Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hey Guys How U Doin'?

Oopsies sorry pals I kinda left you hanging there for a bit hehe. It occurred to me that I should probs clear a few things up. For starters, I am alive and I have an Internet connection. I am also very time-poor and lazy-rich, plus have been feeling pretty uninspired on the music front for the past 18 months or so, hence no bloggy. It was perhaps rude to vanish so abruptly (like a spooky ghost ooooo) but this is my simple and boring explanation.

Do people still read blogs? What do people do? I don't know what it is that I do, I work and sleep and rotate between a variety of different sized Facebook-displaying devices, sometimes it's the weekend but usually not, occasionally I send an email to find out where my SuperStereo mixer is 30 months after I ordered it (it's "coming"), I think that's about it.

If you still want music, I'm gonna try to use my Facey page a bit more and hopefully record some mixes which will be up on my Soundy.

Here's something I just uploaded which I actually did back in October 2013, a bunch of fun disco-funky stuff for my friend Adi's radio show, I think it's pretty fun:

Also I did a podcast for my Astral People buddies ahead of their Moodymann gig that I was lucky enough to play. Just some summer house sorta vibes, hands on beers not on chins.

Hmm I still feel kinda bad, maybe I should give you some tunes as well. I'm sure as heck not gonna text about them, you'll just have to imagine I've added some asinine written commentary as was the DD way. I love all of 'em so just click and if you aren't into them, it's probably your own fault.

Eddie Russ - Zaius

G U & Cei-Bei - House Music Will Never Die (Mark Grant's Paramount Room Mix)

Lord Echo - Put It In My Head

Archie Bell & The Drells - Strategy

Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold - Truth Machine For Lovers

Saine - Donny

Leon Haywood - Don't Push It Don't Force It

Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz - Leave My Head Alone Brain

Parlour - Sark Powers

Tyree Cooper - Acid Over (Acid Over Again Mix)

Oh also I co-host a radio show on Sydney's FBi Click, usually cover that every couple of weeks, so if you really want to hear me ruining a nice musical time with dreadfully amateur radio chatter, feel free.

Ok cya in 2017 xx

Monday, 28 October 2013


Here's one for a Sunday morning pillow spooning session. Or a lover spooning session if you're a real lucky duck. Something a bit personal which I'm very happy with. This is a romantics only zone: if you're a dirty love-hater then you can just go back to listening to Megadeth or whatever hair-swinging chain-thrashing nonsense it is that you steroid pumping creeps enjoy. For the rest of you lovely softies, this musical transmission is all yours.

No tracklisting for this mix, at least not yet. Not because I'm trying to keep any hidden gems under wraps, there's plenty of well-known stuff and certainly no real rarities, but it's just nicer to go in blind.

Stay sweet!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013



Moving on from an all-jazz unmixed playlist, here's a recording of me pretending to remember I DJ past dinner time occasionally. There's some Melbourne-via-Detroit sort of cosy deep house that eventually bleeds into some more open-aired atmossy stuff. I'm quite fond of this one. Hope you enjoy!

1. Pablo Valentino - Old New Swing
2. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Amber Express
3. Kenny Dixon Jr. - Midnights
4. The Florian Muller Project - Unlimited01
5. Real Cool - Reality Begins
6. Max Graef & Muff Deep - Am Fenster
7. Simba - Three Kays
8. Jazzie Joint - Real Happy (Sax Reprise)
9. Motor City Drum Ensemble - SP11
10. Jimpster - Dangly Panther
11. Roman IV - Lucy
12. Rick Wade - Mysterio
13. Shakarchi & Straneus - Iraq
14. Pepe Bradock - CU @ Minna & Layfette

Planning to organise another Disco Delicious all night doofski somewhere in Sydney this summer, just trying to find a good venue for it. Anyone with a bright idea, feel free to get in touch! Lotsa love.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Delishcast 014

Ho hum. So after setting out to do a jazz-centric Delishcast with #12 and failing dismally thanks to a few drinks and a pitifully short attention span, I've set out to right the wrongs of the past and do this good and proper. Jazz was a really big part of my mid-to-late-to-post-puberty life - I was an aspiring jazz drummer who never had any chance of actually making it because practice is for pussies - and it's still a big passion of mine even if I don't really get to share it. I was going to get all radio-show-host on this one and babble over the tracks but figured that if that didn't ruin the listening experience the first time around it would definitely make repeat visits pretty miserable. So I'll scribble some commentary here instead and spare you all. Not that anybody still reads this blog anyway. Not that this blog still really exists. Please excuse me, I haven't had a drink in four weeks.


