Tuesday 23 November 2010


Lots of exciting things happening very very soon! For starters we're doing a party at the Civic this Saturday with Adult Disco/Future Classic - just Ash and I spinning jams for 8 hours straight. Super pumped for this one, would be so fantastic if some of you lovely internet people could make it down for a boogie. Also it's kinda our launch party for the Midnight Savari record so it's double cool. Clickity-click the flyer for more deets.

Speaking of which, DSR002 is 100% complete and in our hands ready for a worldwide 12" release on December 1st. More on that next week. And as if there wasn't enough happening at once, test pressings for DELISH01 are finito and sound great. In case you missed the news, I'm doing a little edits imprint on the side just for fun. The first is edits by the marvelous Joystick Jay which will be a really special release. Super stoked about releasing both of these records!

So that's the news. Now onto the music - I've got less words to share here. Check out this wonderful bootleg of Walk On The Wild Side by Holtoug. One of my all time favourite songs and I've always had a bit of a craving for somebody to gently re-sculpt it into something that can be DJ'd. Not saying it's a club version, it's far too mellow for that, but would be a gorgeous tune to play on a Sunday in a bar. Big kudos to Holtoug for being a tasteful fella.

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side (Holtoug Bootleg)

Another tasteful producer here, Small Pyramids, who sent over a real nice EP. First impressions were very Eddie C and his stated influences confirm that's the case. Super smooth, soulful deepness that doesn't get too bogged down. Really looking forward to hearing more from him - this will be making many appearances on my car stereo this summer!

Small Pyramids - Another Way To Feel

This old Linkwood Family edit/re-work/re-warp is absolutely amazing in my mind/ear/state of psychosis. Thanks to DJ Heidi for putting me onto this beauty. I was listening to the original the other day but totally blanking on what it is right now, can anybody refresh my mem? As dumb as I think 10inch records are this is one I desperately want beneath my fingers. Sublime.

Linkwood Family - Piece Of Mind

While we're going old edits and I'm not putting much effort into finding new music, here's the first C.O.M.B.i. edit for those of you who don't have it. A savagely pumping Debbie Jacobs tune that's stretched out and tailored for people jockeying discs - and for people dancing to people jockeying discs. I've seen people's heads explode when the crazy lead synth comes in. If you're in Sydney for NYE you MUST hit up the Picnic warehouse party with Eric Duncan and Lovefingers. Bit ridiculous really.

C.O.M.B.i. - I Found Morning

If you're in Sydney: hope to see you on Saturday night! If you're somewhere else in the world: hopefully see you in the record stores soon!!

Tuesday 16 November 2010


Hay folks - so I'm going to give this podcast business a go for a bit. The format is going to be super loose... For this one I just picked up records sitting on the floor that seemed like nice things to listen to. Sometimes it'll be proper DJ mixes, maybe sometimes I'll get some guests to do my work for me. When I find a microphone I'll add some jabbering about the music in case anybody is listening. Anyway subscribe in iTunes or whatever other crazy podcast thingy you use and we'll see if it's a good idea after all!

Delishcast 001 / Subscribe in iTunes / RSS Feed

1. The Doobie Brothers - Livin' on the Fault Line
2. Psychemagik - Tokyo Takedown
3. Deodato - Skyscrapers
4. Moxie - Moon Made [buy]
5. Doc Severinsen - You Put the Shine on Me (DJ Harvey Edit) [buy]
6. Mandrill - Mandrill
7. Metro Area - Evidence
8. Kerrier District - Sho U Right [buy]
9. A+O - What's A Name [buy]
10. Floating Points - Shangrila
11. Daniel Wang - Get Up, Get Up
12. Rinder & Lewis - Lust
13. Diana Ross - No One Gets The Prize (Jimmy Simpson Remix / Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
14. Blondie - Rapture

Direct link to mp3

A couple of groovy old things in there from the 70s there which I hope some of you haven't heard as well as some favourite edits and electronic bits. Feedback on the idea would be much appreciated! New tunes coming later in the week :)

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Sticky Fingers

Sorry for the recent laziness. This post will be lazy because I'm lazy. Firstly - I chucked this awesome instrumental Escape From New York edit by DJs In The Sky in that latest mix of mine and it got a stack of interest. So here you go. Take my gem, I don't care. Would definitely recommend hitting up the other Disco Exotique records if you can find them, a real record bag staple.

Escape From New York - Save Our Love (D.I.T.S. Dub) [buy]

Who remembers this killer Ashley Beedle tune from a few years back? Man I loved this track. Just rediscovered it the other day as the sun was roasting my loins. I really hope this summer is HOT!

Ashley Beedle - The Balloon Room [buy]

The latest in the Popular People's Front Limited Series is a real corker. Seriously frothing on the bass in this tune. Slightly squelchy, very chubby. Stupid vocoder. Real party styling! Another great record, that's no surprise.

The Popular People's Front - Party Over Here [buy]

Humid nights mean plenty of Eddie C playing on the stereo. Another great cut off his 2009 Jiscomusic release, You're Welcome, which was a massive fave of mine last year. If you missed this a couple of summers ago don't worry, it's still super fresh!

Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free [buy]

So I'm thinking of starting up this podcast business this week, although I just realised I don't seem to have any kind of microphone anywhere so it may be sans commentary for now. Can anyone recommend a really good and easy way of doing it? Keeping in mind I've got plenty of server space. Might just put it on SoundCloud to gauge a response before I bother setting too much up.

Oh also, we got our Midnight Savari test pressings yesterday (they sound HOT!) so not long now until DSR002 will hit the shelves! Woop!