Monday 12 December 2011

Delishcast 010 - Lilac Salad Dressing

Ladies and gentlemen, sincere apologies for the extended absence! I hope you'll all find it in your Christmas-spirit-filled hearts to forgive me. I've been consumed with trying to get this last Delishcast of the year done and now that I've finally reached the finishing post I'm pretty content with it.

This is something I've wanted to do for a really long time. I suppose it's fairly personal and it might not be to everybody's tastes, but psychedelic music has always been something I've loved very deeply and dudes like Psychemagik have made me become excited about digging for the good stuff again. Most of these tracks are from records lying around my floor, the rest are old favourites or new discoveries. For the most part it's music about love, some optimistic and some sad. Some tracks don't have any relevance at all, they're just cool. I really hope you guys enjoy it! Would love to hear your thoughts.

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1. John Lennon - Nutopian International Anthem
2. The Peddlers - Smile
3. Andwella - Back on the Road
4. Tony Joe White - Polk Salad Annie
5. Alan White - Oooh Baby (Goin' to Pieces)
6. Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Sexopolis
7. Les Requins - Campus No. 8
8. Nato - Je T'apprendrais a Faire L'amour
9. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - What The World Needs Now
10. The Sopwith Camel - Sneaky Smith
11. Andwella - Michael Fitzhenry
12. Emerson Lake & Palmer - From the Beginning
13. Nino Ferrer - Looking For You
14. Jeanette - Porque Te Vas
15. Tony Joe White - Woman With Soul
16. Human Egg - Love Like This
17. Rodriguez - Sugarman
18. Mack Sigis Porter - Back Home
19. Benediction Moon - Gopinath
20. Getz/Gilberto - The Gril From Ipanema

Direct link to mp3

On top of that, we're doing our Picnic Xmas party this weekend with a bunch of us from the Picnic agency spinning all night at our super rad warehouse space. If you're a Sydney person it would be mighty cool of you to come down and have a brew! Click away:


Thursday 24 November 2011

Torn8do W8ll8ce

FYI, 8 is the new A. Got a monster of a party this Saturday, Melbourne deep king Tornado Wallace spinning all night long at our fab warehouse space. I'm sure I don't need to rant on about how awesome this is going to be, just click that flyer and get yoself in attendance :)))

Got a couple of exquisite mixes to share today which are going to be keeping my ears busy for quite some time. First up, Psychemagik have knitted together their third tape for the ever excellent Test Pressing, called Sunrise. The first two, High on You and Celestial Love, are pretty much in my top 5 mixes of all time and I can already tell this one is going to be competing heavily for the upper ranks as well. Just a hair under two hours of pure psychedelic spectacularity, I really am in heaven. Click through and begin the freefall.

Psychemagik - Sunrise (via Test Pressing)

The second is by my boy Joystick Jay, the Danish disco marvel who put together the first Disco Delicious edits record. He got accepted into RBMA Madrid (still so fucking jealous) and this is a set he played right after Chic & Nile Rogers. Oh My Golly. Packed full of wonderful and weird stuff, it's a testament to the breadth and depth of his record collection. Jay, you are the man. We'll be doing another DD release in the near future so feel free to start salivating over that. But in the meantime, dig this mix!

Joystick Jay - Live From Madrid (RBMA)

Feeling pretty inspired by these, hopefully I'll get my act together and pump out a juicy Delishcast for next week. Hopefully see some of you guys on Saturday night! xx

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Giggly Giggly

Alright listen up cats, I've got to bark at you about happenings this weekend. Friday night we're doing a party down at The Spice Cellar with our boyz Das Moth and Mitzi. It's FREE so that means it's excellent value.

Perhaps you heard the super swell single Das Moth released on Cutters last year? I really dig Moon - great melodies, great synth sounds, great production. Fits the Cutters mould perfectly. Anyway, click on that pretty pink flyer and get the infos you need.

Das Moth - Moon

Then on Sunday we're finally back at Hunky Dory Social Club, guzzling wine and having a good time with our dear friend Graz on the scorching rooftop. Please note this is ALSO FREE. Holy fuck we are generous. Behold:

I know the original of this but I can't for the life of me remember who it's by - any spotting action would be much appreciated. But anyway, this is a fine edit by the Grazdog which has been spun on many a sunny Sunday up on the HDSC roof. Dig it.

Unknown - Afrika (Graz Edit)

Uh, man, serious wow factor here. Kiwi producer Christoph El Truento is just stunning. Whether he's making lumpy, groovy future bass (I still don't know what the fuck that is) or beautiful atmospheric breezy dream music, his tracks are overflowing with lush textures and a kind of soothing sonic quality that's hard to define. His first 12" release is coming out at the end of the month on Japanese top-shelf-cognac label Wonderful Noise so you can comfortably assume two things. 1: that it will be of bloody exceptional quality, and 2: it'll be accompanied by a testicle-pulverising price tag. I recommend saving up as much money AND as much dignity as you can, since you won't have much left of either after you've picked this beauty up. On the plus side, he's got a bunch of stuff available for free download on his SoundCloud so you can do some thorough trying before you do your murderous buying.

Christoph El Truento - Sunday

Christoph El Truento - Armadillo Meat Funk

Man, all this future-something and proto-thingo business wigs me out. Can people just chill out with making up new genres? I fear to ever attempt classifying any music as something since I'm sure I'll be using some highly outdated term that the future-post-dubcore-protowonk-bassgrind-glitchtrip heads will laugh at me for it. At the end of the day it's all just computers bleeping at us with different voices :)


Thursday 10 November 2011

Hot Or Not

It's starting to get really steamy in these parts and that makes me really happy. Last night at 2AM it was still 28°C which is the kind of sweaty discomfort I live for. Naturally a lot of what's happening on my stereo is becoming mellower as things begin to overheat and slow to a crawl. This stunning space lounge bit from Nordic brothers Plej is just sublime. A perfect sedative to help you sink several levels deeper into your couch groove while you're struggling to lift a cold beer up to your face. Blissful.

Plej - Lay of the Land

Our buddy is doing an 11/11/11 party tomorrow night down at GoodGod which coincides with his birthday, and you should go. Monsieur Graz recently did a remix for our next Death Strobe release and he's also got a stash of top edits hiding up his singlet. This 'mashup' of sorts (don't grimace, trust me) is a really beautiful thing - one of my favourite Quiet Village tracks paired perfectly with a skilfully edited APP vocal, it's a 12 point fingerprint match as CSI detectives say. Graz is also spinning at our next Death Strobe Sunday Sesh up on the Hunky Dory rooftop, I'll blast you poor folks with flyers next week.

Quiet Village / Alan Parsons Project - What Goes Up (Graz Edit)

Oooh who remembers this little gem? I remember hearing it for the first time on Ministry of Sound's Testament of House: The Third Prophecy, which seems like several decades ago. Heavily cut up with a little grated cheese on top, it's simply nice, warm, unpretentious house music. Clever but not genius, it's the kind of thing that doesn't make your brain work hard and that's just how I like it. At the very least it's a good dose of nostalgia.

