Tuesday 21 October 2008

Careful Now

Hullo! How is everybody doing?

First order of business - the Phantom's Revenge guest post got vapourised due to a DMCA violation. Good golly! Not sure if it was the Paul Johnson or Sebastien Leger track, but those two are now on my bloggy black list just to be safe.

Not to worry though - in fairness to the other swell artists that were the stars of that post, I'll repost the three other tracks. To give you a summary: the Askine tune is (quoting TPR) "one of the coolest songs I've heard in the last months" - it sounds like a more tempo-relaxed version of TPR's sound; the Mass Repeat one comes with big props also, some very exciting potential here; and the Pierce remix of Alicia Keys was my personal fave, slightly reminiscent of some gorgeous Oizo.

Askine - Black Lips

Mass Repeat - Wulfenite

Alicia Keys - No One (Pierce Remix)

In fact Pierce's stuff sent me pretty overjoyed, and I really have to share some more. Check out these two sensaysh originals - same fantastic funkyelectrodisco taste, same Oizo-esque scent. Not overpowering, just the right balance. This is one man you really need to keep an eye on. There's a good chance that next year you'll be telling a bunch of scenester kids wearing Pierce t-shirts and some kind of post-shutter shades ironic eyewear what times were like when you knew him as an up-and-coming producer. Snap!

Pierce - GoodFriends

Pierce - Love Conga (Love Edit)

Another fine producer recommended to me ages ago by TPR is Kansk, a French fellow busting out his own version of the funkyelectrodisco flavour. I've only got two mp3s to share, and one is a remix of Phantom - and I just don't think i could manage to post Justice in any form anymore :] - so here it is. This songy is the darkest of the lot, but you must have a gander at the variety shown on his MySpace. Some loungey, some tropo, some strutty funky. All top notch.

Kansk - Hard To Earn

Next up, O My Brothers (soz, just finished reading A Clockwork Orange), a stunning Italian disco house producer who goes by the name standTkind (and more recently, Lebatman.) I'd say in the same kind of league as TPR, with some bits of discobangingness here and there, a bit of funk, etc etc. I can't get enough! Really fresh stuff. I don't want to narrow it down to even three songs, but whatever - here you gho.

Lebatman - La Maitresse Aux Yeux D'or

standTkind - Killer Deffos!

Lebatman - Valentina

I'd just like to take a moment to apologise to everybody who's been sending me emails - I'm so so so far behind and scarcely have time to reply to anything. Rest assured that, however slowly, I am listening and enjoying!

On a side note: I really used to hate Courier New. Now I'm starting to think it might be the new Courier... It's got a new level of ugliness which may well be perfect in these times where irony and fashion are inseparable concepts. Should I make the switch? Hum ho hum...