Wednesday 2 April 2008


Came across some wonderful French disco-house gems in the last few days that I've been really enjoying. First up, Ice Cream. OK so these guys aren't actually French, they're based in Berlin, but they're on a label called French House Club. Speaks for itself really. Check out these nice fresh tracks: On my Mind features some classic funk guitar on top of floating 90s synth, and Rockerz jives and pumps along in big Bangalter style.

Ice Cream - Rockerz

Ice Cream - On My Mind

Then we've got The Phantom's Revenge, who actually is from France this time. Some big retro afro sounding songs on his MySpace, this one in particular again seems to channel Bangalter's ghost. Ooooooo spooky.. Since I like to march in two by twos, check out For Those That Come In Late as a funky bonus choon.

The Phantom's Revenge - The Furious Five

The Phantom's Revenge - For Those That Come In Late

Melbourne spunk 1928 pays a visit to Sydney this weekend, at Candy's Apartment on Friday, which appears to be a suspiciously good offer. His remixes are new to my out-of-the-loop ears and an exciting discovery. Each is a bit different, and it's clear he knows his way around a sound bank. Keep a hungry eye out for more, good things are bound to come from this.

Damn Arms - The Not So Progressive Punks (Narctrax Remix) (1928 Rework)

Menowah - Safemode (1928 Remix)

Yes yes, of course the Bag Raiders are brilliant. They've got one of the hottest sounds in the world at the moment, it's no secret. Check out a couple of newer releases they have on offer if you haven't already. That trademark soaring synth/guitar sound has a lot of life left in it methinks. It's huuuge!

Super Mal - Bigger Than Big (Bag Raiders Remix)

Headman - Catch Me If You Can (Bag Raiders Remix)

And here's a completely 'why not' track for the sake of adding one more to the list. You probably know it but I don't care, it's old but great. Really just good producing.

Dan Berkson presents Syntho - Concept

Excuse the plug, but if any Sydneysider wants a couple of cheap Climate Festival tickets, drop me an email.


Ados said...

the modest man didnt even mention he made it onto the climate change line up...

frappee said...

solid tunes, solid post.
thanks champ

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

could you fix the bag raider tunes

andy webb said...

excuse us, stuff probably won't be working for a day or two until i hear back from the hosting support people. sit tight, we won't be long!

Anonymous said...

thank you andy, look forward to getting the super mal tune. :)

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