Tuesday 31 August 2010

Chirp Chirp

Today is the last day of OUR winter so start expecting a bit more brightness around these parts! Every year at the end of August I'm a bit surprised I actually survived the miserable months and this year is no exception. Bye-bye beanie, hello BBQ!

I don't know anything about this little 7" on new imprint Fresh Up Records except that it's from the UK and is supposedly by a group of big time session musos. In one sense it's real tongue-in-cheek fun, like a super vibing parody of Space. But that's not to say it isn't top-shelf music - It's a shit hot jam with masterful Mooging splattered all over the shop! The B is down at a far less ferocious tempo, it's really warm and dubby and again quite Spacey but with more of an Italo flavour. Who's going to own up to this?

BBII - Tropical Laser Fantasy [buy]

Here's a track I'm going to be spinning all summer to bump up the grin factor. This Baris K record is a real joyous gem - great 'Eurasian' edits and an amazing sleeve. So this tune appears to be by Turkish actress, Şenay, which has me pretty confused. The vocals have me less confused and more amused - excuse my ignorance but it sounds like total silly gibberish. I love it! Hope there's more where this came from.

Baris K - Honki Ponki [buy]

I have to say I was pretty unimpressed with Sounds Superb Vol. 8 which was all too jumpy and repetitive and frankly pretty annoying. This In Flagranti remix is just the opposite though, very restrained and groove-focused which is just want I wanna hear. Yay! The whole Maasa (Matthew Bandy) release is real lovely too, well worth checking out.

Maasa - Walking on the Moon (In Flagranti Remix) [buy]

This is the real spring pick of the bunch, a beaut D-Pulse remix on the latest Gomma release by The KDMS. A nice toasty Hot Toddy-esque sun drenched dub with blossoming pads and gentle muted guitars. Deck chairs, board shorts, sand and shore are a must. I haven't really kept up with what D-Pulse have been up to lately but had no idea it was anything like this! Really stunning.

The KDMS - Highwire (D-Pulse Instrumental Remix) [buy]

See you at the beach!!

Thursday 19 August 2010


Wooohoooooooooo our GoodGod party is tomorrow!! If you're in Sydney you MUST MUST MUST come down and dance. Some special Siberian friends will be joining us to spin some tunes ;) as well as our darlings Slow Blow. $5 before 11pm and $5 all night if you have a Juggers ticket. Best night ever? There's a good chance.

Trus'me - Good God [buy]


Maybe we'll start the night with some super smooth funk like this track from the latest Small World Disco Edits record, courtesy of the groovy edit guru LTJ. Should be a divine way of getting things moving.

One Man Edit - Waiting [buy]

Maybe we'll play some pure classic disco like this dazzling Tom Moulton mix of First Choice's Doctor Love. That's if things get cheesy which they very well might.

First Choice - Doctor Love (Original Tom Moulton 12" Mix) [buy]

Maybe we'll play this stunning Justus Kohncke remix of Space's Deliverance which further explores JK's disco/techno hybrid vibe which blends beautiful piano and vox with deep dark synths. By maybe I mean it's very likely.

Space - Deliverance (Justus Kohncke's 'Wild Pitch' Mix) [buy]

Maybe everybody will completely lose their shit at around 3:30am and someone will unleash some psych-tech-acid-prog-wonk-journey stuff like this chaotic DiskJokke & Strangefruit record which will probably kill 1 in 6 listeners. Fucking crazy stuff.

DiskJokke & Strangefruit present The Shookt - Ghost In The Machine [buy]

The first 50 peeps through the door get a CD we've put together which has an exclusive choon off our next release by Midnight Savari which is supremo bonero. If you're not in Sydney you've got about 30 hours to get here! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Friday 13 August 2010


So we released a record today!! To save your eyes from bleeding I'll keep quiet on the promo front and just say you can listen to and buy the CD on our Bandcamp - it's certainly not disco but it's a very special EP indeed. Also check out our freshly launched Death Strobe website. It seems rather bizarre actually having a finished product out there after so many months of toiling and tooling around! Here's a little slice to sample - Rio Lobotomy's remix which had a bit of a Discodeine vibe going on and superbly rounds off the package. Their drum programming completely smooshes my head in, it's always fucking unreal. If you dig the release I'd be mega appreciative of anyone who picks up a copy!! MUCH LOVESIES

Domeyko/Gonzalez - Eschatol (Rio Lobotomy Remix) [BUY BUY BUY!]

And now to butter you up with some serious treats. Eric Duncan's Dolly Parton edit caused some serious murmur after monsieur Harvey debuted it on Beats in Space a few months back. Yes I'm the world's biggest sucker for anything Harvey related, but that's got nothing to do with me being in complete agreement when he so boldly proclaimed that Eric D is "pretty much the best editor on the planet right now." This is defs one of his more gently edited tunes but it's super sweet. The flip of this record is quite the opposite, a heavily chopped uplifting vocal house pumper that never resolves. One of those records that's gone in a flash, I know I'm posting it pretty late but get onto it as a matter of urgency.

