Friday 26 February 2010

So Hurty

Got a rough hangover so let's keep this brief. Firstly, we're doing a Death Strobe party at Bondi Social this Sunday which will be heeeepzz of fun. Free drinks and stuff - you can't say no. Please do come along and say g'day! Check out the flyer.

This Black Cow 7" was a tricky one to track down but I'm super stoked I finally got my hands on it. Simply incredible funky vintage jam with an awesome acid line and floaty party vox. Hum Records still have one copy in stock, aside from that I haven't found any other stores that haven't sold out.. Discogs time! This is so essential.

Black Cow - PMMF [buy]

Joystick Jay sent this fantastic edit of a Fela Kuti track which, it seems, he's done quite a bit of work on. It's soulful African tribal deeply grooving goodness, really stunning stuff. Loving it Jay!

Fela Kuti - No Possible (Joystick Jay's Vulgar Distractions Edit)

I only just found out about Prins Thomas's 2005 edits album Major Swellings last week thanks to the Slow Blow guys. Lucky break. Coincidently(?) this is an edit of Slow Blow by Hot R.S. and it's super rad slow burning disco funk. If you've missed this album too go sort it out ASAP!

Major Swellings - Swingende Bjeller [buy]

Back to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday 19 February 2010


This Einfach bootleg is so fantastic. Found this through watching Rub 'N' Tug youtube vids, nearly fell off my chair when the Riders On The Storm melody came in. So basically this is a very simple, deep housey, slightly jackin Doors booty which must be seriously devastating in a club. There don't seem to be many copies of this record left, I got mine from Phonica and they still seem to have some in stock so I highly recommend doing the same!

Unknown Artist - Mister Speaker [buy]

The latest Mindless Boogie release by Lovelock (aka Gianni Rossi aka Steeve Moore) has this really nice edit that both grooves really deeply and soars high with uplifting major chords and glittery instrumentation. Much like the other Lovelock stuff I've heard, it's brimming with positivity. By the final section you're just about prepped for the cheesy and overly triumphant 'yesss we did it!!' kinda ending. Oldfield & Moore is a great combo.

Lovelock - Totally Tubular [buy]

Chilly are way way way too good. 32 years on and their debut record only continues to age better. Best thing the Germans ever did :)

Chilly - Dance With Me [buy]

Another Super Value Edits by LTJ who also did #7. And another success. The loops are like standing waves, never tiring out or losing energy, just perfect cycles. This track on the B side is a great balance of old vocal+string disco and laid back funk. The Super Value crew certainly do what they do well.

LTJ - Untitled [buy]

Have a fab weekend my friends! Oh and can someone please give me a sweet music job? Thanks :)

Tuesday 16 February 2010

This Girl Is Really Cute, Hey?

This new twelve from The Heels Of Love is a real corker. Coming straight off the back of their great release on Under The Shade, this bad boy comes equipped with remixes from Fabrizio Mammarella and Ajello which are both ace. It's really dancey dance, lots of well matched synths, carefully layered percussion, and it's very thoughtfully structured. A very fine record indeed!

The Heels Of Love - Quiet Please [buy]

I can find very little info about Eddie Tour which is annoying because I really dig his Bustin' Out EP released on his own label East End. This edit in particular is super groovy - it reminds me of a tranquillised version of Deputy of Love, having been dropped in tempo and urgency, allowing some sparse guitars and keys to come out and play. The original by The Destroyers is great too, of course. Very solid stuff!

Eddie Tour - Lectric Love [buy]

I've been listening to a whole bunch of young Brisbane talent Charlie Why's tunes for months now and I can offer no good reason for why I haven't shared some of them. I Am Deliciously Wired is huge. Colossal. Gargantuan. Twisted and dark and thoroughly groovy. Charlie's drum programming is truly expert; the deep tribal infusion appeals on a very instinctive, involuntary level. He'll be huge and it will be well deserved. Note: Turns out this is being released on Bang Gang 12s soon - nice one Charlie!

