Monday 31 August 2009

Fucking Mondays

In a bit of a rush to get this done. Haven't been too productive on the music hunting front this past week so I'll dish out some of the stuff that's been in the reserves pile for quite a while. Commence laziness! You may recognise this Bunny Sigler tune from In Flagranti's A Decade Of Hero Worship, or you may recognise it simply as an awesome classic disco tune. A lengthy party party jam, stacks and loads and piles of fun. Great album, too.

Bunny Sigler - Let Me Party With You (Party Party Party)

Pretty hot rendition of Summer In The City as manipulated by Peter Visti, released on Mindless Boogie a year or so ago with a cool Social Disco Club tune on the B. Visti adds a bit of grime to the affair and loops the shit out of the main riff, keeping it slightly tense until the vocals finally pop in near the end. Did I mention my excitement about the approaching summer? Final days of winter and it's peaking at a balmy 28 degrees celsius. Yes yes yes YES.

The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City (Peter Visti Edit)

A couple more cheeky songs stolen from the awesome Sci-Fi Pogo to slowly dribble out. Both tunes that I've often thought would be awesome to edit, however both done differently to what I had in mind. Not a bad thing! The bass and keys in Tampled Under Foot coupled with John Bonham's always rock solid groove on the kit beg for this song to be danced to. This edit, by John Daly, is pretty simple and just works that groove hard. Loudtone's transformation of Coconut is far more drastic, throwing in a thick broken beat - the result makes me think of a really lanky kid with totally disproportionate giant muscular thighs or something. I'm honestly not crazy about it, but it's a cute idea which might strike a chord with some people. Fun!

Led Zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot (John Daly Edit)

Harry Nilsson - Coconut (Loudtone Edit)

Might as well throw in another old tune for the sake of fleshing this post out. Funky 80s song which got re-released as a white label earlier this year, and has now also popped up on the latest Cosmic Club record. Space-age synths and vocoder accompany flashy slap bass, just a cool laid back thang. Sorry, my record is a little noisy, it didn't come out perfect.

Q - The Voice of Q (Instrumental) [buy]

Mike Simonetti was killer at La Campana the other night... Picnic are also putting on a warehouse party this Sunday in Sydney with Mugwump, which I'm massively excited about. Check it out! HAPPY LAST DAY OF WINTER :):):):)

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Happy Days

It's getting a bit ridiculous just how dominant DFA are at the moment. The unexpectedly techy Happy House remixes EP, the hallowed 45:33 remixes, Shit Robot's new devastating single, etc. are all reminders of the label's silly level of superiority. Two of their latest releases, (at last) a new record from New Yorkers Still Going, and Aussie faves Canyons' first single since their recent signing, continue this trend of ultra high quality music. I really love this B side on Spaghetti Circus, which dons a classic James Murphy/DFA sounding bassline and an airy lounge vibe. Very relaxing. The Jacques Renault remix of Fire Eyes is the only thing that has disappointed me - it's certainly not very jungle-esque as it claims to be - but the original is a corker, sorta electro tribal. All Murphy need now is another lCD Soundsystem album and world domination would be well within his reach.

Still Going - Untitled Love (Instrumental) [buy]

Canyons - Fire Eyes [buy]

I think I'm going to declare the next 30 days to be Leo Zero Month on Disco Delish. This Clash reworking has heaps of slightly twisted crazy party energy. Way too addictive. Get into it!!

The Clash - Should I Say Or Should I Go? (Leo Zero Re-Work)

I love it when In Flagranti do a remix like this. Has next to NOTHING to do with the original Bag Raiders track, except for cut up and mixed up slithers of the vocal and a 15 second tease of the original synths popping in towards the end. As with their 'remix' of La Fumo Loco, I'd half expect that this was already an 80% finished original track which just had some insignificant elements changed to make easy work of the task. It's your typical IF groove, heavy on the percussion, and some sounds that remind me of old SebastiAn stuff sans overpowering distortion. Does anybody else get that vibe? Maybe I'm thinking of something else. Dunno about a 12" for this release, but it's been on iTunes for a little while now.

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (In Flagranti Remix) [buy]

Will cap this off with a true 70s classic by Azoto, who have had some things recently re-released as strange (and pricey) white label LPs. I think the first time I heard it would have been in Erol's initial Disco 3000 mix which still holds a monthly residency in my car CD player. The vocals in the main version are a bit over the top for me, there's more than enough to hear in the instrumental so we'll leave it at that.

Azoto - San Salvador (12" Instrumental Mix) [buy]

Getting very excited for Mike Simonetti this Friday at La Campana! Get tix now!!