Delishcast 014 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. Bugge Wesseltoft - Skog

Bugge has been one of my favourite artists on the planet for about a decade and his music has been something I've listened to consistently and constantly over the years while my tastes have jolted left and right. This opening track to the album Film'ing is really beautiful, Bugge really gets deep into atmospheric percussive stuff on the record and the overall quality of the recording and engineering is just amazing.

2. Soulstance - Lead The Way

This is a real nice Brazilian-flavoured cut from an Italian group released in 2006. A super slick mild-salsa groove which finds a great balance between old and nu. I especially dig the drummer, the ride really drives the song and gives off lots of good energy.

3. George Kawaguchi - Cantaloupe Island

I've always been very fond of this album of Herbie Hancock covers that Japanese drummer and bandleader George Kawaguchi did. Even though it's not the hottest playing or anything, his version of Cantaloupe Island is brimming with enthusiasm and positivity. I picture him playing this with a huge grin on his big round face.

4. Al Betts Sextet - Get Set

Sorry for the revolting quality of this rip but it's the best I could dig up of this funky library rarity from 1973. Please someone buy me this record.

5. Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue

Blue Note was definitely the label that influenced me the most in the jazz world and there are plenty of famous examples of why they were so awesome. Cool as you like, this Kenny Burrell hit was the first time I properly loved the guitar in jazz music.

6. Ahmad Jamal Trio - Poinciana

The drum groove in this 1958 live recording is just the fucking raddest thing on the planet. So gentle and understated and so fucking hip. Owwwwwwwwww YEP.

7. Art Pepper - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

This record Art Pepper did with Miles Davis' iconic rhythm section of the late '50s is just mental. Apparently he'd been on some epic heroin bender and had forgotten about the session until the day, then rocked up and somehow this came out. Philly Joe has always been one of my favourite drummers and as usual he's ridiculous on this.

8. Horace Silver - Song For My Father

Another Blue Note classic. Great melody, great players, a great session and just great music. Something I've always loved about jazz is that, generally speaking, the most well known artists and most popular records reached that level of popularity because they were simply the best, not because of marketing or trends or financial investment. This track was a hit because it totally rules.

9. Ino Hidefumi feat. Shigeru Suzuki - Cry Me A River

A really endearing Japanese version of the standard which is just really fun I guess.

10. Mario Biondi - This Is What You Are

I bought this record for the Opolopo remix on the flip, but turns out the original is where the real heat is. A catchy modern crooner with some nice solos - I'm a total sucker for trombones.

11. Willow Neilson Quartet - Oz Snooze

This was the band that my first, and most excellent, drums teacher Craig Simon was in and I always loved it. Willow's mixture of sweet and harsh timbres on the sax, and his tendency for dissonance (I'm not harmonically educated enough to know what's going on here) always interested me. Real tight group and, for me, very nostalgic.

12. Ben Webster - Soulville

Oh my god, get the fuck to a fireplace with a glass of port and listen to this immediately. The tone of Webster's sax is just leg-melting. So syrupy sweet and exquisitely controlled, this is an absolute masterpiece of laid back groovery.

13. Bugge Wesseltoft - Feel Good

More Bugge. From probably my all time favourite album, New Conception Of Jazz Live. Ahh it's beautiful.

14. Kidzen - Um Ah!

A very early release on Future Classic, this album is really killer future jazz crammed with choppy beats and samples from the Sydney talent. No idea if he's still around but I've always fantasised about seeing this stuff played live.

15. Quasimode - Last Nine Days

One of the more dramatic moments on this Neujazz CD compiled by Jazzanova a while back. A beautifully contoured piece which ends up being quite a journey.

16. Matthew Herbert - The Audience

The last cut from Bodily Functions, I just love this track and the way that, when the grand piano comes in, the whole thing blooms into this joyful presentation of colour after the cold and shadowy start.

17. Keith Jarrett Trio - Rider

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette are the best modern jazz trio in the world, even if Keith is a grumpy douche. End of story.

