Sunday 21 December 2008

Love You

Buenos Aires is totally bueno. Been here for 4 full days and feel like I've done a month worth of stuff. Very cool city. Not sure how much time I'll have to yap on here, so I'm guessing most of these posts will be fairly brief. Sozski. Here are some songs from the vault.

So.... Everyone loves The Rapture. Both their albums are long time megafaves of mine and the older they get the fresher they get, I reckon. These are a few of my favourite dancified remixes. The DFA dub is a really slick reworking with some gorgeously constructed sounds, in true DFA style. The Tenderlions mix is probably my favourite of the lot - a totally classic song that gets blended up with a bit of clubby electro vibes and some funky bassline grooviness. I used to punish Ewan Pearson's mix on the decks way too often, kind of forgot about it for a while but giving it a good ipod revival now. It's a really cool version! And the Prince Language edit of Get Myself Into It is in for good measure, a more DJ friendly option of my personal 2006 (may or may not be correct year) summer anthem.

The Rapture - Sister Savior (DFA Dub)

The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers (Tenderlions Remix)

The Rapture - I Need Your Love (Ewan Pearson 'Stay In School' Vocal Mix)

The Rapture - Get Myself Into It (Prince Language Disco Edit)

I wish I wasn't so useless at speaking spanish. Aside from asking for beer, counting to 6 and thanking people left right and center I'm pretty useless. Loving the size of beer servings here. And the weather. Not loving cinnamon on top of cappuccinos. What's with that? Seriously, worst combo.

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Discoteca Authentica

My last morning in Sydney for 10 weeks! Crazy. I've got the BARE bones of 10 more posts ready to flesh out and post while I'm in South Amerry, so with any luck nobody will go hungry. Although if my ipod gets lost/stolen there's a good chance I won't have any idea what I'm talking about with half of the tracks, so let's hope that doesn't happen! There's a lot of stuff being heaved out from the vault since I can't really be finding new music, but I think it should all be pretty decent! Anyway.....

Super authentic funky disco from France! Arpadys' self titled 1977 release seems to be the only thing these guys put out under this name, but it's HOT. A couple of their songs remind me of Space a bit, though maybe a touch less spacey. Monkey Star in particular makes me think of them. Stone Roller does a bit too, but with a bit more funkfunk. PS, man this Space video rocks.

Arpadys - Monkey Star

Arpadys - Stone Roller

Arpadys - Meteor One

Be cool kids this summer/winter! Details of my escapades will be on offer for those who wish to feign interest.

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Disco Delicious' Top 10 Delicacies of 2008

I didn't really do one of these last year, but figured i might as well keep going with the crowd and jump on the top 10 bandwagon. Love conforming. I know it's a little bit early but I wanted to get it out of the way before I skip the country in a week. Most of the tracks act more as representatives of a certain artist or label or album or whatever, so keep that in mind.

I've loved this year and the way it's panned out music-wise. My electro hangover began to creep up in earlier months and I was left in a bit of a 'what the fuck was I thinking' state for some of it. Oh the bangers... Listening to some stuff I used to post feels like witnessing a death metal band being murdered with chainsaws and cheap drum machines. As we know, what comes up must go down. I've since been drifting through phases of house, disco, nu disco and other stuff that's a bit more laid back. Perhaps senility and a sudden enthusiasm for playing bridge instead of going clubbing is just around the corner for me. We'll see. Anyway I feel like 08 has been great for me in terms of discovering new music that I really love. So without further ramblings, here are my 10 picks for two thousand and eight.


#10 Heavinz - Ride (Matt Hughes Remix)

Matt Hughes has been a star this year. His gorgeous funky house music is just so refreshing and enjoyable in any situation. The same goes for everybody else on the exceptional Us Two Music label from the Netherlands. This song in particular really hits the spot for me. Uplifting spacey vibe with an irresistibly beautiful sounding bassline. Top notch production (I can even look past the blatant use of the drum line from Girl And The Sea) and just an all round nice feeling. Pleasant!


#9 Mr. Oizo - Two Takes It feat. Carmen Castro

After a long wait between albums, Lambs Anger went above and beyond to meet every expectation I had of the genius Mr. Oizo. I don't like picking one song out since it's really all about the full album experience and the context the tracks provide one another, but this has to be my favourite. Such a super fun party mentality, and the production is ridiculously good. Nobody makes it seem as easy. An absolute must-own LP!


#8 In Flagranti - Codependancy

Again I don't really want to just choose one In Flagranti song. And this one might have you cats scratching your heads (might) since it's probably not the most obvious pick. Regardless, this tune in particular really grabbed me. Such an insanely solid groove (hehe i said solid groove) all sitting on just about the one note. Pretty much. It just shows how magnificent they are at producing and the infinite levels of attention to detail that make their tracks extra special. They always stun me with their versatility and their ability to make it seem like they've been producing [insert genre here] forever and ever. Love it.


#7 Ian Preece - Superfuzz (Disco Mix)

Ok so this wasn't originally released this year, but it does seem to have been re-released once or twice in 08 since its conception last year so WHATEVER. This is dazzling lounge disco at its finest. Such a sensationally smooth bassline groove with beautiful creamy synths, funky strutting guitar, melting horns and fiery percussion. Every detail is well thought out and perfectly matched. Gorgeous stuff! This kind of thing can surely never get old. Moral of the story: Ian Preece rocks.


#6 The Whitest Boy Alive vs Mylo vs Cut Copy - Otto's Golden Journey

Alright, I really want to stress that this isn't some kind of self-indulgent wankery. I'm posting this because it's a good way to combine my heavy obsession in 2008 with Mylo, Fred Falke and, to a lesser extent, Cut Copy. It's also a way of including all three without addressing the fact that none of the songs involved were actually released this year, unless you count Hearts on Fire's re-release. Otto's Journey was undoubtedly one of my most listened-to songs this year. The Whitest Boy Alive remix is a dead set classic. Hearts on Fire, despite being one of the most overplayed songs of the year, is still a work of sheer brilliance and has to be recognised for that. Together I think they go quite nicely and allow me to squeeze all three infatuations into one space-saving slot here. I hope you, my dear friends, can accept my justification!


#5 The Juan Maclean - Happy House

I live for summer! I pretty much spend the other 9 months of the year checking my watch, tapping my feet, generally looking very impatient. And cold. For me, this tune is a stunning musical representation of summer. 12 minutes of tropical jam! I just float away and imagine drinking all kinds of delicious alcohol out of coconuts while riding dolphins and having my back scratched by beautiful women in straw skirts who I can't understand. Usually the reality is more like 15 tonnes of meat on a bbq with a beer in one hand and a sweat rag in the other complaining about my 3rd degree sunburn, but I'm fine with that. The fact of the matter is that The Juan Maclean has summed it all up with Happy House, one of the most fun and enjoyable tunes to surface this year, from its bouncy beach start to its firey club end.


#4 Syclops - The Fly

Syclops' album I've Got My Eye On You is my album of the year. A crazy genre-spicing experiment gone horribly right, the band pull together jazz, electronica, nu disco, indie, avant-garde wackiness and a whole bunch of other fancy categories in an amazing way. This is awesomely eclectic music. This song in particular just blows me away. You'll need to properly listen and pay attention to it to reap the rich rewards it offers, but it's well worth it. It really is just genius. The Soulwax-esque mono synth darts around for the first half of the song building up plenty of anxiety and then BAM - but a really gentle kind of BAM - a delightfully mellow synth comes out of nowhere and the song is immediately transformed into a dazzling lake of musical sex. The addition of one simple instrument is like a sudden injection of intense emotion, and from here the track just spreads out over a colourful psychedelic jam landscape. These guys are just too good - get their album!!


