Tuesday 19 January 2010

A Real Three-Hanky Crime

Sounds Superb Vol. 6: FROTH CITY. The world's most insanely over-productive duo In Flagranti are back with another new 12" after what can't be more than two months, continuing the fabulousness of their Sounds Superb edits series. The A1 track is just incredible, really twisted and messy and fiercely groovy. Some Diana Ross vocals loop around some constantly changing and charmingly clashing funky instrumental bits. Yet another essential record, no surprises here.

Sana Doris - Pseudo Wind [buy]

Little London label Light Sounds Dark, who I was stoked to hear haven't disappeared after just one record, released this rad compilation a few months ago of concise psychedelic jams, alt-disco cuts and other difficult to describe rare tunes. Sherm Sticks and Other Nasty Joints (hahaha what a great name) is a really cool exploration of some mad record collector's favourite 70s relics, the kind of stuff you'd dig out and play to show off how much cooler you are than everyone else. Includes Diabolical Man which Lovefingers edited on his RVNG of the NRDS record which is an absolute gem! This is one of my faves, a classic sounding funky rock-out mini-anthem by Orange Peel.

Orange Peel - I Got No Time [buy]

I recently discovered this great microlabel called Future Times through this great record by Beautiful Swimmers. Not the only people who seem to express through their music the romantic idea that the future can be found in the past, but they do it extremely well with a paradoxically fresh 80s aesthetic. This track for me conjures up a bit of a sunset vibe, I really dig it. I'd definitely be keeping an eye on these guys!

Beautiful Swimmers - Swimmers Groove [buy]

And finally this is a great old record on Bear Funk by a duo called Secret Stealth, a small project by Bob Sadler and James Baron. I can't say I know much about them but all three tracks on this EP are thoroughly enjoyable. The first, Stealth 1, is a simple nu disco groove that nicely balances a few very Reason sounding synths. It reminds me a bit of Mylo actually. The second track is a really pleasant lounge number whilst Stealth 3 is a bouncier piano-plonky fun starter. Really a beautifully rounded 12".

Secret Stealth - Stealth 1 [buy]

Just a reminder about Shit Robot this Saturday night at GoodGod for those of you in town, I'm so stoked for it!

Thursday 14 January 2010

Bendy Straws

Ohhhh mannnnnnn that was the best weekend. Special Disco Version destroyed it, Theo Parrish blew my mind, The Swiss gave me a massive boner, Mayer Hawthorn was all sorts of charming and both Lovefingers and Brennan Green perfectly capped off a great few days.

There is an insane amount of stuff happening in Sydney at the moment, it's all becoming too much! Next Saturday will be huge with DFA's Shit Robot playing at GoodGod! The man responsible for one of 2009's finest songs in one of Sydney's funnest clubs - stunning! I've got a double pass to dish out for the night so if you're keen to trundle along email me your name and cross your fingers. Chasm is still a real late night dark classic which has aged quite gracefully in the last couple of years. Check out the event for more deets. Wheeeee!

Shit Robot - Chasm [buy]

OK going to try not to turn this blog into a Sydney events page, I'll ease off for a bit. Just to backtrack a little, Rove Dogs' first release on his Small Time Cuts label includes this absolutely rocking edit with a fiercely funky upbeat bassline. On the party vibe scale this is dangerously high - as I'm sure some of you have picked up, I'm a bit of a sucker for wakka-wakka guitars joining forces with a beefy bass and tight percussion. Friday is almost here! This really is one of those little labels you can't afford to ignore.

Rove Dogs - Junior Park [buy]

Backtracking further now, naturally in the lead up to having my head microwaved by James and Pat I was smashing their legendary Fabriclive mix. Our Parisian friend Dimitri's edit of this Love Committee track has always been one of my favourites on this CD and, like just about every track in the mix, it's truly well worth hearing the whole thing which, beyond SDV's departure point, extends into a couple of different and equally beautiful sections. A really spectacular song!

Love Committee - Just As Long As I Got You (Disco Re-Edit by Dimitri From Paris)

And now going right back to a 7" from 1978 which was reissued last year to surprising DJ acclaim.. This warped, slightly obscure, tripped out and concise disco funk track by Hercule is something special. I was quite blown away to see how many artists charted the unofficial 12" on Juno - Ajello, Todd Terje, Faze Action, Beatfanatic and so on. It's super cheeky and twisted and overall very loveable. And the original cover is hysterical.

Hercule - Sunday Morning Fever [buy]

Will be back next week with some proper new stuff. This Saturday if you're around town in the afternoon, come to this groovy laneway gig/bloc party that Ash and I (Death Strobe ooooooohhhh) are playing nice and early at. Have (another) wonderful weekend!

Wednesday 6 January 2010

It Begins Again...

What a weekend coming up! Friday night (the 8th) is excursion time, popping down to Melbourne to see Special Disco Version and The Juan Maclean at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. There are few things I've been more excited about. Seriously, if you're in the area this is beyond essential. Inspect the flyer and make an easy decision. Up and Down - the flip side of Feels So Good which I still think was a kind of unnecessary edit - was totally one of my favourite tracks of last year and I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't think of it when doing my top 10. The bottom line is that James and Pat (for those who don't know, Special Disco Version is pretty much LCD Mobile Disco) are stupidly talented and have obscenely good record collections. Presumptuous as it may be this early in the game, I'm calling this one as gig of the decade.

Special Disco Version - Up and Down (Beep!) [buy]

Then a quick return to Sydney on the 9th for another Picnic (psychedelic) warehouse party with guest especial Lovefingers. Yes he's partly responsible for Blackdisco along with Lee Douglas and Nitedog. Yes he's the man who runs the aptly named lovefingers.org. Yes he's been on Beats In Space something like FIVE TIMES now. Yes yes yes, he's the man. This most recent mix of his is spectacular, a fab psychedelic jamming vibe to thrash on repeat throughout the summer. Details here.

Lovefingers - Lovefingers Xmas 2009

THEN, depending on whether I'm hospitalised by this stage or not, it's Days Like This on Sunday the 10th. Amongst a ridiculous lineup are people like Theo Parrish, Brennan Green, Lovefingers & Lee Douglas, Quantic, The Swiss, Pepe Bradock, Pivot, and so on and so on. Fuck I'm excited for Theo. I'm crazy for his Ugly Edits records which are reminiscent of Harvey's Black Cock series, although a bit less 'out there' and definitely more suited for the d-floor. Perhaps I just make that association since they both edited The Dells.. Whatever, I like the really classic super-extended approach both take. This festival will be a monster, highly recommended for capping off the weekend in a huge way!

Never Gonna Let U Go (Theo Parrish Re-Edit)

And just because I like posting four tracks at once, here's an old Moxie edit of Street Man which has crept up on my listening charts in the past couple of weeks. Powerful danceable disco. A really awesome record this!

Moxie - Run Disco Run

Commence dangerous intoxication. Happy new year people! 2010 is going to be super duper exciting :)