Sunday 29 March 2009


Love the plugs. This week coming should be a good one - Hugs (kinda the sequel to Bandits) is reeling in Perth sensation-boi Shazam for a big night this Friday at Nevermind, Sydney. I hear his sets are brilliantly eclectic and he's backed by Kato, Sleater Brockman and my old crush Sunday School. Gogogogo, should be an excellent night with excellent music in an excellent club. ALSO, tomorrow Spank Records and Bang Gang 12 Inches open the gates on a killer remix competition for Aussie producers. The best remix of Damn Arms' latest release 'Destination' wins a shitload of prizes plus has the track released on BG12". Inspect here for more deets and get cracking.

I've got a double pass to Hugs to give away to the first person who emails me answering this brain bending question: "What is your name?" Good luck.

Been treating my ears to the new In Flagranti album which is smoking hot. I'm not a particularly evil guy so I won't post any - sorry - but as a consolation prize enjoy an edit from their latest release on RVNG, a great record which you should buy buy buy! This tune is a nice glammy funked up nursery rhyme (Star Light, Star Bright) designed for some serious disco moves and daring hairdos.

Petite Storm - Stahl Rig

This edit by Loud Minority Radio is also pretty class. At first I'm thinking funky afro-rocking detective who always saves the day wearing colourful flares and a lass on each shoulder. Then throw some vocals in and it becomes a boot wearing power-woman respect drive. Again super retro, super snazzy. Loves it!

Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You (Loud Minority Radio Edit)

I know I've posted the Prins Thomas miks of this big choon, but it's good enough / I'm lazy enough to put the original up too. It's a bit more full on, more stuff going on but still got that huge driving bass groove and percussion that forces you to fidget. I'm not sure why I haven't looked into more Force of Nature stuff actually... Go investigate!

Force of Nature - To The Brain

If you're in the mood for something a bit different, check out this awesome African disco set that was posted on Alain Finkielkrautrock. While some of the 'mixing' leaves a pretty nasty taste in my mouth, the music is just delightful. I have to admit I'm not really an African music aficionado (shocked?) and I honestly am not too sure when some of these songs would have been recorded. They mostly sound quite 70s but that's just my weak guess. Anyway, I highly recommend giving it a go!

Mike Simonetti - African Connection

OK have to go, tata.

Tuesday 24 March 2009


Well, the new WhoMadeWho album is out. I'm tempted to lie, but after my first listen I have to admit I expected something more. It's still very good but lacks the energy, chunky arrangements and quirky edge their self-titled debut had. I'm hoping on second/third/tenth listen it'll blossom into some magical tasty Danish butter cookie. But not yet. The songs that caught my ear which might be blogworthy, aside from TV Friend and The Plot, are Motown Bizarre because it's still got that classic peculiar sound, and Keep Me In My Plane which is just good solid WMW light pop. And I guess the Munk edit of This Train which adds a bit of spice with chubby distortion. Perhaps I'm just clinging to the first album too much. It shouldn't be surprising that in 4 years they've changed their sound somewhat. That bass just isn't what it used to be...

WhoMadeWho - Motown Bizarre

WhoMadeWho - Keep Me In My Plane

WhoMadeWho - This Train (Munk Bonus Edit)

Let's move on to more positive things shall we? I've been punishing this mini-record for the last couple of weeks and it refuses to leave my stereo. Yes I'm pretty late with it, but a couple of years ago Bullion put together a fucking fantastic reworking of the Beach Boys' masterwork Pet Sounds as a tribute to J Dilla. I am in no way shape or form a fan of hip hop, I like virtually none, and this is certainly not hip hop in any traditional sense but the grooves and the extremely clever editing and arranging shoot this into a whole new galaxy of awesome. A lot of people say Bullion and The Avalanches in the same sentence. I still can't decide if I'm one of those people (I guess I just did though) but they're pretty much on the same level of kick ass. This is even more of a treat if you already love Pet Sounds, but I reckon a crucial listen for anyone who likes cool music!