#3 Hercules and Love Affair - Blind (Serge Santiago Version)

Yep, a terribly obvious selection. Seriously, who didn't Hercules & Love Affair impress this year? Aside from people who just couldn't get their head around Antony's unique and perhaps gender confused gorgeous voice (I'm not saying I don't love it! I do!), did the album actually disappoint anybody? I can't see how it would have. The simple and superfresh nu disco vibes certainly had an influence on our little corner of music this year, and I expect will continue to inspire in years to come. Yes, the Frankie Knuckles mix is just the epitome of exquisite, but I reckon the Serge Santiago version is just as special. So deep and brooding, and a perfect match for the vocals. The sheer weight of it always leaves an impact on me. Can't wait for more H&LA in years to come, if we're lucky enough!


#2 Holy Ghost! - Hold On (Mock & Toof Remix)

Holy Ghost! have to be the most consistently brilliant act of the year for me. Yes they've been blogged like crazy and in a lot of cases that would turn me off a bit, but these guys are simply too good to let that worry me. If they reached Daft Punk stupidfame status I'd still openly admit to listening to them non stop. Once again being a bit of a sneak, this fantastic Mock & Toof remix means I can post this track as a tune which was released in 08. And oh my god I've been loving Mock & Toof this year too. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Hold On appearing on a bunch of 'best of 09' charts too - it seems ridiculous that they haven't exploded by now even with just that track. Their upcoming debut LP is my most anticipated release right now, bar none. Enjoy these peachy plodding summer sounds.


#1 The Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Tim Sweeney - if not for going to see his brilliant set in Sydney I would probably not have known of this perfect track. To be totally honest, upon first listening to this after hearing Tim was punishing it as a set opener, I was a little underwhelmed. I guess listening to so much 'dance' music in the last few years has made me a bit impatient. I kind of wanted some crazy explosion after the build up and didn't feel properly satisfied. Five listens later I was nearly in tears over the unparallelled concentration of joy pumping through my body. The amount of energy this song manages to ever so sneakily cook up is just absurd. I think it might one day be used as a healthy alternative to caffeine. Perhaps it will eliminate the need to give adrenaline shots to people having bad allergic reactions. Listen to this AS LOUD AS YOU CAN. For me it still gets better with every listen, which must be defying some sort of scientific laws of existence... I can only hope that The Laughing Light of Plenty will release more.


What do you guys think? I know top tens are always a bit controversial, but I tried to really just represent as a whole everything I've loved about this year. It really has been a great one: one in which I feel like music has really moved forward in. Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't, but that's how it's been for me. Hope you're all still enjoying the stuff I'm putting up here! Keep reading! Kisses.

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Venez-Vous Ici Souvent?

I have been absent for far too long.
I'll try to not let it happen again!
Let's get started...

This track by Live Element is a simple, care-free groove riding on a wave of French filter:

Live Element - Be Free

Roy Rogers delivers an often missed French house gem from yesteryear (2001):

Roy Rogers - Graceland

With a crazy, pornographic breakdown, Australia's own A.D.A.M. BABY! (A Disco Ate My Baby) dishes out a super chic track with vocals you wish your girlfriend had:

A.D.A.M. BABY! - Hi Beam Baby

In a classic French house style, Nicolas Vallée offers up a great track with wobbly synths and epic swooshes (that's how I'd describe it!):

Nicolas Vallée - New New York

Tube & Berger only had one hit song, but it was a doozy. This extended version gives you the satisfying vocals while sticking around long enough to give you a satisfactory amount of that quirky melody before the track ends:

Tube & Berger - Straight Ahead (Extended Version)

By FAR one of my favorite disco house tracks. This Les Rythmes Digitales remix of Chili Hifly (very little produced) has you so entranced with the looped vocals that you're taken aback when the breakdown hits. If you didn't flip out around 4'40", seek help:

Chili Hifly - Is It Love (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)

Ladyhawke is hot enough as is, but an Alex Gopher remix gives this track the bitchy, distorted overhaul it needs to get worked up. I know you shake about in sync when the vocals get cut up & looped - don't lie:

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)

A little out in left field, Magazine 60 created an intoxicating melody with wacky vocals way back when (1981). With strange telephone ringing sounds, ridiculous breakdowns, and spectacular 80s synth lines, this is a classic. Is it too weird to enjoy? No señor! Amazingly, these guys are actually French:

Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte

Though it takes about 700 hours to get up and moving, Playmaker & Stonebridge & Axwell work together to make a super smooth house tune. Sure, it doesn't really go anywhere - but with so many layered instruments and classic disco house production styles (come on, they're all Swedish), you won't care. Those high piano notes coupled with echoed vocals make this a classic house track from a time long forgotten (2003):

Playmaker - Black Pony (Stonebridge & Axwell Ecstasy Mix)

Today's post was mostly a journey through outdated French house from the early 2000s - but wasn't it nice to remember? There's so many interesting things happening in music today, yet so much forgotten and missed from a few years ago. Did you get your healthy dose of filter house?

Wednesday 3 December 2008


Have to keep this short, too much to dooooo!

In Flagranti must be seriously busy guys. Keep seeing new things popping up all the time - it's swell. This Act Yo Age remix in particular is one of my favourite things of theirs I've heard lately. Solid solid solid bassline groove. So solid. A FlagrantiHunt also sent me in the direction of Ajello, a couple of Italian guys making some interesting music on a predominantly techy label. See what you think.

Act Yo Age - La Fumo Loco (In Flagranti Remix)

Ajello - Dolphy (In Flagranti Re-Edit)

Love Mock & Toof. Really. This is one of the nicest songs I've heard lately. A lovely spacey disco cruise with some very pretty production. And this Pilooski edit has dominated my stereo for quite a while now, I've only just worked up the courage to post it. How outlandish! Seriously it's quite sensational, Pilooski is just stupidly good.

Mock & Toof - Zomby Disco

Del Shannon - Gemini (Pilooski Edit)

I'll have a top 10 of '08 up within the week to make sure it's out of the way before I go get South Americanised. Tata.

Tuesday 25 November 2008

These Post Titles Are Getting Lazier And Lazier. Sorry.

So during what is probably my 800th relapse into a WhoMadeWho obsession (not an exaggeration) I had a look at what they've been up to lately and subsequently ended up having a huge dig through the whole Gomma Records back catalogue. So many forgotten classics, so many great gems I'd missed. In particular, I'm always stoked to be reminded of Munk's Kick Out The Chairs. Is it just me or does Nancy Wang have an amazingly sexy voice? I can't not love any song she's in. Anyway, I'd like to get some opinions here - do you guys prefer the WhoMadeWho or Tomboy remix? The WMW one is fun and bouncy with chaotically fast vocals, whilst the Tomboy one is a high speed train of crazy bashing synths with a bit of room to move with the lyrics - it also has a bit of nostalgic value for me since the Bang Gang used it in Mashed Two. They're both wacky tunes. I was also going to post the *deep breath* Tomboy Dub Edit of the Hot Chip remix of WhoMadeWho's 'TV Friend' but have to say I prefer the unedited version with the vocals. So there.