Outlines - Just A Lil' Lovin'

Fishing deeper down the nostalgia well and this good-times Led Zep cover resurfaces. A slow burning disco version of Whole Lotta Love with Tina Turner spurting a blazing inferno from her mouth, what could be better? Disco covers are notoriously dangerous but this is one of the top shelf affairs that make it worth digging for more. I haven't listened to this for ages but it'll never lose its charm.

Tina Turner - Whole Lotta Love

Stacks of big parties coming up in the next couple of weeks, like I said you'll be copping an eyeful of flyers so beware.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Records I Can't Afford

So many records, so few dollars. Just looking through my Discogs wantlist and it's a depressing sight - some have been there for years and will probably never be acquired. Damn you disco diggers! Anyway, we can at least try and enjoy some of the tunes as woeful mp3s or crappy bootlegs and dream of someday striking oil or inheriting a 600 acre estate from a long lost relative.

First up is an aquatic gem from Richard Schneider Jr's first of only two albums. If you were commandeering a submarine into the far reaches of the galaxy you'd probably be listening to either this or John Forde. I can't help hearing Forde's vibe in Schneider's music and vice versa - I wonder if 'John Forde' was actually just one of old Richie boy's side projects where he experimented with falsetto and a bit less acoustic guitar. Chilling on the beach or exploring the cosmos, it's beautiful music.

Richard Schneider Jr. - Samba-Trip

This Rare Function nugget is a pricey little beast of a 7" but it's inferno-grade hot. Sitting pretty in 1976, there's none of the disco glam or zazzle to sugar coat it, it's just a proper live soul jam. Horns blasting and black people having bubbly background conversations, talking in that way that somehow makes a track 15 times funkier, saying stuff like "yeah c'mon dig it mmm ohhhh baby yeah mama get down" and such. The stuff people like Quantic worship.

Rare Function - Disco Function

Ah Space Art, you clever Frenchies. Welcome To Love is such a gorgeous robot balad. It's got an air of longing and sorrow that's very special. I think it's about two computers who are in love but are somehow incompatible - an IBM and an Apple Macintosh doomed to be kept apart because of their interface differences and programming heritage, despite both having a heart of 0s and 1s. How poignant.

Space Art - Welcome To Love

Chris Craft's only album is a curious rarity and an ahead-of-its-time obscure jewel. It's a synthtastic journey around the stranger regions of the cosmos with rich electronic textures and loads of melodies floating around. The title track is a bit dark and sits in a more upbeat range and would be a bit more suited to an interplanetary dance floor with some of these dudes carving it up.

Chris Craft - Discosmic Dancer

So if anybody wants to buy me any of those that would be just great :)

Friday 28 October 2011

A Pineapple

Well the weather this week has been shit but last week building up to a 34°C day on Monday has had me slipping into a universe where there is only Moodymann. I can't think of any better music in the world to listen to while driving around on a belting hot day than some of KDJ's jazzy grooves. Not so much the techno 12s, but the albums just DO IT when the sun is out. 'People' is surely one of the juiciest jams in existence, with gorgeous sax baking away and Rhodes noodling about on top of a sickeningly slick groove. The other track - from the first Private Collection 12" - is just good fun with even more of Kenny's legendary personality bleeding through than usual. Sorry for the bullshit quality mp3. If you haven't immersed yourself in Moody's catalogue then you're missing out on some of the best experiences in music. Spark up somewhere warm and soak it up.

Moodymann - People [buy]

Kenny Dixon Jr. - Untitled [buy]

Found another top Soulphiction track tucked away in the dark abyss of my iTunes library from some time in 2008. Stripped back simplicity is the vibe and it works just fine. Just a few layers of repetitive bass plucking and some DIY handyman percussion holds the whole house together and the result is nice and sturdy. Not much more to say really, it's fundamentally a good track.

Soulphiction - Prison Song [buy]

Well since Modular are giving this away for free I guess every man and his blog will be sharing it on the information superhighway. But that's ok, the meeting of DJ Harvey and Canyons is worth jumping into the web 2.0 orgy to celebrate. I wouldn't have a clue how to classify it, it's a bit of a muddle of funk, acid, 90s house, disco and some weird filter shit, almost like a mini DJ mix with some strange record combinations and very busy hands. In a way it's exactly the kind of offspring I can imagine Canyons and Harv having, totally all over the shop but made to work perfectly by musical minds working on the next level. Full marks for the Galleon Trade remix too, this is a really great package! Although it doesn't look like it'll be released on 12" which is pretty bogus. PS the Canyons album is out today, give it a streamy stream!

Canyons - See Blind Through (DJ Harvey Remix)

Also check out this wonderfully fun set via RBMA Radio with Space Dimension Controller spinning back to back with Braiden. Happy days!


Friday 21 October 2011

Four Bananas

Got some nice techno / darkish electronic stuff here. This new Soulphiction 12" on Philpot Records is real nice. Kinda somewhere between deep house and lounge acid, it's a nice mellow groove, subdued and warm. Really like the progression and the care taken with the arrangement. Proper quality stuff from ze German producer.

Soulphiction - Freerotation II (Jackmate Dub) [buy]

Very fond this remix by our pals Rio Lobotomy for Cosmonaut on their latest Bang Gang 12 Inches release. A slow and large vocal techish thing with the Rio boys' usual exquisite drum programming. Exceptionally tight stuff, I adore their pinpoint groove precision, it's rather unique. The EP is worth lending an ear to, it's fab local talent.

Cosmonaut - One Dance Floor (Rio Lobotomy Remix) [buy]

This Kassem Mosse tune is a bit different for me - real dark moody techno which sucks me in deep. Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure but the hypnotic droning and vast atmospheric landscape make my head cave in a little bit. It's a good thing. Like right after sex when your mind is completely blank and you're in a state of excellent nothingness.

Kassem Mosse - Enoha [buy]

Taking a step back to funkier lands, Melbourne chap Francis Inferno Orchestra is popping out records at a rate of knots. The Nicholas remix of one of his latest efforts is a beautiful deep lounge / bumping house gem, really simple and really quality. Nothing needs to be explained, it just works perfectly and that's that.

Francis Inferno Orchestra - I Need It (Nicholas' Basement Remix) [buy]

We have goooooood shit coming up in November. We're doing a show with Pantha du Prince, a warehouse party with Tornado Wallace playing all night long, a Das Moth gig and a Death Strobe Sunday Sesh. Happy days!

Thursday 13 October 2011

Delishcast 009

Sorry for the radio silence pals, been pretty sick the past couple of weeks. My fingers aren't full of many words so I'll be brief. The new Ruf Kutz record is awesome. Quiroga rules. Local legend Jonti's album (on Stones Throw!) is totally amazing, you need to hit that. DYWTRT is my fave DC LaRue track, alwayssss. Cool, hope you like this.