Bullion - Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee

Um okay here's some more old stuff I need to offload for the sake of fleshing out this post. A splendid old Shit Robot remix (one of James Murphy's many partners in crime) featuring plenty of dicking around with different synths and the occasional dorky vocal. The Echologist track is super mega dubby, Salmonella Dub with bigger subs. Choof choof. The Faze Action tune is just a bit of silly space house. All in all nothing that special but there's some minutes of your day wasted if you need it.

Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Remix)

Echologist - Faith (NY Mix)

Faze Action - Spark (Dub Mix) [removed by request]

And just because this song is eternally fantastic (cleaned up by Mr. Terje)

America - Horse With No Shame (Todd Terje Edit)

Playing at Fringe Bar on Oxford St tomorrow night for both Disco Delicious and Hobo Gestapo. And maybe Sosueme depending on how drunk things get. Observe the flyer and come say hello!

Friday 20 March 2009

Vegetable of the Month

Just a quicky today. Firstly, can I ask (not that I imagine this mumbo jumbo gets read much) that anyone sending music does it through my dropbox now pretty pretty please? As it stands I'm 1500+ emails behind and doubt I'll ever catch up so doing that makes everything HEAPS easier for me to listen to tunes being submitted. I feel really bad for having to neglect so many emails but there's just no way I can process it all. I do still love you though. All of you. Except SXSW. Fuck off with your 300 emails per day about nothing.

So anyway, at last a new Blackjoy remix has popped up. No surprises that it's a keeper. Really legit funk influences are still stuck right in there. The live-as-opposed-to-computeronized vibe puts them in a similar league as Escort, methinks. This tune in particular is really smooth and loungey. Enjoy with some kind of sparkling beverage. I also quite like the other remix on the release by The Phenomenal Handclap Band. Actually I probably wouldn't care what they made it sound like with a brilliant name like that. 10 awesome points awarded before first listen. Post-listen however, I'm happy to dish out more. Kinda similar mix, a tiny bit more glam disco ballish. Both are really easy going. Good stuff! The original by Bing Ji Ling isn't bad either.

Bing Ji Ling - Home (Blackjoy Dub)

Bing Ji Ling - Home (The Phenomenal Handclap Band Remix)

Been ripping into more In Flagranti because it's good for you. I missed the release of Sexx Piss Tool late last year but tardiness aside, quality music is still quality music. I'm Sorry, I'm Terribly Sensitive in particular really grabbed me. I'm sure I've heard it a few times before but couldn't name where. Typical Flagranti quirkiness, structure butchering and percussion+bassline groooove. A bit on the dirtier side. The older (and sensationally named) Vegetable of the Month is more... I don't know how I'd label it. I suppose it's nu disco. Whatever, it's In Flagranti, it's good. Listen.

In Flagranti - I'm Sorry, I'm Terribly Sensitive

In Flagranti - Vegetable of the Month

Enjoy your weekend dearest friends. Oh, since I'm quite out of the loop at the moment, can someone fill me in on some good nights in Sydney at the moment? Like... GOOD music?

Tuesday 17 March 2009

No Title For This One

Fork me I love Todd Terje. Fiercely. Picked up a copy of the new Dean Meredith (of Chicken Lips, here called Rogue Cat) single with his killer remix on the B side, I must share. When the bass launches the funk busts out and chugs along a solid groove. Really glad to see Tiny Sticks (Mock & Toof's label) is still in operation! The Lindstrom remix is a hair heavier and funkier with a bit more variety and progression. And the Prins Thomas mix is, like the name suggests, orgasmic. Ridiculously hip, Robert Plant samples and all. Lap it up.

Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)

Todd Terje / Akwaaba - Bodies (Prins Thomas Orgasmatron Mix)

Rogue Cat - Magic Journey (Todd Terje Remix)

A couple more old tunes that were meant to be posted a while ago and weren't. Morgan Geist's take on House of Jealous Lovers is super hot; laid back and subtly pumping at the same time. I miss the vocals, but then maybe I don't. But I probably do. Just a bit. Anyway, the trumpet makes up for it. This old Chateau Flight remix is here for whoever wants it. I'm just as undecided on it. It's pretty nice, but then, is it really that nice? It probably is. Maybe it's a bit much, maybe not. Seriously, can't you just make up your own minds? :)

The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers (Morgan Geist Version)

Dub Da Kitchek (Chateau Flight Remix) - Joakim

And one more for good measure. Beautiful work by Tim Sweeney and Tim Goldsworthy, glad to finally have this one in my record box. This 12" rip seems to be the only one going around and it skips at one point, but I wouldn't be able to get the same sound quality if I did it so... sorry. The B-side, their edit of Superstition by Stevie Wonder, is worth hearing too so buy the record! Ok maybe it's not as good as Terje's edit. Whatever. Stop hassling me.

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop (T&T Version)


Saturday 14 March 2009

Behind The Curtain

Let's, for a moment, take a step back from your typical main room d-floor and stumble over to the oh-so-alternative backroom with beanbags and incense burning and a couple of people busting out some way too enthusiastic experimental moves who everyone pretends not to be looking at. The music is nice in here too! Genre is no longer considered. Quirky op-shop garments are essential.

You could get started with some things just a little left of center like Bot'Ox, maybe reeling in some curious electro kids. It's got that sort of vicious edge they seem to be drawn to but, as you could easily forecast with Bot'Ox, is masterfully produced and is interesting enough for anyone to get into if they're keen. You could also chuck in some Padded Cell to again ease into things for the same reason. Big appealing bassline splattered with dissonant guitar, squawking sax and galactic sounds. Or perhaps some overly twisted classic disco like Erobique (thanks to blouse for this one!) which is defaced by some kind of mutant bass playing anti-melodies.

Bot'Ox - Arab Drift

Padded Cell - Faces of the Forest

Erobique - Endorphinmachine

You could probably get away with playing your average new agey psychedelic tribalfolk tune like Faux Pas' spectacular Rose's Lament, my new favourite song. It's like if Enigma was no longer awfully cheesy, they learned to play and use lots of different instruments and sounds, and... I don't know, became about 300 times better. Even then that's a terrible thing to compare it to, but the thought flashed through my mind on first listen. It's a really beautiful journey which you should take with the candles blown out and the volume up at dangerous levels. Thanks to Faux Pas' chart on RVNG this month I'm aware of this perfect Bullion tune which could aid a summer pool party as well as it could a back room full of happy huggy gurning kids. Just gorgeous!

Faux Pas - Rose's Lament

Bullion - Time For Us All To Love

There is of course always the option of throwing in some Pilooski stuff. Possibly more on the rocky side of things? His Michael Bundt edit is a sort of psychedelic rock dance fusion which, rather than really going anywhere, wades around through a bunch of slowly developing synths. The Can edit is more legit 60s psych-rock and would be killer for a beanbag moment or a hippie flowerdance. Love you Pilooski.

Michael Bundt - The Brain of Oskar Panizza (Pilooski Edit)

Can - Mother Sky (Pilooski Edit)

Or if you just think the kids are so fucked up they wouldn't notice a herd of rainbow oxen stampeding on the dancefloor, you could play something like this cheeky Joakim 30 second summary of the modern modern music. You could get kicked off the decks though. Yes, you'd be very foolish to even post this on a blog let alone play it in a club.

Joakim - One Minute to Catch Up and Forget

That would be a pretty messed up set... Probably don't take my advice.

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Twelve Inches of Pleasure

I figured it was probably (over)time to post some stuff from records I've snagged in the last few months. Last year Eskimo Recordings released a nice compilation of some lovely galactic disco tunes called 'Cosmic Balearic Beats' of which Bottin's track Fondamente Nove in particularly really caught my fancy. Slow, easy going and spacey, it's a perfect warm-up disco track. The comp features killer artists like In Flagranti, Lullabies In The Dark and Cosmo - definitely worth checking out! Future Classic's latest release by Loin Brothers is equally brilliant, though a bit more down to earth. More like in the stratosphere than in deep space. Both are beautifully produced with tasty frilly layers decorating nice thick basslines.

