Wednesday 20 February 2008


Just a quick one of what i've been listening to/playing out.

The World Domination vs Adam Sky - Galactic Lover

I heard this song without knowing what it was, but quickly made the connection. It's a really cool return to Fun Punch, which is less exciting but more interesting.

Bag Raiders - Punch Reprise

It's a pretty good combination - Kylie and CSS.

Kylie Minogue - WOW (CSS Remix)

The signature Breakbot sound, maybe a bit harder though?

Arrow!!! - Does (Breakbot Remix)

Not really typical Alan Braxe, but it makes me really happy.

Alan Braxe - Addicted

Plus, Gus Da Hoodrats first installment in his new series of podcasts The Finger Prince Pt 1 has been put on Bang Gang Podcast and it's pretty good so you should check it out here.


Anonymous said...

love the kylie mix, you should definately check out MSTRKRFT's one.

it's fit.


Dave said...

good to see some action on here Trent!!

Anonymous said...

Addicted is an excellent track! Took some getting used to, though...

Anonymous said...

can i download these stuffs ?