Tuesday 1 February 2011

Wasabi Tortilla

Alright the January hangover is (maybe) starting to wear off and there's been shitloads of great music piling up for the past couple of months that needs to be shared. Starting off with this record from way back in 2010, ancient times, by Norm De Plume on what I presume is a new edits label he's started up - if it's not a one off. Norm hosts the Delusions of Grandeur podcast and is clearly capable of putting together a seriously damaging record. The A-side, an instrumental edit of Stop Bajon, comes down with a universe of force and has proven to be a next-level weapon on the floor. The flip is equally colossal, a true peak time party inferno piece that's likely to blow walls down. A total no-brainer for disco DJs.

Norm De Plume - Tullio's Theme [buy]

Still recovering from Harvey's tour down here and still thoroughly enjoying the bits and pieces of amazing music I picked up from the great man during his stay. This Brothers Johnson track was a new one to me and had me all smiles when he gave it a spin up in Brisbane. Super slick and slightly erotic 80s bass action and cruisy keys in the verses, bursting brass and thumping slap in the choruses. This song is such a joy! Everything just feels right. Hurry back please Harv.

The Brothers Johnson - Streetwave

More from the Black Cow camp, another release from last year that took me ages to get. Frankly the A-side is, in my opinion, pretty much unplayable in any setting despite being kinda cool, but all is forgiven with this superbly saucy Latino party jam. Still one of the only labels doing 7"s that I'll buy for DJing, the awesomeness of the tunes far outweighs the crap inconvenient fiddliness of a 45. Still yet to spot any of the originals from the 3 records released so far, any help would be much appreciated!

Black Cow - Toni The Lefty [buy]

And hopefully the last of the stuff I picked up last year that I haven't made it around to posting yet: a superdeep tech house gem by John Selway - who produced the first Mystery Meat record under the guise Brinton McKay. To me this has a bit of a Justin Martin vibe, grooving thick and hard. This whole release, the Interplanetary Express EP, is really great. Totally recommended if you're a fan of the clubbier stuff.

John Selway - Countenance [buy]

Hope everyone this side of the globe is having a lovely summer! Everyone else - hang in there kids.


MatMerry said...

Can I just second that Harvey killed it Brissy?

Anonymous said...

I love my visits to this blog and it has turned me onto some great music thanks!

So ...... Go and track down this LP

The Dells - No Way Back (1975)

And listen to the track! Adventure (No Way Back pt 2!)

One of Harvey And Ron Hardy's lil Gems! ;)


Jamie Whaaaaaaaaa said...

I heard that Brothers Johnsone tune in a sample by Le Knight Club. Can't remember what the song was called. It got remixed by Quienten 909 i think. Good tune!

Anonymous said...

Very good blog i love your NuDisco post.

Anonymous said...

Norm De Plume track is BIG!

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