if it hasn't already. Get hunting!

Jacques Renault - In The Middle Of The Night [buy]

Finally, after listening to Harvey's essential mix for probably the 300 millionth time yesterday, then chucking on some of the individual tracks afterwards, I decided I just can't listen to Dear Limmertz (by Azymuth) without immediately hearing Don Blackman's 'Heart's Desite' straight afterwards. Ever since hearing the two songs back to back I find it impossible to separate them. So here is the very partnership that makes me weak at the knees, the two simply sticky taped together as is done in the mix. I suppose it's nothing more than the way the hot-as-fuck basslines from each song compliment each other, but it drives me crazy. Enjoy!

Azymuth & Don Blackman - Limmertz's Desire

Thanks for reading and keeping this thing alive another year! The next 12 months promise to be pretty amazing: more more more great records, some actual output on our record label, and probably a fortnightly DD podcast starting very soon. Stay cooooooooool!! xx