Friday 27 May 2011

No Way Back

Woohoo, our first Death Strobe full length release is OUT! It's a spectacular album by Domeyko/Gonzalez with beautiful textures and ambient sounds, we're so super duper proud to be releasing such a stunning composition. We've only pressed 100, with screen printed sleeves and hand numbered & signed inserts explaining the background of the work, and they won't last very long so if you're feeling it then pick one up quick! Personally I'm so thrilled with the results - Dirty Sound System's movie soundtrack comp/album last year was my favourite LP of 2010 and this follows on perfectly for me. Hope you guys enjoy it! If you do, go pick one up on our Bandcamp.

If you've denied yourself the pleasure of checking out Psychemagik's latest mix, Celestial Love, I feel it's my duty to explain and demonstrate what a poor life choice that is. This magnificent tune by Sopwith Camel features and it gets me quivering every time. Absolutely one of the greatest psychedelic groovers I've heard in a while, this really is extraordinarily good music. Enjoy my crunchy rip and then get into the mix if you haven't already. And if you have, just listen again anyway :)

Sopwith Camel - Fazon

I'm still getting further behind with new releases, haven't done a Juno shop in over a month so that means digging deeper into the vaults and dragging out lost favourites. This one is a real guilty pleasure of mine, it's proper fun. And the idea of someone singing about how amazing they are, absolutely saturated in egotism, I reckon is pretty brilliant.

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - I'm A Wonderful Thing Baby (Remix Version)

And this is just a top quality Glitter Band disco classic, simple as that. The kind of thing you could see In Flagranti having a field day with!

The Glitter Band - Makes You Blind

Oh and if you're in Sydney and don't want to pay postage for the record just let us know on Facebook and we'll bring a copy up to Hunky Dory on a Sunday for you. Much love!!

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Goin' Onnnnn

This is a biiiiiiiig week for me - and for you too if you're in Sydney! Tomorrow night is the launch of our next Death Strobe release by Domeyko/Gonzalez as well as celebrating the opening night of our good friend James Kerr's art exhibition. If you're in town, check out the Facebook event for all the deets and drop by! We've only pressed 100 of these records and we expect them to fly pretty quick so be on your toes.

Then on Saturday night we're doing a Picnic party at The Civic with My Cousin Roy aka the legend who runs Wurst edits and all that biz. Deets are here if you're keen to swing by for some disco jammies on our fair city's finest soundsystem. Check out this cheeky remix of Bibi Tanga & The Selenites for a taste of what our favourite cousin has been up to lately.

Bibi Tanga & The Selenties - Be Africa (Beg to Differ Remix)

The last few weeks have been pretty frantic so there hasn't been a whole lot of time for musical discovery, so it's back to the vault to try and find something to keep everybody happy. And I reckon this Idjuts edit on Noid (the debut release I think) should do the trick. Wickedly funky, it's a dead set winner that I don't hear many people playing. Lotsa wakka-wakka to keep the dancers happy, this tune feels nice and toasty with winter fast approaching here.

Idjut Boys - Girth Soup

Ermmmmm and just because I'm still on a big Herbie Hancock high, cruise your afternoon away with this fluttery little gentle jam. Perfect for those, such as myself, who could do with a quick de-stress.

Herbie Hancock - Gentle Thoughts


Wednesday 11 May 2011

Delishcast 006

Sorry for all the neglect lately folks but I've got a pretty spicy Delishcast to make up for it. Real happy with this one, plenty of jazz and funk flying around. Kicking off with a Doobies track played at the wrong speed which I totally reckon sounds like it's been covered by MJ. Also some Herbie - saw him at the Opera House last week and he's been hogging my dreams since so I can't really leave him out. Have a laugh with the Hackney Colliery Band's Toto cover which is actually pretty brilliant. Also I've been waiting to work out if I did the Idjuts latest remix on Leng but until that's solved, the flip side of the record with the Tuff City Kids mix is pretty ace.

Delishcast 006 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. The Doobie Brothers - You're Made That Way (45rpm) [buy]
2. Herbie Hancock - Just Around the Corner [buy]
3. Bugge Wesseltoft - Oh Ye [buy]
4. Black Cow - Brother Sil [buy]
5. Visioneers - Shaft In Africa [buy]
6. Welcome Stranger (aka Thomas Bullock) - Brolene [buy]
7. Hackney Colliery Band - Africa [buy]
8. Boohgaloo Zoo - Come To This [buy]
9. Super Value - Untitled [buy]
10. Mountaineer - Always Coming Home (Tuff City Kids Mix) [buy]
11. Phreek Plus One - New York Dolls [buy]

Direct link to mp3

Hope everyone on this side of the world is surviving the cold - I'm not!