Friday 21 January 2011


More rekkids to sell, more lost dollars to scramble to recoup, but most importantly MORE MUSICS TO SHARE! The first Disco Delicious record has been unleashed upon the vinylsphere, what a proud moment. I can't possibly send enough love to my Danish pal Joystick Jay for knocking up these three spectacular edits. I'm only keen to do this little imprint to release some edits that sit a bit outside of the norm and it's these ones in particular that made me want to do it in the first place. Marvellous stuff.

DELISH01 - Joystick Jay Edits by discodelicious

In case you missed it early last year here's the Fela Kuti track:

Fela Kuti - No Possible (Joystick Jay's Vulgar Distractions Edit)

Hope you guys dig the release, there are at least two more lined up and nearly ready to go so hopefully these will be coming out for a while yet. There's a nice review on Juno which I'm very appreciative of! In the meantime there's plenty of amazing new shit sitting in my room just begging to be posted so hang tight for new tunes next week. Much love!!

Friday 7 January 2011

Delishcast 003 - Best of 2010

There was way too much stuff I wanted to include in the top list of 2010 but couldn't... Maybe I should have extended it to a top 20 but that's too much to write about for a lazy lout like me. So instead here's a Delishcast issue of most of the things that just missed out on sneaking into the big 10.

The Arthur's Landing record is just gorgeous, absolutely essential listening. The Elegante Orchestra track came out in December last year so I couldn't officially put it in the top 10 - if I could it would have been way up there. Kamtjaka still blows me away... Stop The War is in there representing Return of the Sherm which was my favourite compilation of the year. The Joystick Jay and Rio Lobotomy edits will be released VERY soon on my Disco Delicious edits label so watch out for that. Kill is in there for Sam Heywood - and indeed because it's one of the best releases of last year. All the others are awesome too.

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1. Arthur's Landing - Love Dancing [buy]
2. Elegante Orchestra - Prometeus (DZ Remix) [buy]
3. Kozmik Rutz - Kamtjaka (Kaviar Edit)
4. I:Cube - Falling [buy]
5. Johnwaynes - High (Just John Mix) [buy]
6. Oro - Stop The War [buy]
7. Fela Kuti - No Possible (Joystick Jay's Vulgar Distractions Edit) [buy]
8. Nick Cave - Red Right Hand (A Rio Lobotomy Op)
9. Baris K - Honki Ponki [buy]
10. C.O.M.B.i. - Kill [buy]
11. Oto Gelb - Love Tragedy In Verona [buy]

Direct link to mp3

Hope you guys enjoy this. Just got a big parcel of amazing records so there's plenty of good shit to share next week. If you're in Sydney this weekend come to The Civic tomorrow to catch The Revenge and Brennan Green - details here on Facebook. MUCH LUVS

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Disco Delicious' Top 10 Delicacies of 2010

Man this is always so tricky boiling 12 months down to 10 tracks. It's taken longer than I anticipated to put this all together so just pretend it was posted a week ago back when it was that distant year we've all forgotten about now, 2010. Massive THANKS to everyone who still reads this lil' blog of mine and hope you all had a super duper silly season. Will get stuck into 2011 very soon but for now here are the things that really tickled me in the last 12 months. Hope you enjoy!


#10 Justus Köhncke - Stilove4music 025

In a recent interview Harvey said that to him "techno and disco [are] just the same but using different instruments. It's just a natural progression." I reckon that's a really nice perspective and, whether or not you agree with him, this philosophy seems to be deeply embedded in Justus Köhncke's music. This Stilove4music record he did earlier in the year featuring 3 drastic reworkings of classic Chic tracks had me pretty torn at first. I had a different opinion after each listen - sometimes I adored it, sometimes I thought it was boring rubbish. I guess it's a lot to do with context: play this record in the right place at the right time and it's devastatingly good. When the disco and techno edges collide it all makes perfect sense.

Justus Köhncke - Now Phreeq [buy]


#9 Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind (LTJ Re-Edit)

LTJ has had a fantastic year, releasing some of the most consistently great edits of 2010. For me this Hudson People edit was up there in contention for disco edit of the year. LTJ's edits are so tasteful, so restrained and mature, and his selections are just superb. Whilst the original track is a severely groovy number with gorgeous vocals and a funky rhythm section, it's truly taken to the next level with the simple addition of a thumping kick drum, some careful EQing to really get the horns blasting, and thoughtful restructuring to turn it into an absolute club bomb. The breakdown turns even the most stubborn punters into dancefloor puppets being manhandled by this stellar jam.

Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind (LTJ Edit) [buy]


#8 Midnight Savari + Death Strobe Records

OK OK, I really don't want to toot my own horn here - hence the low chart position - but running a record label has been soo much fun and I absolutely adore the music we've released so far. If I wasn't worried about getting web-slapped this would be up at #1 because it's easily been the best + most fun thing about this year. Domeyko/Gonzalez managed to conjur up a ridiculous EP for us that's as captivating and awe-inspiring as it is brain-mushing and disorientating. Midnight Savari's 'Pinisi' EP is a properly superb club record that moves from maritime balearic disco to 808-laden 80s electro to space cruising synth grooves. It just feels so awesome to be holding the finished record! Hope it's been enjoyed by you lot as much as it has by us.

