Thursday 15 March 2012


Shit guys, sorry for being so rubbish, my business quota has been filled for the next 16 years, especially considering I'm a world class procrastinator. On top of that, I've practically just been listening to old Beatles and jazz records for the past couple of months and I've got fuck all new stuff to share. Although I think I will do a bit of a jazz Delishcast to catalogue things.

First up - one of the reasons I've been so busy is our endless string of Picnic parties, culminating in this weekend's gig with Horse Meat Disco. It's our fourth birthday and it's going to be bloody fantastic, so if you're in town then click this flyer and get down!

Here are a couple of boss tracks to cruise into your weekend with - a complete and utter JAM from Michael Wycoff's second album, and a track by Paladin which fills me with complete and utter joy. Both superb.

Michael Wycoff - Still Got The Magic (Sweet Delight)

Paladin - Third World

Aside from that, it's been all mixes happening on my stereo. Here's a trio, all very different, which I can't recommend highly enough. A Moodymann rollerdisco set from RBMA in London which is crammed full of CLASSICS - Kenny Dixon Jr. playing a Jamiroquai record? Blew my mind. Then two consecutive RA podcasts which are universes apart: Harvey's whacked out journey that stinks of mescaline and self-indulgence, the kind of mix I thought he'd never record again; and Floating Points' gorgeous mix which covers all flavours of disco and electronic music in a seriously classy way. All three are brilliant, in my opinion. If you don't already subscribe to the RA Podcast, well, that's upsetting. It always has and always will be killer, and I'm not just saying that because I work for them. I hope my boss sees this.

Moodymann - RBMA Rollerskating Jam, 2010

DJ Harvey - RA Podcast 300

Floating Points - RA Podcast 301

Sorry for being a bum. If you're ever feeling lonely, go listen to one of the Test Pressing podcasts and you can bet that I'll be listening too. It'll be magic.