Monday, 28 October 2013


Here's one for a Sunday morning pillow spooning session. Or a lover spooning session if you're a real lucky duck. Something a bit personal which I'm very happy with. This is a romantics only zone: if you're a dirty love-hater then you can just go back to listening to Megadeth or whatever hair-swinging chain-thrashing nonsense it is that you steroid pumping creeps enjoy. For the rest of you lovely softies, this musical transmission is all yours.

No tracklisting for this mix, at least not yet. Not because I'm trying to keep any hidden gems under wraps, there's plenty of well-known stuff and certainly no real rarities, but it's just nicer to go in blind.

Stay sweet!


gareth said...

been a fan since 2009 !

could you list ur gear that you take along for gigs ?

and any tips for a laptop + audio interface only performer ?

Camile hurwitz said...

Amazing! Love the beat! But I have to say that the best romantic music comes from Cuba! and this article proves me right:

The Flamboyante said...

Sounds really great ! Love it..


Art hamid98 said...

But I have to say that the best romantic music comes from Cuba! and this article proves me righ . topnews

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