Bottin - Fondamente Nove

Loin Brothers - Heavy Helmet

Permanent Vacation is probably still my favourite label at the moment. Picked up some older stuff (2007) the other day which are really delightful. The Steve Yanko track has lots of energy and bounce. I suppose the Antena track does too, bit it's a little darker. I'm really impressed that I picked both these records up recently not really knowing they were two years old, and wouldn't have known they weren't new releases if I hadn't checked. PV always sounds superfresh and groovy. If you're not familiar with their back catalogue, go hunt!

Steve Yanko - Prostitute Pink feat. Antena

Antena - On The Boat (Disco Devil's Rubber Room Mix)

For a bit of classic-influenced sounding disco, this Faze Action number is a winner. Big rollerskates and sequined super-wide flares and fingers pointing in all directions. Moving from 70s strings to 80s wackysynths: Heavy Hitter was one of my favourite tracks on Metro Area's Fabric mix, and this Social Disco Club edit is a beauty. Booming synth drums and parachute pants and video tape and experimental moustaches. Good times.

Faze Action - Stratus Energy (Special Disco Mix) [removed by request]

Barbara Norris - Heavy Hitter (SDC Re-Edit)

I don't like posting things that are being smattered all over the blogs, but I'll sheepishly make an exception for these two excellent new cuts. Gigamesh has pulled out a spectacular simple-but-effective remix of Everything In Its Right Place which I'm sure many of you cats have heard. Ever since hearing Josh Wink's remix, which is just a little too chilled to play out, I've craved a clubworthy mix to bust out. Finally the dance angels have granted my wish and this beast is upon us. Also, The Twelves' newish Groove Armada remix is fuucking great. So so tight and upbeat, irresistible on the dancefloor. Instant love.

Groove Armada - Drop The Tough (The Twelves Remix)

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh Remix)

Catch The Twelves in Australia in May!

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Colours of Colours

Having a bit of a Prins Thomas moment right now after finding a record of his I thought I'd lost and giving it another whirl. I was supposed to post his Force of Nature mix before I left and somehow missed putting it in the pile, so here it is belated and brilliant. Super chunky bass, hot percussion. His ability to sound like a true master of everything inbetween cosmic disco and techno is pretty impressive.

Force of Nature - To The Brain (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

These are a couple of really interesting tunes I stumbled across during the week. Although the majorness of the Mugwump tune kind of irritates me a bit, I guess I can peer through my haze of bitterness and see that it's a really nice fun song. Just really playful and happy. Raoul7000 runs a really neat albeit sparse blog where I found this amazing edit he's done. The editing style and sound really reminds me a lot of In Flagranti. Lots of fucking with the structure, a big emphasis put on the bassline, pounding drums. This is definitely one of the coolest tunes I've heard lately. Viva el kazoo!

Mugwump - Ignored Folklore

Skyy - Skyyzoo (Raoul7000's Acme Edit)

This is another tune that was in my 'to post' pile and somehow vanished. Love Todd Terje's stuff, gutted that I missed him in Sydney a few weeks ago. The Chaz Jankel edit is a delight - the song is given a bit more space and disco atmosphere. The beautiful keys always send me to the clouds. And for good measure here's his classic Stevie Wonder edit. As close to perfect as it gets..

Chaz Jankel - Glad to Know You (Todd Terje Re-Edit)

Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Todd Terje Edit)

How much WhoMadeWho is too much WhoMadeWho? I suppose it's easy to just keep posting stuff of theirs since it's always going to be a guaranteed winner. Easy blogging! Anyway I've really warmed to In Flagranti's mix of Out the Door over the months after not being totally sure about it initially. A little dark at first but slowly little things are added here and there to brighten it up. It's a nice listen.

WhoMadeWho - Out The Door (In Flagranti Remix)

More more more more more more more coming.