Delishcast 009 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. Glowing Palms - I Don't Wanna Come Daan [buy]
2. DC LaRue - Do You Want The Real Thing
3. Darwin's Theory - Accept The Truth (Tom Noble Mix) [buy]
4. Claws For? - Yellow Orange [buy]
5. Quiroga - Crackin Martelli [buy]
6. Ben Butler & Mousepad - Cheer (Brokenchord Remix) [buy]
7. Jonti - Hornets Nest [buy]
8. Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel - Hollywood Seven (Disconet Dilemma) [buy]
9. Frank Booker - Tell Them [buy]
10. Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Landing Bay [buy]
11. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Come On Now [buy]
12. Deodato - Area Code 808
13. Eddie Hooper - Pass It On (Part 1) [buy]

Direct link to mp3

Much love, back real soon with actual blogging xx

Thursday 22 September 2011

Old Mate

I know how much you guys love having gig flyers blasted in your face so I have MORE for you - thank the lord! Next Saturday (October 1st) we're doing a One Night Stand with Canyons playing all night at our super rad warehouse. I really cannot wait for this one, so keen to get weird with it. The weather keeps getting better and the vibes they are a'flowin. Get on it :)))

Got a bunch of things I'm saving for a Delishcast next week so I'm reaching deep into the vault again here. Here's a beautiful disco track I've loved dearly for quite a while by L.T.D. with spectacularly powerful black-church vocals and a gorgeously rich arrangement of strings, horns, guitars and percussion - a complete disco platter. The whole thing has so much uplifting force, it's simply fantastic. An all time fave.

L.T.D. - Love to the World

Deeeeeeeep shit from a 7 year old Rick Wade rekkid that's not going to be forgotten in a hurry. I really adore this track, and this 12" - it's everything that's right about soulful deep house. At once loungey and subconsciously energetic, it hits you well below the surface with comforting warmth and beautiful finesse. All the classic Detroit dudes just have it so right and they always will. There's not much dance music that's got this much soul and this much heart. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Rick Wade - The Purveyor of Deep Tones

More more more old favies, this time from a period way back where I was really immersed in jazz-funk fusion kinda stuff like Jimmy Smith. There's something really elementary about it, even when tracks are clearly intricately composed everything just seems like a pure blues jam that's held together completely by instinct and feel. Also, is there anybody on earth who doesn't love the sound of a Hammond tickling away over the top of a hot funk band? Pure aural bonerisation. I don't think Jimmy McGriff was always at the very tip of the movement but when he's good he's fuckin killer.

Jimmy McGriff - Tight Times [buy]

OK here's a newie for ya, from Spanish pal Nelue's latest venture which is a solid edits label called Groove Democracy. This one is a real beefed up party version of (the late) Ashford & Simpson's Street Corner. The bottom end is massively thickened out and it's just generally a whole lot more DJ friendly. The concept behind the label sounds pretty cool - each release showcases a particular country's top editors facing off against Nelue's local Spanish crew. I like it!

Ashford & Simpson - Street Corner (Nelue Edit) [buy]

Have a super duper weekend my lovers :)

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Mike Sleepinetti

Gooooooood shit happening this weekend peoples. Friday night we're partying with monsieur Mike Simonetti down at GoodGod. His last visit was fucking brilliant and no less is expected from this party. Clickety click the flyer for tickety ticks.

Here's a superfab exclusive mix Mike did for his trip down under. Enjoy, it's one tasty morsel!

Mike Simonetti Exclusive Picnic Australia Tour 2011 Mix by Picnic Touring & Events

Then on Sunday we've got our Melbourne mates Sleep D popping up to spin at Hunky Dory where we've taken our end of week shindig back to being monthly. We can focus our efforts and cram 4 weeks of party into one which is top news. Hover your cursor over the flyer and press the left button on your mouse quickly. If you have a Mac just use the big block button thing.

I already popped this bad boy in the last Delishcast but it's easily one of my favourite tracks of the year and it's well worth a double share, especially to convince you cats to come check it out on Sunday. Major bravo Sleep D. Note the forecast for Sunday is 27 and sunny :)))))

Chet Faker - Love and Feeling (Sleep D Remix)

And here are a couple of other beauties to brighten up your week. An uplifting acoustic strummer with a sunny psychedelic folk vibe Smokie track (of which an edit by Abel is showcased in a killer Tako mix for Noncollective) and a strange but wonderful percussive island dream by Eddie Hooper recorded in 1980 and recently released on Soundway Recordings - make sure you're drinking out of a coconut and swinging in a hammock for this one. Both beautiful springtime gems!

Smokey - We're Flyin' High

Eddie Hooper - Tomorrow's Sun [buy]

See you lovely people this weekend! x

Thursday 8 September 2011

Spring Rollies

What a wonderful relief to be lapping up some rays at last. Eat my willy northern hemisphere, it's our turn to have a lil' melt down here, and not a moment too soon! This gorgeous sundrenched discorchestral beauty by V.I.P. Connection has been soundtracking my past week especially (thank you Alex Hixon!) and I absolutely adore it. With summer-convertable immagery from start to finish, the horns blow and the strings string, and the days are happy.

V.I.P. Connection - West Coast Drive

Found it hard to believe when I heard this track that it's by Alan White, the drummer of Yes. It's light years away from the serious Yes stuff - in fact, I think the words 'oooh baby' are about as un-prog as you can get. I love this. Just straightforward groovin' with soulful vocals and thumping rhythms. A great funky rock 'n' roll love song. Heard it while I was revisiting the marvellous Purple Brain mix on RVNG by Andre of Bumrocks and Jason of Hey Convict!, a mighty duo indeed. Top tuney.

Alan White - Oooh Baby (Goin' To Pieces)

Keeping with the ye olde classic theme, here's a Deodato fave of mine from the 1980 album of the same name. Proper strutting business with all the bells and whistles. Big planks of bass are nailed to the ground and everything is constructed on this chunky frame using shiny brass, polished chrome synths and a little light cheese as a glue substitute. And some dull 80s drums that you couldn't notice if you tried. It's a lovely plonker.

Deodato - Night Cruiser

That'll do then. Kisses.

Tuesday 30 August 2011


Hello chappy chaps. September is going to be ridiculous. For starters, this saturday we're doing a warehouse party to launch our Picnic DJ agency! Our roster is chock full of legends: Tamas Jones (Hey Convict!), The Loin Brothers, Steele Bonus, Marcus King, Perfect Snatch, Matt Trousdale, Mirror Mirror and Kali. And myself. Yawwwww! Most of us will be spinning at the party - the warehouse space is fantastic, the tunes will be supremo and the people will be tops. Clickety click the flyer for infos. Tickies from Resident Advisor. Doooo ittttt!

Now on with the show. I've been hanging onto a couple of these nice deep electronic tracks until they've had some company. Just nabbed this Sascha Dive record the other week and the Alix Alvarez remix on it is a proper club jam. Simultaneously brimming with bass and delicately crafted up top, it's a real nice sonic bite. I find there's something kinda nostalgic about it, the calculated simplicity really gives it a classic feel. I like it.

