Thursday 8 May 2008

I'm Tired

I could spend forever bitching about blogs and how (particularly in the case of new blogs) they seem to have become everything they started out being against and how I'm really disheartened. But that would take too long. It's more something I'd drunkenly rant about to some poor stranger at a club. So think yourselves lucky. In any case, I'm far less enthusiastic about blogging than I used to be, hence the awful lack of posting. Sorry... I'll just roll with it.

All that aside though: I used to LOVE anything D.I.M. touched and in the last few months it's been a bit the other way around. For me his sound has become quite repetitive and stale. I really don't think it reflects the direction that electronic music is taking at this stage anyway. But I find myself strangely in awe of this not-so-newish mix of his. It's innovative, simple and very well thought out. I just go completely mental for the feel of those drums. It really seems like a love-or-hate tune, so judge for yourself. I found this on the always delightful redthreat - thank you!

Jape - Floating (D.I.M. Remix)

I've taken an instant liking/loving to The Phantom's Revenge, a lovely French fellow. He's really got a knack for gently butchering retro disco-ish sounds and this choon is no exception. Wouldn't have a clue what these samples are, but it's good fun discobanger party noise all the way. Can't wait for more.

The Phantom's Revenge - Moondancer

Another reluctant steal, this time from the marvelous discodust. I couldn't help myself here. Would never have expected Fancy Footwork to make a comeback, but the new remixes are pretty dope (note the cliché blog terminology? I'm really just blending into the rest of the pack now hey?) and particularly the Laidback Luke mix has me jiving around my room like I'm in need of some sort of help. Really nicely reworked for the club to bulldoze dancefloors. In a good way. So funky!

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Laidback Luke Remix)

Here's a classic that I'm posting because, after having the record for a while, I've had a hard time finding it online. The simply lovely Kawazaki dub of NY Excuse, featuring a splash of Funky Town and some fantasticly overdone cowbelling. Perhaps you've heard it, perhaps you haven't, but it's glorious.

Soulwax - NY Lipps (Kawazaki Dub)

Mash ups are cheesy. Boo hoo hoo, I'm not listening. Here's a great one from way back (which in blog terms could mean 2 weeks but not in this case) by Left Handed Bastard. Really just a nice alternative to play out, which is always handy.

Daft Punk vs Cosmos - Take Me Harder (Left Handed Bastard Bootleg Mix)

And finally, Hookie (from Starfuckers) makes a triumphant mixtape return with Less Hands, More Rave Chapter 2. The first was excellent. This is excellent. If you've heard the first, you don't need to be told he has a real talent for jamming things together and making it sound like one big long semi-retarded killer song. Despite the craziness it's got a nice flow, is what I mean. Tracklisting is here.

Hookie - Less Hands, More Rave Ch. 2

Hosting is still in the works. Fuck, I'm seriously going to flip about this soon. Also, thanks to those who keep sending stuff in - I'm about 150 emails behind but I WILL listen sooner or later. Sorry!