Charlie Why - I Am Deliciously Wired

A friend sent me this Nicolas Jaar tune a few weeks ago and I just love it. There's something extremely intoxicating about the droopy, drowsy vocals which creates an instant addiction. I, for one, am hooked.

Nicolas Jaar - A Time For Us [buy]

Haha did you know 'unpremeditated' is a word? English is so strange/shit. Hey remember if you're an unsigned bohemian cat looking for a record label to take control of your life and crush your creative spirit, we're still taking submissions - hit up info(at)

Thursday 4 February 2010


EMERGENCY POST. This song is so fucking excruciatingly good I think I'm about to go into cardiac arrest - must share before calling an ambulance. This godlike Italian duo Elegante Orchestra released this single/EP back in November last year, I really had no idea such fantastic live big band disco was still being made, at least on this scale. This song has got it all: huge jazz horn hits, impossibly funky bass, dense webs of percussion, structure and arrangement that are to die for, and a whole lot of soul with an Arabian nights twist. I don't know how many people they've got playing in their band but only the two dudes, Marco Battistini and Marco Pretolani, are cited anywhere... I can offer no explanation for how it can be so good. February Fools Day? Dunno. Only posting a 160 of this, everybody must go buy several copies of this. I wouldn't feel comfortable without at least 4 backup CDs. The 'Original Version' is, as you would expect, just a cut down edition with some minor differences here and there but the DZ remix makes some far more significant changes, letting the percussion run absolutely fucking rampant, turning Prometeus into a tribal jazz explosion. ESSENTIAL. VITAL. CRUCIAL. DOOOOO ITTTTTT.

Elegante Orchestra - Prometeus (Extended Version)

Buy this shit NOW:
[iTunes] [Juno] [Juno Download] [TAMTAMSTUDIO]

Hospital time, ciao.

Monday 1 February 2010

Blow By Blow

Sorry folkies, been a bit sick this past week and severely lacking motivation. Going to blast through this so at least everyone gets some music. This Phil Collins edit/remix/bootleg by Osunlade from 2007 is just perfect. He adds a gentle tribal feel with some lovely earthy drums and percussive synths whilst really drawing out the vocals with lofty pads and distant guitar. Fantastic instrumental section just past half way! Sorry for the crappy rip, my copy always skips so this is the best I could find.

Osunlade - In The Air Tonight (Yoruba Soul Vox)

This 12" by Stromba, 'Giddy Up', is just nice and simple and cool and hip and stuff. To my ear it's got a little bit of a DFA vibe going on with the disco rock drums and the pushy presence of the bass. Not much to say about this, just a very solid record.

Stromba - Giddy Down

I've been listening to this Golden Tiger Tales compilation a lot in the past week, put together by Paradise Lost crew member Mikey Miutante. It's full of local tunes, generally a bit more in the downtempo department, showcasing a wide variety of lush and alluring sounds coming out of the cracks of Sydney. They've printed 99 lovely looking CDs which will be snapped up quick so if you dig this stuff I recommend hitting up their Bandcamp page. Very interesting release.

Out in the Sticks - Dog Got My Wah Wah [buy]

I have to announce my piss-pants excitement about Harvey travelling to Australia in May - and not only that, Garth is coming with him AND they'll be playing a Picnic show in Sydney. Life can't get much better than this, what a boner sensation! Here are some Harvey essentials for anyone unlucky enough to not be a Harvey fanatic, including his ultimately legendary and absolutely crucial Essential Mix; one from the Black Cock archives; a dope Avalanches extension; and one of my all time favourite edits which I'm reposting just because it's so totally wonderful: Joyous. Can you tell I'm fucking stoked?

DJ Harvey - Shine On

The Avalanches - Electricity (Harvey's Nightclub Re-Edit)

Pleasure - Joyous (DJ Harvey Re-Edit)

DJ Harvey - Essential Mix, 31 May 1998

Picnic are also hosting Pete Herbert in the usual St Peters warehouse this Sunday afternoon. Get on it.