Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Summer Abandoned

Eyyyy Melbourne chumps, we'll be playing at New Guernica tomorrow & Friday night so come say g'day and have a beer! Really looking forward to getting out of town.

As far as first days of summer go, this probably rates about a 9000 on the bullshit scale. As such I'm lacking motivation and you'll just have to trust me on these selections. Gala Drop's recent EP released on Golf Channel is so lovely. Don't know quite how to classify it overall but it deserves far better weather than this. Essential for summer when it's proper.

Gala Drop - Overcoat Heat [buy]

Here's another one from Light Sounds Dark's most recent comp Return Of The Sherm. It's so fucking good, and so is this track.

Weyman Corp - Kumbayero [itunes]

Smoooooooth jams here from Nicholas. Palm tree deepness, makes me want to drink things out of a pineapple.

Nicholas - Slick Groove [buy]

Hey by the way, test pressings for DELISH01 (edits imprint I'm doing) by Joystick Jay are sounding hawt, the finished product isn't far off. Here's a nice exotic West African jam that was in contention for the B2 spot on the record. Something a bit different.

Group Bombino - Tenere (Joystick Jay Edit)

Will be back with another Delishcast next week! In the mean time, go buy our latest Death Strobe release: Midnight Savari - Pinisi :))))) xx


Cumbancha said...

Hey Andy,

Cool to see that you and Joystick Jay are hip to Bombino and the Agadez sound. Cumbancha is releasing his first full international release in March. I hope you check it out.

Where did you guys get the source material for this version of Tenere?


andy webb said...

hey simeon,

will definitely check out the album, really looking forward to it!

you'd have to ask jay about where he got the track, i don't have anything to do with making the edits - i just really like them and want to get them onto vinyl.


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