Tuesday 30 March 2010


SO, did I tell you about our label launch? Just making sure. Shit is getting so busy, it's tiring but very exciting!! And just reminding everybody plodding on keyboards that we're still after submissions, email away! info[at]deathstrobe.com

Lots of yum tracks sitting here ready to be posted and more arriving on my doorstep tomorrow I hope! This new Arision record has me really excited - particularly the A-side which is a killer LTJ edit of Hudson People's 'Trip To Your Mind'. Pure floor-pumping up-tempo dancey disco. Impossible to fault.

Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind (LTJ Re-Edit) [buy]

This rad record was somehow in the sale rack at Spank! having not been sold for yonks. I can't believe people would pass this up! On one side is this amazing Rinder & Lewis track called Lust, though on this label printed as Seven Deadly Sins - the album which the song comes from. Aside from the scarce vocals being taken out, an airy introduction being tacked on and a great little witchcraft xylophone break bring spliced in (from elsewhere on the album maybe?) it doesn't sound like this tune has been changed much. I reckon it sounds like it could be a really mellow Space track or something. Funky but sedated galactic adventures ensue. Enjoy this gem!

Rinder & Lewis - Seven Deadly Sins [buy]

Excited to see that Past Due, a sub-label of Still Music (also parent to Stilove4music) has been resurrected after 3 years. This record unearths some really sweet funky disco from the early 80s, a group called D.I.T. or The Destiny In Time Band. Although there's a great Prins Thomas edit on the B, my favourite is this track 'Dance' which doesn't seem to be on either of their 45s. It's a straight up funk jam, a total hand-clapper. Definitely recommend getting your hands on this 12 for all four tunes though, and definitely recommend keeping an eye on the label. Hopefully it's still got some life in it yet!

D.I.T. - Dance [buy]

Just a warning, Picnic is getting totally ridiculous. This Thursday at 202 Broadway is Linkwood and Ali Renault - huge. Then April 17th is Maurice Fulton at GoodGod and just 24 hours later on the 18th Derrick May plays a 5 hour set at 202. Sadly Harvey's tour has been postponed until December but this is much more than enough to get me by.

Also this Easter Sunday swing by Slow Blow at GoodGod, I'll be spinning some tasty African disco treats early on for their jungle party.

Tuesday 23 March 2010


Uh oh, welcome to spam city. Sorry but I'm going to be wanking on about our label's launch party at GoodGod until the day. Which is April 9th in case you've forgotten :) We'll be hiring a Funktion One system, or something of similar awesomeness; our first signing Domeyko/Gonzalez will be bringing in the live show; wonderful special guests will be gracing the decks; and we'll be sweating sangria to impossibly hip disco music all night. If you're in Sydney pretty please come party with us! It happens to just about coincide with this little blog's 3rd birthday so consider it a double celebration. If you're not in Sydney, build a raft and start paddling!


This new Jacques Renault mix is absolutely fucking spectacular. I only just noticed Discobelle posted it a couple of days ago and said it's 'perfect for a lazy weekend'... Perhaps if you enjoy dancing to the sound of circular saws and jackhammers and TVs on static and Limp Bizkit performing in a wood chipper, otherwise this is an absolute dancefloor crusher. The whole thing is full of thumping funky disco house and a few tracks I'm desperate to ID - if anyone could spot the second track that would be super fab! Also the track around 40 mins which samples First True Love Affair.. It's a fucking beast. This shit is crucial for getting the juices flowing before a big night out at the dancetaria. Have also chucked in the first track by Average White Band which is a cover of Ned Doheny's 'Get It Up For Love', the only moment of so called 'laziness' to be seen anywhere in this mix. A real nice laid back groover.

Jacques Renault - One's & Two's Mix

Average White Band - Get It Up For Love

I can't believe it, the first Mad on the Moon release (the most recent being the Heels of Love track I posted a few weeks ago) has been sitting in the corner of my room for almost a year, having been misplaced and put in with some very old music I'll probably never listen to again. AND it's by The Love Supreme which makes it hurt twice as bad. The Simone Fedi remix on this record is really huge, the aggressively slappy bass plods it out in the middle while synths and guitars and all kinds of instruments snowball into what ends up being a really chunky high energy song. I'm really digging this label, even more-so now that I've 'discovered' their first release.

