Friday 21 May 2010


Alright Sydney folk, listen good. We're doing a combined Death Strobe / Disco Delicious 3rd birthday party next Friday the 28th at Gilligans (Sydney) which will be super duper spectacular!! We'll be joined by a few special friends, but expect a minimum 4 hour set from Ash and I slopping out the discoest disco imaginable. I'm woeful at promoting so any help with spreading the word to wonderful dancing people would be greatly appreciated! First 50 people in get a CD of some disco faves of ours, including some tricky-to-find gems. Clickity click the flyer for deets.

Okies, now that's out of the way we can get down to business. Sounds Superb Vol. 7 was released digitally this week. No further explanation needed. As usual, In Flagranti deliver a finely balanced edits package. Vet is a classic soulful disco-funk groover, nice and simple, a great early dancefloor jam. Ahem is a dirty retro thumper saturated in Codek quirk and featuring a quick snake charmer break or two. I Sing sits more in the strange department - African chanting and warped hand drums that could make a great DJ tool if you're clever. Too easy!

Lemonade - Vet [buy]

I'd love if somebody could confirm for me if this is actually a legitimate Todd Terje edit of Chic's My Forbidden Lover. It's released on the same kind of white label with only the catalogue number on a sticker as many of his others have been, but I'm just not convinced by the editing style. It's still a really fun edit but all the effects and jagged cuts seem a bit un-Toddlike to me. Whatever, this is one of those tunes you really can't go wrong with.

Chic - My Forbidden Lover (Tangoterje Re-Edit)

Real fab acidic remix from Liv Spencer and DJ Spun of this track by James Chance & The Contortions. Picnic are hosting Spun on June 12th at The Civic - it's a collaboration with Adult Disco and should be a fucking killer party. And yeah, this tune is great.

James Chance & The Contortions - Incorrigible (Liv Spencer & DJ Spun Mix) [buy]

Lastly, this is the edit of D Train's 'Keep On' that was featured in Jacques Renault's Ones & Twos mix that I was wailing about a few weeks ago. This is ridiculously good stuff by Space Ranger! Would still love to know what the instrumental half of it is though, I heard somebody playing the original track recently but didn't catch the name. Spot away, spotters!

Space Ranger - Keep On Movin' [buy]

Have a great weekend, hope to see you kids next Friday!! xx

Monday 17 May 2010

Laying Low

Heaps of great music to share this week! And some really exciting stuff coming up too. Next Friday the 28th we're having another Death Strobe party at Gilligans which will be soooo fun and soooooo disco. If you're in Sydney please come down and have a drink and a dance! Also this Sunday the 23rd I'll be spinning tunes at Future Classic's Apres Sunday at The Tilbury which should be blissful. This smooth Lexx edit should be a good indicator of what's to come :)

Lexx - Jungle City [buy]

There's actually too much great new stuff to choose from, I'm really struggling here. Keeping with the Sunday vibes, this record by Begin (James Holroyd) is just beautiful. Stretching over two parts over the A and B, this tune drifts through meditative balearic moods and uplifting deep grooves resulting on a big grin on my face every time. It's a very special record, I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy!

Begin - Optical Holiday (Part 2) [buy]

More of the deep and divine to share here - this latest Endless Flight release by Johnwaynes is really entrancing. I'm absolutely hooked on the haunting bathroom vocals and slightly twisted air of the track. High, the other song on the record, is a whole new level of deep with distant instruments swirling around in the background whilst a big full bass groove nails down the foundations. Fab stuff.

Johnwaynes - Get Up (Just John Mix) [buy]

DJ Groove Merchant aka Kozmik Rutz was kind enough to share this excellent tune of his on the DD Facebook page. Luvv social teknologie! Definitely some big jazz fusion influences here, I smell some Hancock for sure. It's a really groovy nudisco jam with a rhythm section that digs its heels in hard and a bunch of different snazzy synths dishing out jazz-funk goodness. Check out his Soundcloud, some real gems there. And make sure you get amongst it on our Facebook page, some lovely submissions popping up.

Kozmik Rutz - Kamtjaka (Kaviar Mix)

Expect a bundle of upbeat stuff later in the week - and there's plenty of it!

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Joyeux Anniversaire!

At long last the postman has been kind and the new wax is flowing again. This little blog turned 3 years old a couple of weeks ago and I think these tunes are worthy of a bit of a celebration post. So far these Black Cow 45s have scored a big 2 out of 2. So vintage yet so fresh. The A-side on the second release, O.P. Connection, is a dense party-funk jam with noodling bass and an over-excited horns section. These will continue to sell out seriously quickly so be alert like the grasshopper.

Black Cow - O.P. Connection [buy]

Long awaited edit on Golf Channel, as first heard on Justin Vandervolgen's incredible Try To Find Me Vol. 2 mix CD. TBD (Justin and Lee Douglas) are for me one of the most exciting duos going around at the moment. This track in particular drives me crazy, especially the second half where the electronics take hold and the dancing gets serious. Although the latest DJ Nature 12s honestly haven't really appealed to me, Golf Channel is still around the top of my list for labels that make me froth and this is a perfect example of why. DJs: this is a must have weapon.

Note: As requested I've replaced this with a Youtube link. Listen listen listen then BUY BUY BUY. Way too fucking good.

Try To Find Me - Get To My Baby (TBD Extension) [buy]

I LOVE YOU DANNY WANG, FO REAL. This new bootleg of an unearthed symphonic disco classic is just exceptional. Despite a bit of looping/extending towards the end, this is supposedly pretty much the original tune. If anybody could ID the original artist I'd be thrilled! Straight up this is one of my favourite records of the year so far. The B-side is a slow ballroom disco number which apparently comes from a 70s German TV show? To me it has a really cheesy Chinese string ballad vibe to it. An ID on that would be great too! This is so so so essential!

Danny the Dancer presents Oto Gelb - Love Tragedy In Verona [buy]

Really digging the direction Jacques Renault is taking at the moment - this latest edits record of his for On The Prowl is full of classic pumping house tunage. This track, which happens to be my favourite on the record, really isn't at all a good indicator of what else is on here... In The Middle Of The Night is a lovely, semi-mellow, soulful number that is certainly a few notches lower on the pump scale than the other three songs. This too will sell out in a flash if it hasn't already. Get hunting!

Jacques Renault - In The Middle Of The Night [buy]

Finally, after listening to Harvey's essential mix for probably the 300 millionth time yesterday, then chucking on some of the individual tracks afterwards, I decided I just can't listen to Dear Limmertz (by Azymuth) without immediately hearing Don Blackman's 'Heart's Desite' straight afterwards. Ever since hearing the two songs back to back I find it impossible to separate them. So here is the very partnership that makes me weak at the knees, the two simply sticky taped together as is done in the mix. I suppose it's nothing more than the way the hot-as-fuck basslines from each song compliment each other, but it drives me crazy. Enjoy!

Azymuth & Don Blackman - Limmertz's Desire

Thanks for reading and keeping this thing alive another year! The next 12 months promise to be pretty amazing: more more more great records, some actual output on our record label, and probably a fortnightly DD podcast starting very soon. Stay cooooooooool!! xx