Sascha Dive - The Jam (Alix Alvarez Remix) [buy]

I can't seem to find any information about this Auxon fellow, but he/she/they/it have put out a respectable 12" on freshy label Shaddock. Particularly the Liquid Pegasus remix is a bomb for me, which slows the original way down and gets all spacious and space-ish. Plenty of groove and character, delightful synths and wonderful depth. Overall a very nicely engineered track. Liquid Pegasus is a rocking name.

Auxon - Hon Ken (Liquid Pegasus Remix) [buy]

Why oh why did I not pay attention to this Jayson Brothers record when it first came out? Actually I have to wonder why there was ever a time when i was less than blown away by every release by mister MCDE. It's everything I would expect from one of his records: incredible percussion samples, obscenely danceable rhythms, plump bass with lovely lounge chords splashed over the top, a nice vocal hook. Superb! The consistency of the quality he's able to produce is just a bit scary.

Jayson Brothers - Monster Box [buy]

Lastly, I've been secretly having a nice time with this Garcynoise tune for a while now. It's not huuugely my usual thing but I just love the pokey little lead line, I find it quite endearing. Super tight, it just plucks away with fingertippy keys and crispy drums, getting the foundations right. Good clean fun!

Garcynoise - Dirty Black Dust [buy]

See you all in Spring :))))))

Thursday 25 August 2011

Forget Me Knot

The latest Majestys Pleasure is wheely wheely cool. The A1, a slight edit of Booker T's Don't Stop Your Love, is way too juicy. Although the intro sounds like it's the only thing that's been drastically touched, it's the mastering of the record that's seriously impressive. The whole thing is A-grade marbled beef, fat and tender with beautiful clarity. It's one of those handy records where all four tracks are 100% usable in a nice variety of situations - something you can keep in your bag at all times that makes you feel nice and safe. Lurvly release.

Majestys Pleasure - Don't Stop The Dub [buy]

More Melbourne Deepcast hot sauce - MD002 is from Francis Inferno Orchestra and Andy Hart. It's an obvious winner. I'm so thoroughly impressed that Melbourne has developed such a distinct deep sound. So many talented dudes, so much good vibe. This record isn't quite as varied as the last, the three tracks are all hovering around a warmth-factor of 9, but that's totally fine with me. The Francis Inferno Orchestra B2 is especially beautiful, a fluttery louge disco jam saturated in soul. Andy and FIO's collab is just great - the vocal samples are fantastic, they make me want to listen to this track all day.

Andy Hart & Francis Inferno Orchestra - D2ME [buy]

This record - I guess you'd call it a reissue of sorts - that Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel (of Glass Candy) have put out is really fab. Four versions of a track penned by Gloria Sklerov that make up quite a charming release. Each of the interpretations has a unique and wonderful element that makes it great - the vocals in the ballad version are just awesome, the Disconet remix is disco slamming, the music in the German version is fucking killer and the piano in the piano version is obviously pretty tops.

Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel - Hollywood Seven (Piano Version) [buy]

Italian label Really Swing has quickly become one of my absolute faves - picked up the first two records by Quiroga the other week and they're astonishingly good! Sitting somewhere between trip hop, IDM and 'other', listening just once through makes it pretty clear the guy is a bit of a genius. These two tracks from the first record are so wonderful, but it's the segue inbetween that really gets me grinning every time so I thought I'd be a bit risqué and double up. So awesome. Check out this stunning mix by Quiroga as well if the sun's out where you are. Marvellous.

Quiroga - Liberati Funk + Wade Miller [buy]

September is going to be gargantuan, will harp on about all sorts of good goings on in coming posts. xx

Thursday 11 August 2011

Delishcast 008

Back to the lazy mixed bag playlist format which I like best :) some cool new stuff, some cool old stuff, some nostalgic classics. I've had a massive Luke Vibert revival of late and can't stop listening to his records, it's just exquisite electronic music. The Sleep D remix is one of my favourite tracks in a long time, enjoy that one. 40 Thieves' new remix is an absolute corker, though I'm still undecided about the original track. It's all good stuff.

Delishcast 008 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. Dimitri From Paris - Prologue
2. Smith & Mudd - Elsewhere [buy]
3. Pompeya - Cheenese (Lipelis Remix) [buy]
4. Luke Vibert - Negresco
5. Chet Faker - Love and Feeling (Sleep D Remix)
6. Johnwaynes - Funky Sensation [buy]
7. Bop Singlayer - Flirt [buy]
8. Jerry Williams - Call To Arms (Kane Rework) [buy]
9. Ruf Dug - Dirty (Leo Zero Remix)
10. Beastie Boys - In 3's [buy]
11. Kid Creole & The Coconuts - I Do Believe (40 Thieves Remix) [buy]
12. Orm - Tropic [buy]
13. Mudd & Pollard - Scaffold
14. Jamiroquai - Corner of the Earth
15. Black Cow - Be Mine [buy]
16. Bullion - Don't Talk
17. Sukebe Loop Udon - Is It Called Playgirl? [buy]

Direct link to mp3

We'll be doing a big relaunch of our Sunday party when spring comes around and hopefully I'll also get a little Disco Delicious thing going, so you don't have to worry about boring weekends :) xx

Thursday 4 August 2011


Having returned from Splendour in a rather shady state I don't feel very confident about writing any kind of coherent post. This Los Charly's Orchestra record is fuckin great - no bullshit, just top quality live disco business made by two legends in the UK. The B2 seriously does it for me with funky-wunky bass and nice bright horns. Awesome writing, awesome performance, top notch 12".

Los Charly's Orchestra - Music For The Soul [buy]

Big love for this Beat Broker edit of Jerry Williams on Ghost Town. The original is fantastic too but this reworking just gives it a bit more drive and conviction. Lots of reverb and echoing and all kinds of effecty fluttering going, it's well nice. Surprise bonus on the B with a sub-90bpm rock bumper.

Jerry Williams - Easy On Yourself (Beat Broker's Dub Mix) [buy]

Shiit this little Bop Singlayer 10" out on Really Swing has really got me frothing. Listening to one song won't do it justice - there are 8 tracks crammed onto that little disc, each a brief brilliant idea with an overall vibe that smooshes together all kinds of genres. Sample heavy electronic hip-hop is a very poor way of describing it I won't bother trying to describe it, just click on that buy link and listen to the clips to get the gist of what it's all about. So super cool.

Bop Singlayer - Ice Cream [buy]

40 Thieves have churned out some superb stuff in the last little while, one of my favourites being this release on Leng. Lovely groovy spacey sorta stuff. My brain is collapsing and I'm really running out of words here, everybody knows 40 Thieves are always absolutely top quality and this is one of their finest. Buy it, hey.

