Wednesday 27 February 2008


Apologies for the long silence. Again. I've not heard anything recently that's motivated me enough to post. Although I haven't been monitoring other blogs, I have to say electro is a bit dead for me. The originality seems to have disappeared and, speaking generally, it's all just a sea of sameness. I'm really keen to see what's going to happen next!

I was shuffling tracks on iTunes and found this (correct me if I'm wrong) Californian community radio mix I apparently got in August last year, I think, which must have gone unlistened. This is a MUST for anyone who's been along for the whole electro ride over the last couple of years - an unbelievably fun tumbling mash of amazing club and blog memories. A real nostalgic treat yet at the same time a really funky unique way of squeezing everything together. Ed Bang Gang? If anyone knows any more info about it that would be awesome - a tracklisting, who did it, etc - I don't have a clue where or how I got it.

KWMR FM - Smart Mix

A cool track from fresh Sydney locals Shades. The song progresses nicely and I like the sounds and pretty samples they use. Take a peek, and keep an eye on what they're doing. I expect good things.

Shades - It's the Life

I really dig the French house bass in The Twelves remix of Drugs In My Body, it's such a classic tone. It's a song that's been remixed a stack of times, but all seem to turn out a bit similar and boring. This one is relatively subtle but very enjoyable. You've probably heard it, but if not, it's well worth a listen. These guys really seem to know their music, perhaps they'll be amongst artists who manage to save things.

Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body (The Twelves Remix)

Will stay on the lookout.. But in the mean time, enjoy that mix!

Wednesday 20 February 2008


Just a quick one of what i've been listening to/playing out.

The World Domination vs Adam Sky - Galactic Lover

I heard this song without knowing what it was, but quickly made the connection. It's a really cool return to Fun Punch, which is less exciting but more interesting.

Bag Raiders - Punch Reprise

It's a pretty good combination - Kylie and CSS.

Kylie Minogue - WOW (CSS Remix)

The signature Breakbot sound, maybe a bit harder though?

Arrow!!! - Does (Breakbot Remix)

Not really typical Alan Braxe, but it makes me really happy.

Alan Braxe - Addicted

Plus, Gus Da Hoodrats first installment in his new series of podcasts The Finger Prince Pt 1 has been put on Bang Gang Podcast and it's pretty good so you should check it out here.