Midnight Savari - Pinisi [buy]


#7 Max Essa - Uptown Vibration

What a fucking jam! This release by Max Essa on Is It Balearic? is a real winner from every angle - and I'm not even going to have time to mention the 20-minute slo-mo atmos-balearic journey on the A-side. Uptown Vibration is kinda laid back and dubby but at the same time a real pumper that grooves hard and deep. The chubby bass balances perfectly with the shapely pads and crispy piano line. Hang out for the slap-tastic bridge and the strutting guitar that follows and you've got a real winner. I've been playing this one way too much, it's completely danceable in just about any situation.

Max Essa - Uptown Vibration [buy]


#6 Pilooski - AAA

There's been a bit of sadness this year with the RVNG of the NRDS 12" series finishing up and Moxie edits saying goodbye to the record business. Easily two of the best names in obscure disco edits of the past few years, fingers crossed some labels will step up and fill those oversized shoes. Pilooski's offering as the final NRDS release is a real thing of beauty - a quaint journey through a psychedelic soundscape which swirls and swells and continues to descend into a beautiful strangeness that's quite haunting and has an understated kind of sinister vibe buried deep in the song. It's not a record that suits all (or even many) occasions but when you're in the right mood it's a stunner.

Pilooski - AAA [buy]


#5 Trickski - Pill Collins

Ohhh man this Trickski tune is a real masterpiece of deep. It builds and swells and rises with subtlety, and so does your anticipation. You know something big is coming and it makes you go crazy. In that sense it's a little like Sebastian Tellier's La Ritournelle - the build seems to go on for an eternity, then it bursts like a balloon filled with paint and everything in instantly drenched in colour and it's a massive injection of euphoria, then you've got the rest of the track to groove and let that brief moment sink in. If you don't get what I mean then it's probably the worst musical comparison ever. Just reaching the little sliver of Phil Collins' vocal feels like such a dazzling achievement and the final 3 minutes is spent in a state of 50% elation 50% relaxation. And if all of that sounds like total bullshit, it's still a fucking great dance track.

Trickski - Pill Collins [buy]


#4 Harvey's Doc Severinsen Edits

It was so exciting to see Harvey returning to edits this year after a decade of leaving them behind. What's even more exciting is just how much effort was put into the production of this record by Pacific Beach Recording Company. It seems like the mastering of the edits was equally as important as the edits themselves. The result is an obscenely beautiful high-fidelity 12" with a couple of mind blowing tracks skilfully cut up and reworked by THE disco edits master. Whether you're a DJ or just someone who loves to whack on a great sounding record at home, this is easily one of the most essential releases of the year. My rip is a bit crap, buy it and see for yourself.

Doc Severinsen - Be With You (DJ Harvey Edit) [buy]


#3 Black Cow Edits

These Black Cow 7"s have been such a joy to stumble across this year. As far as I can tell they're done by some dudes from the Jazzy Sport crew, aside from that they're super mysterious and that's the way I like it. It's the perfect thing to do - guys who run a specialist record store, and therefore have worked up pretty supreme digging powers, doing some rocking edits of the tastiest and rarest gems they can uncover. I haven't been able to track down any of the originals but man they sound unbelievable. This track for example mixes strange sounding dense electronic drums, a soul party chant, fluttering flute-synth melodies and a dangerous huge acid line noodling through the middle. It's incredible! Like I said, simply joyous records.

Black Cow - PMMF [buy]


#2 Nicolas Jaar - A Time For Us

Probably one of the most predictable entries and rightly so. Young Nicolas Jaar has impressed zillions of electronic music lovers this year, particularly with this song. It starts so innocently with lightly coloured synths and a cruisy sounding party and you're lulled into a false sense of being led into a summery pop song. Something about the mesmerising ketamine vocals, the thickly textured bass and the dark druggy atmosphere suck you in so deep that you're suddenly heavily sedated and moulding around the song like jelly. When I first heard this track I was in a puddle on the floor by the end, my muscles and bones somehow disintegrating. And he's 20. Talented prick...

Nicolas Jaar - A Time For Us [buy]


#1 Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies

The number one spot was extremely easy for me to pick this year. This tune, and the whole EP that it's from, is absolutely supreme. It's far from just another disco edit - this is a stunning transformation of an already great track by Peter Jacques Band into a funky deep house disco monstrosity that grooves so agonisingly hard I'm surprised I haven't shattered a few teeth in the hundreds of listens I've given it since its release. It's as uplifting and euphoric as dance music comes with zero cheese factor. And it's by an Aussie, no less! Mr Tornado Wallace aka Lewis Day has had a pretty massive year with a string of beefy remixes and a couple of fab releases on Delusions of Grandeur but nothing in the past 12 months can touch his godlike Sleazy Beats record. If you can still find a copy of this anywhere it's worth selling a limb for. Otherwise the label is releasing a CD in the next month or two so keep an eye out!

Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies


I don't have the effort to proofread any of this so if I've used the word gem too much or got my facts completely wrong don't get too agro :)

I'd love to hear what your favourite things of 2010 were, feel free to comment away with your thoughts! I'll probably do a podcast with a bunch of things I couldn't squeeze in so if there's stuff you want to slap me for not including just hang tight, it might show up real soon. Thanks for another awesome year, much love to all! xxx