Monday 9 February 2009


Firstly, for those of you lucky enough to be in Sydney at the moment, if anybody is keen to see EDU K (Sweat It Out's latest Latino addition) I've got a couple of double passes to throw at people. The baile funk maestro is supported by Ajax (still Australia's #1 hero) and MC Gaff-E (world's #1 wardrobe) on this friday the 14th (after good vibes / valentines!) at the Art Factory. Should be a killer night, email me your full name quickly and you shall be hooked up.

Secondly, just jumped on a new WhoMadeWho track from the upcoming album which I'm super stoked about! It's classic WMW, heaps of energy, heaps of fun, heaps of yumyumyum bassline. Really excited to hear the album whenever it's coming out.. You've all heard me frothing over them in recent weeks due to their Aus visit.

WhoMadeWho - Swedish Meatballs

Nextly, some more old but great Metro Area tunage. I'm sure most of you guys know Miura and plenty more will have heard Erodyne but I'm not fussed. Such quality music. I'm always hugely impressed by the way they're albe to synthesise such brilliant sounds and arrange things so delicately so that everything fits like a glove. I just hope they keep churning music out - I hear Morgan Geist isn't all that keen on it anymore.

Metro Area - Miura

Metro Area - Erodyne

Lastly, check out the Beats In Space best of 08 podcast. Amazing. Marry me Tim Sweeney? It's the January 13th one I think.

Sucre was such a cool town. Can't manage to go anywhere without becoming the target of a water fight. Ah it's a hard life being a gringo. Taking a train to brazil (ooh Guillemots reference) tomorrow night, wheee! Super keen.


Anonymous said...

metro area is fuckin amazing!
"miura" and "atmosphrique" are their best songs!

Anonymous said...
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