Wednesday 30 July 2008


I thought for this bad boy of a post I'd just unleash the beast and post Tiga's inthemix.05 disc in full, still my favourite electronic album/mixed comp. Done in late 2005, to me it still sounds fresher than 95% of shit I've heard in the last year. So ridiculously smooth, it seems like each track was written just for each other, all drenched in Eau de Tiga. I'm a lover of flow in a mix, and this is the absolute king of flow. I SERIOUSLY urge you to buy this album. Ajax's disc is just as good: some really creative mixing, amazing tracks. It's my favourite mix of his too. You can pick the album up here (cheapest and ships overseas) or here. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT.

Tiga - inthemix.05 Disc 1 (Expired: BUY!)

Another fantastic mix from 2005 that has boldly stood the test of time is the Bang Gang's Ministry of Sound contribution, Mashed Two. Don't be too quick to judge with its ugly MoS branding, this is an amazing comp which really makes me uncontrollably sad that I wasn't clubbing at the time. Sigh. Like itm05, it still sounds fresh in its retro-ness. I guess 2 or 3 years isn't really that long, but blogs seem to make a month seem like a decade. Anyway, buy buy buy this album too. Here are the same two options, BUY AUS (again the cheapest option for intl.) or BUY U.S. I'd probably rate disc 2 over disc 1, so keep that in mind.

Bang Gang - Mashed Two Disc 1 (Expired: BUY!)

Kiyoshi sent over a really lovely unmixed compilation of French house tunes, mostly by artists I've never heard of which I'm stoked about. My two faves are by Acos CoolKAs and The LoFi Samurai. The first is a nice spacey Roulé flavoured journey, lightly seasoned with Bangalter, Braxe and Falke. Cool galactic synths floating above a delicious punchy French bass. The second, by The LoFi Samurai, is a funky guitar strutter which is plenty old skewl. The comp is well worth checking out, as I'm sure it'll introduce you to some new hot artists. Grab it here. Also check out Kiyoshi's MySpace blog - it's a treat!

Acos CoolKAs - Discotheque

The LoFi Samurai - Demonz

Been sitting on this one for ages but I've been very lazy and eventually got beaten to the punch by the magnificent Discodust, amongst others. But, I have such strong romantic feelings for The Phantom's Revenge that I'll just post anyway. He's a busy busy man, and the latest tunes he's churned out are big winners as usual. I'm really digging his pounding remix of Division Kent, blasting away with cool guitar samples and a huuuuuge fatty of a beat. The Tzarr edit of FCF was also on the Kiyoshi comp, so I figured instead of posting the original, why not prop two artists for the price of one. Expect some serious snowballing here!

Division Kent - Offshore (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)

The Phantom's Revenge - French Cheese Funk (Tzarr Edit)

And just a couple of oldies I've been throwing back into the listening rotation.. The Serge Santiago dub of This Mess, by one of my favourite Aussie rock outfits, Wolf & Cub. Honestly haven't had a listen to their new stuff but I thought Vessels was a stunner of an album. This version really brings out the great sneaky bassline. And the classique early SMD Peaches remix that first got my attention. Definitely a keeper.

Wolf & Cub - This Mess (Serge Santiago Dub)

Peaches - Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

I'd be keen to hear what you cats think of that Tiga mix. Stay cooool yo! BUY THOSE ALBUMS.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck is your problem? Show some respect and remove the full lengths CDs..

Unknown said...

my intention was to share low quality copies of half of each album for one week to encourage people to buy both cds. They aren't new or particularly easy to find, so i figure this is a good way to draw attention to them. anything i post is intended to promote artists and hopefully get people spending money on music and live shows

they'll be down in a few days.

andy webb said...

organising new hosting - will be sorted in the next few days so hold tight!

benjimite said...

bit harsh by the above commenter, epic mixes all round, they are tough to come by as well

Anonymous said...

dear Mr anonymous,

shut the fuck up you spineless dick

the only people that'd download Tiga are those with some sort of interest in music above top40 chart bullshit, and therefore wouldn't cop listening to low-quality crackly shithouse-sounding files... and so they'd make the effort to BUY THE REAL DEAL.

Anonymous said...

this blog is my religion.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much for bloggin' our Track "Demonz". We like your Blog- Please checkout ours. Greetinx from Cologne. Piotre & Tilman of "the LFS"

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