40 Thieves - Backward Love [buy]

Return to semi-coma state, tata.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Paradise Recovered

Ladies and gentledudes, you have only one homework assignment this week: set aside a good five hour chunk of time and experience this absolutely incredible relic from Paradise Garage's second birthday party, 1979, which was aired for the first time ever on Saturday. Following an hour or so of brilliant interviews and scene-setting, you've got around 4 hours of one of the most sensational things ever put to tape. Starting off with mind blowing live performances from Sylvester and Dan Hartman, it documents a spectacular night at the mythical Garage with disco music's equivalent of Jesus, Larry Levan, spinning for over three hours on the best quality recording I've heard from the era.

This is pure disco education. The music is spectacular and the message is timeless. It's so exciting that something like this should surface some 30-odd years later and still be completely relevant and thrilling - there are so many moments that made me shiver with pleasure. It looks like the broadcast will only be available to stream for another 5 days, after that I might just pop up an mp3 rip of it if that's kosher. In any case, get stuck in and get inspired. Invite some friends round, play it loud have a good time!

BBC Legends of the Dance Floor: A Piece Of Paradise - Paradise Garage's 2nd Birthday Party

Have a lovely weekend everybody - I'm heading up to spin a couple of records at Splendour early on Friday if anyone else is hitting it up. Got some nice new records to post up next week too. Much love!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Hi Jay

Heaps tired ay brothers and sisters, shall we keep it concise? Yes. So I picked up this early Dimitri From Paris EP the other week which is really lovely. This is a particularly nice cut. It reminds me of something Dimitri From Paris would do, all French and that. Get yo lounge vibe on. Thanks.

Dimitri From Paris - Free Ton Style [buy]

I could do with a bit of a Sleep D right now. Yes indeed these Melbourne lads are killing me softly right now. This one is great, the bass is all like 'bwummmmmmmrr' and the kick is all like 'boof boof' and somehow all those things come together just fine. If I was to label this music with a genre, I would call it 'Good'. If I was to invent a genre that this sounds nothing like, it would be 'Shitcore'.

Sleep D - Mazes

This wonderful little Doctor Stereo seven inchy on the ultra-marvellous Names You Can Trust is a really happy thing. It's all cumbia and stuff - there's this piano that blings and blongs and plods and plonks, rumbly wumbly drums, all these fun percussive things that do all kinds of nice sounds that it would be fun to try and type out but then again that sounds like a lot of effort. And there's this woo-woo little synth thingy like a computer game siren that's great to look out for. A+

Doctor Stereo - La Cumbia Perdida [buy]

Goodness me this Haules Baules track woke me up. When that big butch bassline comes in you turn to your pal or you look in your mirror if you don't have any pals and you make this face that's like 'aw yeahhhh dude' which is sorta 15% surprise, 65% pleasure and 20% miscellaneous and you start nodding your head and probably punching the air. Make sure you have sufficient space to do that or you could hurt yourself or somebody else. Go to work and earn money then come home and spend that money on buying the good records like this one.

Haules Baules - Hit Me Slowly [buy]

Also peep your peepers on this biz going on at LN-CC - old mate Mark Seven (aka GOD) is selling some rekkids and doing some jockeying and stuff instore. This goodness will be up online over four weeks I believe so get ya credit cards out and start weeping. Checkit here. See you guys in bed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 8 July 2011

Delishcast 007

I've finally got off my ass and done a proper DJ mix to showcase a few of the super rad deep sounds coming out of Melbourne at the moment as well as some old faves I've neglected for a long time. I couldn't think of a better way to kick things off than with a couple of Lewie Day productions - the biggest of the big wigs from the past couple of years in Melbourne's deep house scene. From there, there's some stuff from Victorian dudes Weekend Express, Fantastic Man and Sleep D who are all currently killing it.

I like the idea of doing mixes which start off bright and energetic and slowly that energy dissipates and things become a bit darker or gloomier or more obscure - where 'shit gets real'. So that's kinda what this is. Hope ya dig.

Delishcast 007 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. Tornado Wallace - Paddlin' [buy]
2. Andy Ash - Whitefly Powder [buy]
3. Lewie Day - Some Kinda Man [buy]
4. Trickski - Point 0 (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix) [buy]
5. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #6 [buy]
6. Fantastic Man - From Start To Finish [buy]
7. Sleep D - Makin' You Melt
8. Weekend Express - After Party [buy]
9. M. Miutante - Seeing Crystals [buy]
10. Metro Area - Caught Up
11. Fantastic Man - Say What You Said [buy]

Direct link to mp3


Friday 1 July 2011

Cobolt Carbon Potassium (hehe)

Awwww this Yasuko Agawa tune is such a dream, I love everything about it. The magnificent vibraphone pattering away, the Steely Dan-esque backing vocals, Yasuko's swooning singing, the hyper-tight rhythm section... This song is a total winner. That'll do.

Yasuko Agawa - L.A. Nights

Been giving the Almunia album a thorough workout and it's just as fine as I hoped and expected it would be. It slots into the Claremont 56 catalogue perfectly - you've got the slow-mo disco element, the gentle psychedelic vibe, plenty of warm melodious lead guitars with beautiful analogue synths providing the bedding. This track is one of my favourites - it's a bit bolder with percussion and drums sitting at the forefront driving things along, but it's still got the well crafted mesh of harmonies that makes the music so comfortable to listen to. Everything on the album is superbly arranged - carefully and patiently thought out. Quality.

Almunia - Moving Up Slowly [buy]

More cruisiness here in the form of a real fine AN-2 & Samos remix of a russian band called Pompeya. Well not a great deal has been done to the original song really, aside from cutting the lead vocals and padding things out with some tasty synths it's fairly similar. Still, this is the one for me. Perfect for an afternoon recline session. With just the backing 'oooh' vocals remaining I feel rather soothed and content with this spinning, wakka wakka guitars going about their business, bass plodding along. The other remixes are rather nice as well, this is definitely a solid record.

Pompeya - Cheenese (AN-2 & Samos Instrumental Mix) [buy]

Although this Futurism sampler record is pretty cheesy, the PBR Streetgang James Brown rework is fairly awesome. It really makes me think of something Theo Parrish would play - with all the hard filtering going on I can picture him doing his usual act of going bezerk on the EQ, and it's great! Properly thumping stuff, it's a whole heap of fun to play. Yeah that's pretty much it.

PBR Streetgang - J2ThaB [buy]


Wednesday 22 June 2011

Deep Horse, Melbourne Style

Oh dear, suddenly I've got far too much great new music and I'm a little overwhelmed. For starters I'll spread the news that we're doing a warehouse party this Saturday night with (who I claim is) Australia's bestest DJ, Tamas Jones of Hey Convict! spinning all night long. Check out this sterling mix he did exclusively for the night if you're not a believer - it's just his usual blend of psych-wave-disco-strum-bleep-ambi-vibe deep-croon-funk-core, an hour long instructional tape on how to be a total fucking legend behind the decks - then go hit up the Picnic website for all the details. Going to be a serious winner :)

Hey Convict (Tamas Jones) Picnic's One Night Stand Exclusive Promo Mix by Picnic Touring & Events

Now onto the daunting task of selecting just a few tracks to share. Only realised once my big Juno order arrived that I'd almost exclusively bought deep house. There's just so much brilliant deepness going around, especially down in Melbourne! The Melbourne Deepcast record is as fantastic as I could have hoped for and even picking just one track off that is pretty rough. Since I've got stuff to post by two of the artists and I don't really want to lock horns with Lewie Day's manager, I'll keep things spread out and offer up this gem from Andy Hart. Probably the most mellow tune of the package, it's a sweet little groover that doesn't have to overdo things to force foot movements. Proud to say one of this year's strongest and most essential records has come from our fine land - nicely done, crew!

