Friday, 22 August 2008

Me and You

Hi Friends! Sorry for the weeks of silence, been kind of busy with different things, and been kind of lazy with music exploration. But anyway, I've got a bit of a disjointed but tasty post to bestow upon you fab kids.

If I could I'd post 25 tracks from the Us Two Music label, but I'm limited to 2 so go attack Juno Download with your credit card to bathe in more FrenchHouseFunkyDiscoJams. A glorious label with glorious uplifting artists who all seem to have some kind of psycho-erotic connection with the bass guitar. The two lucky selections are by Geyster (from France) and Matt Turner (from the UK) respectively. The first is typical Lifelike soaring space synth delight, and the Turner tune is a sort of cruisy but sneakily energetic groover. You can scope out the original of the Geyster tune in Kiyoshi's magnificent compilation.

Geyster - Under the Fuse of Love (Lifelike Remix)

Matt Turner - Live & Direct

Ohkay, I'll just post these because I still squeeze plenty of listens and clubplays out of both after some time of enjoyment. I am, in case you hadn't picked up on it (!!!!), talking about Sam La More's lovely mixes of Pnau tracks. I'm particularly surprised his remix of Baby didn't blow up; it seems to really dominate when unleashed in a club, but it never got a glance on the blogs. Since the link has been down for yonks, I'll give it another whirl. Also surprised his Samabanova mix seems to be kept quiet too. More laid back but a really quality tune all the same. He's definitely still a producer to look out for. And of course Pnau fucking rock too.

Pnau - Baby (Sam La More Remix)

Pnau - Samabanova (Sam La More Remix)

Loved this little remix instantly - it's cute and cuddly and really just pleasantly enjoyable. It's the first I've heard of Gomez van Gomez, but I'm hoping slash expecting it's just the beginning of a string of delights to come from their corner of LA. Killer name too! And I really can't resist Simian Mobile Disco in any shape or form. Definitely check out their new Fabriclive disc, it's just what I expected in terms of unexpectedness: sounds verrry SMD but I could never have predicted the tracklisting. Probably because I don't know most of it. Whatever. Enjoy this.

Simian Mobile Disco - I Got This Down (Gomez van Gomez Remix)

A couple more inbox goodies. Not what I normally post, but both were surprises for me. The first is a dark and droning take by Remote, of an MTO track. I almost feel guilty for liking it. Maybe. I dunno... It works for me anyway. Just have a listen and take it or leave it. The second is by a couple of fresh Sydney lads, White Dorks, who are making an impact on the live scene, and are doing nice fidget things. I see potential here. Expect more.

MTO - Bring It On Now (Remote Remix)

White Dorks - Do the Wobble

OK, one more for self-indulgence. Just quietly. I love the idea of mashups. Why listen to one song when you could listen to two or three? Just tell me if you like this or if you don't. That'll do me.

Otto's Golden Journey - The Whitest Boy Alive / Mylo / Fred Falke / Cut Copy

In other news, Disco Delicious is aimed for a sweaty, euphoric blog comeback. Clench your teeth! And GET INTO USTWO!


Anonymous said...

us two music is the label of the moment, can't believe they've now added lifelike to their roster!!

andy webb said...

it's geyster who's on ustwo, not lifelike. it's just a remix from an upcoming single release, as far as i know.

though i never know very far.

Justyna said...

Fred Falke and Cut Copy on one track? Thanks for making my life.

Anonymous said...


Kiyoshi said...

Otto's Golden Journey (Andy Webb's Dreamy Blend) --- THIS IS FUCKING EPIC.

Anonymous said...

that geyster track is a re-release, i believe. i swear i heard lifelike's mix a couple years back.
btw, that mashup is LOVELY! i'm like, OMFG!

Anonymous said...

another great post. very tasteful mashup indeed, all the parts mix really well together. thanks!

Tom said...

Otto's Golden Journey was brilliant, look forward to more.

100-Proof Chris said...

Otto's Golden Journey is freaking great! Thanks for posting it.

pyow said...

good mash mate

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