Tuesday 28 September 2010

Dripping With So Much Dance

Danny Krivit's new edits comp is out on Strut and, although it's pretty great, I still reckon Edits By Mr. K Vol. 1 reigns supreme! From the first track, this hottttt edit of Jimmy Simpson's Diana Ross remix, it's club gold. Initially bought it because it had the sensational edit of Lenny Williams' 'Running' that was on James + Pat's Fabriclive. Truly an excellent purchase. Ramblings aside, the second volume is well worth checking out but the first is crucial to own. The end. Oh and while I'm posting Diana Ross, check out this funky beach house remix by Drop Out Orchestra. The kind of thing you'd find on one of the really good Chillout Sessions CDs from back in the day.

Diana Ross - No One Gets The Prize (Jimmy Simpson Remix, Re-edited by Danny Krivit)

Diana Ross - My World Is Empty Without You (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

Although I love deep house, I'm not often one to buy many deep records. Hopefully that'll change over the summer... I can see this one being full of deeeeep blissful grooves. This amazing tune by Trickski, off his latest Suol 12, is a lot slower than it seems all the way down at 100bpm. It works around one little sliver of Phil Collins' 'I'm Not Moving' and keeps plodding along towards a miniature climax. So solid.

Trickski - Pill Collins [buy]

The latest in RVNG's crazy psychedelic weirdo 'FRKWYS' series is definitely my fave so far. Particularly, the Juan Atkins remix on the A is really beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Pilooski's contribution to the NRDS series, AAA - a lengthy journey into twisted sounds and a bit of a spooky vibe. The two songs sound nothing alike but I really feel a connection there. Keep this one in the back room, or be sure there are lots of weird people around... Psychic Ills aren't for everyone but if you dig this you should reeeally dig it.

Psychic Ills - Mantis (Juan Atkins remix) [buy]

I've been really lazy lately so here are a few extras as a kind of 'sorry I'm useless' offering. A killer 80s burner by Connie Case which made its way onto the first Rusty's Dusty Disco record, and a really wonderful mix by DJ Heidi (incidentally Harvey's manager) which ranges from Trus'me to Shit Robot to Fleetwood Mac to top shelf techno. Perfect for the change of seasons and still freshhhh!

Connie Case - Get Down

DJ Heidi - Xmas Mix 2007

Heaps of shiny new records should be falling on my head any day now so expect some gold.

Thursday 16 September 2010

Lazier Than Usual

Ahoy pals! This week I've just done a new mix, my first in about 9 months, which is enough work for me I think. So instead of an exciting blog post, please accept this lazy gesture. Since I kept it pretty quiet on the decks over winter I figured I'd better get something warm and clubby done before summer comes around and I really couldn't care less about mixing two songs together. Hope you enjoy :)

I Dream of Beanie by discodelicious

Just so you don't feel too ripped off, this old track by Computer is so rad.

Computer - Nobody Loves A Computer Because A Computer Does Not Dance

Have an awesome weekend!! Come along to our record launch tomorrow night at Spectrum if you're in town.

Thursday 9 September 2010

Supremo Bonero

Spring has sprung! This incredible Bananamania record has got me in the sunshine mood big time. I missed out on their first release and I'm kicking myself - this is such an awesome little package. Cheeky psych-rock-disco vibes, like a house party version of History Clock. The Velvet Underground-esque banana sleeve and the name of the record 'Better Than Italians' gives a pretty good indication of where Los Massieras is coming from. Insanely fun.

Los Massieras - Alrighty! [buy]

This one comes courtesy of (stolen from) Alain Finkielkrautock - thanks guys! El maestro Todd Terje balearicises (like that one?) an already mellow guitar groove. The backing track sounds like one of the demo songs from a cheesy old Casio with everything on top performed in the living room by some Sting enthusiast. Don't go stroking beards; approach with a sense of humour and prepare to be rewarded. Chris Rea... What a heartthrob. Also check out this killer TT set on RBMA Radio, perfect for seeing in the warmer months. In case you're not aware, The Todd is playing Adult Disco next Saturday the 18th at the Civic. Highly bonerific.

Chris Rea - On The Beach (Todd Terje Balearic Remix)

Todd Terje - Live from London - Secretsundaze - Pt 1

Expecting to be smashing some seasonal deep house in the coming months. This beautiful deep yet light rework of George Duke's fluttery 'I Want You For Myself' locks hard into a groove and carefully constructs itself around the bare bones of the original. I'm toootally loving all this Keep Schtum stuff. Check out Michael's SoundCloud for loads of freshness to either populate your upcoming summer playlist or, if you're one of the unlucky northerners, stockpile some sunny goodness for nostalgia's sake during bitter winter hibernation.

Keep Schtum - I Want You For Myself [buy]

Go lap up some rays!