Munk - Kick Out The Chairs (WhoMadeWho Remix)

Munk - Kick Out The Chairs (Tomboy Remix)

WhoMadeWho - TV Friend (Hot Chip Remix)

A couple of other things I found in my dive - a really nice old Jacques Lu Cont remix, and some stuff by Golden Bug who, I have to admit, I've never heard of before. The Jacques mix is a beautiful lounge-esque groove with a slightly retro feel and some beautiful sound effects floating round. More laid back than I'm used to hearing from Price, not that it's a bad thing! The Golden Bug track does sound pretty familiar, but then again maybe not. I really like the whispery vocals. The song sits somewhere between disco and electro, not being too heavy on each. A nice balance.

Leroy Hanghofer - Pin (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

Golden Bug - Bisco

Just for the sake of it, here are a couple more WhoMadeWho and Munk tunes. The Munk remix sounds to me a bit DFA with some poppy vocals thrown in. Really hot funky shit. And I found it too hard to resist posting another back-in-the-day tune from Mashed Two; WMW's supercool cover of Mr. Oizo's Flat Beat. The bassline is just perfectly cool. Myum.

Michael Fakesch - Soda (Munk Remix)

WhoMadeWho - Flat Beat

Cmon there must be SOMEONE with some gig hookups somewhere in South America? Eeeeeeemail me please!! :)

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Sneaky Tuesday

Ahoy there. I just got the new Metro Area Fabric CD and nearly pissed myself listening to the intro. Love those dudes. Great idea, I'll post some! I swear I heard Morgan Geist talking on Beats In Space about a new Metro Area release that came out recently, but after minimal searching I can't really find anything. Any ideas? Anyway, here are a couple of my faves of theirs. Orange Alert is a total classic of course, and coming back to it after listening to the DFA remix non stop was really refreshing! The arrangement, sounds, composition - everything! - is so well done. The special dub of Read My Mind really does it for me too, they're just so good at making things sound simple and easy and amazingly groovy. Grab their Fabric album - it's a winner!

Metro Area - Orange Alert

Metro Area - Read My Mind (Special Dub)

Two songs I really can't stop listening to the moment happen to be on pretty opposite ends of the spectrum. #1 is Codependency by In Flagranti. Who knew one note could be so much fun? It's really rare to hear a song that's based on something so simple with such a colossal amount of feel and groove. Play it teeth shatteringly loud, it's fantastic! #2 is a Pilooski edit of Elvis Presley. Retaining, accentuating and modernising Presley's ultra high cool factor. This is a seriously brilliant edit.

In Flagranti - Codependancy

Elvis Presley - Crawfish (Pilooski Edit)

Hmm what else is new... Found a couple of gorgeous new tracks the other day by Chateau Flight and Lullabies In The Dark, two artists I'm really digging at the moment. I just spilled tea on my keyboard :( lame. The Chateau tune is a beautiful relaxed disco number slash space cruise with plenty of bongos to boot. Love bongos. Bongos and cowbell should be mandatory instruments learned at school I reckon, not shitty recorders and xylophones. The Lullabies track, remixed by Superpitcher, is a 10 minute journey of gliding synths which make you float away off to awesomeland. Where everyone plays bongos :)

Chateau Flight - Prism

Lullabies In The Dark - Iridium (Superpitcher Remix)

Last but not least, I feel i should probably give our neighbour Miami Horror's EP a plugging since it's finally out. It turned out really nice too! Not that it wasn't expected. This song has bongos so it's already a winner! And coupled with a glorious Voyager-esque bass it secures itself nicely. Definitely grab a copy of this when you see it around.

Miami Horror - Make You Mine (Instrumental)
NB: Replaced with the instrumental by request.

OK, I'm done.

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Casual Wednesday

Hey everyone. Tell me something interesting. I like hearing interesting stuff. Did you know owls are the only bird that can see the colour blue? Anyway, I'm going to keep using my weekend plans as post material, so cop a couple of Joakim tracks. He's playing at the Civic on Friday which I'm really keen for! Electro's favourite French Fry, Joakim has (obviously) been on the scene for yonks and is completely awesome. Check these out - the first is a remix by Tim Goldsworthy of DFA, which you clearly can't go past, and the second (thanks VoulesRandom) is off his recently released remixes album, which is well worth a purchase! He's an extremely versatile producer and I wouldn't ever want to pin him down to even 3 genres. I didn't say electro before, shut up. Hit it up on Friday if you're a Sydneysider.

Joakim - Lonely Hearts (Loving Hand Remix)

Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass (Joakim Remix)

I still can't stop listening to this Tracey Thorn track since it was introduced to me by Ash Le Rouge's Locodisco mix a month or two ago. It's the definition of gorgeous. Escort, an extremely cool sixteen piece band, really pulled this off in a beautiful way, creating a sparkling and uplifting groovy musical bed underneath Tracey's orgasmic voice. Just about perfect. Speaking of sparkling, this Ian Preece track really caught my ear for the very same reason. Extremely funky disco, that's all that needs to be said :)

Tracey Thorn - It's All True (Escort Extended Remix)

Ian Preece - Superfuzz (Disco Mix)

Any excuse to rattle on about DFA some more is a good one. But, I don't actually have an excuse today. Again, shut up. These three epic jams pretty much exemplify the whole DFA 'thing', methinks. The Black Leotard Front track is apparently by some sort of art/dance troupe who only ever recorded this one song to be used on stage. Or something. I have a feeling they had a LOT of help from James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy... Either way, it's 15 epic minutes of TOTAL DFA odyssey, with trademark hip bassline and silly vocals. The LCD Soundsystem mix is another grand jam affair, mashing together disco, punk, indie, funk and electro into the label's familiar wacky eclectic style. As a bonus, here's a nice and refreshingly different mix of the Holy Ghost! superhit. A bit more upbeat and easy going, I reckon it's a really cool (for lack of a less lame term) funkification.

Black Leotard Front - Casual Friday

LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Pretentious Mix)

Holy Ghost! - Hold On (Mix 3)

Did you know giraffes can go longer without water than camels? Defs my preferred mode of desert transport.

Friday 7 November 2008

Cosmic Cosmosis

Hey gang. To begin with, I'd like to put out a bit of a squeal for help. I'm going to South America from mid December til the end of Feb and was wondering if anybody in the area would be able to help me get a gig in either Bariloche, Buenos Aires, or Rio during Carnaval... Just thought it'd be a load of fun to have a spin while I'm over there, but I can't say I have too many South American contacts :\ any help would be greatly appreciated! (send me an email)

In other news, Cosmo Vitelli hits Sydney on Friday night and I'm seriously excited! To celebrate I've got some glorious tracks to hand out. Cosmo doesn't need much of an introduction - a really forward thinking producer who's been around the track and has built up a varied repertoire of sensational tunes. Currently I'm giving some of his remixes a good bashing. His more recent mix of Hotdog (featured on Sample and Hold) is killer. A nice muddy disco jam. His Yuksek mix is several shades darker and thumps along with a slight yet funky hint of something industrial. CANNOT wait to see him! More info.

