Thursday 10 June 2010


More trademark laziness tonight, i'll "let the songs speak for themselves" because I have a sore throat. Beautiful Marcus Marr release here that I should have posted weeks ago. This one's a little bit dubby and chugs away in the darkness. Very groovy stuff. I think there were only 300 of these records pressed and the flip side is a beauty too so hop to it!

Marcus Marr - Pleasure Moon (feat. Helena Ward) [buy]

Quality Ajello edit on the first Italo Deviance record which ties together a bunch of different vibes. Bit jazzy, bit rocky, bit italo, bit disco. A solid stocking filler, you really can't lose.

Ladies Choice - Stars & Muscles (Ajello Re-Edit) [buy]

Far from the iconically irritating chorus of Horny - this is a classic smooth soulful Sunday sound from Mousse T. A proper couchbound jam.

Mousse T. - Brother On the Run [buy]

Yeah yeah, The Revenge/6th Borough Project/OOFT records are like Pokemon, anyone into the current disco happenings has gotta catch 'em all. Nothing new here, however felt I should chuck something up to accompany a bit of a plug for his appearance, along with DJ Spun, at The Civic this Saturday. Another spectacular Picnic party ticked off.

6th Borough Project - Planets (The Revenge Lost Groove) [buy]

Actually this weekend is going to be a monster. Slow Blow are hosting DJ Kaos this Sunday afternoon at The Flinders, followed by Gay Bash's 4th birthday at The Oxford. Prepare for extreme head bendage.


nasty midnighter said...

Heavy sh*t that first one. You're doing god's work. Can't stop DON'T STOP.

Anonymous said...

is this 'ladies choice - stars & muscles' a regular release??
just curious cause they sampled the entire song 'feinde greifen an' from the german captain future soundtrack by christian bruhn! the only things they changed is that they turned down the overall tempo a bit & looped the endpart. too poor...:(

Anonymous said...

sorry forgot to add the links to the captain future soundtrack, so that you can see/listen for yourself that this is completely stolen:

Anonymous said...

found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

Ivan said...

Just finished listening to the Captain Future soundtrack couple days ago and came here to post the same thing hellg said but looks like he already covered it.

Great job on the blog btw. Love listening to what you put up and definitely end up purchasing a lot of the vinyl for my own collection



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