Andy Hart - Devoted [buy]

Melbourne gush part 2: Fantastic Man's new EP on Kolour LTD is a serious burner. The problem with blogging about deep house is how the fuck do you restrict the number of times the word 'deep' is used to any reasonable amount? This track is really wide, but on a vertical scale... Know what I'm saying? A killer warm reworking of Maxwell's 'Dancewithme' that you might describe as 'peed' backwards. The B2 on this record is definitely my favourite but I think I'll save that for the next Delishcast - I'm hoping to get around to doing a proper deep house mix, but get your hands on the 12" anyway!

Fantastic Man - Groove With You [buy]

Just a quick break in the Melbourne love to give props to an amazing Spaniard. This new record by Leonid Nevermind is completely blowing my mind, this first track in particular. The bassline absolutely slaps my face red and purple - it's disgustingly sludgy, sticky, muddy and unbearably funky. Now I'm probably at risk of triggering some kind of spam bots for repeating myself so many times but this brings deep to whole new depths. If you can somehow swim your way out of the goopy thickness you'll probably find yourself dancing so feverishly your bones will melt and turn into custard. And the rest of the record is fucking great too. Am I exaggerating? No, I would never do that, I'm a professional. You jerk. Without a doubt my favourite record in a fair while.

Leonid Nevermind - The Unexplored Land of Love [buy]

Aaaand the third and final Melbourne props are being handed to Weekend Express for being a supreme dude in a very short time under a new moniker. His offering on the Deepcast record is a gorgeous gem, as is his release on Stilove4music. More disco vibing on this one, it fits perfectly in amongst the SL4M catalogue with the usual quirked out club disco vibe. Check out After Party on the B-side which throws in a great 90s house angle - well, really, the whole record is 100% useful. Top shelf.

Weekend Express - Going to Chicago [buy]

Congratulations, Melbournites. You scumbags.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

My Posty is Toasty

Well while the mail man continues to take his sweet time delivering my boatload of records and my patience reaches an all time low, here are a couple of nice thangs to keep things rolling. This is a nice simple psychedelic jam from Permanent Vacation's swell second volume of Space Oddities. Although it's much more primitive, I smell hints of early 70s Floyd - the same kind of raw simplicity in the real grooved out sections of Echoes. I can picture a band of shirtless college students in flares with some cheap marshall-lookalike cabs and the assembly hall drum kit trying to replicate Live in Pompeii, not without talent, and coming up with something fine like this.

Andre Perry & Louis Delacour - New Life [buy]

Big wows, quite unhappy I haven't heard about Melbourne dude-duo Sleep D (previously Sleepy Dino) and enjoyed their deep deep deeeeeep sounds before. Everything I've heard so far is just fantastic and this track in particular really noodles my poodle. Throbbing thick house music with warm bass radiation pulsating and penetrating, this is perfect winter club music! The gents are releasing a new single soon on Audio Parallax Records which is equally toasty, albeit more subdued and soulful. Keep as many eyes as you can on these dudes.

Sleep D - Buff [buy]

Hrmm well the latest Black Cow release is sadly not up to the usual ball-meltingly high standard thanks to a pretty boring A-side (although the crediting indicates it's not one of the usual crew?) however it's saved by a real nice slow, mildly hip-hoppy, stripped back soul jam thing on the flip. Super cruisy and funky with a tiny bit of respectfully restrained beat juggling spliced in here and there, I'm really a big fan of this one. Actually I'm surprised it's the first cut that has any real hip hop flavour, coming from the Jazzy Sport crew, and although more often than not it's not my cup of tea, it's quite refreshing. Still holding on to its 'best edits label around' title, but the next one had better be goooood!

Black Cow - Smiling Kungfushi [buy]

And just 'cos I feel guilty for being so cheap with the number of musics on here, an old favourite proudly stolen from the always amazing AOR Disco - a classic Fleetwood Mac edit by Swedish bro Mau. Too good.

Fleetwood Mac - Brown Eyes (Maulongated Version)

In other fine news, yes Harvey's Locussolus album is out and about - LN-CC have a sweet limited run of 100 exclusive screen printed albums plus a sew on biker patch designed by Harv for bonus lols, they're doing a comp where you can win one of ten which is nifty so do check it out.

Playing up in Brissy tomorrow if any of you are Queenslanders (boooo), come have a drank!

Friday 3 June 2011


At long last I've sucked it up and done a massive Juno shop, it may have taken me 3 days of painfully wading through rubbish but a big fat box of the good stuff is hopefully airborne right now on its way to my door. Until they arrive I've got a couple of other curiosities that didn't quite warrant the 12" purchase but certainly deserved a digital look. This Lightbluemover track in particular has really been growing on me and now I kinda wish I'd got the record. Certainly not done justice by a 90 second preview, this one is all about the patient growth and progression of the track, the way it calculates its moves very thoughtfully and precisely. Sounds very german to me in that sense of being so fastidious and exact. Proper winter business here, you northern hemisphere chumps are probably too busy leaping about in sunny meadows to care, but for the rest of us who need to keep warm by the stereo this is a top tune. Great rumbly wumbly for down in the club.

Lightbluemover feat. Black Light Smoke - Ddisco [buy]

This Dr. Dunks remix on Internasjonal is reeeally interesting, something quite different from our disco lord and saviour. At no point does it really feel grounded, constantly wandering off into some lofty daydreamy space, and I've been warming to it big time. A total trip into a colourful fluffy realm of peaceful strangeness, never once feeling threatening or uncomfortable in its bizarreness. For me this is definitely the pick of the bunch from this record - although it may be one of the greatest track names ever and Prins Thomas has popped in for a nice remix, I don't think there's much that's interesting or intriguing about the rest of the single. Thank you mister Eric for this lovely little oddity.

Worst Friends - Billiards With A Midget (Dr. Dunks Keep It Cheap Mix) [buy]

Venturing back again into the vast catalogue of the digital graveyard that is iTunes, I've luckily resurrected this Claremont 56 classic by Smith & Mudd - only the second release on the label back in 07. And by classic I really mean classic - it's completely indicative of the Claremont sound, cruisy acoustic beauty of the highest quality. Nothing overplayed or turned up to 11, no corner cutting or impatience, just perfectly well performed and produced music that makes you happy. I always admire the conceptual simplicity of a lot of Smith & Mudd's stuff and how effectively they're able to construct exquisite music from quite basic ideas. It's all about the fundamentals, kids! There's also a great Lexx remix of this track which offers a little bit of variety. Enjoy.