The Love Supreme - Tangram (Simone Fedi Remix) [buy]

A mate of mine very kindly got me a CD this week with the most fantastic name. 'Nigeria Disco Funk Special: The Sound Of The Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79' is a killer collection of really soulful funk jams with an authentic vintage sound, the kind that artists like Quantic Soul Orchestra and the Mighty Imperials strive for. Don't need to say much except it's just top fucking quality music made by honest and simple people who loved their grooves. I can't wait to dust off all the similar music I'd forgotten long ago!

Asiko Rock Group - Lagos City [buy]

NYC Sound Record is a really weird label.. Their first release, a fantastic King Onkyo edits record, has been followed by a heap of digital-only releases, and I'm struggling to work out the purpose of a lot of them. Some are barely more than a 4 simple bar loop continuing unchanged for up to 8 minutes, and most of the releases come with bonus beats which makes me think they must just be going for the DJ tool market. But then why go from vinyl to digital? ANYWAY, this one song I really quite like and it's not as repetitive as most of the others. Similar bass to the Love Supreme track, super-slap and beefy, with an obscure kind of disco vibe going on over the top. In any case the whole thing really intrigues me. Does anybody know anything about the label? And what's the connection with Loft Records? Hmm.

Happytouch - Happytouch (Lost Dub Version) [buy]

OK we'll leave it there. See you soon for more ugly plugging!~

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Call, Listen

Incredible weekend. Now to follow up with a new In Flagranti track which is equally incredible. Typically brilliant twisted thumping disco named after a German film from the 70s which sounds right up their alley. I'll never be able to get enough of their irresistible sleaze - the first minute is a symphony of moaning, it's fantastic!

In Flagranti - The Swinging Co-eds aka Madchen, Die Nach Munchen Kommen [buy]

Picked up one of Ray Mang's super cool Mangled records from July last year while I was in Auckland a couple of weeks ago. Reminds me a heap of Chaz Jankel's 'Glad To Know You' - just stretched over twice the distance. Anyway, it's a really nice edit of a Denroy Morgan tune that features some big-biceps bass which is nicely evened out by some light disco-gal vocals and, at one point, some cute synthesised steel drums. A great slow burning track.

Ray Mang - Prozac [buy]

Another from the archives, a fab old Moxie edit from the Run Disco Run record. In some ways similar to that Black Cow sound I posted a few weeks ago, tight funk with a nice acidic synth thrown in. Wonderful strings too, and the sneaky keys hanging back in the right channel are just beautiful once you notice their little hiding place in the corner. I'd love to know what the original is if anybody can spot it! I think it's about time Moxie released their first record for 2010, I'm getting seriously impatient.

Moxie - Loving It [buy]

Start preparing for a month-long onslaught of plugging our label launch. Death Strobe will be officially kicking off on April 9th at GoodGod and it will be nothing short of spectacular. Put it on your whiteboard kids!!

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Greg And The Golden Horse

This coming Sunday the 14th has me quite seriously percolating in the pants - Picnic and Dan Cares are hosting Horse Meat Disco, Greg Wilson AND Golden Bug all in the one twelve hour bonerific block at 202 Broadway. Happiest man alive right here. SERIOUS, if you're in Sydney start waving your credit card at the screen and buy some tickets from ResidentAdvisor.

Horse Meat Disco - Dusty Blue

Roxy Music - Love is the Drug (Greg Wilson Edit)

Now to hit the archives. Leo Zero: still way too good. Still in love with this Scandal edit, still play it to death. A pumping disco treat - make sure you go the full 10 minutes as the last few minutes are absolutely beastly. NICE ONE LEO.

Leo Zero - Just Dance [buy]

Really love this Mystery Meat record by Brinton McKay aka John Selway. A real classic bright housey vibe spliced with funky disco, a few filter house moments and a brief appearance by a nice acid line. There's a lot to love here.

Brinton McKay - Spindle [buy]

And lastly, a really classy Ruf Dug edit. Super smooth, only a couple of notches above cocktail. Truly adore every one of RD's exports, keep an eye on his website for goodies and, hopefully some day soon, some news of a second volume of his Ruf Kutz edits.

RuF DuG - Choppin Tom