Direct link to mp3

There we go. Hope this hasn't been too dull. Love ya!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

HEADLINES: Mysterious Mix + Birthday Party!

Alright then my little buttercups. As far as bigness goes, this bigness is relatively big. After six years of dicking around and never following through on the idea, at long last it's time to have a Disco Delicious party. Next Saturday night in Sydney, I'll be drenching everybody in my self-indulgence at this killer abandoned club space on William St, spinning DD favourites all night long. Click this masterpiece of a flyer for all the details.

NEXT NEWS ITEM: so this pile of old CDRs has been sitting next to my turntables for months and months, including these unmarked discs which I assumed were just five of the millions of burnt CDs I've never managed to throw out over the years. Last week I decided to listen to them, expecting some mad bangers from 07 or something, and instead they're crammed full of all this glorious music I've never heard before - folk, psychedelic, jazz-funk, all sorts of good shit. I haven't got the faintest idea how I got them or who made them, but whoever's responsible is really rather brilliant.

Naturally I got all excited and felt the burning desire to share this bonerising music. So, here's this mix-not-mix to showcase a bunch of my favourite cuts from the discs. I really wish I could take credit for this, but the glory is due entirely to this mysterious digger who either graciously gave me this music without me remembering, or was the unlucky victim of some sort of drunken CD heist which I managed to pull off without remembering, or some other scenario which I can't imagine and obviously don't remember. If you are/know this masked psychedelic king or queen, please make yourself known so I can apologise for my hysterically bad memory and shower you with praises.


Andy and the Phantom Digger Predicament

1. Bloodstone - You Know We've Learned
2. Coke Escovedo - Love Letters
3. Mint - The Mint
4. _______ - Amore
5. Locomotiv GT - Ulok A Jardan
6. Coke Escovedo - Rebirth
7. Floyd Lawson & The Heart of Stone - What's Come Over Me?
9. Coke Escovedo - Why Can't We Be Lovers
10. Kathy Gregory - Myself
11. _______ - Arm of Honour
12. Mid Day Rain - Welcome to the Rain
12. Dave Mattson - Sail me Away
13. James Vincent - Space Traveler
14. Jerry Glenn Brown - Movin' In
15. Jack Adkins - Sunset Beach
16. David Stearman - It's Not A Hurry Kind of Day
17. Jack Adkins - American Sunset

I've filled in as many of the gaps in the tracklisting as I can but there are still a few I can't pin down. Any help would be appreciated. And yeah I went a bit overboard on the Coke Escovedo tracks - too bad.

Also realised I never mentioned our latest Death Strobe release on the blog - finally the 7" of hubbabubbaklubb's Mopedbart was unleashed unto the world, and it's now been repressed so you can still grab a copy from Juno or wherever.

Enjoy that mix and come dance next Saturday night! xx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Delishcast 013 - DD Turns Six!

It was six years ago, to this very day, that I set out to change the world. With my brand spanking new Blogger account I was going to take a stand against all the wrongdoings across the globe and fight for what I knew in my heart was right. Starving children would be fed, polar ice caps would stop shrinking, our Earth would be led those noble and true and Web 2.0 savvy. Such was the power of The Banger. With every speaker in every club in every country pumping in unison at 130bpm, singing the siren song of murdered fax machines and chainsaws molesting modems, together with our fluorescent orange torch we could make a difference.

So more than half a decade later, what have we learned? Have the sweet pingers of promise left a bitter taste in our mouths?

As Connecticut nobodies MGMT once proclaimed in a mighty Soulwax remix, "a family of trees wanted to be haunted." I don't think anybody ever gave a shit what that wimpy rubbish meant because 15 seconds later the real poetry began in the form of a bassline so perilously serrated it could saw through the eardrums of thousands of 19 year old ravers in an instant - or the equivalent of about 8 or 9 minutes for those in a K-hole. Today, admittedly, I prefer my audio a little less gory. Rather than asking "Does It Offend You, Yeah?" instead I find myself pondering "Was Dog A Doughnut?" When I overhear the mention of Justice, I quickly jump on Google to find out if we're any closer to catching that scumbag Kony. When I watch Electroma, I no longer play Human After All and tell myself it definitely syncs up. But I'll always have a soft spot for the bangers, blog house, Busy P and the Baltimore days.

