Wednesday 18 November 2009

Under The Midnight Sun

'Allo cats and kittens. Just a friendly reminder that we're still looking for hip unsigned artists to get on board for our upcoming label. We've had a bunch of really interesting submissions - keep 'em coming! Anything with a dark/deep/disco vibe would be ideal. Shoot choons off to info(at)

Man, I'm getting lazier and more tired by the day. Here are a few songs to assist with melting into the couch this summer. Awesome groovy rolling bassy discofunk with minimal flair - just solid cool. This is a really cool release from Tyko Nordström, known here as For Disco DJs Only. And it's digital which should make you weird futuristic mp3 bandits happy.

For Disco DJs Only - Engelska (Tyko Nordstrom's Disco Dub) [buy]

This is also Tyko's doing I believe, released or distributed or somethinged by the magnifique Loft Records (which Tyko obviously has some level of involvement in. Total?) It's so simple and to the point and I love it so fiercely. The recording sounds like a really filthy rip which is doubled by the fact that the rip I did is far from clean, but I think it adds to the vintage analogue vibe of the track. Toasty warm.

Dub Version - Boogieasy (Unreleased Dub Version Re-Edit) [buy]

Greg Wilson's latest Credit to the Edit record is a total blinder, particularly this Escort track. I don't need to say much more, so I won't. Seriously worth getting your hands on this release, every track is pure gold.

Escort - Starlight (Greg Wilson Version) [buy]

Don't need to say much about SirBilly either. His legendary record collection and creative editing combine in a way that is easy to predict. This one is a good laff, ON AN UNRELATED NOTE FUCK I WOULD LIKE A JOINT RIGHT NOW.

Peter Tosh - Buk In Hamm Palace (SirBilly Edit)

Oh hey I got a Diana Mini yesterday, man it's a wonderful little toy! Any other lomographers about? Any tips? No doubt I'm going to be shoving this in everybody's face all summer long.

Wednesday 11 November 2009

The Sky Was Low

Been such a mixed spring so far... Today was magnificent though, totally Donna Summer weather. Here's some CLASSIC DONNA - very soothing when you're squirming about trying to decide if it's too hot for a blanket or too cool for just a sheet.

Donna Summer - Spring Affair

I've been holding out on this until release day - RVNG have just dropped their first full length release, Pink Skull's second album 'Endless Bummer'. Been listening to it a stack in the last couple of weeks and I can say with confidence it's absolutely one of my favourite albums of this year. Plenty of wonderful, weird and warped psychedelic sounds on this record; overall it's got a very raw innovative indie disco vibe to it, woven together with a bunch of 2-or-3-minute experimental strands of intriguing audio. Chicken Dream Inside Egg strikes me as sitting somewhere between debut WhoMadeWho fat bass simplicity and some of the more upbeat lo-fi cuts off The Flaming Lips' latest LP, also a contender for my album of the year. This is very special stuff - RVNG have really kicked their long playing releases off with a bang!

Pink Skull - Chicken Dream Inside Egg [buy]

If you happened to live next door to me you would probably know that this Paradise Lost edits record hasn't strayed far from my decks since it came out in April. The Sydney warehouse party crew really put something special together with this, all four edits are very cleverly and originally arranged. Catch Me Baby keeps me standing on the tips of my disco shoes waiting hungrily for the beautiful bassline to wander back in after what may be the world's longest teasing bridge.

Paradise Lost - Catch Me Baby [buy]

Got a bunch of records due to arrive any day now so hang tight dearest friends!

Wednesday 4 November 2009

The Rat Is In The Trap

Sorry folks have had a busy few days. Will race through this for the sake of getting it done. All this music is awesome. Including this Disconet remix of a golden Hamilton Bohannon tune which many may recognise as being manically reworked in Oizo's Gay Dentists. Funky stuff. As I've said before, the most recent Disconet greatest hits releases have been right on the money - there's an amazing Imagination megamix sort of thing on this one too.

Bohannon - Let's Start the Dance (Disconet Remix) [buy]

Cool sorta electroboogie tune off 40 Thieves' Beats In Space EP which is a burner. Don't know why I put off buying the record for so long but very glad it's in my basket now. Grand!

40 Thieves - Love To Shake It Baby [buy]

I tend to find that some of the edit series, like Super Value, tend to sound a bit dated. This Super Value Classics record is an absolute stand out for me, I've been listening to this track sooo much and there's no chance of it getting tired any time soon. Simply gorgeous sunday slowmo jazzy disco.

Super Value - Untitled [buy]

Ha, this edit of Love Shack is really good fun. I'm not sure where the other elements are taken from or which parts are actually original but it's a kind of cruisy pool party version of the B-52s classic. Plenty of rampant percussion jamming and people screaming. Love the Situation stuff!

Situation - Goblins in the Bikini Shack (Naughty Hellfire Club Edit) [buy]

Fantastic new Soft Rocks single, I'm so in love with this. I didn't realise they got this deep. Such a thick groove down low with a bit of a back seat strutty guitar thing going on and a bit of floaty spaciness happening up high. All these elements come together to make a seriously rad song. So cool!

Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind [buy]