Wednesday 15 December 2010


Super brief one here, I've been slaving away on my best of 2010 post.

JAM ALERT. Check out this lovely track leached from The Cutler's new album 'The Best Things In Life Aren't Things'. It's a really beautiful record that fuses a whole range of different sounds into a mellow quasi-electronic journey through hip IDM, raw funk, brooding electronica and jazzy guitar grooves. This particular cut is a straight up laid-back disco instrumental that works its ass off in the deep. These guys are a real breath of fresh air, highly recommend checking them out!

The Cutler - Sync Estate

I've finally got a good rip of my favourite Daniel Wang track, The Twirl, off Aphroasiatechnubian which is also my favourite record of his. I think a lot of people find this tune to be pretty underwhelming but for me it balances everything just perfectly. Let me know what you think.

Daniel Wang - The Twirl

It's a staple from way back but it's still great, I don't need to say much more about this:

Gino Soccio - Try It Out (Vocal Long Version)


Tuesday 7 December 2010


IT'S A PARTIE, YESSS! Very proud to be able to spam you internet peoples with buy links to our first 12" release by the megatronically hyperawesome Midnight Savari! We're completely stoked with the release and how everything turned out, and hopefully the disco-grooving public will feel the same. If you haven't heard anything from the EP yet it's up to stream on SoundCloud - clickity click the widget gadget below:

Midnight Savari - Pinisi (DSR002) by deathstrobe

Here's a bit of mp3 action which you can take with you anywhere! To the store, on the bus, walking the dog... The sky's the limit!

Midnight Savari - Rimshots

Then go and exercise your capitalist right to spend spend spend!!
[Juno] [Piccadilly] [Phonica]
Big love to you.

It's also time for another Delishcast. This one turned out nothing like I had in mind but I like it. Lots of psychedelic rock stuff, some African funk/disco stuff, it's a bit all over the place. The Bugge Wesseltoft track has been one of my all time favourite pieces of recorded music since I was 15, I really hope you guys dig that one. Hopefully will get to doing a proper mix in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Delishcast 002 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. The Mighty Imperials - Thunder Chicken [buy]
2. Bugge Wesseltoft - Live In Amiens [buy]
3. Small Pyramids - I Want Blood
4. 360 - Money
5. Alejandro Jodorowsky - Psychedelic Weapons
6. Led Zeppelin - We're Gonna Groove [buy]
7. Joni Haastrup - Greetings [buy]
8. Dillinger - LSD
9. The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)
10. Sofrito Specials feat. L Barrabas - Tabou For The People
11. Mock & Toof - Digit 2
12. Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic [buy]
13. Candido - Thousand Finger Man [buy]

Direct link to mp3

By the way, Harvey & Garth touch down in Aus later this week. I. Am. Frothing.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Summer Abandoned

Eyyyy Melbourne chumps, we'll be playing at New Guernica tomorrow & Friday night so come say g'day and have a beer! Really looking forward to getting out of town.

As far as first days of summer go, this probably rates about a 9000 on the bullshit scale. As such I'm lacking motivation and you'll just have to trust me on these selections. Gala Drop's recent EP released on Golf Channel is so lovely. Don't know quite how to classify it overall but it deserves far better weather than this. Essential for summer when it's proper.

Gala Drop - Overcoat Heat [buy]

Here's another one from Light Sounds Dark's most recent comp Return Of The Sherm. It's so fucking good, and so is this track.

Weyman Corp - Kumbayero [itunes]

Smoooooooth jams here from Nicholas. Palm tree deepness, makes me want to drink things out of a pineapple.

Nicholas - Slick Groove [buy]

Hey by the way, test pressings for DELISH01 (edits imprint I'm doing) by Joystick Jay are sounding hawt, the finished product isn't far off. Here's a nice exotic West African jam that was in contention for the B2 spot on the record. Something a bit different.

Group Bombino - Tenere (Joystick Jay Edit)

Will be back with another Delishcast next week! In the mean time, go buy our latest Death Strobe release: Midnight Savari - Pinisi :))))) xx