Wednesday 21 November 2007

Another Spirited Comeback

Finally organised some new hosting, so you'll see things popping back up over the next week. So let's just power on and pretend nothing happened.

OK, so basically, Hey Now are kicking the shit out of Sydney weekends. On the DJ side, they dominate parties and turn clubs into mental asylums full of kids going completely insane. On the producing side, their remixes are fresh, summery and oozing with the light hearted yet intense party vibe that their live shows are known for. They've got a couple of new remixes of Lost Valentinos and Grafton Primary - both killer Sydney bands who you should definitely check out - as well as an extended version of their Gaywatch Megamix which was posted here a while ago. Here's the tracklisting. Seriously, if you're in Sydney, come along to their gigs and roll on the floor in pleasure. Also check out their first remix posted here.

Grafton Primary - I Can Cook (Hey Now Remix)

Lost Valentinos - 17 Deaths (Hey Now Remix)

Hey Now - Gaywatch Megamix (Extended)

Also, check out this recent tune from MESH. It's taken me forever to post it.. but I wanted to share it as soon as I heard it. The thing that grabs me is the blanket of distortion that's so close to being unmusical, yet it's not. Although I've been slowly leaning away from the whole Justice crunch-the-shit-out-of-everything trend, this is a bit of a different and really pleasing approach.

MESH - New York City