Tuesday 26 July 2011

Paradise Recovered

Ladies and gentledudes, you have only one homework assignment this week: set aside a good five hour chunk of time and experience this absolutely incredible relic from Paradise Garage's second birthday party, 1979, which was aired for the first time ever on Saturday. Following an hour or so of brilliant interviews and scene-setting, you've got around 4 hours of one of the most sensational things ever put to tape. Starting off with mind blowing live performances from Sylvester and Dan Hartman, it documents a spectacular night at the mythical Garage with disco music's equivalent of Jesus, Larry Levan, spinning for over three hours on the best quality recording I've heard from the era.

This is pure disco education. The music is spectacular and the message is timeless. It's so exciting that something like this should surface some 30-odd years later and still be completely relevant and thrilling - there are so many moments that made me shiver with pleasure. It looks like the broadcast will only be available to stream for another 5 days, after that I might just pop up an mp3 rip of it if that's kosher. In any case, get stuck in and get inspired. Invite some friends round, play it loud have a good time!

BBC Legends of the Dance Floor: A Piece Of Paradise - Paradise Garage's 2nd Birthday Party

Have a lovely weekend everybody - I'm heading up to spin a couple of records at Splendour early on Friday if anyone else is hitting it up. Got some nice new records to post up next week too. Much love!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Hi Jay

Heaps tired ay brothers and sisters, shall we keep it concise? Yes. So I picked up this early Dimitri From Paris EP the other week which is really lovely. This is a particularly nice cut. It reminds me of something Dimitri From Paris would do, all French and that. Get yo lounge vibe on. Thanks.

Dimitri From Paris - Free Ton Style [buy]

I could do with a bit of a Sleep D right now. Yes indeed these Melbourne lads are killing me softly right now. This one is great, the bass is all like 'bwummmmmmmrr' and the kick is all like 'boof boof' and somehow all those things come together just fine. If I was to label this music with a genre, I would call it 'Good'. If I was to invent a genre that this sounds nothing like, it would be 'Shitcore'.

Sleep D - Mazes

This wonderful little Doctor Stereo seven inchy on the ultra-marvellous Names You Can Trust is a really happy thing. It's all cumbia and stuff - there's this piano that blings and blongs and plods and plonks, rumbly wumbly drums, all these fun percussive things that do all kinds of nice sounds that it would be fun to try and type out but then again that sounds like a lot of effort. And there's this woo-woo little synth thingy like a computer game siren that's great to look out for. A+

Doctor Stereo - La Cumbia Perdida [buy]

Goodness me this Haules Baules track woke me up. When that big butch bassline comes in you turn to your pal or you look in your mirror if you don't have any pals and you make this face that's like 'aw yeahhhh dude' which is sorta 15% surprise, 65% pleasure and 20% miscellaneous and you start nodding your head and probably punching the air. Make sure you have sufficient space to do that or you could hurt yourself or somebody else. Go to work and earn money then come home and spend that money on buying the good records like this one.

Haules Baules - Hit Me Slowly [buy]

Also peep your peepers on this biz going on at LN-CC - old mate Mark Seven (aka GOD) is selling some rekkids and doing some jockeying and stuff instore. This goodness will be up online over four weeks I believe so get ya credit cards out and start weeping. Checkit here. See you guys in bed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 8 July 2011

Delishcast 007

I've finally got off my ass and done a proper DJ mix to showcase a few of the super rad deep sounds coming out of Melbourne at the moment as well as some old faves I've neglected for a long time. I couldn't think of a better way to kick things off than with a couple of Lewie Day productions - the biggest of the big wigs from the past couple of years in Melbourne's deep house scene. From there, there's some stuff from Victorian dudes Weekend Express, Fantastic Man and Sleep D who are all currently killing it.

I like the idea of doing mixes which start off bright and energetic and slowly that energy dissipates and things become a bit darker or gloomier or more obscure - where 'shit gets real'. So that's kinda what this is. Hope ya dig.

Delishcast 007 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. Tornado Wallace - Paddlin' [buy]
2. Andy Ash - Whitefly Powder [buy]
3. Lewie Day - Some Kinda Man [buy]
4. Trickski - Point 0 (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix) [buy]
5. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #6 [buy]
6. Fantastic Man - From Start To Finish [buy]
7. Sleep D - Makin' You Melt
8. Weekend Express - After Party [buy]
9. M. Miutante - Seeing Crystals [buy]
10. Metro Area - Caught Up
11. Fantastic Man - Say What You Said [buy]

Direct link to mp3


Friday 1 July 2011

Cobolt Carbon Potassium (hehe)

Awwww this Yasuko Agawa tune is such a dream, I love everything about it. The magnificent vibraphone pattering away, the Steely Dan-esque backing vocals, Yasuko's swooning singing, the hyper-tight rhythm section... This song is a total winner. That'll do.

Yasuko Agawa - L.A. Nights

Been giving the Almunia album a thorough workout and it's just as fine as I hoped and expected it would be. It slots into the Claremont 56 catalogue perfectly - you've got the slow-mo disco element, the gentle psychedelic vibe, plenty of warm melodious lead guitars with beautiful analogue synths providing the bedding. This track is one of my favourites - it's a bit bolder with percussion and drums sitting at the forefront driving things along, but it's still got the well crafted mesh of harmonies that makes the music so comfortable to listen to. Everything on the album is superbly arranged - carefully and patiently thought out. Quality.

Almunia - Moving Up Slowly [buy]

More cruisiness here in the form of a real fine AN-2 & Samos remix of a russian band called Pompeya. Well not a great deal has been done to the original song really, aside from cutting the lead vocals and padding things out with some tasty synths it's fairly similar. Still, this is the one for me. Perfect for an afternoon recline session. With just the backing 'oooh' vocals remaining I feel rather soothed and content with this spinning, wakka wakka guitars going about their business, bass plodding along. The other remixes are rather nice as well, this is definitely a solid record.

Pompeya - Cheenese (AN-2 & Samos Instrumental Mix) [buy]

Although this Futurism sampler record is pretty cheesy, the PBR Streetgang James Brown rework is fairly awesome. It really makes me think of something Theo Parrish would play - with all the hard filtering going on I can picture him doing his usual act of going bezerk on the EQ, and it's great! Properly thumping stuff, it's a whole heap of fun to play. Yeah that's pretty much it.

PBR Streetgang - J2ThaB [buy]