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Recording Records

All 5 records that landed on my doorstep yesterday are total hits, so I'll share the lot. Seriously feels like Christmas every time an order arrives, an excitement that will never get old. Glory's 02 has, in the last couple of months, crept its way up to just about the very top of my favourite records of 2009 chart, so I've been really excited about Leo Zero's next move. Again, this is a really special one! Message Of Love, the A side, features a bold Freddie Mercury vocal and, SERIOUSLY, one of the catchiest basslines I've ever heard in my life. On first listen I literally could not stop singing along with it for the entire 8-odd minutes. Buy this record. Buy everything Leo has touched. Start a Leo Zero church in your neighbourhood, convert everyone on your street. This is excellent music.

Leo Zero - Message of Love (Leo Zero Re-Edit) [buy]

Been really keen to get my hands on this next Fitzcarraldo Variations release, it's so much fun. Cheeky, borderline silly rocky disco seems to be the general theme here. This song makes me picture a bunch of amateur theatre idiots dressed in full body nylon cat suits leaping about in a semi-retarded covert manner. Fantastic! History Clock is truly one of the most obscurely fun labels about.

The Fitzcarraldo Variations - Black Cat [buy]

At first I was a little unimpressed with this Chamboché record I've been reading about... But after a couple more listens I'm warming up to it. The original drags on a bit, but both remixes are quite nice. Going to go with the Pete Herbert mix as my tune of choice since I'm a bit of a sucker for his pleasant and accessible bright-but-not-blinding shimmering disco sound. If you're not looking for a challenge, go for this.

Chamboche - Ipso Facto (Pete Herbert Remix) [buy]

Feeling really lazy at the moment so will breeze through the rest of this. This 4 track Popular People's Front record (original by Rüf Dug + 3 remixes) is the one I was a little unsure about, and turns out it's probably my favourite of the bunch. All the tracks have a twisted kinda tribal feel, really percussive and primitive. The Unabombers remix is my fave, really works the big drum feel hard. A must buy!!

RüF Dug - Dirty (Unabombers Remix) [buy]

Moxie's tribute to MJ is a stunner. I was going to post the big party A side but this edit of Let Me Show You is incredibly beautiful. Probably my favourite memorial that's come out so far, this track is haunting yet soothing at the same time. Very nostalgic, very heartwarming.

High Five - Way To Go [buy]

Anybody in Sydney going to Mike Simonetti next saturday? You should be.

Friday 14 August 2009

Balmy Days and Palmy Bays

A bit of a mixed bag here.

Tim Sweeney's RVNG mix, Mx3. Every few months I go back to it and go overboard with repeat playing it until I have to put it away again for a while. Really just way too good. Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Grace Jones, Kraftwerk, Zongamin... Spectacular. Anyway, I've always had a bit of a thing for this quirky Was (Not Was) tune. It's got an interesting dissonant mentality, a kinda bent sound. So here it is for your judgement. More importantly, though, if you don't have that mix cd of Tim's, GET IT NOW. And get Justine D's too. And get everything that's still available on the site while you still can. Fin.

Was (Not Was) - Wheel Me Out (Remix Version)

At last this Supermayer remix has been officially released on Kompakt's latest compilation, Total 10. Thank god, until now the only version I've had has been defective and cut out 2/3 of the way through. Heart's A Mess is one of my favourite songs of all time (I don't care if it's cliche) and this remix does everything it can to extend and embellish and enhance each heart wrenching moment. Why Gotye didn't want this released is on the single is beyond me. The track grooves and shuffles and swells for the first four minutes until rich velvety strings wash away the beat and open the song up for Gotye's delicate vocals and bone dry acoustic guitar. I could rant about this forever, it's just fucking spectacular. 10/10.

Gotye - Heart's A Mess (Supermayer Supermess Remix) [buy]

Have been hesitant with posting this next Downtown Party Network track for a month now, figured I'd just put it out there and not worry about it anymore. It doesn't completely seal the deal for me because, frankly, it's nothing even slightly new. That said, it's a top quality piece of production and, at the end of the day, it works. Just take it or leave it, maybe it's your thang. Dreamy cruisy synth-heavy nu disco you don't have to think about.

Downtown Party Network - Heart Break Dancing [buy]

This new Hotbath Re-Edits record is fantastic! Apparently the work of Crazy P, the 4 cuts on here are totally varied and totally hot. Quincy Jones and No Doubt on the same record. Strange but cool! And I have to admit, the No Doubt edit (Hella Good) is probably my favourite. It works out to be a bit of a dub version, just the groove smoldering away with minimal vocals. Lots of fun! If you do get a chance to snap this record up before it disappears, it's worth it.

Hotbath - Keep On Dancing [buy]

Who knows why I'm posting this. I guess I don't feel obscure enough sometimes. A Chow Daddy track from an old Moxie record, no clue what it's an edit of. Maybe you'll love it, maybe you'll hate it. Lucky dip!

Chow Daddy - Batman

Also, Juno has a new podcast series, the Juno Disco Series which is curated by Faze Action. Very exciting! Episode 1 has a nice variety of top disco tunes, so make sure you give it a whirl. Oh and it does this really cool thing I haven't seen before where with each different song the artwork and song info changes and it links to the record. Am I just becoming one of those old people who is fascinated by remote controls and voice activation, or is this actually some new funky thing? Yeah, good podcast series imminent. Get into it.

Oh ALSO, Sydneysiders swing by World Bar tomorrow night at 11:30, will play some fun tunes4u. Have a good weekend!!

Monday 10 August 2009

Welcome, Summer

For aaaages I've wanted to do a little Disco Delicious night, at least just a one off thing. It's really hard to find great disco with a bit of a nu edge in Sydney, aside from at Picnic nights, and I'd really love to have a party where there's no compromise with the music policy - just totally top shelf boutique disco. It's still just an idea, but if anybody could offer some tips, info, help, input, whatever- I'd appreciate it. How many of you peeps would come? Promise it would be fun :)

OK MUSIC TIME. LICKING MY LIPS. I find Bob Marley covers tend to be very hit and miss.. This one on D-Classics is right in the center of the target. This red hot big jazz band rendition is stupidly tight and funky. Summer is finally starting to waft under my nose in Sydney - with temperatures beginning to leave the winter brackets - and these tunes are really helping me to get in the banana lounge mood.

The Chequers - Get Up Differently (German Version) [buy]

Lovefingers is all kinds of fantastic, that's no lie. I've been loving the Black Disco series but had never heard the first volume until a few days ago, which features this stunning low-mid tempo Hawaiian shirt hangout tune. Give me a pineapple filled with some kind of tasty alcohol and some ember orange sunlight to bask in, crank this up and await heaven. Ice cool and toasty warm at the same time, this is a huge winner. Check out the rest of the series too if you haven't already, the Soft Rocks' latest offering is top shelf too.

Sammy Barbot - Mexico (Lovefingers' Barrio Edit)

More balcony/beachside goodness here, but with a different flavour - dreamy drifting house from Eddie C out on Jiscomusic. Never in a rush, this song just grooves along at a leisurely pace without a hint of stress. The soothing vocals just get you floating away. Wait for the last section of the song where a big jazzy groove, still laid back, suddenly kicks in and rides on out for the last couple of minutes. Bliss!

Eddie C - You're Welcome [buy]

Luke Vibert's new album We Hear You was released the other day. I had huge expectations. They were shattered, in a bad way. Not that the production isn't overwhelmingly good, which it is, but the whole hip hop influenced electronic music thing (or 'trip hop' as some of you rogue youths have been calling it) really doesn't whip my cream. So instead here's an old 2004 track off one of his other albums, under his Kerrier District alias. Disco influenced electronic music - that's a sound i can go for! All nice fun, bright stuff.

Kerrier District - Illogan

Loud Minority Radio have still been keeping busy and have just released a nice edit of The Clash's ultra groovy disco punk classic The Magnificent Seven. Added a little bit of glitter, a bit of beef to the bass.. And is just generally better for the club. Check out their other recent stuff on their SoundCloud page.

The Clash - The Magnificent Seven (LMR Re-Ride)

Let the BBQ season commence.

Tuesday 4 August 2009


Another lazy week, sorry. Haven't been listening to or looking for much new stuff... But dug up some nice stuff today. This TBD (Lee Douglas and Justin Van Der Volgen) track, which saw an official release last month, is really cool. Dark deep techno-ish sorta house, the music carries a lot of weight in its stride - and packs twice as much on after the breakdown. Very chubby indeed, it really is a winner.

TBD - What Is This? [buy]

Also been shuffling through some of Jacques Renault's quirky house-ish loops released as the Cabin Fever Trax series. Some very fine grooves in amongst the crowd, although a few tedious ones as well. This one is unnecessarily long and could do with a bit of a re-edit to make it more concise, but it's a fucking hot groove! If you're someone who enjoys the

Cabin Fever - Untitled [buy]

Discovered the Tropical Discotheque 12s released on micro-label Sofrito Specials. Not big on volume 2, but the first EP is very tasty with edits of some laid back African disco groves to kick back to. A little left of field but could work on the dancefloor with an open minded crowd. Does such a thing exist? This edit is by Atlantic Conveyor, who do some interesting dubby kinda disco stuff. COOL.

Sofrito Specials - African Disco Power (Atlantic Conveyor Re-work) [buy]

Let's cap things off with something from The Revenge, for the sake of returning to more familiar territory. All of his edits are truly terrific: Graeme always treats the original tracks exactly how they need to be treated. For the clubbier tracks, for example, it's all about building up anxiety and excitement by keeping chorus' to a minimum, ensuring a violent detonation when the climax is finally reached. This Willie Hutch track is super smooth . Sorry for posting MJ, I really wanted to avoid it for a long while yet, but this edit (under his OOFT Music pseudonym) is a great illustrator of what I'm talking about. Drives me crazy.

Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework)

Michael Jackson - Thriller (OOFT Music Edit)