Tuesday 30 August 2011


Hello chappy chaps. September is going to be ridiculous. For starters, this saturday we're doing a warehouse party to launch our Picnic DJ agency! Our roster is chock full of legends: Tamas Jones (Hey Convict!), The Loin Brothers, Steele Bonus, Marcus King, Perfect Snatch, Matt Trousdale, Mirror Mirror and Kali. And myself. Yawwwww! Most of us will be spinning at the party - the warehouse space is fantastic, the tunes will be supremo and the people will be tops. Clickety click the flyer for infos. Tickies from Resident Advisor. Doooo ittttt!

Now on with the show. I've been hanging onto a couple of these nice deep electronic tracks until they've had some company. Just nabbed this Sascha Dive record the other week and the Alix Alvarez remix on it is a proper club jam. Simultaneously brimming with bass and delicately crafted up top, it's a real nice sonic bite. I find there's something kinda nostalgic about it, the calculated simplicity really gives it a classic feel. I like it.

Sascha Dive - The Jam (Alix Alvarez Remix) [buy]

I can't seem to find any information about this Auxon fellow, but he/she/they/it have put out a respectable 12" on freshy label Shaddock. Particularly the Liquid Pegasus remix is a bomb for me, which slows the original way down and gets all spacious and space-ish. Plenty of groove and character, delightful synths and wonderful depth. Overall a very nicely engineered track. Liquid Pegasus is a rocking name.

Auxon - Hon Ken (Liquid Pegasus Remix) [buy]

Why oh why did I not pay attention to this Jayson Brothers record when it first came out? Actually I have to wonder why there was ever a time when i was less than blown away by every release by mister MCDE. It's everything I would expect from one of his records: incredible percussion samples, obscenely danceable rhythms, plump bass with lovely lounge chords splashed over the top, a nice vocal hook. Superb! The consistency of the quality he's able to produce is just a bit scary.

Jayson Brothers - Monster Box [buy]

Lastly, I've been secretly having a nice time with this Garcynoise tune for a while now. It's not huuugely my usual thing but I just love the pokey little lead line, I find it quite endearing. Super tight, it just plucks away with fingertippy keys and crispy drums, getting the foundations right. Good clean fun!

Garcynoise - Dirty Black Dust [buy]

See you all in Spring :))))))

Thursday 25 August 2011

Forget Me Knot

The latest Majestys Pleasure is wheely wheely cool. The A1, a slight edit of Booker T's Don't Stop Your Love, is way too juicy. Although the intro sounds like it's the only thing that's been drastically touched, it's the mastering of the record that's seriously impressive. The whole thing is A-grade marbled beef, fat and tender with beautiful clarity. It's one of those handy records where all four tracks are 100% usable in a nice variety of situations - something you can keep in your bag at all times that makes you feel nice and safe. Lurvly release.

Majestys Pleasure - Don't Stop The Dub [buy]

More Melbourne Deepcast hot sauce - MD002 is from Francis Inferno Orchestra and Andy Hart. It's an obvious winner. I'm so thoroughly impressed that Melbourne has developed such a distinct deep sound. So many talented dudes, so much good vibe. This record isn't quite as varied as the last, the three tracks are all hovering around a warmth-factor of 9, but that's totally fine with me. The Francis Inferno Orchestra B2 is especially beautiful, a fluttery louge disco jam saturated in soul. Andy and FIO's collab is just great - the vocal samples are fantastic, they make me want to listen to this track all day.

Andy Hart & Francis Inferno Orchestra - D2ME [buy]

This record - I guess you'd call it a reissue of sorts - that Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel (of Glass Candy) have put out is really fab. Four versions of a track penned by Gloria Sklerov that make up quite a charming release. Each of the interpretations has a unique and wonderful element that makes it great - the vocals in the ballad version are just awesome, the Disconet remix is disco slamming, the music in the German version is fucking killer and the piano in the piano version is obviously pretty tops.

Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel - Hollywood Seven (Piano Version) [buy]

Italian label Really Swing has quickly become one of my absolute faves - picked up the first two records by Quiroga the other week and they're astonishingly good! Sitting somewhere between trip hop, IDM and 'other', listening just once through makes it pretty clear the guy is a bit of a genius. These two tracks from the first record are so wonderful, but it's the segue inbetween that really gets me grinning every time so I thought I'd be a bit risqué and double up. So awesome. Check out this stunning mix by Quiroga as well if the sun's out where you are. Marvellous.

Quiroga - Liberati Funk + Wade Miller [buy]

September is going to be gargantuan, will harp on about all sorts of good goings on in coming posts. xx

Thursday 11 August 2011

Delishcast 008

Back to the lazy mixed bag playlist format which I like best :) some cool new stuff, some cool old stuff, some nostalgic classics. I've had a massive Luke Vibert revival of late and can't stop listening to his records, it's just exquisite electronic music. The Sleep D remix is one of my favourite tracks in a long time, enjoy that one. 40 Thieves' new remix is an absolute corker, though I'm still undecided about the original track. It's all good stuff.

Delishcast 008 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. Dimitri From Paris - Prologue
2. Smith & Mudd - Elsewhere [buy]
3. Pompeya - Cheenese (Lipelis Remix) [buy]
4. Luke Vibert - Negresco
5. Chet Faker - Love and Feeling (Sleep D Remix)
6. Johnwaynes - Funky Sensation [buy]
7. Bop Singlayer - Flirt [buy]
8. Jerry Williams - Call To Arms (Kane Rework) [buy]
9. Ruf Dug - Dirty (Leo Zero Remix)
10. Beastie Boys - In 3's [buy]
11. Kid Creole & The Coconuts - I Do Believe (40 Thieves Remix) [buy]
12. Orm - Tropic [buy]
13. Mudd & Pollard - Scaffold
14. Jamiroquai - Corner of the Earth
15. Black Cow - Be Mine [buy]
16. Bullion - Don't Talk
17. Sukebe Loop Udon - Is It Called Playgirl? [buy]

Direct link to mp3

We'll be doing a big relaunch of our Sunday party when spring comes around and hopefully I'll also get a little Disco Delicious thing going, so you don't have to worry about boring weekends :) xx

Thursday 4 August 2011


Having returned from Splendour in a rather shady state I don't feel very confident about writing any kind of coherent post. This Los Charly's Orchestra record is fuckin great - no bullshit, just top quality live disco business made by two legends in the UK. The B2 seriously does it for me with funky-wunky bass and nice bright horns. Awesome writing, awesome performance, top notch 12".

Los Charly's Orchestra - Music For The Soul [buy]

Big love for this Beat Broker edit of Jerry Williams on Ghost Town. The original is fantastic too but this reworking just gives it a bit more drive and conviction. Lots of reverb and echoing and all kinds of effecty fluttering going, it's well nice. Surprise bonus on the B with a sub-90bpm rock bumper.

Jerry Williams - Easy On Yourself (Beat Broker's Dub Mix) [buy]

Shiit this little Bop Singlayer 10" out on Really Swing has really got me frothing. Listening to one song won't do it justice - there are 8 tracks crammed onto that little disc, each a brief brilliant idea with an overall vibe that smooshes together all kinds of genres. Sample heavy electronic hip-hop is a very poor way of describing it I won't bother trying to describe it, just click on that buy link and listen to the clips to get the gist of what it's all about. So super cool.

Bop Singlayer - Ice Cream [buy]

40 Thieves have churned out some superb stuff in the last little while, one of my favourites being this release on Leng. Lovely groovy spacey sorta stuff. My brain is collapsing and I'm really running out of words here, everybody knows 40 Thieves are always absolutely top quality and this is one of their finest. Buy it, hey.

40 Thieves - Backward Love [buy]

Return to semi-coma state, tata.