Thursday 10 February 2011

Death Strobe Sunday Sesh!

Friends and lovers, get your excite on! Not so much if you're not in Sydney, although this may be a good reason to move here if you aren't. We're starting up a weekly Sunday afternoon rooftop party at Hunky Dory Social Club beginning this weekend! Ash and I, as well as the odd funky guest, will be crooning away on the decks with our summer afternoon finest. And it's free! Come groove with us from 3pm :)

Plenty of good musics sitting in the blog playlist itching to get shared. The latest Instruments of Rapture release is shit hot and surprisingly it's the B2 remix by Art of Tones that stands out as the super excellent track of the bunch. Wowsers what a bassline! Huge jacking funky disco vibes, this song is big time dangerous. Absolutely loving this record!

Evan Evans - Final (Art of Tones Disco Dub) [buy]

This second release by Begin aka James Holroyd is every bit as lovely as the first, Optical Holiday, from last year. Again it's the B2 that really does it for me on this one - a beautiful mellow number that oozes warmth. It's a few levels deeper than the other two-part track, Velocity, which is more of the fluttery uplifting afternoon Cafe Del Mar persuasion. Top record once again.

Begin - Curbcrawler [buy]

Massssssive Cerrone edit from Evil K'neil here which chugs and thumps and bitchslaps its way around the funk circut. Mental piano, thick and rich bass, disco chorus girls, shredding lead synths and big power-vox are all reasons why it's a winner. See if you can still find a copy of this, it disappeared pretty quick but you might get lucky.

Evil K'Neil - Hooked On You

Orright cya this weekend kids! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx