Friday, 30 April 2010


This is getting silly, I'm waiting on 16 records at the moment from all different places... Have been trying to hold out so I've got some beasts to post but it seems futile. Please accept my humble offering of a couple of classics to see the weekend through. An old In Flagranti edit from Sounds Superb Vol. 2; a 1981 Kano staple as featured in this awesome episode of The Scene; the unspeakably funky albeit cheesy B-side of Instant Funk's I Got My Mind Made Up; and an epic Dan Hartman disco gift from Raketa4000 reissued on East End - thanks Alexander!

Fab Tack - House Of Funk [buy]

Kano - I'm Ready [buy]

Instant Funk - Bodyshine [buy]

Dan Hartman - Vertigo / Relight My Fire [buy]

Fingers crossed that next week is a 12" bonanza. Have a raaaad weekend!


web d said...

feel your pain Andy.. got sooo much vinyl stuck in transit coz of that damn volcano!! 5 seperate orders :(

John said...

Man, the youtube clip from the scene is one of the greatest disco moments I've ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing this!
We definitely could need more disco over here in Berlin! At least LCD is coming this week.

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