Friday 29 April 2011

Bye Spicy Mud

Hot damn, someone please tell me who did the original of this! Amazing tune, what you might call a country disco narrative from down south, right up there with Penicillin Penny. Plenty of dancefloor sleaze with some legit harmonica, crooning lead guitar, funky keys and bluesy bass - and I'm pretty sure every member of the band was wearing some kind of hat. So addictive. Gimmie some spottage! Cheers Skylevel.

Skylevel - Missus Hudu [buy]

Reliable. Dependable. Assured. Solid. Guaranteed. You can NEVER go wrong with Super Value, it's just impossible. Their 15th Special Edits record and by now you really don't need to think about it. It's a simple four-step method: pull out money, take record home, play record for people, become globally loved and respected DJ. If you owned nothing but the Super Value catalogue you would still have a LOT of friends.

LTJ - Get Cha [buy]

Digging this version of Apache by Visioneers. Sticking with the Incredible Bongo Band vibe, it's all big brass, geeetars and percussion. In fact it's quite similar, just lacking that sorta hip-hop-ish element - instead it's more of a live-on-stage kinda vibe. A bit more gentle I guess. Change is always good! The B-side 'Shaft In Africa' is rockin too.

Visioneers - Apache [buy]

This Psychemagik mix for Test Pressing is easily the best new mix I've heard so far this year. On par with Time To Noodle, the cruisy intergalactic psychedelic vibes flow like a river of rainbows. Extra props for ending with Dire Straits. Absolutely essential.

Psychemagik - Celestial Love



groovypanda said...

Worn out my copy of that Psychemagik mix I've been playing it so much the last few weeks.

The Skylevel track is an edit of this Kenny Rogers number:

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff:

NashGtr said...

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Unknown said...

That Kenny Rogers re-edit is amazing!

Martin said...

Loving that mix. Why don't you just upload it on Soundcloud? Would be nicer to everyone's bandwidth and be great for sharing/commenting.

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Darren Demers said...

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