Dr. Dunks - No P's [buy]

This Pablo Mandelbrot record intrigues me so much! I've listened to it so many times, not because I absolutely love it but because I find it really fascinating for some reason. Both sides are understated grooves that seem to hang back in the darkness a bit, shrouded in a bit of mystery and, I feel, harbouring sinister motives. This track is a slightly muffled funky vamp which gets interrupted by mildly uncomfortable dissonance every so often. Would really love to get some opinions on this track.

Pablo Mandelbrot - Hot Swap [buy]

Oh boy, this Kasper Bjorke remixes record is gorgeous! Prins Thomas, Muzzle Flash and Nicolas Jaar is a pretty bonerific lineup. The only surprise here is that Muzzle Flash trumps PT and NJ with a magical deep lounge groover. The dreamy vocals and sharp super-hip keys are just divine. If you're after a spectacular Sunday 12" this package is about as good as it gets.

Kasper Bjorke - Heaven (Muzzle Flash) [buy]

Still mourning over the loss of Moxie, easily one of the best edits labels of the past decade. This is off an absolutely classic release from 2008, Willie On Mars. Moon Made quite literally has got it all: a crazy-hot chunky bassline with matching bongos THEN weirdo deep space moog noises THEN epic soaring disco strings THEN a ripping, noodling jazz guitar solo with spicy backing band to top it off. Dunno what the original is but it must be something pretty special. Moxie, you will be missed!

Moxie - Moon Made [buy]

And to cap things off a short-and-deliciously-sweet numero. Remember that edit of Hang Together from the C.O.M.B.i. live CD that I was raving about? It's from a record by Keep Schtum, an obviously accomplished but anonymous Irish dude making truly sublime edits. Probably one of the best records I've picked up this year - this is the 3rd track, a brief percussive jazzy jam that funks hard. Buy on sight!

Keep Schtum - Roots [buy]

HAPPY DAYS!! Midnight Savari is up next as DSR002, get excited!

Tuesday 10 August 2010


So much happening! Our first Death Strobe release is out this Friday so shit's getting real. I've got so many amazing new records stacking up that I need to unleash, so here are a few quickies.

My fave off the second Public Release record by Jacques Renault is this cosmic pumper. Whilst it's a fantastic release and I recommend everyone get a copy if you want to crush some dancefloors, I have to take a moment to whine about picture discs. Fuck I hate them so much. It's unbelievable how noisy most of them are! The 'silence' inbetween tracks sounds more like a choir of chainsaws. There's nothing wrong with plain black! OK OK they're fun and all, yes I'm a cynic, but siffff press a record if it's not going to sound incredible. Still, the edits on this 12" are all rock solid. And in particular, Come On Y'all is a real mint boogie.

Jacques Renault - Come On Y'all [buy]

For the past few months every time I listen to this Stilove4music release my feelings for it change - there's been love, hate, indifference and everything inbetween. Justus Kohncke transforms three Chic tunes into dubbed out robot disco that sometimes hits the spot and other times leaves me dissatisfied or hungry for more development. I won't deny his disco-dub-acid-tech-blend style is a really beautiful thing. And I'll admit that although this record and I have had our rough patches, a strong bond has grown between us for better or for worse. On the right night this is absolute bliss on the floor.

Justus Kohncke - The Clock Keeps Turning [buy]

Anyone know what the deal is with these Demo-Disc records? Who's behind them? It seems like there are 3 new ones each week, the turnover is insane! Anyway I'm particularly fond of this Yam Who? one which includes a nice gently extended version of Starlight by Risqué. The thing that will probably excite a lot of people, though, is the edit of Anthony & The Camp's 'What I Like' which Tensnake constructed Coma Cat upon. Festive, Jolly 80s party fun! These records are at very least worth keeping track of in case more crackers like this one pop up.

Yam Who? - You Can Do It [buy]

And a couple of mixes from a couple of my favourite couples, Softwar and Slow Blow. (The SB mix is just by G-ORGY but that would ruin my coupling). Softwar's mix nicely represents their deep loungey approach to the disco vibe, populating the hour with smooth grooves that escalate in energy without becoming any more abrasive. George's recording is a sterling exploration of a wide range of sounds, from house to techno to funk, which remains beautifully cohesive throughout. SO PROUD OF U BOYS~

Softwar - Live In July

G-ORGY - The Cybernetic Love Vinyl Mix

Don't forget about our GoodGod party next Friday!! Flyer + Facebook link is over to the right. I just spent 70 pounds on the first C.O.M.B.i. record so I need you all to help me make the money back! eep what have I done..