Monday 30 July 2012

SssssssssssssssssSSSSsssS hi

Some straight up jams on this fine record by The Noodleman. Way down in the super-slow zone, Sloppy Angel is a proper sex-drenched cut with a slammer of a bassline that I really wanna track down. There's some nice dubbed out goodness on the B, but for me it'll be this side that gets a rinsing - and has already. Quality erotic disco funk.

The Noodleman - Sloppy Angel [buy]

A beauty of a Bjørn Torske tune here which Tamas Jones kindly put me onto. This one's taken from his debut album way back in 1998, and it's still seriously fresh. Very loosely structured, Expresso just kinda flounders around with some lovely sounds, gaining and shedding layers as it pleases. It features the world's most gentle lead synth which placidly wiggles around leaving a trail of warmth behind it. A great record!

Bjørn Torske - Expresso

Way late posting this Moodymann remix of Pollyn but if you haven't caught it yet you're really missing out. While there's a Harvey remix on the flip, this is most definitely where the action is at. Mellow party vibes, shadowy but massively grooving, Moody strips it right back to focus on the vocals and bass, occasionally fading in some of his trademark crowd noise which somehow instantly makes a tune ten times more hip. Actually, although it's a very restrained, unusually subtle offering from KDJ, it's still completely him. The mildly dissonant pads, the meticulous drum programming, it's all there and it's so good.

Pollyn - Sometimes You Just Know (Moodymann Remix) [buy]

Was really surprised to see that this Singin' Fools 7" was available at Juno. It doesn't feel like a bootleg or recent repress, although I'm wrong about a lot of things. Anyway, some of you might recognise it from Psychemagik's 'High on You' mix as the glorious opening track. Incredible melodies, hugely powerful vocals, a superb arrangement. I'm so happy to own a copy of this, it's just such a gem.

The Singin' Fools - Love Is A Beautiful Thing [buy]

Winter is 2/3 over, happy days are ahead!

Friday 13 July 2012

Did You Know I Like Discogs?

Christ I've been spending shitloads of cash on Discogs lately. Even in a good month I'll rack up a pretty worrying dollar figure on records, but the past few weeks have been pretty next level. I'm nearly 3 weeks into a month-long stint of no booze (or cigarettes, for that matter) and I'm clueless as to how I'm supposed to spend my time. So I spend it spending. Don't get too excited - it's mostly stuff that I've just wanted on 12" for ages, there haven't been too many crazy discoveries. But it's all good stuff. Like this Aqua Bassino track from 2001. Some sloppy as fuck vocals courtesy of a seemingly semi-comatose Jill Vader which are propped up by one seriously rad, contrastively tight bassline that vibes like crazy. Yummo.

Aqua Bassino - To Hard, Try and Find

A stone cold classic, this Pépé Bradock is just one of those must have records. The epic B-side, Deep Burnt, is 11 minutes of house glory. The kind of thing that House of House were surely thinking of when they came up with Rushing to Paradise. A monster. I'm glad to say, though, that the A-side is bloody great too! A real bumping deep jam some orgasmic synths and powerful girly vocals that keep reminding you about heat and hotness and how hot everything is. That's the general message I picked up on anyway. Love it.

Pépé Bradock - Burning Hot

WOAH NELLY, GO EASY ON THE CLASSICS HEY? No, I won't. This is Mister Morgan Geist at his finest. Sounding like he's closer to 85% of Metro Area than the 50% we're all led to believe, this has all the elements that make Geistypoo and old mate Darshan so excellent. Simple and somehow perfect rhythms, restrained orchestration, every individual part working together gorgeously, and of course some legit strings. This record is 11 years old and, like pretty much all of the MA material, it'll be sounding fresh for the next few thousand years. Boom.

Morgan Geist - Super

At last a new one! This Midland remix single is a bit of a {BANG0R ONLY ZONE} but that's ok with me, I'm hip and I can dig it. While the MCDE mix on the flip is pretty fine, this Lone rework really tickles me. Way deep and wonderfully percussive, it's really rather danceable. Disc Jockeys of the world take note: I can safely award this my 'dark club appropriate' seal of approval.

Midland - Placement (Lone Remix) [buy]

Have a good weekend ya chumps.

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Tiki Disco

NEWSFLASH. Giving birth to a new party this Saturday night with Sydney dawgs DJ Dreamcatcher & DJ Junglesnake (those Slow Blowing dudes) and Marcus King. All disco, all vinyl, all four of us all night. Five buckaroos gets you into our tropical paradise venue - RSVP to tikidiscoretreat [at] gmail [dot] com to get the location details. This will be FUN so BLUDDY SIGN UP OK?

Now onto the tunesies. So many months of records to catch up on posting, let's start with the essentials. Anthony Naples' debut EP is pretty fucking ridiculatron. The title track, my personal fave, is a pure house jam for a smiling dancefloor. I've been LOVING playing this one out, it's always the first record I reach for. NYC vibing. Seriously recommend picking this twelve up.

Anthony Naples - Mad Disrespect [buy]

Another one that hasn't left my bag since I got it - this James Johnston record. I actually had no idea who he was, but I signed into my second Juno account which I haven't used in forever and found this sitting in the shopping cart with no memory of listening to it. Thank god I stumbled across it again. One of those incredibly rare, incredibly useful pieces of wax where every one of the 4 tracks is absolutely playable. I probs wouldn't have any gripes about playing them all in the one set if I was confident nobody would notice. Rock solid deep house goodness, if you DJ this stuff then this is pure gold.

James Johnston - Missed The Party [buy]

It took me a little while to get into this Andrés EP, I have to admit. I listened to it a bunch of times in my bedroom and wasn't quite understanding the hype around the A-side, New For U. Yeah it's quite lovely, but I wasn't in the 'woah shit' zone. Then I heard it out for the first time on Saturday and it clicked. GREAT TRACK! So after saying that I'm not sure why I'm posting Jazz Dance instead. It's the tune on the record that really sat well with me immediately, and I still dig it a lot. Again, the appreciation got taken to the next level the first time I gave it a club spin. So yeah.

Andrés - Jazz Dance [buy]

Lastly, a nice extended version of Eddie Kendricks' 'Date With The Rain'. On the flip is a nice old edit of Down To Love Town, so this is a very tasty twelve-inch. Mellow, emotive, soulful pre-disco disco. It's just a good song.

Eddie Kendricks - Date With the Rain (Special Remix Disco Version)