Monday, 17 May 2010

Laying Low

Heaps of great music to share this week! And some really exciting stuff coming up too. Next Friday the 28th we're having another Death Strobe party at Gilligans which will be soooo fun and soooooo disco. If you're in Sydney please come down and have a drink and a dance! Also this Sunday the 23rd I'll be spinning tunes at Future Classic's Apres Sunday at The Tilbury which should be blissful. This smooth Lexx edit should be a good indicator of what's to come :)

Lexx - Jungle City [buy]

There's actually too much great new stuff to choose from, I'm really struggling here. Keeping with the Sunday vibes, this record by Begin (James Holroyd) is just beautiful. Stretching over two parts over the A and B, this tune drifts through meditative balearic moods and uplifting deep grooves resulting on a big grin on my face every time. It's a very special record, I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy!

Begin - Optical Holiday (Part 2) [buy]

More of the deep and divine to share here - this latest Endless Flight release by Johnwaynes is really entrancing. I'm absolutely hooked on the haunting bathroom vocals and slightly twisted air of the track. High, the other song on the record, is a whole new level of deep with distant instruments swirling around in the background whilst a big full bass groove nails down the foundations. Fab stuff.

Johnwaynes - Get Up (Just John Mix) [buy]

DJ Groove Merchant aka Kozmik Rutz was kind enough to share this excellent tune of his on the DD Facebook page. Luvv social teknologie! Definitely some big jazz fusion influences here, I smell some Hancock for sure. It's a really groovy nudisco jam with a rhythm section that digs its heels in hard and a bunch of different snazzy synths dishing out jazz-funk goodness. Check out his Soundcloud, some real gems there. And make sure you get amongst it on our Facebook page, some lovely submissions popping up.

Kozmik Rutz - Kamtjaka (Kaviar Mix)

Expect a bundle of upbeat stuff later in the week - and there's plenty of it!


daniel said...

That Kozmik Rutz song - wow. It's not easy to emulate Herbie Hancock with style, but they pulled it off. There's a Groove Merchant record store in SF too. I wonder if there's a relation there? Thanks for posting!

tee cardaci said...

another great post! lovely tunes. by the way, that bassline 'nailing down the foundation' on that Johnwaynes track was lifted from the Patrick Adams produced, Marta Acuna track, 'Dance, Dance, Dance"...a deep disco classic if there ever was one.
@daniel: no relation to SF's groove merchant.

kusikarjas said...

you might want to check your links to juno. otherwise keep up the good work.

andy webb said...

shit thank you for picking up on that! and thanks for the spotting tee. where would we be without patrick adams...

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