Friday, 21 October 2011

Four Bananas

Got some nice techno / darkish electronic stuff here. This new Soulphiction 12" on Philpot Records is real nice. Kinda somewhere between deep house and lounge acid, it's a nice mellow groove, subdued and warm. Really like the progression and the care taken with the arrangement. Proper quality stuff from ze German producer.

Soulphiction - Freerotation II (Jackmate Dub) [buy]

Very fond this remix by our pals Rio Lobotomy for Cosmonaut on their latest Bang Gang 12 Inches release. A slow and large vocal techish thing with the Rio boys' usual exquisite drum programming. Exceptionally tight stuff, I adore their pinpoint groove precision, it's rather unique. The EP is worth lending an ear to, it's fab local talent.

Cosmonaut - One Dance Floor (Rio Lobotomy Remix) [buy]

This Kassem Mosse tune is a bit different for me - real dark moody techno which sucks me in deep. Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure but the hypnotic droning and vast atmospheric landscape make my head cave in a little bit. It's a good thing. Like right after sex when your mind is completely blank and you're in a state of excellent nothingness.

Kassem Mosse - Enoha [buy]

Taking a step back to funkier lands, Melbourne chap Francis Inferno Orchestra is popping out records at a rate of knots. The Nicholas remix of one of his latest efforts is a beautiful deep lounge / bumping house gem, really simple and really quality. Nothing needs to be explained, it just works perfectly and that's that.

Francis Inferno Orchestra - I Need It (Nicholas' Basement Remix) [buy]

We have goooooood shit coming up in November. We're doing a show with Pantha du Prince, a warehouse party with Tornado Wallace playing all night long, a Das Moth gig and a Death Strobe Sunday Sesh. Happy days!