Sunday 18 January 2009


Wheee just got back from doing the Inca Trail. So belted.. Was really super beautiful and all that. In Cusco at the moment, can't walk up a flight of stairs without panting and keeling over. Definitely keen for some sea level action in a few weeks. Miss you oxygen! Cusco is really amazing, such a stunning city. Hitting up Bolivia in a week or so, any recommendations?

Anywho, Zongamin is an artist I've always been really intrigued by. His one fleeting but great release on Ed Banger, Bongo Song, got punished by DJs all around the world but I don't think the rest of his stuff is nearly as well known. And it definitely should be! I wouldn't know what genre to label the music, nor would I really want to. Painless is a semi-haunting ambient number with gorgeous production and an irresistable bass, whilst his Manila remix is more upbeat and partyish, again with killer bassline included. It's clear he's a really talented, original and creative producer who I really need to check out more of. You like?

Zongamin - Painless

Seelenluft - Manila (Zongamin Instrumental Mix)



trentertainment said...

yes yes yes!

Dom Terrace said...

wow, really great stuff here. thanks.

Anonymous said...

He seems a bit secret, zongamin that is.

Anonymous said...

Greatest Blog I've come across yet! I love hearing new stuff and even seeing songs I love posted on here (not many of my friends are into the same music as i am so its nice to see familiarity) Also I made that photo of Elmo and Frogger my background haha!

Unknown said...

i wouldn't be surprised if zongamin was an identity of mr oizo or some other genious nerdy producer

the saucer people said...

Man, I must have visited this blog a dozen times in the last six months but never noticed you had posted the Zongamin remix of Seelenluft's Manila track before and I have been looking for it for aeons!

Zongamin is one mysterious dude as they say and I think some of the fascination is the fact he has released so little, relatively speaking. In this age of over consumption and release frenzy, the paradox that is lost on most people is the fact less is often more (but only if that 'less' is as good as Zongamin for instance!)

The little I know about him is he is Japanese and lives in London. He also does the most amazing art, just check out the covers he does for the History Clock label (possibly the best label in the world along with Mindless Boogie)...sure you know all this anyway but for those youngsters new to "da scene"... ;)

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