Smith & Mudd - Shulme [buy]

There's plenty to keep busy with this weekend in Sydney. Saturday night you're spoiled for choice: Motion is on at the Hollywood Hotel with a 70s disco+soul vinyl only policy which sounds just glorious; or you can get more contemporary down at Slow Blow which is always a treat. And of course, as ever, we're doing our Sunday rooftop thang over at Hunky Dory which keeps on buzzing. Aaaaand of course the Avalanches tonight at the Opera House - BOOM! Have a great one.

Friday 27 May 2011

No Way Back

Woohoo, our first Death Strobe full length release is OUT! It's a spectacular album by Domeyko/Gonzalez with beautiful textures and ambient sounds, we're so super duper proud to be releasing such a stunning composition. We've only pressed 100, with screen printed sleeves and hand numbered & signed inserts explaining the background of the work, and they won't last very long so if you're feeling it then pick one up quick! Personally I'm so thrilled with the results - Dirty Sound System's movie soundtrack comp/album last year was my favourite LP of 2010 and this follows on perfectly for me. Hope you guys enjoy it! If you do, go pick one up on our Bandcamp.

If you've denied yourself the pleasure of checking out Psychemagik's latest mix, Celestial Love, I feel it's my duty to explain and demonstrate what a poor life choice that is. This magnificent tune by Sopwith Camel features and it gets me quivering every time. Absolutely one of the greatest psychedelic groovers I've heard in a while, this really is extraordinarily good music. Enjoy my crunchy rip and then get into the mix if you haven't already. And if you have, just listen again anyway :)

Sopwith Camel - Fazon

I'm still getting further behind with new releases, haven't done a Juno shop in over a month so that means digging deeper into the vaults and dragging out lost favourites. This one is a real guilty pleasure of mine, it's proper fun. And the idea of someone singing about how amazing they are, absolutely saturated in egotism, I reckon is pretty brilliant.

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - I'm A Wonderful Thing Baby (Remix Version)

And this is just a top quality Glitter Band disco classic, simple as that. The kind of thing you could see In Flagranti having a field day with!

The Glitter Band - Makes You Blind

Oh and if you're in Sydney and don't want to pay postage for the record just let us know on Facebook and we'll bring a copy up to Hunky Dory on a Sunday for you. Much love!!

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Goin' Onnnnn

This is a biiiiiiiig week for me - and for you too if you're in Sydney! Tomorrow night is the launch of our next Death Strobe release by Domeyko/Gonzalez as well as celebrating the opening night of our good friend James Kerr's art exhibition. If you're in town, check out the Facebook event for all the deets and drop by! We've only pressed 100 of these records and we expect them to fly pretty quick so be on your toes.

Then on Saturday night we're doing a Picnic party at The Civic with My Cousin Roy aka the legend who runs Wurst edits and all that biz. Deets are here if you're keen to swing by for some disco jammies on our fair city's finest soundsystem. Check out this cheeky remix of Bibi Tanga & The Selenites for a taste of what our favourite cousin has been up to lately.

Bibi Tanga & The Selenties - Be Africa (Beg to Differ Remix)

The last few weeks have been pretty frantic so there hasn't been a whole lot of time for musical discovery, so it's back to the vault to try and find something to keep everybody happy. And I reckon this Idjuts edit on Noid (the debut release I think) should do the trick. Wickedly funky, it's a dead set winner that I don't hear many people playing. Lotsa wakka-wakka to keep the dancers happy, this tune feels nice and toasty with winter fast approaching here.

Idjut Boys - Girth Soup

Ermmmmm and just because I'm still on a big Herbie Hancock high, cruise your afternoon away with this fluttery little gentle jam. Perfect for those, such as myself, who could do with a quick de-stress.

Herbie Hancock - Gentle Thoughts


Wednesday 11 May 2011

Delishcast 006

Sorry for all the neglect lately folks but I've got a pretty spicy Delishcast to make up for it. Real happy with this one, plenty of jazz and funk flying around. Kicking off with a Doobies track played at the wrong speed which I totally reckon sounds like it's been covered by MJ. Also some Herbie - saw him at the Opera House last week and he's been hogging my dreams since so I can't really leave him out. Have a laugh with the Hackney Colliery Band's Toto cover which is actually pretty brilliant. Also I've been waiting to work out if I did the Idjuts latest remix on Leng but until that's solved, the flip side of the record with the Tuff City Kids mix is pretty ace.

Delishcast 006 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. The Doobie Brothers - You're Made That Way (45rpm) [buy]
2. Herbie Hancock - Just Around the Corner [buy]
3. Bugge Wesseltoft - Oh Ye [buy]
4. Black Cow - Brother Sil [buy]
5. Visioneers - Shaft In Africa [buy]
6. Welcome Stranger (aka Thomas Bullock) - Brolene [buy]
7. Hackney Colliery Band - Africa [buy]
8. Boohgaloo Zoo - Come To This [buy]
9. Super Value - Untitled [buy]
10. Mountaineer - Always Coming Home (Tuff City Kids Mix) [buy]
11. Phreek Plus One - New York Dolls [buy]

Direct link to mp3

Hope everyone on this side of the world is surviving the cold - I'm not!

Friday 29 April 2011

Bye Spicy Mud

Hot damn, someone please tell me who did the original of this! Amazing tune, what you might call a country disco narrative from down south, right up there with Penicillin Penny. Plenty of dancefloor sleaze with some legit harmonica, crooning lead guitar, funky keys and bluesy bass - and I'm pretty sure every member of the band was wearing some kind of hat. So addictive. Gimmie some spottage! Cheers Skylevel.

Skylevel - Missus Hudu [buy]

Reliable. Dependable. Assured. Solid. Guaranteed. You can NEVER go wrong with Super Value, it's just impossible. Their 15th Special Edits record and by now you really don't need to think about it. It's a simple four-step method: pull out money, take record home, play record for people, become globally loved and respected DJ. If you owned nothing but the Super Value catalogue you would still have a LOT of friends.

LTJ - Get Cha [buy]

Digging this version of Apache by Visioneers. Sticking with the Incredible Bongo Band vibe, it's all big brass, geeetars and percussion. In fact it's quite similar, just lacking that sorta hip-hop-ish element - instead it's more of a live-on-stage kinda vibe. A bit more gentle I guess. Change is always good! The B-side 'Shaft In Africa' is rockin too.

Visioneers - Apache [buy]

This Psychemagik mix for Test Pressing is easily the best new mix I've heard so far this year. On par with Time To Noodle, the cruisy intergalactic psychedelic vibes flow like a river of rainbows. Extra props for ending with Dire Straits. Absolutely essential.

Psychemagik - Celestial Love


Wednesday 20 April 2011

Four & More!