Simian Mobile Disco - Hotdog (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)

Yuksek - Everywhere In Town (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)

Cosmo's label, I'm a Cliche, is just as superfab and I can't count how many times I've seen it refered to as the European answer to DFA. Probably not far off. The latest release by ENTERTAINMENT is fuckin cool! Big sexy bass cooljive complete with chocolate vocals and Herbie Hancock 'Rockit' synths. Actually come to think of it, the bassline is damn close to it. No wonder I love it! Bot'Ox - one part Cosmo, one part Julien Briffaz - are something a bit different from Mr. Vitelli, but equally quality. Have a look back on the blog for Babylon By Car, if it's still up.. Grand Central is a pretty little number. And I'll throw in an old SMD track from their 2004 release on the very same label. If you haven't heard it, it may not be what you expect!


Bot'Ox - Grand Central

Simian Mobile Disco - Upside Down

Also popping its head out of the record box, but with no relation to CV and the gang, is another guy I stumbled across with thanks to Tim Sweeney (not going to stop spurting drooling love rants about him for a while yet) who resides on the fantastico Permanent Vacation label. Lullabies In The Dark is one half of Aeroplane, so instant cred is given, but further listening proves within a shadow of a doubt he's pretty swish. Have a look. Also been listening to a lot of Pilooski and stuff on Dirty Edits, which is all brill. This one is a particular fave of mine - a really tight funky wakka-wakka guitar burrrrning disco.

Lullabies In The Dark - Code 7429

Octet - Euro vs Dollar (Pilooski Edit)

See you at Cosmo (yes?)

Friday 31 October 2008

Remember the Remixes

Today's post is all about remix artists. Too often, we only look at an artist's original productions and miss out on their remixes. Let's get started:

New York's Masters At Work puts a stylish, lounge-friendly touch to the tracks they remix.

Daft Punk - Around The World (Masters At Work Mix)

AtmOsfear - Dancing In Outer Space (Masters At Work Remix)

Norway's Röyksopp beefs up other people's tracks with their enchanting melodies, transforming an otherwise traditional song into electronica.

Spiller - Cry Baby (Röyksopp's Malselves Memorabilia Mix)

Coldplay - Clocks (Röyksopp Mix)

France's Anoraak reworks tracks into new wave synth masterpieces. Although a bit slow for some, this is an emerging style of music that takes the production elements of Lifelike remixes and blends them with the spacey, retro sound heralded by the incredible Valerie blog. Anoraak remixes are poster children for this type of sound.

College - Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix)

The Outrunners - Cool Feeling (Anoraak Remix)

England's Mylo has an inventive approach to remixing songs, turning pop songs into something more danceable by playing with bass lines and adding a little something to make sure it has a consistent beat (usually).

Annie - Chewing Gum (Mylo Remix)

Flat Pack - Sweet Child of Mine (Mylo Edit)

America's (I KNOW, I WAS SURPRISED, TOO) Thin White Duke (also known as Stuart Price, Jacques Lu Cont, Pour Homme, Man With Guitar, Les Rythmes Digitales, and a member of Zoot Woman and Paper Faces!) really knows how to work his magic when it comes to remixes. Often extending the original track to 7 or 8 minutes, Price changes a track into something much more engrossing, often adding a darker, epic feeling.

Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (Thin White Duke Mix)

Starsailor - Four To The Floor (Thin White Duke Remix)

Although I'm not a fan of his original productions, I really enjoy remixes done by Serge Santiágo. Oddly, his work on the remix of "I Like 2 Funk" is amazingly different from his other remixes - it's funky and groovy, whilst his other remixes are typically a bit more linear and deeper. I highly recommend "I Like 2 Funk," with its insatiable, choppy bass and tinge of disco-era instruments.

Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse (Serge Santiágo Re-Edit)

Blackjax & Void - I Like 2 Funk (Ben Burns & Serge Santiágo Remix)

Okay, these next two remixes are shamelessly disco house - because that's a genre both you and I adore, right? Ian Carey, an American (SERIOUSLY?), gives tracks an extra boost by injecting flanger effects and warm, rubbery bass lines. Of all the tracks on this post, these two are by far the most danceable - good for you DJs out there. Enjoy!

Noir - My MTV (Ian Carey Remix)

Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway (Ian Carey Mix)


by Kiyoshi -

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Laiiid Back I'll Give You Laid Back

Yeeeeee Boiiiiii! Just doing some procrastinating, figure I should share some relaxing goodies.

For a start - Tim Sweeney on Saturday was SO GOOD. Oh man. So refreshing! I'm instantly inspired to spend all my time/dollars record hunting again, none of this digital rubbish! One of his staple tunes seems to be The Rose by The Laughing Light of Plenty, and for very good reason. Bigstereo threw this one up a few months ago but it's well worth a delayed post here - a magnificent build with a whole heap of seemingly invisible energy that gives you no choice but to move. A brilliant song and a joy to hear Sweeney unleash it in the flesh! He sent me pretty schoolgirl..

The Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose

I just finished a mix for (which I think is going to appear on friday's show) which admittedly was very rushed, but it got me looking through some records I got ages ago on the cheap and kind of neglected straight away. One in particular I'd forgotten about was a Brice Lee tune which I only bought in the first place because it had a Yuksek remix. Personally I think the original is way out in front. Really cool bassline groove, an overall really hot funky party feel. Hoping I find some other gems in my mystery pile.

Brice Lee - Spam (Extended Version)

High Life is a rrreally funky French collab between Askine, Begbie and Daze which I really should have blogged a long time ago. Especially love Too High - a really nice loungey number with some nice warm laid back rhythm guitar. A Kind of Feeling is more typical French House with a nice poppy vocal sample and tight slap bass. Not sure if they're still doing anything together, but fingers are crossed.

High Life - Too High

High Life - A Kind of Feeling

Still not going to stop yapping on about Us Two Music and Outcross Records. Seriously, they're the shit. Well Miguel Campbell isn't actually on Us Two, but he and Matt Hughes seem to be pretty tight - from what I can tell - so close enough. Need I say more? This tune is nice easy going soulful burner. Great production, great feel. Etc etc etc. Some new Us Two stuff got sent around today, some Outrunners tunes, go search them out.

Miguel Campbell - Can't Get Enough

The Phantom's Revenge aka the inventor of the 'disco banger' has more more more. Here's one from an upcoming free EP of short-and-sweet songs which, if it's representative of the rest, is going to be a winner. I'm not sure why I say most of this stuff anymore, it's all become quite obvious haha. TPR can't put a foot wrong; his consistency is undeniable. DISCO BANGERSSS!

The Phantom's Revenge - 3 Minutes with Apollo Creed

A couple of bonus songies just because I feel like it. I recently posted the Still Going remix of Anywhere, but I've since switched over to prefering the Compuphonic and Kolombo mix. It's got more character, a livelier feel, cooler sounds - it's just generally more exciting. Not to take away from the SG mix, but this is just more appealing to me right now. Also, I only recently (thanks to Kiyoshi) discovered that the amazing transformation of Da Funk in Alive 1997 is actually an Armand Van Helden remix. I can't believe I'd never stumbled across it before! Anyway, here it is in case anybody else made the same mistake.

The Presets - Anywhere (Compuphonic and Kolombo Remix)

Daft Punk - Da Funk (Armand Van Helden's 'Ten Minutes of Funk' Mix)

Hot hot hot hot~

Friday 24 October 2008

Andy's Totally-Rad-French-House-Weekend-Selection Vol. 1

Did a bit of hunting today and found some very snazzy new french/disco/house house. All spectacular bassline stuff, all perfect for windows-rolled-down-smoking-a-cigarette-and-eating-a-burger-at-the-same-time driving. Hyphenating stuff is lots of funskis!