By pure coincidence, today I stumbled across a mix I recorded in 2009 (titled Sillie Summer Assortment) which I haven't heard in yonks, probably because it was filed under DJ Doorknob which isn't a regular iTunes search for me, and I thought I'd post it up as the next Delishcast to celebrate this li'l occasion. It's completely and utterly stupid - I remember just hitting the record button and laughing like a mad scientist as I sifted through all sorts of dumb shit to play - but, in my ears, heaps of fun. Leo Zero's sublime Prefab Sprout edit, a sensationally cheesy Hotbath record, the piss-take awesomeness of Soft Tigers, some naughty Harry Nilsson and plenty more classic, weird or inappropriate cuts. I love DJing like this. So I hope you enjoy this expired turd of a birthday cake as much as I did.

Delishcast 013 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. Osibisa - Survival
2. The Clash - Should I Say Or Should I Go? (Leo Zero Re-work)
3. Led Zeppelin - Trampled Underfoot (John Daly Edit)
4. The Who - Eminence Front (The Love Supreme Edit)
5. Ruf Dug - Dirty (Unabombers Remix)
6. Black Cock - Luna Party
7. Leo Zero - Bon Bon
8. Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al
9. Hotbath - Midoff
10. Little Carlos - Shake Your Body Down (Reggae Version)
11. Soft Tigers - Mr. Ice Cream
12. Elvis Costello - Pump It Up
13. His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - Benediction Moon
14. Blue Velvet - Summertime
15. Geoff Love and His Orchestra - Also Sprach Zarathustra
16. Harry Nilsson - You're Breaking My Heart
17. A Mountain of One - Bones (Thomas' Way of the Ancients Remix)
18. America - Horse With No Shame (Todd Terje Edit)
19. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Ob-la-di
20. Isaac Hayes - Groove-A-Thon (Part 1)
21. Harry Nilsson - Coconut
22. Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like
23. Pipilloti Rist - I'm A Victim of This Song (Wicked Game)
24. Nobukazu Takemura - Untitled

Direct link to mp3

Six years is ages! That's like 400 millennia in blog time. Still crawling along, thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

No Country For Cold Men

Sydney is killing it at the moment! Nearly a full month through autumn and we're still cracking the 30 degree days. Makes me a happy fella.

The latest Stripped & Chewed 12 has this really awesome cut by Simba. A Chicago locomotive that rolls along in dusty sepia, it's a bumping jazzy collage made up of keyboard trills, a mish-mash of hazy percussion snips, various guitar twangs, a tight bass loop and some cut up soulful man-vocals. All four tunes on the record are worth checking out, but this is the highlight for sure.

Simba - Three Kays [buy]

Geography Records fucking rule the shit out of house, even if their release rate is about rapid as ours is with Death Strobe. This latest Shakarchi & Straneus record is just stunning. Simple and fun and lovely - the A1 is just straight up feel good synthy house that nobody can argue with, and this song, the A2, is a beautiful paddy dream capsule which somehow feels really melodic despite having the most bare of piano melodies lightly tinkering away, almost lost in a sea of reverb. Real Cool - U Know, U Know was one of my favourite records of last year, and Geography have really hit the mark again early on in 2013.

Shakarchi & Straneus - Tammerfors [buy]

Christoph El Truento is still a bloody dreamboat. He released this fantastic free album back in Feb, which apparently was finished years earlier, and it's been the soundtrack to many a recline-on-my-bed-with-breeze-blowing-through-the-window-sometimes-drinking-a-coconut moment. He keeps hassling people on his FB about voting for him in a Kiwi competition that will make him lots of money or something, just go here and click vote and make that dude rich.

Christoph El Truento - G a l a x y

A stone cold classic from 10 or 15 years back by DJ Nature under the name DJ Spearchucker. Can't actually remember where I first heard this edit but I've always been extremely fond of it. It's really gentle and warm, just grooving away over the same understated, perfect loop with emotional vocals and strings weaving in and out. There's no real origin or destination, just a beautiful limbo that keeps chugging away. Not an easy record to find, so if anyone sees it pop up on Discogs' marketplace, fuck off and just let me buy it k? Ta.

DJ Spearchucker - Hooked

Shit, hey if anybody knows of any small and awesome Sydney venues that are under the radar, would love to know about em. Struggling to lock in a date for this DD party at the moment. Booooooooooo.