Yikes, this old blog just turned 4 years old the other day. Thanks to those of you who've stuck around, it's been swell fun. I might do a bit of a celebratory Delishcast next week but for now I've got the very best birthday gift of all - the latest Black Cow record. Four releases in (coincidence? I think NOT) and it's been made even more clear that, for me, it's the best edits label currently in existence. The B-side on this one is an absolute monster... Massive party vibes and some of the most ridiculous bass shredding you'll encounter. Where they find this shit I have no idea, but I'd do anything to move there and dig full time. I am in HEAVEN.

Black Cow - Rotation No. 5 [buy]

I think now that this 'ere blog is getting older and wiser (nah probs senile) I'd like to make things a bit more broad and cover some of the other sounds in my life of which there are plenty. Ever since hearing Forest Flower by Charles Lloyd when I was 16 I've been so keen to find more psychedelic jazz that reaches those heights. I picked up this Lloyd album 'Geeta' a couple of months ago, which seems like it's been massively overlooked in his discography, and it's such a gem. Such cool instrumentalist credits too: "Charles Lloyd - Soprano Flute, Alto Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Transcending Sonship in Rhythm, Sound & Color." Anyway check out this beautiful journey through classic rock and free jazz, hopefully it might excite a few of youuuuuuuuu

Charles Lloyd - Geeta Suite

One of the things I really hate about digital music is how quickly new tunes get lost in the abyss of a clogged up iTunes. I've been doing some risky all-shuffle action lately hoping to uncover some stuff I've forgotten about and it's been pretty successful. This Dennis Jr. track from early last year is something I'm really stoked to have found again. A brilliant fusion between deep dubbed out electronic dance music and sporadic noodling jazz improvisation. With the late Dennis Otone cutting loose on the alto over a progressive dance backing with a really deep vibe that steadily heads deeper and darker (even flirting with acid at the end!), this is just such an awesome mix of perfectly balanced flavours. Really superb stuff this! And well worth wading through all the shit on my hard drive for.

Dennis Jr feat. Dennis Otone - Daytime Dream pt. 1 & 2 [buy]

And just cos it's my party and I'll do whatever the fuck I want thank you very much:

Amadeo - Memories

Thanks again dear friends, got lots and lots of love for you all! xx

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Funny Joke

How good are the Swedish House Mafia hey?

But enough silliness, let's get down to business. The most recent Redux release by White Elephant is doing it for me big time at the moment, especially the Mark E remix - although I'd recommend listening to it in the context of the original, it makes it that much more special. A beautiful acoustic foot-tapper with all sorts of gorgeous synths injecting colourful melodies and lofty pads for bedding. There's a cheese element but it's subtle and tasteful, just a little bit of brie added to a fruit platter. Definitely record of the month here.

White Elephant - Sir John (Mark E Remix) [buy]

Haven't heard of Boohgaloo Zoo before but I'm plenty impressed by this fun release on Love Monk. I Got is a bit of a heads-down electro disco thing that's super funky and features a really nice arrangement. Not at all aggressive, but a little dark and Halloweenish. The keys in particular, which pop up a couple of times for a bit of a feature, really grab me. So do the restrained and thoughtfully placed acid lines. It's nice listening to dance music that's clearly been arranged with care and patience. The A2 on this record is great too, groovy and a tad strange which is tops. The remixes by Mugwump and Aardvarck on the flip are yet to really grab me but we'll see.

Boohgaloo Zoo - I Got [buy]

I've been waiting patiently for my new Black Cow record to arrive to do this post and after 2.5 weeks it's still not here which is fairly rubbish. So instead I've had to dig into the vaults to rediscover something nice, and I can gladly say I've done just that. I really love this whole record that came out on Is It Balearic? a couple of years ago but it was always the Smith & Mudd flip side I played, I was always a bit neglectful of the Coyote side. This Nhessingtons remix is just superb, very reminiscent of a Lindstrom odyssey that flows beautifully through cruisy Balearic vibes. The original is great too - the whole record is. Very happy it's back in my repertoire!

Coyote - Ayahuasca (The Nhessingtons Remix) [buy]

More good records on the way, stay tuned :)

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Bye Johnny, You're My Favourite Customer

When this Maxxi & Zeus release on International Feel came out last year and copped lotsa love from big names I don't think I gave it enough of a listen. Or I must have been in some kind of fucked up alternate plane of reality because I was a bit dismissive of it. Thankfully I've come to my senses and rediscovered it recently and I'm loving it the way any sane person should. The A-side is so beautiful but it's the B that really extends my rod. Medleys are usually shit at best but this little collection of 70s disco gems with a bit of dirty talk spliced in is phenomenally groovy. It's fun and funky yet there's a bit of a dark and twisted attitude going on. Superbo.

Maxxi & Zeus - MZ Medley [buy]

Been holding this Onur Engin edit back for a while, he's quickly become one of the handful of editors you can always trust to put out a quality record. Love Me Love Me Now is a super nice serenading groove that works just as nice in the club as it does on the rooftop. The B is just as soothing and gentle, taking it down a few hundred bpm with some serious slow-burn action: scatter some rose petals on the bed, light a few scented candles and start video taping. The whole record aches of smooth. Too easy!

Onur Engin - Love Me Love Me Now [buy]

Can't stop listening to this Human Egg album and can't stop debating whether it's a creative and original work or a brilliant imitation of sounds coming out of the US and UK in the 70s. Just about every track sounds like there's a specific inspiration that's been drawn, whether it's Bowie, Hancock or whoever. Very interesting. Anyway when the tracks are good they're great! Love this one in particular - tell me who comes to mind when you listen to it.

Human Egg - You Keep Me Warm My Lady [buy]

This Sat'dy head down to GoodGod for Slow Blow where our good buddies Softwar are launching their EP. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. And then Sunday on the rooftop with spesh guests Cosmonaut. Cya then!

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Delishcast 005 - Summer Eulogy

What an atrociously brief summer, I'm still convinced somebody fucked up the calendars this year and a couple of months got skipped. But as short as it was, it was also pretty awesome, and I'd like to pay tribute to the best season around with a specially dedicated Delishcast that ties together all the thangs that got me moist over the hot months. Special mention has to go to Harvey's visit to Aus which made it extra special - there are a couple of sarcastic classics in here for that reason.

Things are still keeping pretty warm in these parts and this Sunday we've got Justin Miller from DFA coming to spin at our rooftop Sunday Sesh so COME HAVE A DRINK!

Delishcast 005 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. Stephen Michael Schwartz - Get It Up For Love
2. The Blue Velvets - Summertime
3. Gala Drop - Drop [buy]
4. Richard Schneider Jr. - Hello Beach Girls [buy]
5. Toro Y Moi - Still Sound [buy]
6. Radiohead - A Punchup At A Wedding [buy]
7. Black Cock - C Is For Charlie [buy]
8. Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
9. Super Value - Mercy [buy]
10. Matt Moroder - Shuggie (Matt Moroder Cut) [buy]
11. Begin - Optical Holiday (Part 2)
12. Michael Shrieve - Transfer Station Blue

Direct link to mp3

Much loves everyone, see you on Sunday!