Tuesday 7 May 2013

HEADLINES: Mysterious Mix + Birthday Party!

Alright then my little buttercups. As far as bigness goes, this bigness is relatively big. After six years of dicking around and never following through on the idea, at long last it's time to have a Disco Delicious party. Next Saturday night in Sydney, I'll be drenching everybody in my self-indulgence at this killer abandoned club space on William St, spinning DD favourites all night long. Click this masterpiece of a flyer for all the details.

NEXT NEWS ITEM: so this pile of old CDRs has been sitting next to my turntables for months and months, including these unmarked discs which I assumed were just five of the millions of burnt CDs I've never managed to throw out over the years. Last week I decided to listen to them, expecting some mad bangers from 07 or something, and instead they're crammed full of all this glorious music I've never heard before - folk, psychedelic, jazz-funk, all sorts of good shit. I haven't got the faintest idea how I got them or who made them, but whoever's responsible is really rather brilliant.

Naturally I got all excited and felt the burning desire to share this bonerising music. So, here's this mix-not-mix to showcase a bunch of my favourite cuts from the discs. I really wish I could take credit for this, but the glory is due entirely to this mysterious digger who either graciously gave me this music without me remembering, or was the unlucky victim of some sort of drunken CD heist which I managed to pull off without remembering, or some other scenario which I can't imagine and obviously don't remember. If you are/know this masked psychedelic king or queen, please make yourself known so I can apologise for my hysterically bad memory and shower you with praises.


Andy and the Phantom Digger Predicament

1. Bloodstone - You Know We've Learned
2. Coke Escovedo - Love Letters
3. Mint - The Mint
4. _______ - Amore
5. Locomotiv GT - Ulok A Jardan
6. Coke Escovedo - Rebirth
7. Floyd Lawson & The Heart of Stone - What's Come Over Me?
9. Coke Escovedo - Why Can't We Be Lovers
10. Kathy Gregory - Myself
11. _______ - Arm of Honour
12. Mid Day Rain - Welcome to the Rain
12. Dave Mattson - Sail me Away
13. James Vincent - Space Traveler
14. Jerry Glenn Brown - Movin' In
15. Jack Adkins - Sunset Beach
16. David Stearman - It's Not A Hurry Kind of Day
17. Jack Adkins - American Sunset

I've filled in as many of the gaps in the tracklisting as I can but there are still a few I can't pin down. Any help would be appreciated. And yeah I went a bit overboard on the Coke Escovedo tracks - too bad.

Also realised I never mentioned our latest Death Strobe release on the blog - finally the 7" of hubbabubbaklubb's Mopedbart was unleashed unto the world, and it's now been repressed so you can still grab a copy from Juno or wherever.

Enjoy that mix and come dance next Saturday night! xx