OHKAY, so it's been established before that Matt Hughes (of the magnif' Us Two Music and Outcross labels) is a bit of an underground king of this kind of stuff. He's unleashed a new release called the Honeymoon EP, and I can't recommend enough that you snap this bad boy up. So fantastically cruisy, so smooth, so intensely sexual. Scope out the first track and a killer remix of his which explores the outer atmosphere a little more. Swishhhhhhh

Matt Hughes - Wedding Bells

Heavinz - Ride (Matt Hughes Remix)

Next are a couple of tracks from a label I just discovered - Beggin' Disco - but perhaps too late? Or too something.. From what I can tell, it put out a couple of releases and that was that. Their MySpace has 60-odd friends and shows no signs of activity. Shame really, because this stuff is quite nice. The Foursome track I swear I've heard somewhere before but can't remember where. Anyway, it's big driving funky party shit. The Hugo Borealis & Ruba tune is more laid back but just as solid and groovy. If anybody knows what the deal is with this mysterious label, please holler.

Foursome - Foursome (Dirty Mix)

Hugo Borealis & Ruba - Inside (Push Inside Mix)

Livyo is a cheeky French fella who's easily as quality as the rest of the French House market. Really fucking solid stuff, great production and serious party vibe. I'm starting to repeat myself but there's not much else I can do really... This stuff is all just great. Great combo of spaceyness in the synths and super strong nailing to the floor with some nice tight beats.

Livyo - Voltage

DJ DLG & Laidback Luke - Ambition (Livyo Remix)

Franchising (or E-The-Hot presents Franchising as appears to be more correct) are/is some people/a person from Italy who I won't bother speculating any more about. All I know is they're connected with White Weed Records which is enough to give them/him/her/it some pretty fair cred. Their 'The Party' EP is a very nice collection of, as the title suggests, cool party music. Probably the heaviest of this selection, but not by more than a couple of fingers worth. My fave is probos The Chicks which is back in the corner a bit more and would be perfect for seducing girlies in suave dimly lit rooms with martinis and saturday suits. The Cagedbaby mix is a stride towards the more bent clubby side of things. Grab this EP too!

E-The-Hot presents Franchising - The Chicks

E-The-Hot presents Franchising - The People (Cagedbaby Power Remix)


Tuesday 21 October 2008

Careful Now

Hullo! How is everybody doing?

First order of business - the Phantom's Revenge guest post got vapourised due to a DMCA violation. Good golly! Not sure if it was the Paul Johnson or Sebastien Leger track, but those two are now on my bloggy black list just to be safe.

Not to worry though - in fairness to the other swell artists that were the stars of that post, I'll repost the three other tracks. To give you a summary: the Askine tune is (quoting TPR) "one of the coolest songs I've heard in the last months" - it sounds like a more tempo-relaxed version of TPR's sound; the Mass Repeat one comes with big props also, some very exciting potential here; and the Pierce remix of Alicia Keys was my personal fave, slightly reminiscent of some gorgeous Oizo.

Askine - Black Lips

Mass Repeat - Wulfenite

Alicia Keys - No One (Pierce Remix)

In fact Pierce's stuff sent me pretty overjoyed, and I really have to share some more. Check out these two sensaysh originals - same fantastic funkyelectrodisco taste, same Oizo-esque scent. Not overpowering, just the right balance. This is one man you really need to keep an eye on. There's a good chance that next year you'll be telling a bunch of scenester kids wearing Pierce t-shirts and some kind of post-shutter shades ironic eyewear what times were like when you knew him as an up-and-coming producer. Snap!

Pierce - GoodFriends

Pierce - Love Conga (Love Edit)

Another fine producer recommended to me ages ago by TPR is Kansk, a French fellow busting out his own version of the funkyelectrodisco flavour. I've only got two mp3s to share, and one is a remix of Phantom - and I just don't think i could manage to post Justice in any form anymore :] - so here it is. This songy is the darkest of the lot, but you must have a gander at the variety shown on his MySpace. Some loungey, some tropo, some strutty funky. All top notch.

Kansk - Hard To Earn

Next up, O My Brothers (soz, just finished reading A Clockwork Orange), a stunning Italian disco house producer who goes by the name standTkind (and more recently, Lebatman.) I'd say in the same kind of league as TPR, with some bits of discobangingness here and there, a bit of funk, etc etc. I can't get enough! Really fresh stuff. I don't want to narrow it down to even three songs, but whatever - here you gho.

Lebatman - La Maitresse Aux Yeux D'or

standTkind - Killer Deffos!

Lebatman - Valentina

I'd just like to take a moment to apologise to everybody who's been sending me emails - I'm so so so far behind and scarcely have time to reply to anything. Rest assured that, however slowly, I am listening and enjoying!

On a side note: I really used to hate Courier New. Now I'm starting to think it might be the new Courier... It's got a new level of ugliness which may well be perfect in these times where irony and fashion are inseparable concepts. Should I make the switch? Hum ho hum...

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Sacré Français!

Today's post has nothing but tracks with French vocals.
You wish you could sing along, don't you?

The following track is from Grand Popo Football Club, and is the French version of "Men Are Not Nice Guys," which you may know.
Somehow, it just sounds better in French.

Grand Popo Football Club - Les Hommes C'est Pas des Mecs

Revolte have been around for awhile, being signed to the Kitsuné label not too long ago. The crash test dummy duo make great house with the slightest electro tinge. Still, you can feel the disco vibes - and that's a must, isn't it?

Revolte - Les Mecs Kleenex

In-Grid is a sexy, half-Italian singer who sings in both English and French. Poppy, but with smooth house vibes and soft vocals.

In-Grid - Esclave De Toi

I'll admit that most Benny Benassi remixes sound the same, but this one is special. Alizée, a very popular singer in France, makes this track explode when the vocals finally hit. I'm not 20 years old, either.

Alizée - J'ai Pas Vingt Ans (Benny Benassi Satisfaction Club Mix)

Au revoir!

Monday 13 October 2008


That's right loyal readers, in order to boost the gimmicky appeal of this 'ere blog, we're going to hold our very first competition! Skipping right to the business end of things, here is what you have to do: you may choose between Rikki and Otto's Journey - two sensational Mylo tracks - and typesing the tune for me. Which is literally what it sounds like. Points will be awarded for those who can accurately do it (ie. if it actually conveys the song, in which case you are brilliant) and, falling short of that, for anyone who can entertain me. Here are the tracks:

Mylo - Rikki

Mylo - Otto's Journey

As far as prizes go, you also have a choice! Since everybody loves The Presets, and the collectors edition of Apocalypso just popped its head out, the winner can pick between (a) the collectors edition of said album, featuring bonus remixes disc, scarf and poster; (b) their stunning debut Beams in 2x12" vinyl glory; or (c) the always tempting and excitingly risky Mystery Prize!

The Presets - Anywhere (Still Going Remix)

The Presets - Kitty In The Middle

Email your entries to - the compy closes on the 20th of October, so quick sticks. I'll post anywhere in the world so don't be shy. Give me some creativity! I'll contact the winner to arrange some kind of award ceremony or something.

In other news, Mr. Oizo's latest offering, Lambs Anger (due out November 17th) is nothing short of spectacular and I can't keep myself from posting a taste. I'm going to go all the way and say it's my number 1 electronic album for 2008, hands down. Serrrriously, this is one album you NEED to buy. Go get a tent and start camping outside your local record store so you can be the first one to get your hands on one of those bad boys. These are a couple of the more upbeat tracks on the album, and certainly two of my favourites. GET EXCITED!

Mr. Oizo - Two Takes It (feat. Carmen Castro)

Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentists

I guess since I've just posted Otto's Journey for the 15th time, or something, I'd better put up the final version in 320 of Otto's Golden Journey. A lot of people have been asking me for it, so I guess i don't feel too bad.

The Whitest Boy Alive vs Mylo vs Cut Copy - Otto's Golden Journey (Andy Webb's Dreamy Blend)

Get those entries in! Danana nanana-na nahhhhh

Tuesday 7 October 2008

No, They Aren't French

England's Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto released a handful of disco house tracks between 2003 and 2005, many of which didn't get the attention they deserve. With heavy disco influences, rubbery bass lines, and funky attitude, you'd swear these swanky tracks were French.

Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - 3AM

Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - I Love It When You Call My Name

In 2002 and 2003, Germany's Syke 'n' Sugarstarr released couple of fun, stylish house tracks. This is the type of music played at fashion show after parties - on a rooftop pool with models that don't smile & alcohol you can't afford.

Syke 'n' Sugarstarr - Release Your Mind

Syke 'n' Sugarstarr - Ticket 2 Ride

The only track ever released from a group of 4 Italian mega producers, Kreo' really got it right with this one. A simple, but addictive flanger-friendly melody coupled with whispery vocals make this track an essential.

Kreo' - Burning For You


Oh, hello!
My name is Kiyoshi.
I'm a new author for Disco Delicious.
I'm happy to be working with Andy.
You may know me from MySpace:


Sunday 5 October 2008


Just heard the very sad news that house king Frankie Knuckles is recovering after having his leg amputated due to diabetes. Here's hoping he quickly returns to good health, and that he'll continue his DJing and producing. I've been listening to his dub (not the remix) of Blind a lot lately and loving the extra-laid back vibe and cruisiness of it. That word apparently doesn't exist but that's how I'm labelling this track. Superb producing! Get well soon Frankie!

Hercules & Love Affair - Blind (Frankie Knuckles Dub)

In Flagranti's first release on Kitsune has been killing it. Of course. And naturally it's attracted a stack of big names to lay their remixing powah upon it with fab results. Thanks to Climaxxx Blog and Penned Madness for Arveene & Misk's amazing rendition. The bass sound alone is gold medal worthy. Holy Ghost's cover is pretty much what you'd expect from the DFA juggernaut: fucking hot. Both of these are big winners!

In Flagranti - Business Acumen (Arveene & Misk's Business Acid Remix)

In Flagranti - Business Acumen (Holy Ghost! Cover Version)

This stuff is a bit heavier than I'd usually post, but Northie has some serious talent at the ripe (and tender (and supple)) young age of 19 so I think it's well worth sharing. If you're in Sydney go scout him out and hear one of his monster sets. These are all priiime tracks to play out at 3am! Expect to hear more of Northie in times coming.

Northie - Ladies Love It (Lady - Modjo Bootleg)

Northie - Wowsers! (Inspector Gadget Bootleg)

Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Northie Remix)

Divine Mother Zebrass is a high ranking contender for coolest MySpace background. Cool gimmicky graphics that excite me way too much aside, DMZ is pumping out some slick slick slick muzak. I'll get around to posting more soon - I'm really thirsty but I want to finish this post before I go get a drink, so it's a bit half assed. Just listen to this tune, it's excellent.

Rockland - Californi-yee (Divine Mother Zebrass Mix)

And for some good measure in the house department, check out this fantastic remix by Galactik Knights - mentioned a couple of posts ago. Sensational bassline, omigod! Like I've already said, you must go check them out. I'll start making threats otherwise.

Faroud Jackson - Walking In Space (Galactik Knights)

K bibi.

Tuesday 30 September 2008

French Housewarming (Warming House)

Got a busy week ahead so I'll get this out of the way now!

Let's all take a slow deep breath and relax a little for just a moment: I have a few warm-smile house delights to share with you lovely people. You could probably throw a suit on (tie optional) and go have a dignified dance somewhere sophisticated to these puppies. Your shoes might even still look wearable the next day! Man i hate getting clubshoe.

Enough banter. More new goodies just out on the fabulously excellent(ly awesomely...) Us Two Music. Man I love this label. No doubt it's going to burst at the seams very shortly and people will be going nuts over it. The Dynamic Rockers Remix of Wize is a gorgeous discofunkhouse strings mover - like the meeting of 77 Strings and the bassline from Burnin'. Matt Turner's latest is a super uplifting summer vocal track which, hearing it in a relaxed outdoor club, would complete my life. Seriously get into this label before everyone else does. Then you can brag to all your electro-turned-discohouse scenester friends that you knew U2M when it was underground. Worth picking these up in 320 on Beatport!

Wize - Exhibition (Dynamic Rockers Remix)

Matt Turner - Never Say

Love my old Hed Kandi comps. Haven't really paid any attention since around when they were bought out by MoS, so not sure what they're like now, but there are plenty of gems in days before. The relaunch of Nu Cool was a really great album full of very interesting house(?) (you'd be really stretching to call some house) tracks. Es Vive/Base Bar Ibiza '05 was another random one I picked up after seeing it had a Seamus Haji track, who I had a bit of a crush on at the time. Anyway these two tracks are from both albums respectively. Both just great summer party house - though I could really do without the vocals in Wanna Get Wet.

Liquid People - Ice Cream Parlour

Soul Mechanic - Wanna Get Wet

To change the vibe a little: I grabbed Hot Chip's latest remixes single, Hold On / Touch Too Much. The Switch LA remix has been thrown around a bit, but the others on the release are deffers top tunes. Generally pretty laid back stuff. the Mock & Toof mix glides along the song's magnificent bassline with lots of pretty sounds and effects along the way. Listen to this one in a hammock. Ewan Pearson's remix is a scrape more upbeat but still an array of nice instruments dancing around the original progression. Actually all music should be listened to in hammocks.

Hot Chip - Hold On (Mock & Toof Remix)

Hot Chip - Touch Too Much (Ewan Pearson Remix)

Clearly Falke is one of the biggest fail safe artists around at the moment. It seems like he churns out new remixes on a daily basis and never is there any drop in quality. Just really solid stuff. This one is no different. Do I need to say more? Check out Melbourne locals City Life though, they seem to be attracting some big names.

Citylife - San Francisco feat. DD (Fred Falke Remix)

Black sheep bonus track! It doesn't really fit in with all this, but I've been listening to it a fair bit and I really dig it. Certainly more subdued than his overly crazy LA remix, this is a groovier Switch which probably has a wider appeal. God I love that bassline!

Hot Chip - Hold On (Switch LDN Remix)

Have a good week dear friends!

Sunday 28 September 2008

Discoteca Psicodelica

Hullo crew. Exciting things are happening at the mo. For one, Tim Sweeney (a la Beats In Space, DFA, RVNG, etc) will be warping the heads of us lucky Aussies in October which I'm seriously convulsing with glee over. It's being put on by HAHA Industries - go investigate, get tickets, and have yourself an experience.

To celebrate in a minutely related way, allow me to continue bombarding you with DFA choonz. The first Syclops one is really really cool, as long as you have a little patience. You will surely enjoy the crazy Soulwaxy distortlounge journey it takes you on. I suppose their stuff is a fair bit more experimental than most other stuff on the label, and it's all really interesting. Go explore! And many of you would probably have the Blues Explosion track from DFA's first remix compilation, but whaaaaatever. A great long jam - shit gets real!

Syclops - The Fly

Blues Explosion - Mars Arizona (DFA Remix)

Ash Le Rouge makes a triumphant albeit brief mixtape return for promotion of a new and stunning looking night, Locodisco, due to start this Friday in Sydney at Nevermind. I gave Ash's last mix, Portals, a pretty unhealthy thrashing for months. No doubt this one awaits the same fate. An impressive blend of genres and a really pleasant spring vibe seals the deal - go listen and then go check out the night. Keep an eye on the comments for a tracklisting when I get one.

Ash Le Rouge - Locodisco Minimix

Very unfortunately, Kiyoshi managed to get in the way of Hurricane Ike, and as a result will remain hidden behind the big stage curtains for a little longer while things settle down. But here are a couple of sneaky thefts from his collections which I lurve. Yummy yummy French housey goodness! The first, by Galactik Knights, is a great example of why excessive use of filters is such a good idea. The second Thony Ritz one you may recognise - a glorious chunky bassline bathing in goose-down-soft vocals. You'll love both! Cyberhugs sent to anyone affected by these shitty storms.

Galactik Knights - With All My Love

Thony Ritz - We'll Rock It

I keep wanting to pop down to Melbourne and check out the nightlife, and this is a pretty major added incentive. Fromage Disco sent by a mix and some edits to promote their parties which are making me all kinds of wet. The mix is serrrious hot disco shit. Like, really. They've got a nice edit of a real fave of mine too, I Can't Go For That, which always brings me back to The Avalanches' Gimix mix in erotic daydreams. If you're down in brisk boring Victoria (hehe), this seems like a pretty good consolation prize. Tracklisting for the mix here.

Fromage - Fromagedisco Vol. 1

Hall and Oats - I Can't Go For That (Fromage Yacht Rock Edit)

I really couldn't resist posting this. So so good, had me cracking up when I first heard it. I never heard the original rips that it's based on, but apparently Hidden Cat has done a great job of replicating the Soulwax remix, wherever it is. Props!

Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band - A Fifth of Beethoven (Hidden Cat's 'Based on the Soulwax' Edit)


Tuesday 23 September 2008

Tseowwwww, Timewarp!

Okies, just a quick dump of some more wankworthy classics, since I'm capped for a few days and downloading anything is agonisingly slow.

Who remembers Grand Popo Football Club? If you're thinking that you don't, well you actually do. And if you actually don't then go visit France immediately and get eurocultured so people will think you are trendy - listen to some Popo and you should be eating old cheese and using cigarette holders in no time. I still listen to Mashed One to hear this (and the LRD Disco to Disco remix below) in a mix, and it's grand. The Joakim remix is a sample of their new stuff which is quite nice. Sacrebleu! My beret!

Grand Popo Football Club - Men Are Not Nice Guys

Grand Popo Football Club - My Territory (Joakim Vocal Remix)

Another couple of old faves: more quality remixes of From Disco To Disco. I posted both Mike Monday remixes a while ago, but these are just as delish in their own ways. The Jake Bullit one is a bit electrofunk in the bassline department. I'd be surprised if many people haven't heard the Les Rythmes mix somewhere - it's seen plenty of play in its day by big artists (like Justice OMG!!!) and for good reason. A simpler arrangement but the track has been decked out with some really neat little sounds. It's addictive.

Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco To: Disco (Jake Bullit Remix)

Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco To: Disco (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)

Have you kids/kidettes been drowning in your own drool because of these new Oizo leaks? I was clever enough to put on a life jacket before my first listen, and THANK GOD. This album is going to stretch my mind through twelve new dimensions, I can tell. If you haven't heard, go grab them at ClubSoda, after taking the necessary precautions.

Oh, and also, I saw a bunch of blogs have Facebook groups, so I thought I should do the same. Isn't that what blogging is all about? Join it!

Monday 15 September 2008

Dodo, Fish, Antelope

Ho hum. I saw the Soulwax doco last week and funnily enough it's inspired me to get back into LCD Soundsystem more than anything. James Murphy spends about as much time on camera as any of the Soulwax guys... Though I'm not complaining. It's also got me thrashing some other DFA stuff. They really have the most killer little music corner to themselves. I snagged James Murphy & Pat Mahoney's Fabriclive disc today and it's really as fantastic as I expected! Have a taste of a couple of tunes that feature in the mix... Well they're both edits of the tracks used, but whatever. Firey disco! By the way, the doco is great, go see it!

Jackson Jones - I Feel Good, Put Your Pants On (Pilooski Edit)

G.Q. - Lies (Theo Parish Edit)

All the DFA remixes really are solid gold. I'd assume a good percentage of blog readers would have spent unhealthy amounts of time jiving to these tunes, but this is for the benefit of those who haven't been lucky enough. These two are probably my favourites. Check out Metro Area and Le Tigre on their own too - they both make top muzak.

Metro Area - Orange Alert (DFA Remix)

Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix)

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a copy of a new DFA release - Supersoul Recordings: Nobody Knows Anything. Very interesting and very cool. The whole thing has a great spacey vibe, though not particularly light. The production on every track is totally first class! Definitely recommend buying this bad boy and making the most of some good weather. Also randomly picked up a Still Going 12", i dig their stuff.

Walter Jones - Deuteronomy Brown (I-f Edit)

Still Going - Still Going Theme

And finally, while doing some more digging through old things, i recovered my Freeform Five Misch Masch album. I'd honestly forgotten the versatility and talent of these guys. The first disc is a great mix with everything from Funkadellic to Aphex Twin, but it's the second disc of Freeform remixes that really got me excited. 9 tracks of total epicness! The shortest mix lands at just over 6 minutes, so they're serious value productions. My two favourites are the Annie and Elton reworks, both busting out some crazy instrumentation and a broad range of genres. Fab!

Elton John - Are You Ready for Love (Freeform Reform Vocal)

Annie - The Greatest Hit (Freeform Reform Vocal)

High five for anybody living in Sydney who's drooling over this incredible weather like I am. Come by Candy's Apartment on Friday and we'll have a great, sweaty time.

Thursday 11 September 2008

Yap Yap Yap

Not feeling overly talkative tonight but I've got another mixed bag here to tip on the floor and wade through. I'll start with a pretty pearl by Matt Hughes, (dare I say it?) popped out by the deep sea funk oyster Outcross Records (sorry). Can't Talk Now is ultra ultra groovy - a good indicator of the rest of Hughes' latest release, The Funk Theory EP. Check out his label buddies, they're all quite excellent.

Matt Hughes - Can't Talk Now

Yes, The Glimmers are excellent. All thanks be to Rvng. Intl. Records for making me take notice again. Esta Si is just so fucking groovy. Like, really. Their Junkie XL remix is equally fab, though with a much darker distorted disco flavour. Just listen and enjoi... Then go scope out the rest of their releases. Something for all seasons.

