Saturday 8 March 2008

Getting Old

50th post here! Suppose it's a bit shameful, 1st birthday is just over a month away, but at least things are more or less still going.

Here's a Switch mix that's been around for a long time but hasn't seen much attention, oddly enough - his mesmerising, almost tribal take on Jacques Your Body. Maybe some find it boring but I've always really enjoyed it as a cool deep groove you could throw in somewhere to really intensify things. Just thought I'd put it on offer, since a surprising number of people haven't heard it.

Les Rythmes Digitales - Jacques Your Body (Switch Remix)

Something else that's been around a while, but in this case has seen extremely minimal distribution, is one of K I M's finest. Seeing as the trend seems to be for his old tunes to be re-released as singles, I'd expect this one to be next, so I'll only up a 128k version for home listening. Complete with cheeky pirate flute and a light-heartedly majestic synth line, it breaks into a killer rhythmic head bopper. Check the Bag Raiders mix for a laff too.

K I M - Party Machini

K I M - Party Machini (Bag Raiders Remix)

I'm sure this has been posted around a lot for a while, I don't mean to be stealing, but a really lovely Cut Copy mix that continues to grow on me. An incredibly feel good moment when the super thick bass line plods in around half way. Very uplifting!

Mercy Arms - Kept Low (Cut Copy Remix)

Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

ha! where'd you score the baggies remix? i thought the only remix/edit they did was for the discobelle mixtape. gold!

i'm gonna speak to gus and chris bout this! ;)

andy webb said...

dunno to be honest. had it for quite a long time. don't think there was any sneakiness in the aquisition...

ohhh kiiimmmm

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