Tuesday 26 October 2010


This old Valery Allington tune has started my week off real nicely. Great early 80s synth-discovery disco, plenty of rich layers and catchy vocals driving it along - and not too Italo for my liking. Hawt.

Valery Allington - Stop

Hey Convict! (or at least Tamas from HC!) was fucking brilliant on Friday night. I can't stop listening to their mixes! Also been enjoying these edits CDs compiled by their Melbourne pals The Late Show. Particularly digging Lovefingers' contribution to the second one; punchy plodding bassline, unconvincing horn-like synth and squelchy filtered guitar which is occasionally interrupted by a strange sort of tacky Chinese restaurant flavoured bridge. I love how this song feels quite unaware of itself, like some oblivious guy picking his nose in front of everybody on the train. It's tasteless but kind of adorable.

Lovefingers - Dandy Uh [DL CD]

This latest release on Optimo Music is a real winner. Like our good pal Midnight Savari, Space System is also from Jakarta making synthical wonders. King Of Town delivers a restrained remix of this dark track that almost feels a little bit tribal with thick pounding drums. I guess if you dig the Optimo vibe you should certainly be into this. Moog alert!

Space System - Sorrow Show (King Of Town Remix) [buy]

Been wondering what happened to awesome UK label Light Sounds Dark until I discovered just the other day a new compilation slipped under my radar in September. Shock horror! Thank god Piccadilly still have some 12" copies left. Like the first Sherm Sticks comp, Return of the Sherm is full of hard to find gems of the psychedelic/disco/funk/weird variety. After listening to it for a couple of days I know I'm going to be wearing these records out in no time, I highly recommend tracking down a copy while they're still available.

Oro - Stop The War [buy]

Hopefully lots more goodies arriving this week!

Thursday 21 October 2010


Soooo yeah come along to GoodGod tomorrow night for this blog party thang we're doing with Danimals, Ted & Francis and Matt from Van She. It'll be fuun! Or of Saturday's more your thing, also come to GoodGod for Picnic with Hey Convict! who I've only just recently realised are quite spectacular. I'm way late to the game here but their Time To Noodle mix from 2006 is truly something to behold. After checking out a few of their mixes I'm getting a bit of a Lovefingers meets The Avalanches kinda vibe. Plenty of psychedelic goodies. Seriously can't endorse this enough!

Hey Convict! - Time To Noodle

Ooh boy this latest Max Essa record on Is It Balearic? is a stunner. The 20-minute long A side 'Panorama Suite' is just sublime, a really beautiful lush journey that could easily run for another 20 minutes if it would fit on the 12". The flip side is lovely too, a gently funky jam 'Uptown Vibration' that's coupled with a shit hot remix by Mark Seven. If you can still find a copy of this in stores I highly recommend picking one up for springtime listening bliss.

Max Essa - Uptown Vibration [buy]

Ermm and I really dig these tracks too. One from the first Cookhouse record and a cheeky obscure cut from an Albion record on Ambassador's Reception.

The Piemen - Meat & Potato

Albion - Milky Way


Thursday 14 October 2010

Same Same

Really feeling this remix Social Disco Club did for Trujillo. Musically it's quite basic but it's super erotic, I really love the way the vocal has been used. Subtlety is what makes this song great, on the surface it seems pretty stock-standard but it grooves hard and deep for reasons that are hard to spot. Can't wait to get this happening in the club, I've got very high hopes! SDC have had a great year.

Trujillo - Baby You're Still The Same (Social Disco Club Sexual Flashback Mix) [buy]

I reluctantly bought my first Killer Funk Disco Allstars record purely because it's got A Brag Mount, one of my favourite In Flagranti edits. The tracks are good but the pressing is lousy, straight out of the sleeve it sounds like it's been rubbed in dirt for the sake of 'authenticity' and it's so concave I might as well just use it as a bowl. Luckily A Brag Mount is on the usable side so I'll still get some use out of it, and the A2 is cool too - I'm racking my brain but I can't remember who the original is by, can someone help me out? Anyway.. Good tracks, lazy execution. Buy it but don't leave a tip.

Killer Funk Disco Allstars - Mishaps With Chocolate (Sticky Fingers Edit) [buy]

Been listening to this cool Kings Of Disco compilation by Dimitri and Joey Negro from 2004 a fair bit. This John Gibbs & The Jam Band track in particular, which was in Jacques Renault's Ones & Twos mix, is a real gem. A little quirky, some overly drawn out percussion breaks, and some fucking rad, albeit brief, electric guitar. Everything about this track really teases me and I have to keep listening to it for those short moments of gratification. Overall great selections and edits on these two CDs, well worth tracking down!

John Gibbs & The Jam Band - Get Down With The Jam Band (Joey Negro Re-Edit)

Sydneysiders - a bunch of us Sydney blogs are getting together to do a party next Friday the 22nd at GoodGod with Matt Van Schie, Ted & Francis and Danimals steering the DJ booth. Come down and have a boogie - Facebook event page is here.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Seven Saturdays Running

Ohhhhh boy, let's kick off with this stunning Apiento & Co. record on Leng. Although the original is a beauty, the Pete Herbert remix is easily one of my favourite things he's done in recent times. Really smashing out that piano jam, this is a seriously feel-good club tune. Pete's usual array of synths chatting to one another in stabs and a really solid structure that lifts the dance floor. Highly highly recommend picking up a copy of this, both sides are essential. Bravo!

Apiento & Co. - She Walks (Pete Herbert Remix) [buy]

I know I've taken ages to get around to posting this, but the Loin Brothers' second 12" is super fine. All the right people have been taking notice, particularly TBD on their latest Beats In Space invasion. Each track on the record is fantastic in its own right - the mellow original that touches on psychedelic disco; the more clubbable acid re-rub with big late-night anthem piano chords; Tornado Wallace's deep funky groove that gets things really warm; and Woolfy/Projections' gentle Sunday odyssey that massages your tender head and rubs your aching back with wispy vocals and soft pads. Having the four tracks together on the one record makes this one of 2010's most crucial releases.

Loin Brothers - Garden of Vargulf [buy]

Was anybody else massively disappointed by Eric Duncan's 2nd volume of Keep It Cheap? Lazy rubbish if you ask me, something I don't think I've ever said about old mate Dunks before. The most recent C.O.M.B.i. is fab though so I'm not worried. The B (or N) side really does the trick for me, some serious funk disco action for the club. Would love to know the OG if anybody can spot it?

C.O.M.B.i. - Flaming Hot [buy]

For those of you in Sydney, Mark Seven is playing at a People Must Jam warehouse party this Saturday which is causing severe pant-bulge right here. His 3hr Horse Meat Disco set is truly legendary, if this weekend is even 10% of that I'll be a quivering mess on the floor. Not only does the man have an obscene record collection, but his mixing is better than I've ever heard - for original disco tracks that is. Here are a couple of things I'd love to hear him revisit. Buy a ticket, fassst!!

Revanche - Music Man

Debbie Jacobs - High On Your Love

DSR002, Midnight Savari, is sitting at the pressing plant waiting to be squished into some wax, hopefully should have it ready and in stores by the end of the month! FROTHHHH!