The Glimmers - Esta Si, Esta No (Asi Me Gusta A Mi)

Junkie XL - Cities In Dust (The Glimmers Remix)

Artwork are totally cool. They've got the whole electrodisco thing going just swell, and I swear they have some Lifelike qualities that make their music a joy on a balmy night. The vocals from the original tracks both kind of irritated me at first, but I'm beginning to swing around the other way, so late round bonus points have to be awarded. Can't wait to hear more!

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Artwork Remix)

IAMX - The Alternative (Artwork Remix)

If I was still a motivated and sociable person, I'd be able to say first hand that Starfuckers is still destroying Sydney saturday nights. Sadly though, being the aging recluse I am, I have to pass on from second/third/(numbers trail off) hand sources that it's still ballistic. Hookie, also enjoying a quarterly Disco Delicious residency, has come up with another mix to represent the notorious drugpop orgy which is as wonderfully bent as usual. He's also jumped into some snazzy producing too which is cool to see! Grab the Cradle of Rave tracklist here.

Hookie - Cradle of Rave

Hookie - Get the Better of Me

In anticipation of the hopefully scorching summer that's around the corner, I figure I might as well keep milking the classic track attempted revivals. I'm really going through a phase here, I hope it's not putting anybody off. Anyway, this made me go crazy in summer 05/06 and still works its ass off now. You love it!

New Order - Jetstream (Jacques Lu Cont 2nd Remix)

Fuck, I hope some more shitty rips of Soulwax's MGMT remix show up. HYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE~

Sunday 31 August 2008

Seasons Change

How exciting: everyone's favourite totally-misleadingly-named-until-now blog is welcoming a new member to the band. I do mean Disco Delicious, in case that was ambiguous. Expect a new level of professionalism and a steep decline in reader disappointment.

In the meantime, I've once again had an Avalanches fanboi relapse, so prepare for some classic excellence. Actually, I'll post a couple of remixed Avs tunes, because they're both killer. The Cornelius mix of Since I Left You is pretty much what you might expect if you're familiar with their stuff. A bouquet of pretty bright sounds floating around and somehow coming together to make a really uplifting spring edition of an already lurvly song. The Ernest St. Laurent remix is a loungey house number which I wouldn't feel self-conscious blasting out the car windows on a toasty day. Convertable recommended.

The Avalanches - Since I Left You (Cornelius Remix)

The Avalanches - A Different Feeling (Ernest St. Laurent Remix)

I find this song quite adorable - a tune by Disco Rockets, a dude from Portugal who now seems to be in amongst the D.I.S.C.O.TEXAS crew. It might have something to do with the picture that accompanies the tune on his MySpace player, which i find strangely cute in a totally heterosexual masculine way. And the vocal sample just makes me happy. Simple but effective. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to more!

Disco Rockets - Running to You

By strange coincidence, I've been reminded of this track in several unrelated ways recently, which is perfect timing with spring merely a matter of hours away for us southern-hemispherians. The Ones, in my eyes, had some shockers but were well and truly saved by Flawless. What I only found out (i think) recently though is that the song that blitzed the radio was the A Touch of Class remix (a duo who also run a label of the same name, to which The Ones are signed), not the original track. Anyway, it's still a fab tune. Fun bonus round includes another, more disco-ish remix by Harry's Afro Hut, and another tune reworked by The Rapture which is at least interesting.

The Ones - Flawless (A Touch of Class Re-Remix)

The Ones - Flawless (Harry's Afro Hut Remix)

The Ones - Picture Perfect (The Rapture Hushhush Remix)

If you aren't aware of Nikola Gala, you should certainly do some investigating. He's an extremely versatile producer, covering progressive, deep, electro and a range of other things you can tack 'house' onto the end of. I've always been especially fond of Night Walk, having heard it an unhealthy number of times as the first song on Ivan Gough's InTheMix.06 disc. A gorgeous bassline, and synths that may very well have the power to make large objects levitate. If you're a fan of good music, there's a good chance he's produced something you'll love!

Nikola Gala - Night Walk

And since this post has been a little neglectful to the club corner, I'll throw in an old Switch thang which I've always enjoyed but have never heard played out. Makes me feel strangely sedated/drugged whenever I hear it. In any case, it's a really mesmerising groove. Take it or leave it.

Switch - Just Bounce 2 This

Now watch and see how good Kiyoshi makes me look! :) Tehe

Friday 22 August 2008

Me and You

Hi Friends! Sorry for the weeks of silence, been kind of busy with different things, and been kind of lazy with music exploration. But anyway, I've got a bit of a disjointed but tasty post to bestow upon you fab kids.

If I could I'd post 25 tracks from the Us Two Music label, but I'm limited to 2 so go attack Juno Download with your credit card to bathe in more FrenchHouseFunkyDiscoJams. A glorious label with glorious uplifting artists who all seem to have some kind of psycho-erotic connection with the bass guitar. The two lucky selections are by Geyster (from France) and Matt Turner (from the UK) respectively. The first is typical Lifelike soaring space synth delight, and the Turner tune is a sort of cruisy but sneakily energetic groover. You can scope out the original of the Geyster tune in Kiyoshi's magnificent compilation.

Geyster - Under the Fuse of Love (Lifelike Remix)

Matt Turner - Live & Direct

Ohkay, I'll just post these because I still squeeze plenty of listens and clubplays out of both after some time of enjoyment. I am, in case you hadn't picked up on it (!!!!), talking about Sam La More's lovely mixes of Pnau tracks. I'm particularly surprised his remix of Baby didn't blow up; it seems to really dominate when unleashed in a club, but it never got a glance on the blogs. Since the link has been down for yonks, I'll give it another whirl. Also surprised his Samabanova mix seems to be kept quiet too. More laid back but a really quality tune all the same. He's definitely still a producer to look out for. And of course Pnau fucking rock too.

Pnau - Baby (Sam La More Remix)

Pnau - Samabanova (Sam La More Remix)

Loved this little remix instantly - it's cute and cuddly and really just pleasantly enjoyable. It's the first I've heard of Gomez van Gomez, but I'm hoping slash expecting it's just the beginning of a string of delights to come from their corner of LA. Killer name too! And I really can't resist Simian Mobile Disco in any shape or form. Definitely check out their new Fabriclive disc, it's just what I expected in terms of unexpectedness: sounds verrry SMD but I could never have predicted the tracklisting. Probably because I don't know most of it. Whatever. Enjoy this.

Simian Mobile Disco - I Got This Down (Gomez van Gomez Remix)

A couple more inbox goodies. Not what I normally post, but both were surprises for me. The first is a dark and droning take by Remote, of an MTO track. I almost feel guilty for liking it. Maybe. I dunno... It works for me anyway. Just have a listen and take it or leave it. The second is by a couple of fresh Sydney lads, White Dorks, who are making an impact on the live scene, and are doing nice fidget things. I see potential here. Expect more.

MTO - Bring It On Now (Remote Remix)

White Dorks - Do the Wobble

OK, one more for self-indulgence. Just quietly. I love the idea of mashups. Why listen to one song when you could listen to two or three? Just tell me if you like this or if you don't. That'll do me.

Otto's Golden Journey - The Whitest Boy Alive / Mylo / Fred Falke / Cut Copy

In other news, Disco Delicious is aimed for a sweaty, euphoric blog comeback. Clench your teeth! And GET INTO USTWO!